Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders and Larry King

Larry stopped by for the last ten minutes. He suggested we hold off on interviewing him. I asked a couple of questions to see what he'd say. We'll talk to him soon.

Meanwhile we had a general discussion to help people to access their loved ones on the other side.

At the top of the show, I ask Jennifer about two folks I've not met - Tyler and Alysha.  In yet another demonstration of her ability to connect to the flipside, Jennifer mentions a number of things about Alysha, who is no longer on the planet. I had no clue how accurate that was until this morning.

This email came from Tyler: 

"Just thought I'd share some of the validations with you. 

- Her scent: Jennifer had it immediately correct concerning me retaining her most prominent clothing in vacuum-sealed bags in the effort of scent preservation

- Jewelry/necklace with beads: She has a string lapis lazuli bracelet I got for her I have displayed on her shrine. (Naturally it is implied her ring is there as well!)

- "Scrapbook": This was the one, an emotional whirlwind. I have had the plan(that any attempt at concealing from her in the effort of surprise is futile, haha) of compiling all video footage and special moment photos into a video. It is going to be played with a cover to "The Wonder of You" by Elvis. Thought you'd find that humorous, given the podcast's previous guest list!

It goes without the need for confirmation that I feel things heavily, as Jennifer mentioned. This circumstance has destroyed me, so to speak -- hence the need to listen in my own time. Your graciousness in this exchange is returned with my undying appreciation..."

Glad to be of help  Tyler.


Autism and the Flipside

A person on Quora asked the following question in the "Hacking the Afterlife" forum.  

I am sharing the answer in the hopes it may help someone.

 Do people with autism receive a compensation for their hardship in the afterlife?

My answer:

"Its a complicated topic but based on the research, our notion of reward and trauma is skewed. People who can refer to their previous lifetimes, either through hypnotherapy, meditation or mediumship claim we bring about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime.

That the rest remains “home.” So the bulk or roughly two thirds of who we are is always home.

In the reports of people who recalled having a lifetime with some form of the spectrum, or accessing the higher self to ask questions about a sibling or relative, they report the same things.

That a person may have brought less to this lifetime. ( The number when asked “how much of your conscious energy was in that lifetime?” The answer is often around ten percent.) It's hard to discuss if one isn't aware of how incarnation works or consciousness functions.

But the most eloquent response I've filmed was during a conversation between a medium and an avatar, someone considered the epitome of love.

Question was asked about their granddaughter's autism and the response was “consider their life as a window of love. Their life is closer to source because its unencumbered by the normal things humans stress and worry about. Their journey is one of love on a more profound level.”

It brought to mind the Mormon tradition where they reportedly consider autistic children as “angels, closer to God" because of how they experience the world and how they encourage others to love unconditionally.

Based on the research, its the “older wiser souls" who volunteer for the more difficult journeys. So the person currently in this physically challenged journey has reportedly volunteered to help teach others lessons in empathy, compassion or love.

But again, its a temporary condition, as are all physical conditions. Consciousness doesn’t arise from the brain, and when people return home they are aware of why they made that decision to experience life in that fashion. My two cents."

Today, I heard this response from a mom on Quora:

"As a mom, I can speak for most parents of a low-functioning autistic, and often difficult children, the perpetual grief is never-ending with areas of reprieve. The parents may ask themselves, “what did I do in this life or any life to deserve such hardships?” We have moments of feeling punished even when we fiercely love and protect these helpless human beings. The thought of a pact with my son before we were mother and son is a view I’ve never had and thank you. “We are all just walking each other home” are words to live by."

So, this morning, I realized that in my most recent, yet to be published book, there's an "Interview with Jesus" where he addresses this topic.  So I'm sharing this unpublished portion of an interview I filmed in 2016 just after publishing "Hacking the Afterlife" (and why it's not in that book but will be in an upcoming book.)

"Thanks for sharing your son… I can only point to the research.  I found it interesting to learn how in Utah, they consider children on the spectrum as “angels closer to God.”  Oddly enough - that appears to be accurate.

I’ll share part of this interview that I filmed with medium Jamie Butler, who was accessing “Jesus” in a room filled with attendees a couple of years back. It was after the book “Hacking the Afterlife” was published, so I didn’t transcribe or include it in the research… until recently when someone bugged me about it.

This is from my unpublished book “Finding Jesus on the Flipside” - I’m sharing it because, I found it an odd confirmation of what the research indicates in this area.

Again - we are in a room of people who have come to see medium Jamie Butler speak. When I went to see her on a Friday night, I told her that someone had emailed me and said “Jesus appeared in my kitchen last night while I was washing dishes and told me to tell you to go and see Jamie speak.”  Which is an odd email to get- and even odder to discover Jamie was in my home town that weekend.

So I went and mentioned this odd message - and Jamie said “Well, come back tomorrow and let’s see if we can “dial him up.”

Jamie in the woods

The following day, I filmed Jamie channeling a Victorian age woman (her muse, “Grace”) who often helps her with difficult conversations - and in this one, after about a half hour of her directly answering questions on Jesus’ behalf (personal questions that Jamie could not know, but he did) - one of the women in the audience asked the following question:

Question: “Could you help me understand what I can do to help my son who is autistic?” 

Jamie as “Grace”: “He says for others to listen to this, “Because it is not just a mother’s love for a son, it’s a love to help another.” He says, “When they (a person with disability) are not having an equal experience of life that you are, when you can see someone struggling in ways, it cannot be compared to you and your experiences.” 

He says “I bring this to your attention, because I want you, every time you want to reach out to mend, to heal, to help, to cure; to step back and look at your hands.” He said, “Notice that they’re empty. They’re empty for a reason; you are not to do the work for them.”  

“You are to be present with them, you are to encourage them to find their answers. Now if you’re wondering how a mother to a young son is to give the power to a young child, what good would this do? Autistic children come into this life, and they keep their light closely linked to the beyond; to "home." They engage in this world as if they were on TV but sitting in a room at home in heaven.” 

(Important to note; “Step back and look at your hands. Notice that they’re empty. You are not to do the work for them.” We come to the planet to experience life, and by taking over the steering wheel from our children they can’t learn to drive. Also, he mentions the word “home” – as in not being here, but back “home” where we all come from.)

“They’re not really on Earth.  So for them to act like you, or to have experiences like you, that is not what is needed. That is not the level of success; the level of success is to be next to the person that holds the issue - the suffering, the disease, the mental imbalance, the need.”  

“Advocate for them in the ways that they want, pay attention more to the child, to the person who needs, and not to what the doctors speak of. Though they are brilliant, though they are studied and very intelligent,” he says, “what is most valuable is (to ask) “What does the child need?”  

“This experience is all for great reasons. It is not about suffering, and it is not to understand what loss is, it is to understand what light is, that is why this experience is in your life.” He says “Thank you. I love you.” 

(Note: Hearing Jesus say that children with mental issues are “not really on Earth” is mind bending to hear. But it is in line with the research. People report we bring about “30%”’ of our conscious energy to a lifetime, but those who have dementia, mental issues use roughly “10%” of that energy.  That the rest is “back home.” So this comment is in line with the research. I can’t emphasize how startling this is to hear him say. Also, Grace the channeler can be archaic. Staid is defined as “Sedate, respectable, and unadventurous. Old English from 1557.” Britannica)”

Again, I’m sharing this because some folks may need to hear it. 

I found this passage to be in line with the other reports and research - the fact that I’m hearing it from Jamie, who is channeling “Grace” who is channeling “Jesus” - must give us pause. It’s interpretation layered upon interpretation. But what makes it life affirming, is that if we consider the possibility, it allows us to explore things in a different fashion. 

My two cents. Here's Jamie Butler's webpage:


HACKING THE AFTERLIFE with Stanley Kubrick and Napoleon


This is an excerpt from the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" (Homina Publishing, 2020, All Rights Reserved.)  Book is available at Amazon, Engram Spark, all online outlets.

Reason I'm posting it is recently a wag on Quora noted "Everyone who has a past life regression thinks they were Napoleon."

I pointed out statistically that's not the case - in the 100 cases I've filmed, or the 2750 clinical case studies by Dr. Wambach, or in the 7000 reported by Michael Newton and the Newton Institute - not a single person recalled the life of Mr. Bonaparte.

Further that we had "chatted with Napoleon" and that he pointed the finger at the culprit who poisoned him.  This person got upset that I reported that - called me a "fraud" (a surefire ticket to the cornfield in the forum "Hacking the Afterlife" on quora), and I left the story at that.  However, for those who are curious about this "chatting with the afterlife" process - I dug up the interview.

Having worked for an Oscar winning screenwriter, remaining pals and demonstrating to him how we can access people on the flipside, one day he casually mentioned he was curious about a detail about Napoleon's life.  I suggested that we might see if it was possible to ask him questions.  I said "Let's pretend we can. What would you like to ask him?"

The construct is this; I work with Jennifer Shaffer, who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. I've demonstrated in our work, weekly for six years now, that people can access loved ones on the flipside, get new information from them. (For examples, see the film "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia where I  converse with my old pal via three different mediums, asking the same questions and getting the same answers.) Jennifer solved a case for NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton which got her a ticket to NYC where he grilled her as to how or why she knew details about the case - how she could accurately describe what forensically happened.

The screenwriter and I have a mutual friend in the flipside - Luana Anders, who helps us facilitate these conversations. How Luana and I met is covered in "Flipside" and that fact she passed in 1996 is unusual - except "it is what it is." She started showing up with new information from the flipside, and somewhere around 2004 I began studying how that could be. And it was through Luana's intercession that I went to work for this screenwriter out of film school.

So how do we get to Napoleon? How to "dial him up?" 

Well, that would be through his pal Stanley.  Stanley Kubrick wrote a script about him and we had seen Stanley in another interview before - he talked about his love of his dogs (a detail I wasn't aware of and turned out to be accurate) - and Luana worked with a number of actors who worked with Kubrick... so in the "six degrees of separation" - the process is this: if you know someone on the flipside who knew someone in life, the ability of them to access those folks on the flipside is easier.

No other way to put it.

Luana knew actors who worked with Brando, who were friends with Brando, who knew James Dean, who knew everyone... etc. So we have a lot of actors in the class.  I worked with Ray Charles ("Limit Up" he plays God), so when Ray shows up in the "class" every musician who knew or liked Ray is accessible.  

I know that's problematic for some - but I'm not here to pave the road, repair the fences.  Just reporting.

So when the writer of Chinatown asks me to ask our mutual friend Luana to access Napoleon, I can only guess that Kubrick has probably already sought the Emperor out after spending so many years on his life writing about him. 

That conversation follows:

(Filmed in Jennifer Shaffer's office or in the restaurant Fishbar in Manhattan Beach. Sometime in 2019 or 2020. Excerpt from "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" page 175. All rights reserved.)

The Louvre: Napoleon.  


Another day, another trip to the fieldhouse on the flipside.  In this session, I decided to see if I could call upon a historical person, someone I knew that I had no possible connection to.  The questions I asked him were related to questions posed to me by an Oscar award winning screenwriter.

Rich: I talked to somebody yesterday who we interviewed in your office. My old boss, the screenwriter Robert Towne; friend of Luana’s.

Jennifer: He came to mind.

I told him what we were doing and I said if you could talk to anyone on the flipside who would you like to talk to?

His dad just came through but I know that’s not who he wanted to talk to.

I told him “You can talk to anybody.”  I’ll tell you this, it’s a historical figure.

The first person that showed up was Abraham Lincoln, but I don’t think it was him.

Well perhaps Abraham can help us. Luana knows who this is, because it was I was talking to.

Was he a soldier during the Civil War?

He was a soldier but not during our Civil War. I’ll tell you that he wasn’t from this country.

Winston Churchill?

No, longer ago. If I give you a hint, you’ll get it.

Mohammed Ali just showed up as well.

He’s got to talk to us at a later date.  200 years ago my dear.  I have to think about this – we normally have someone in our class who knows someone who knows someone. Luana has to ask her friend.

When was Napoleon?

That’s it. (Ding!) He was around 1820.

Napoleon! How many tries did that take?

It doesn’t matter. (For those keeping score, it was five.)

It’s frustrating. Finally they showed me Napoleon.

Who showed you Napoleon?


Can we talk to him directly?

Um... He’s a little bit of a shit. Give me a second. Yeah, I guess we can. Mmm-hmm.

What do you see in your minds’ eye?

He’s actually kind of handsome.

Can you see his face?

I see his lashes – he’s actually quite handsome.

Can you touch his hand?

There’s something on his hand, felt like there’s a wound on his hand.

Lets ask him – how did you get this wound my friend?

It feels like psoriasis – everything was cracking.

Look around the class; is this unusual for you to be here?

Yes it is. He was here like 3 times before when we were talking to George Washington.

So you recognize a few people in this group?


So you guys in our class that know him, can you help?

They are.

Mr. Napoleon – I apologize for having to take time out of your day, but I have some questions for you.

I keep getting ... based upon the paintings I’ve seen of him – he had lighter eyes.

Let’s ask him – what color are your eyes?

They’re blue.

(Note: “His eyes, deep-set, were reportedly gray or gray-blue.” Wikipedia.)

They’re dark on the outer iris and blue inside.

Who was there to greet you when crossed over?

“His mother.” He showed me there were 2 days he was going in and out of consciousness.

What were you ill from?

I want to say it was something around here (gestures) in the stomach.

Was that natural issue, or was that something given to you that you died from?

“I felt like it was... transmitted.  I also got an image of the plague.” I don’t know what that means.

Who transmitted that into your body?

Felt like “It was in the water.”

So let’s talk about that – did someone administer that stuff in the water, or was it natural from the place you were?

“It was not natural,” he says.

So somebody put it in your water or food?

“Yes; felt like a drink.”

Tell Jennifer what it was.

“It was poison.”

Someone in class, can you put it in her mind what kind of poison that was and who administered it?

“Someone very close to him – first I got a female, then I got someone who was trying to overrule him. Felt like somebody he trusted, like a captain or something.”

A man?

“Yes, maybe it was the nurse that administered it.”

I’m going to ask you about a woman who was there when you died. 

He’s telling me “Serafina.”  Sounds like Serafina.

I’d like to ask you Betsy Balcome.

“She was a child. It felt like there were three kids. It felt like there were three kids associated with Betsy. She was like 9 when she met him.”

That’s about right.

(Note: She was 12. She lived on St. Helena with her two siblings and befriended Napoleon at age 12.)

“She could actually see – she was clairvoyant.”

What makes you say that?

I saw information coming from the heavens (waves her hand)

Napoleon, was Betsy giving you messages from the flipside? Or were you friends?

“Yes,” he’s saying “He protected her. He was like a mom to a child, brother and sister, he protected her.”

It’s reported your last words were you reporting for duty.

“Yes. He saw his horse.”

(Note: Reportedly, Napoleon’s last words were, “France.  L'armée. Tête d'armée. Joséphine ("France, the army, head of the army, Joséphine").  I noted in “Flipside” that it sounds like he’s reporting for duty, and then sees the love of his life.)

There was a woman you had a long relationship with.

“16... like 16 years.”

(Note: Napoleon married Josephine, the widow of a man killed during the reign of terror, they were together as lovers and then married for 16 years. She died in 1814, he died 7 years later in 1821.)

They said you called out her name. Her name was Josephine.

“Sara Josephine” – which is my sister’s name – “Serafina.” That’s why I was hearing “Serafina.”

Let’s talk about your journey – have you incarnated since?

“No. I saw a picture of (current President) and started freaking out.”

I suspect you are talking about these individuals in terms of the negative energy they represent. Were you part of that energy?


What was up with you and Russia? Is that the Trump connection?


Millions died while you tried to conquer Russia, what were you doing?

“Trying to take over the world.”

What could you possibly gain?

He says “In his demented mind he thought it would bring more peace under one rule.”

Who did you say thanks to?

He made a “poof” sound.

That’s very French. (Italians say “Boh!” and the French say “Poof!”) He did have a lot of ego, is he still carrying that around?

He says “No more than Prince.”

Touche’ - okay, what actor might represent you on the planet?

Joe Pesci.

Were you Etruscan?  Like Danny DeVito, they were notoriously short.

They were well bred. No; it was like his father’s father that was short. “Somebody ruined the gene pool,” he said. Why is Joe Pesci showing up? He’s showing me he had Joe Pesci’s attitude as depicted in movies; killing people. Now he’s showing me a screenwriter, how they try to take over the world with movies. He says “I had a lot of blood shed, more people died. It’s easier to make movies where people die and they don’t bleed.”

I’m aware a couple of filmmakers have tried to make a film about you.

He knows that. Who was the guy that was in the “Ten Commandments?”

Charlton Heston?

“He’s over there.”

Have we talked to Stanley Kubrick yet?

I don’t know who that is. We’re not done with Napoleon!

It’s okay, is Stanley around?

Yeah, he is. He says “He’s a step ahead of you.”

Stanley; this is Napoleon. You wrote a long movie about this fellow.

Native son.

I asked “Did you get the story right?” and he said “No... the ending was wrong. That’s why there were blocks about getting it made.

The ending was wrong? You mean the truth about Napoleon being poisoned?

“Yes. They always wanted it to be an enemy but it was his best friend.”

Okay, I think I know who that is – the guy who invited him to St. Helena.


Here you are talking to Stanley who wanted to make a movie about you – and Luana’s friend Jack wanted to make a film about you...

Jack Nicholson.

Correct. And yet Jack appeared in another one of Stanley’s films.

Was that the redrum movie?

Very good.

He just showed me Jack’s head. “The Shining.”

Who was there to greet you when you crossed over Stanley?

When did he pass?

Like ten years ago. After the Tom Cruise movie came out.

“Eyes Wide Shut” Stanley?

Yes, Clockwork Orange, The Shining... Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

He’s showing me his dog. Kind of grayish... first I saw something blond...

A hound?

It’s bigger... really big. I’m not sure of the name – I don’t know breeds.

(Note: This is accurate in terms of Stanley’s affection for his dogs. According to a recent documentary, he moved to a larger home specifically to make room for his dogs and left detailed instructions about each one and how they should be fed. “At home, children and animals would frequently come in and out of the room as he worked on a script or met with an actor. Kubrick's many dogs and cats, toward which he showed an extraordinary affection, were often brought onto film sets or editing rooms.” Wikipedia)

What do you miss about being on the planet?

“The smells, the tastes, the frequency – I have to tell you more about that too.”

You were famous for not flying... was that OCD?

He showed me having panic attacks, but now he knows it was a past life thing. Now he does. He’s showing me how his mind works.

Who do you wish you could talk to?

Everyone’s laughing because he said “Luana.”


“Because it’s like you have to take a number to talk to her. You have to take a number.”

Who do you want me to reach out to?


And say what?

“Stanley wants Jack to know that he’s okay.”

You want me to tell Jack that he’s going to be okay?

“Yes.” He’s showing me the letters that were found in the furniture at Jack’s home.

That was a copy of Marlon Brando’s will that Jack found hidden in a chair. Marlon, do you want to weigh in on this?


(Note: Brando’s will was found in a chair in Jack Nicholson’s home (he lived next door.) Jack didn’t know how it got there, but made a copy and sent it off to Marlon’s attorney.  A friend of mine showed me a copy and it clearly was altered (Marlon’s signature isn’t his signature). I mentioned this when we interviewed him in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside.” I won’t belabor the point here but reportedly (from him) his heirs didn’t get what he wanted them to get.)

You were very quiet the last time we talked to you.

“I don’t say much anyway. I don’t need to. I can feel it.”

Well, Jennifer’s got to run, sorry we have to let you go Marlon. Napoleon thanks for coming in to see us...

He says “He’ll haunt you in your dreams.”

Stanley we’re all fans of yours.

Was he a Buddhist?

He may be now. Anything you want us to tell your friends?

He says “He loves Nicole and Keith (Urban).”

Were you a fan of Nicole?


Our pal Jan Sharp was close to her.


Okay, next time! Thanks class.

It feels like we’re bouncing around the playground, but I’ve found that by just filming and transcribing, it’s the overall effect that makes these interviews notable. They consistently say the same things despite being years apart in some cases.


Again - I'm just reporting.

People can argue with the process. People can complain about the process. But by doing this repeatedly - using hypnotherapy to access previous lifetimes, using mediums to access people on the flipside directly, or using guided meditation ("Architecture of the Afterlife" where I film 50 without hypnosis accessing the same information) we get a better handle on how things work.

"Everyone gets out of here alive."  

We all go "home." We are always accessible, even if we've reincarnated (returned.)  We only bring about a third of our conscious energy, so two thirds is always "back home" and accessible. Even if it's that fellow from France.

My two cents.


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