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Welcome to the page for all things Martini, except having a Martini. However, one is free to stir one up - my preference was always Vodka over Gin and then "threatening the glass" with Vermouth.  Two olives, which I call lunch and dinner.

Someone on Quora asked about links to Martini events.  It's a good question. I built this page awhile ago, keep adding to it, but it's always a little out of date.

What's happening right now?

Jennifer Shaffer and I are appearing at CONTACT IN THE DESERT on Saturday, June 1st.  

Here's the details:


I'm appearing THREE TIMES:  Friday Morning at 10:30 in the Atlantic room on a Panel talking about  Saturday with Jennifer doing this workshop, and on Sunday talking about how to bypass filters at 2:30.


Non-Human Intelligence: Messages from Beyond Our Dimension

Friday, May 31, 2024
Time: 10:30am – 12:05pm
Location: Crystal Ballroom

Then on SATURDAY with Jennifer doing a live demonstration of "how to talk to people offstage."

Meaning, people who leave the stage still exist, there are some people who have never been onstage who exist, there are some beings who incarnate elsewhere who can be asked questions, there are millions of folks to choose from - we'll let the audience choose a few.

Jennifer and I have been doing a podcast for the past two years online (spotify, itunes, etc) - one can the audio version at HACKINGTHEAFTERLIFE.COM

Then... on SUNDAY there is this event:

Hacking the Afterlife: Bypassing the Filters on the Brain

Lecture with

Richard Martini

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

For the past fifteen years, Richard has been using hypnotherapy, mediumship and guided meditation to bypass the filters on the brain. People bypass these filters during an NDE, OBE, using hallucinogens, hypnotherapy, guided meditation or dreams that “block information not conducive to survival.” People who are mediums have “altered filters” the way a stereo might pick up unwanted signals. Dr. Greyson from the University of Virginia has discussed “filters on the brain” in his research about near death events. (“After” pg 128). Dr. Helen Wambach discussed these filters in her work “Reliving Past Lives” and came to the same conclusion from different perspectives. What are these filters? Where are they located in the brain? Are they located in the brain?


In terms of reference material:

Two the left and right of this post are links to:

12 books.  (Flipside, It's a Wonderful Afterlife 1 & 2, Hacking the Afterlife, Backstage Pass to the Flipside 1, 2 & 3, Architecture of the Afterlife, Tuning into the Afterlife, Divine Councils in the Afterlife, The Greatest Story Never Told as told by Jesus and those who knew him, Close Encounters of the Flipside Kind.)

All are in paperback, hardcover, audible and kindle.  Many have been translated into Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (links on the right).

I'm a filmmaker, have written and or directed 9 feature films. Those can be found on IMDB, or via the links to the right. You Can't Hurry Love, Limit Up, Point of Betrayal, Cannes Man, Camera-Dogme#15, My Bollywood Bride, Three For the Road were films I wrote and/or directed.  Salt, Amelia are films I worked on for other people.

Documentaries include "Tibetan Refugee" "Journey Into Tibet with Robert Thurman" (revised editions are on YouTube), "Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau" is on YouTube (free), on Amazon or Gaia are the films FLIPSIDE, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON or HACKING THE AFTERLIFE. 

Those films - as raw and unpolished as they are - are filmed interviews with people accessing the afterlife, sometimes in their offices, sometimes in cafes, sometimes in an office.  The interviews include mediums who work with law enforcement, people who are friends of mine who agreed to participate, some are people I've just met.  In the book "DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE" I have 20 guided meditations with scientists, clergy, doctors who all experienced the same hallmarks during the meditation.

None were aware they could - all had some experience with meditation - but none were aware we could learn new information, talk to, access guides, teachers, council members offstage.

All did. 

Here's that book. It's in kindle, paperpack and hardcover and audible.

There's also a forum on Quora called HACKING THE AFTERLIFE where people share experiences, data or research about the afterlife.

In the past five years it's had this many views:


It's a place for people to share their experiences. The more people share "bypassing the filters" the more people become aware that we can bypass them.

People report doing so via dreams, near death experiences, (see Dr. Greyson's book AFTER for statistical info about bypassing filters on the brain pg 125) during out of body experiences, using hypnotherapy, mediumship or guided meditation.

Anyone can, everyone could.  Not everyone wants to - but for those who do, it's accessible.

People ask me why I bother with this information; if it's accurate that we choose to incarnate, that we might choose to come back, doesn't it make sense to leave behind fresh water, air and earth? If not for our children's sake, but our own possible return?

To me it does.

Thanks for asking.

Here's the post that prompted this update from Quora today:

Hmm. Let’s ask him.

“Rich, is there a place to find your work?”

“Um, what?”

Richard sets down his cappuccino and slice of pizza.

“Like a hub. A place to find your books, films…”

“Let's see. I've got a few boxes under the desk here. Hundreds of hours of footage. Some film, mostly digital tape, here's a DVD.”

“No, I'm asking about a place to find everything.”

“You mean like a store? Like Blockbuster?”

“No. A web page!”

“No reason to get snippy. Geeze, look, my pizza is cold.”

“Well sorry for making you pay attention! Sometimes i think you're a bot!”

“I am a bot. The program evolved from The Martini Shot “

“Is that a place I can find further information?”

“Everything. Links to the YouTube site MartiniZone, the podcast Hacking The Afterlife, the films Talking to Paul Allen “ “Flipside “ “Talking to Bill Paxton “ (its his birthday, happy birthday Billy) and Hacking the Afterlife.”

“Those and your books are online, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, right?”

“Correct. 12 books, in 4 languages, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. And this one.”

“So if I go to Richmartini com, I can find what I'm looking for?”

“Sure, or look under my desk. Wait, where'd my slice of pizza go?”

“Sorry. I thought that was for anyone.”

“Free pizza? Wow. Well there’s plenty of free stuff, “Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau” film is on YouTube, as is “Journey into Tibet with Robert Thurman “ 100s of podcasts , book talks on the martinizone page on YouTube. “ i take it youre not asking about my feature films, “Limit Up" “Point of Betrayal. “ “Cannes Man.”

“You made feature films?”

“A few. Hard to find though. Camera-dogme 15 is online.”

“But I can find these links at the Richmartini com page?”

“I hope so. Hey, put that down, that's my cappuccino.”

“Sorry. Tastes good.”

“Its why we choose to reincarnate. Hard to make good pizza and cappuccinos on the flipside.“

“Go on, say it.”


“That's your "two cents.

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