Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, "The Librarian" (5) and Marlon Brando

It's our 60th podcast.  Yippee.  

Jennifer was out of town last week, so I was thinking about a couple of people who showed up during previous sessions that we didn't speak to.

She mentioned the "Librarian" (whom I described as Danny DeVito because someone else described him that way in "Architecture of the Afterlife") So I asked if there was a reason he wanted to chat with us.

He implied that he had put it in my mind this past week to ask him some questions - which is often the case. In "Architecture of the Afterlife" he shows up in a session, and in this session I refer to the interview in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" where a "curmudgeony librarian" who "doesn't look old but has a really old vibe" (who was asked "What are Who is God?"

What makes this so unusual - is that I've met him now through three different people who don't know each other, who couldn't have read about him in any of my books.  And in all three cases, they described the same fellow and in two of the cases, I was invited to speak to him.

So I didn't seek him out - he shows up in "Architecture of the Afterlife" and in a session with Jennifer in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside." When I quote him, even when it's via Jennifer she has no conscious memory of what he said - but she repeats what he said.  Or she refers to what he said to me in a zoom session with someone else entirely (another Jennifer that is in "Architecture.")

So I asked him some questions about the Akashic library.  Interesting answers.

In terms of Marlon, our moderator on the flipside Luana Anders knew many people who knew him (Robert Towne, who wrote that final scene of his in the Godfather, Sam Gilman, Wally Cox, Sally Kellerman and others) - so I have no problem asking him to come forward.  Jennifer doesn't remember that he was hesitant to speak when we did interview him - but in this case, he had shown up to talk about Audrey Hepburn.

But as noted in the previous podcast, Jennifer couldn't think of his name "that actor who plays the Mafia guy who was Al Capone" (clearly not coached as Marlon never played Al) - and two weeks ago, I missed it. But I thought I'd ask him what he wanted to share about her.

In the interim I looked up the fact that he had spent an evening with her and because he was unnerved by her, didn't speak - and she took that to mean he didn't like her. And it's a matter of public record that he wrote to Audrey when he heard that and apologized - public record that Jennifer is not aware of.

Again - not trying to prove anything to anyone - there is no hierarchy on the flipside, it is accurate that his will was found in a chair in Jack Nicholson's house, I've seen it, and I know what happened to it.  She mentions that as well, but it's not common knowledge.

Anyways - a bit all over the map, but not less interesting than the rest.

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