Talking to the Flipside

People often ask; "So if it's true my loved one still exists on the flipside, why don't I hear from them?"

There's a few reasons.

One is Mechanics.

Did you know that a rainbow is different to every person that sees it? (This factoid from Neil deGrasse Tyson). "The exact Rainbow any of us sees in the sky is entirely our own -- a personal, yet communal gift from the laws of optics."

Double Rainbows:

Because of the nature of optics, light moving through water droplets, every person sees a rainbow differently. 

How many of us are old enough to remember rabbit ear antennas?  (Raise your hand in the back row; I SEE YOU.)

Endless standing in front of the television trying to get a "clearer signal."

When the Sears Tower went up in Chicago (later the Willis Tower) people in the northern suburbs (cake eaters in Chicago parlance) had to deal with ghosting images on their tv sets.  It was time to either get on the roof and move that antenna, or run to the tv and move the rabbit ears.

So let's say Aunt Betty wants to connect with you.  She sees you sitting in your church pew on Sunday like you always do (in this fantasy anyway) and she "sits down next to you."  Only you can't see her.  She's amused by the fact that you can't see her, but she wants you to know that she's keeping an eye on you, so she thinks of some way to communicate with you.

She might send you a smell.  Maybe it's perfume.  It's the old Chanel #5 perfume that you bought her every year for Christmas.  And she knows that once she wafts that perfume in your direction, you're going to know that she's visiting you.

Now, hang on a second.  Is Aunt Betty actually putting on perfume?  No.  But what is perfume?  It's a smell that we smell with our noses.  But hang on a second, is that accurate?

No, it's not. 

The smell is a wave of information that drifts through the air to your nostril which then translates that information into an ELECTRICAL SIGNAL which goes from your nose hairs to your brain and hits the corresponding filing cabinet where "Chanel #5" is located.

"Your ability to smell comes from specialized sensory cells, called olfactory sensory neurons, which are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose. These cells connect directly to the brain. Each olfactory neuron has one odor receptor. Microscopic molecules released by substances around us—whether it’s coffee brewing or pine trees in a forest—stimulate these receptors. Once the neurons detect the molecules, they send messages to your brain, which identifies the smell."

It's the same with visual stimuli.  You're not "seeing" anything - as we know, light and images hit your eye UPSIDE DOWN first, and then are translated RIGHTSIDE UP into your head, so you can watch out for that basketball coming at you.


But back to Aunt Betty.  

She's seeing you from a particular perspective - according to Aunt Betty's I've interviewed, she doesn't "hear the minister" droning on, she doesn't hear the choir belting out "Sons of God, Hear His Holy Word" or any other the other distractions in the church at the moment.

She's just focused on you.  So let's figure that Aunt Betty wants to "send you a signal."  How does she do that?  Is there a decoder up there? A flip phone for communication?  No.  What people report is that they have to "do a mathematical equation that results in the desired effect."

Sound loopy?  Well hell yes, it is loopy!  What class did you learn how to do the math that would effect a transmission of a signal of a smell to your loved one?

You forgot already?

As I've reported in "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" there are classrooms in the afterlife - let's not call it that, shall we, as it implies "ghostly figures" sitting in classrooms.  Let's call it what it is:


University of Wisc

When I say that word I know that everyone has a different visual in their mind.  Could have been your class, a friend's class, a classroom you saw in a movie, or even at school.  But you alone know what classroom means.  I don't know what your classroom might look like - I can only point to ones that I've been in. Here on this planet, and while under deep hypnosis.

Old fashioned class. Eames chairs.

So in this class you were taught this method - and again, try not to focus on the "when" part of this information since we're always going to class - prior to this life, during it, and a long time ago as well. And in this class, which might have just a few folks, might have hundreds, but often is reported to be about "20" individuals - you learned the process of how to "throw a smell."

A bit like throwing your voice. There's a trick to it and you have to practice to get the trick down.

So Aunt Betty is sitting next to you, does the complex math problem that creates the "idea of a smell" and sends it to your electrical grid so that you can smell it... and not perhaps, the Eau du Bieber on the person in front of you... and this wave of this wafting luxurious smell comes over you, and you instantly - directly - picture Aunt Betty.

And instead of giving her a high five, or blinking through happy tears - you look around.  "That's funny. Why am I smelling that old perfume?  I haven't smelled that since... since... oh my.  Is Aunt Betty here?"

Don't forget, there are dozens of other folks in the room, each has their own focus and energy, and your brain is constantly translating, passing along electrical charges to your mind to help you navigate the day... so not so easy to "see Aunt Betty" as it is to "smell her."

This is why they generally don't waste all that time and energy trying to reach out to you until you're asleep.  In that way you're blissfully snoozing, and Aunt Betty finds it all that much easier to present herself right smack dab in the middle of your dream. 
Sister Evangelina "Call the Midwife" Series
 And our friends on the Flipside claim that they do so in a fashion "not to frighten you" (unless they have a silly sense of humor) but to reach out to you to let you know something...

What are they telling you?  Well, that they're okay. That they're watching over you. That you shouldn't worry so much about all the nonsense that you worry about all the time. Because NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

What does matter?

Only one thing (they say, consistently).  If you don't know what the one thing is that matters, take the time right now to ask your loved one.


Jot down the answer and send it to me.

On Amazon

Like I've said here before - when talking to people on the Flipside, they consistently say that we can communicate with them.  That all we need to so is "Say their name."

I asked "Do we say it in our head or aloud?"

They say "It doesn't matter."

In Ladakh with some peeps.
I asked "So let's pretend that I'm able to reach out to you.  And I have questions for you.  How can I tell the difference between "making up the replies" and actually getting a reply from you?"

They answer; "When the reply comes faster than the question.  When the answer to your question is heard in your head before you can even formulate the question, then you'll know you have a connection with us."

So g'head. Try it.  I can wait.

No one will know that you're talking to a passed away relative.  It's not like you're talking to yourself in Church.
Per LaChaise, Paris

(You know the old joke - if you pray aloud to God while you're in church or temple, that's normal. But if God replies; then you're insane.)

Go ahead and try it.  No one will know that you're talking to someone no longer on the planet in your head.  Write down what they say. Ask questions you don't know the answer to.  Ask hard questions that you don't think they know the answer to.  Ask them for help. Ask them to guide you.

The worst that can happen is that you "hear them."

Then you're in trouble because you'll know "either I'm making this up, or that flipside guy is right."

Say hello to your loved one for me.


What Dreams May Come

Had the most unusual dream last night.  It was long and involved, and I was in some kind of limousine... the world zipping by outside, and I was focused on the individuals inside this limo. And there was a young child in the limousine, funny, giggling... but by the end of this dream, he was 21... long hair, blonde, easy laughter.  Kind of a surfer dude.

And realizing that I'd been in this limo driving around for over 20 years, I said "Wait a minute. Who are you, and why am I dreaming about you?"  He said "I'm your son."  

Mind blown. NASA

He smiled, matter of factly, revealing something I did not know, and could not have conceived of.  And then I did the math, and sure enough, it's possible that he was a child that we did not have because of a miscarriage a long, long time ago.

I bring it up, not to disturb anyone - but it made me think about the onset of life. What people say under deep hypnosis about the nature of life is consistent and unusual.  One guide described it as "uniting two photons of energy, one male, one female - not necessarily either or more or less of one, but those are the easiest words to use - and they're overseen by a group of souls who are like caretakers.  Then bits of energy are added, here and there, until they're "old enough" or "ready" to take life in some form. It might be on the planet, it might be somewhere else. They're assigned a guide to watch over all of their lives, and together with their guide, they map out what kind of journey they're going to have."

In my case, I had this discussion with my guide - someone who used the analogy of a "giant canvas."  He said "think of a blank canvas, and each lifetime is color. And Richard and I worked out all the various colors we'd like to explore and use, and at some point we'll look at the canvas and say "you need more red here, or more blue here..." and at the end of all of his lifetimes, we'll have this amazing portrait of a life well lived.  

Lotta stars up there. NASA

He said "And then at that point, when Richard has gone through all of his lifetimes, and this canvas is finished, he will have the option to become a guide, and then he'll oversee someone else's journey."  He said "when I graduated from all of my lifetimes, Richard was my graduation gift."


Like a diploma on a plate.  

Handed over to a guide; here you go.  Now get to work.

But in terms of each lifetime, it's worth considering how or why we choose to come to this planet, to be born in this era.

We live in an era where abortion is legal, and there's a hot debate whether or not life begins at inception. 

Well, the research is consistent in this area, and it bears repeating; we choose to come here, we choose to be born, we choose the manner and person and method of that birth.  We do so with the guidance of our spiritual guides, friends and loved ones in the between lives realm. 

This is not my opinion belief or philosophy.  It is just consistent in the research. Sorry if that bothers people - it's not my intent to bother anyone.  But it is my intent to report what the research consistently shows.

Michael Newton did over 7000 hypnosis sessions, Dr. Helen Wambach did over 2000; both had the same results. I've filmed 40 sessions, also had the same results. 

So what about miscarriages, stillbirths, abortions?  Who are these folks and why did they choose to not be here?

Every story is unique.  

I have one close friend who lost her baby just prior to birth. She had a profound vivid dream sometime later where she "spoke" to her baby - and recognized him as someone she's known for many lifetimes. In his own words he "Changed his mind" just prior to coming here.  He "thought he could handle it" and then decided he "could not."  In her vision, she saw they had many lifetimes together.  Did this help her recover from her pain and loss? I don't know. I'm just reporting what she said.

In my lifetime I've known many women who've had abortions or miscarriages.  And in some of the research I've done, either via mediums or while a person is under hypnosis, or even during a near death experience - someone "meets" someone in the afterlife that is reported to be their "sister" (in "Heaven is For Real" during his NDE he met a sister he didn't know had died in childbirth, or in Eben Alexander's "Proof of Heaven" he's guided by a woman he later learns was a sister he didn't know he had), sometimes people meet brothers or sisters who died after coming here, and in some cases meet brothers or sisters that were "supposed to be here but couldn't make it."

I don't know what this dream was about - but it was a startling revelation to my conscious mind, meeting a son I didn't know, had never met, but who was letting me know that he was always with me and his mom, no matter what our "current reality" might be.

Oddly affirming.

It makes one wonder if all births are "meant to be" - after all, someone signs up to be part of our world, and then we decide they should not be.  I've always been an advocate of free choice, but perhaps in the future, part of counseling might include a hypnotherapy session where the mother (or father) gets to connect with this soul that is planning on coming here, and wants in on the decision whether to come or not.

I'd hasten to add, that everyone has their own path and journey, and I'm not here to admonish or tell anyone what their path and journey should be.  But I am here to say that consciousness doesn't occur at conception - it only opens the door to that person who is planning to come here.

Mind bending, isn't it?

So I'm editing together some of my "Hacking the Afterlife" sessions with Jennifer Shaffer.  It's hard to find a way to tell these stories - basically Jennifer and I meet up, have lunch, and then I interview "whoever shows up."

The interviews are free wheeling, accompanied by noisy restaurants, clinking cutlery, and occasional jokes that some might find bizarre, even offensive.  I'm not sure how much of that to change, cut out, or leave in - as the raw nature of these conversations are part of the unusual investigations I'm doing.

For example, most people prefer to have their music recorded on a sound stage in a quiet setting, so they can really hear the music - I'm a guy who likes the raw open air sound of people performing in their natural setting.  In my CD of the Nechung Monks I recorded them live in a temple. You can hear birds chirping, clocks ticking, monks pouring tea. The quality of the sound includes all the other prayers done in the same place.  

But I understand why we have microphones isolate so we can hear dialog. Robert Altman was a fan of overlapping sound - some people found it crazy making - but others found it liberating. Our ears are always being inundated with sound, and it's part of our own filtering that allows us to focus on one voice at a time.

But back to my dream.

I asked this boy what his name was. He laughed. "Let's call me "Zero" as I don't really have one."  I said "Zero? That's an odd thing to call you, it's not really a name."  He smiled and said "Right."  

So Zero.  Nice to meet you.  It may very well have just "been a dream."  But it also may have pointed to something more profound than any dream - those that are with us, part of our journey, are never not part of our journey.

I'm continuing my research as best I can, and that new research will go into the book "The Afterlife Expert." Thanks for tuning in.

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