Flipside perspective on events in the Nation's Capital and Surviving Death

I have to give this most recent episode of Hacking the Afterlife podcast some context.

                                    Jennifer and yours truly

Jennifer Shaffer ( and I did our usual weekly podcast yesterday from the safety of Zoom. We've been doing them for six years now, but only have begun posting them since March. (The transcripts of the other sessions are in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside")

It began with a phone call six years ago. Jennifer had listened to the audible for "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and reached out to me on the Book of Faces. At first I didn't understand how mediumship worked, and it was filming our first three hour session that my mind was flipped by her accuracy. (As reported in "Hacking the Afterlife" book).

Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases - and yesterday a few missing persons showed up on our podcast.  I will post the podcast here - and then the explanation below of who and why they showed up.

Warning: This clip may cause some people angst.  

We don't want to cause anyone angst or stress.  What is said in this clip will only make sense to people who've read the flipside research or the books Jennifer and I have collaborated on ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside" or "Architecture of the Afterlife.")  

Up front I want to tell people NOT to view this clip if they were disturbed by the events that occurred in the Capitol yesterday, or what people no longer on the planet might have to say about it.

I can only say that Jennifer and I never discuss who we are going to talk to our about. And in light of the fact that we've spoken to former Presidents before, I figured they might want to chat about the events in the Capitol yesterday.  The first person who came forward was John McCain, who has spoken to us before, asked us to pass along a message to his daughter, which I did via some mutual friends.  They were private messages, and at his request we passed them along.  

He wanted to weigh in on those events.

This is not a political page. 

The flipside has no politics - left or right - we all go home after this lifetime. From that perspective we see why and how we participated in events.  

Jennifer and I are not hiding our beliefs - but I want to be clear, my family comes from a long line of conservative Republicans - my grandfather ran for senator in Illinois. 

I'm not kidding when I say many of the folks we interviewed today have been interviewed by us in the past - from Martin Luther King to JFK to Ronald Reagan and others.  Jennifer is not reporting something she believes in - or wants to believe in. She answers my questions as honestly as she can.

Not everyone is supposed to know how the play ends. So if this information bothers you in any way, I apologize in advance.  At some point it occurred to me that some people involved in yesterday's fiasco might want to speak up. We do ask someone to do so, and what they had to say was revelatory.  During the interview I tried to clarify what was being said - not based on my beliefs, my opinion, my politics - but based on the research which is both consistent and reproducible. 

(Below is a link to the Netflix series where Dr. Greyson weighs in on consciousness existing outside the brain, Dr. Jim Tucker talks about reincarnation, Steph Arnold and Kim Clark discuss their near death experiences and - I have spoken at a number of Iands venues. The point is - life goes on and apparently, they're happy to chat with us from the flipside.)

For some scientific research, please watch the Netflix series "Surviving Death" which has a number of people I've interviewed (Steph Arnold, Dr. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Jim Tucker at UVA).  Again - we are not trying to be controversial, are not trying to convince anyone that their point of view is wrong or right... we do our best to report.

That being said - I wasn't surprised that John McCain (Maverick) stopped by, but that led to a free wheeling all encompassing discussion that will no doubt offend pretty much everyone who is not familiar with this research, or what happens on the flipside.

We speak to and with, in no particular order, John, former Presidents Reagan, Truman stop by to put in their two cents. JFK has something to say as well as Jackie. Malcolm X stopped by as well as Martin Luther King.

I can only suggest considering this a fantasy if one has never listened to this podcast before. I would consider allowing that's its possible that our loved ones don't disappear.  

But I would recommend reading up on the topic before passing judgment on what they have to say - which is in line with the reports in "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife," "Hacking the Afterlife" and "Architecture of the Afterlife." 

That everything that happens on the planet is part of the play, part of the performance - and that it is designed so that we can learn from events - from Hiroshima, to 9/11 to yesterday's fiasco. They are not on the same level - but the reason these events are referenced is because PEOPLE ON THE FLIPSIDE reference them. They point to them as reference images or points. Including the Civil Rights movement and the battles of the 1960's.

Jennifer and I had interviewed a number of these people before - but not Truman or Malcolm X.  I apologize in advance for not asking more and deeper questions of them... but this is literally on the fly as they stop by. 

The point of our podcast is to demonstrate how easy it is to reach out to our loved ones - and no, neither of us discussed this session prior.  It is what it is.  I hope their message about coming together and using this opportunity to take out the broom, and to focus on loving our neighbors as ourselves - is taken to heart. So in advance I apologize to anyone and everyone who might take offense at what is being said in this conversation - it's not my point of view, it's not Jennifer's point of view - we are doing our best to report.

Hope this helps people on the planet when they come across it.

My two cents


"Architecture of the Afterlife" Josh Davidow recalls his NDE in Tibet and a previous lifetime

The research continues. Here's an example of "The Martini Method" (so called by some hypnotherapist pals) of asking people questions not under hypnosis about an event they had. In this case, my pal Josh Davidow's NDE in Lhasa while we were climbing Mt. Kailash. I wasn't ware of it until all these years later, and asked if we could film him revisiting the event. Further, we took some detours, including a recollection of a previous lifetime as an airman aboard the "Lady Belle."  I was shocked to find that he was accurate, this airman had flown in Lady Belle in WWII, but died in another plane. Both manifests had the name he recalled during this casual "trip into the flipside."  We tend to think that our past lives are far away, or that our memory cannot access things that it can access.. 

But this interview, which is reproduced in full in the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" is just one of the 50 that I include in the book. People recalling a near death event or some vivid dream, or even their "first encounter with spirit" - which gives us a gateway into the flipside.  

Josh and I met in Tibet. Actually we met in Katmandu on our way to Tibet.. A talented filmmaker who went to NYU, he and his sister Emily were on this trip to Mt. Kailash that I was filming for Tibet House in NYC ("Journey into Tibet with Robert Thurman") I was in Mumbai lensing 2nd unit for a film I wrote "My Bollywood Bride" when I was invited to join Robert Thurman and 20 or so tourists taking a trip across Tibet with him (2004).  I filmed everything I could, charging the cameras in the car charger, when often hilarious Josh offered to edit the piece for me.  

After we came back to the U.S., he generously pieced together a mountain of footage and later has taken other trips with Robert Thurman and done his own "trips with Robert" series (Bhutan, etc).  In this interview, I had not spoken with him in years, and did not know that when we were in Tibet he had a near death experience during our trip around Mt. Kailash.  

This is a demonstration of the technique (dubbed "the Martini method" by a couple of funny hypnotherapists) where I take an event that occurred, one where the conscious mind was "outside of the body" (whether it's a vivid dream, out of body experience, or in this case a near death event - where a person is unconscious on the ground and floating around above their body for a period of time) and use that event as a gateway to the flipside. No hypnosis is used or required. I'm not seeing anything he's seeing, but know what questions to ask because I've been doing this for years.

I ask him about the NDE, and then, knowing the "Architecture of the Afterlife" (the transcript of this interview appears in that book) I ask simple questions about his journey, his guides, and if he can recall a previous lifetime. Much to my surprise - he recalled a life of a fellow who served in World War II and the name of the plane he was on.  I did a forensic search of military records and lo and behold, found the manifest of that plane, found a list of those airmen, found the name he recalled, and then found the subsequent plane he was on when shot down and killed in World War II. Josh is "one of the greatest generation" - but didn't know it until this moment on camera.   

I do the historical research for everyone who "recalls a past lifetime" in this way - in this case, he happened to recall the name of the airman, his position on the plane, and I was able to verify it. Not just once, there are 50 in the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" doing the same thing. Like it or lump it, this research is for those who are interested in examining why we are on the planet. Not "if there is such a thing as past lives" or "if there is an afterlife;"  I've spent ten years filming people examining the same experiences - and it doesn't always result in such a dramatic recall as this turns out to be - but if you don't try, you'll never know.  

Thank you Josh for allowing me to post this. It's only about 20 minutes, the interview was longer, and the chapter in the book has more specific details (names, dates, etc).  Welcome to the MartiniZone and verification that life goes on (has gone on before.) As they call it in the film "Soul" - "The Great Before." It's where we pair up, team up, plan our journey and try to accomplish some tasks we put in front of ourselves with the help of guides and teachers.  Not my opinion, theory or belief - have been filming people doing the same for over a decade. And somewhere in that scenario, Josh and I planned to connect on the planet. Hope New Zealand is treating you well!


Surviving Death | Official Trailer | Netflix

Our pal Steph Arnold is featured in this series, and also appears in the book "Architecture of the Afterlife!" 

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