Selling My Film Titles online

Okay, I'm back from my sojourn working on "Salt." I'm going to try and be a little more proactive about selling my titles online. Here's links to the various titles for sale on the net: - CANNES MAN AKA CON MAN (with Seymour Cassel, Johnny Depp, Francesco Quinn, Rebecca Broussard) - LIMIT UP (with Nancy Allen, Dean Stockwell, Ray Charles as God) - CAMERA - DOGME #15 (2nd American Dogme film, with Carol Alt, Angie Everhart, Rebecca Broussard) - JOURNEY INTO TIBET (trip from Lhasa to Mt. Kailash with Prof. Robert Thurman) - TIBETAN REFUGEE (interviews with Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, India, includes HH Dalai Lama)

I'm going to put up all my films for sale at some point, but for now, just a couple of clicks and you own your own copy.




Me on Merv Griffin

Here I am on Merv Griffin. Note the aura.

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