Shattered Reality Podcast talking "Hacking the Afterlife"

SHATTERED REALITY! is a paranormal podcast with Kate Valentine and Fahrusha that I was on recently. 

It's a chat with myself and the two hosts, there was no video, so I've added some random footage that I shot in Kerala during an elephant festival in Thrissur for Far Horizons Tours.  (It's a tad more interesting than looking at a photograph.)  

This is a free wheeling discussion, but at some point, one of the hosts revealed that she had an experience of "meeting her council" during a consciousness altered event - and I asked if she wanted to "revisit that experience."  It's only about 15 minutes, it's an abbreviated version of what I've done with others - "speaking directly to our council."  

The point being that we can access our councils - we can ask them questions, we can get answers. (Spirit guides on councils as a concept appear in Dr. Helen Wambach and Michael Newton's hypnosis research.) 

I've done 5 of these hypnosis sessions and filmed 45, and came upon the experience that we can ask direct questions to "council members." The answers that came from our host with regard to her own life's journey came from her memory of the event - but they happen to coincide with others who've had the same experience. (She had never "spoken to her council" before - but had seen them at a distance.)  

Either way, it's an example of accessing a bit of the flipside while someone is fully conscious, fully awake, hosting a podcast. It's also exploring what or who councils are - and what their function is in our spiritual journey. There's a little preamble about the research and my background at the beginning, but it gets interesting (takes this turn) about half way through.

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