Hacking the Afterlife with Carl Jung, Krishnamurti and Bill Paxton

Proof of concept.

For flipside fans, this won't be too hard to digest. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this may be the hardest to consider.

Some months ago - perhaps a year - Jennifer and I were conducting a "class" - well, Luana Anders conducts the class, Jennifer and I just show up to interview folks in the class.  And during this interaction she said "Carl Jung is here." (HackingTheAfterlife Podcast)

I may have said "do you mean Carl Sagan?" because we had chatted with him before. 

But she said "No, Carl Jung."  

Carl Jung - Quotes, Books & Theory - Biography
Carl Jung.
We were interviewing someone else at the time, so I put him in the back of my mind as someone to interview in the future. After all, if he took the time to show up in our class, and identify himself (I couldn't pick him out of a lineup, so for her to do so, is uncanny) I should at least ask him why.
Jennifer is a medium who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. She's helped Bill Bratton with a case (ask him about it) and has helped others nationwide.  I've been working with her for over five years and know how accurate she is and can be.

Prior to our sessions, I often "say the name aloud" of the person I'd like to speak with.  So I did that in this clip - said his name aloud - used the "Greenwich Mean Time" clock (on the right side of this page) to indicate when the name was evoked - and then began to tape the session.  I'm in an apartment building upstairs - sometimes too many folks are on the wifi at the same time, so apologies for the intermittent cutting out of my voice - but her voice is not interrupted.

Prior to the session I did some casual research into the fellow. I have a friend familiar with his work (David Kirkpatrick, thanks) who supplied me with a couple of questions, because oddly enough that morning he was referencing him - and I said "If you had a couple of questions, what would they be?" He supplied the "Why didn't you go to Rome?" and "Why didn't you meditate or do a hypnosis session?" questions.

Here's the Wikipedia page where I gathered some of the details - the "soul stone" for example.  When I read that I can only think of the many filmed interviews I've done with people under hypnosis ("Flipside" to "Hacking the Afterlife" - "Architecture of the Afterlife" includes about 50 of people not under hypnosis.)  In those cases, when a child does something as odd as Carl did - making a totem of a native culture - I assume it's related to a past life memory.
Carl Jung; Wikipedia

In terms of his mother, Emilie, indeed, he reported that she "spoke to spirits."  He's also the person who created the concept of "Collective unconscious" as well as the term "Archetypes."  

Which brings us to point two.  Bill Paxton and I were friends many years ago, we stayed in touch over the decades, but his career skyrocketed while mine floundered.  When he passed away, I did a series of interviews with him ("Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia) via three different mediums.  So when I was referencing that "we have friends in this class who lived in Ojai" - while interviewing Krishnamurti, I was referring specifically to him.

One of Ojai's famous residents
I didn't ask for him in this interview - but was referring to him when I said that.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

So I wasn't surprised when she said his name - but I was surprised when he said "Ask him about archetypes."  I did not know that he had created the term until I read it that morning - and here was my old pal referencing something that I had not written down (I had written down "synchronicity" and "collective unconscious") - but here was someone asking a question from the flipside to someone we are interviewing.

Jennifer is not an expert on Carl Jung - as she freely admits on camera. She had no idea that Carl had invented the term.  But Bill did. And he is the one who asked the question. Here's the video:

This morning, former studio exec turned author David Kirkpatrick wrote to me to thank me for sharing the video with him. I wrote back: 

"Thanks for the questions. I tried to focus on the things that relate to this research (his "soul stone" sounded like a past life memory) his mother seeing spirits - Bill saying "ask about archetypes" is "new information."  

Jennifer never studied Jung (formerly a financial analyst in Manhattan beach) I had just read in the wiki entry that Carl invented the term. 

Bill literally raised a point only he could raise. Asked Carl his own question.  (Not mine. Not from Jennifer.) It's mind bending and proof of concept. I mean... am I missing something?  Is this not proof of the afterlife?  

Jennifer doesn't know anything about Carl.. and yet recognizes him. Doesn't know about archetypes yet repeats a question from an actor she met "in class." Proof life goes on. Full stop. 

Those whose path doesn't include this knowledge will not see it. Will assume we "cheated" or she "read my mind."  But she asked things not in my mind. She repeated answers I could not invent. Welcome to my world."

Indeed. Proof that life goes on. Proof of concept. Proof of the flipside. Proof of heaven (although everyone calls it "home" instead). Proof of being able to "Hack the afterlife."  I could go on... I frequently do.  But in this era when our friends are falling around us like flies, it's important to report that life goes on. They know it. We just aren't privy to that same information. Our loss.

Post script:

Some wag wrote on the MartiniZone page: "Why did you have to give her so many clues as to the identity of the man?   Totally unconvincing."

To which I replied: "Well, since this is the first time you've seen us work together, or have watched any of our videos, you wouldn't know that I've done this for five years with her. 

Sometimes she gets it immediately (as reported in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" books) sometimes it takes three or four guesses.  It's not a contest. 

I'm not trying to prove that she can do this kind of work - I've been doing that for over five years now.  I had her for 45 minutes. The clues I gave her were "he's shown up in our class before" she picked Einstein. Instead of saying "No" I said "of that era."  She's not scanning my mind - or scanning her knowledge of Carl - she's asking the class "Why are you showing me Albert?" And then she said "Carl Jung."  (I just now remember that it WAS Albert we were interviewing when he showed up in the classroom - asking him about turning salt to fresh water for pennies, or how to create energy from non carbon sources.  The image of who we were interviewing popped into her mind - and from there came the answer.)

I'm sorry if this is the first time you've watched us do this. I'd say "watch the other 20 clips here" or "read the three books where I provide transcripts" or "watch "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia.  

Or watch the clip on here called "Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson."  

In this clip - live - I asked for three people to assist us - and she named them in a row, one after the other.  (John Lennon because I'm a friend of his son, Steve Jobs because we'd interviewed him previously, and Anthony Bourdain because I assumed they met. She names them live on camera - one after the other in a row.) 

Again - I'm not trying to prove anything to someone who did not sign up for a lifetime to know how the play ends. It's pointless.  

As Harry Dean Stanton told us "Tell people to believe in the possibility of an afterlife then they won't waste any more of their time arguing about it like I did."  Once there is the possibility - then one can focus on what the content is. And that is a conversation about his mother, about his soul stone, and my old friend Bill Paxton reminding me to ask him about archetypes.  

Not my idea - not Jennifer's idea. Bill's idea.  

So thanks for the comment so that I could report that this is just one of many many many interviews we've done.  People can read them, view them, discuss them at their own leisure - eventually we all get to a point where we realize how much time we wasted arguing about something that was possible."

My two cents.


The Old Guard and The Flipside

Perhaps you've seen the latest film on Netflix starring Charlize Theron.  If not, perhaps shy away from reading this post. It contains spoilers - not about the plot, but about how consciousness works. 

The Old Guard

The film is about these "Guardians" who don't know why they're Guardians, don't have a clue as to what makes them Guardians, but in general they keep coming back to the planet.

Like the rest of us. But I digress.

In this story, there's only four that have found each other - there could be more, others may show up willy nilly, no one knows. (It was also the plot of a series I pitched to a number of folks as a series some years ago. The idea based on the old myth that there are "Guardians" who guard the planet at any given time.) 

I first heard the idea from Mr. Spock - that is the actor who played Mr. Spock was talking about it some years ago, this tradition that the Torah talks about "Guardians" who function like "Angels" who walk among us to save the planet.  (At the time, I pitched it to tech companies looking for a series to be played on mobile devices, or to TV entities.) I called it "The 84" - and had an elaborate plot of these "Guardians" saving the planet from rebooting. One company pretended to love it, another pretended to like it, and one other pretended they'd already made it.

I guess I was a bit early on that one.  Or too late perhaps in light of the planet in the midst of rebootage.  But again - I digress.

In the soon to be a series, successful Netflix film "The Old Guard" - it highlights folks who show up on the planet (never die actually) and play these roles over and over again. 

7 Archangels Symbols | Archangels Names and Meanings | Seven archangels,  Archangels, 7 archangels
The so called "Archangels"
Oddly enough in "Architecture" there
are four of them mentioned.

Except of course, they took out the messy part about being born and growing up - and just had folks be themselves 100 years ago, a thousand years ago - etc.  Like "Vampires" who never die, except they fight on behalf of "the good."

Guardians of another era.

The show sidestepped "What constitutes fighting for good?" by having the characters offer "Depends on the century."   Sometimes they fight on behalf of "the good" and other times they fight for whomever pays them.

Enter Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Chiwetel Ejiofor (google)

Chiwetel is good and bad in this show. (As a character, he's a great actor.) I got to work with Chiwetel on the film "Salt."  He's a charming Brit who can't resist football. (Torn Achilles during filming forced crew to shoot around his injury. No running, jumping, kicking - scenes designed so he could pretend he was about to do those things.) Not that it affected his acting - he's a consummate actor, and I defy anyone to point out the scenes where he was in pain. (Hint; all of them.)

In "The Old Guard," he's the "bad guy" who realizes that "Andy" (Charlize) has been spotted over the centuries saving people's lives, and each one of those folks goes on to save more lives.  So he's also the good guy.

This details shows up often in the flipside research.

During "the life review" on the flipside, people are often shown these details. A person who insists "they didn't do anything worthwhile" during their lifetime had their guides and teachers show them - "Oh, you remember that kid you saved from the runaway carriage? That kid grew up to be Marie Curie." 

In Michael Newton's "Journey of  Souls" he spoke of a client who recalled being in front of his council going over his lifetime. When asked "Did you help anyone?" He talked about all the charities he contributed to, all the donations he made... and the council member repeated the question. "But did help anyone?"  And this man, who was recalling a wealthy lifetime from the 1920's couldn't think of one.  So they showed him.

Stock Market 1929: The Highest Point Before the Crash | Time
Rich fellow recalled a life of ease.

He was on a trolley in a city and he came across a woman who was weeping. She had lost everything was feeling abject and worthless and couldn't help her sobs.  The man put his arm around her and said "Everything is going to okay."  His council then showed him how that simple act had "saved her life" and like a wave of positiveness had healed many other people as well.

In David Bennett's near death experience, which he reveals in his book "Voyage of Purpose" David recalled a life review.  

He was a science officer aboard a ship and drowned for 12 minutes - during that time, before a wave smashed him into a rock and brought him back to life - his guides showed him two events. One of which was a woman who used to come into the store where he worked - a grumpy Gus whom no one could make smile. So he took it upon himself to make her smile - did this thing that went out of his way to bring some joy into this woman's miserable life.  

And he saw how that event had "moved like a wave" through the woman's life, effecting her family and others.  Every act of love we make begets other acts of love. We can't see it - the way that Charlize's "Andy" was not aware of it - but it is there if we want to access it.

How to access the life review without being dead or having a near death experience?

I thought the only logical way was deep hypnosis, hypnotherapy. I recommend finding a hypnotherapist trained at the Newton Institute only because I've filmed so many of them. If one wants to work via Skype, there is a searchable list on their database.  I have worked often with Scott at - he's a virtuoso at what he does. 

But as demonstrated in "Architecture of the Afterlife" one can access this information without any help at all.  

I demonstrate how just asking someone simple questions can lead to the same information. The results are not the same because hypnotherapy can help and assist people with a host of issues, but just in the simple search for "evidence of the afterlife" - having people who are skeptics, disbelievers suddenly access this information is ringing a gong behind them.

They may not recall how that gong was rung, but eventually the waves of frequency will affect them in ways they've yet to discover.

So - yes, the "Old Guard"  is accurate about the journey. Except the small detail that we all come back, we all choose to come back, we all volunteer to return.  

No, there's no evidence of a squad that is aware of this information.... although one could argue that hypnotherapists are; Dr. Weiss, Michael Newton, Dr. Helen Wambach were all aware of how the process works. Arming them with weapons might not be such a great idea - but at the moment, I'm pointing out that the "backstory" of what happens in the "Old Guard" is related to the research.

That is - that we all reincarnate (if we choose to do so.) We are fully aware prior to incarnation of all of our lifetimes, and the basically blueprint of what we want to achieve or accomplish in this lifetime we've chosen. 

We bring "about a third" of our conscious energy to that lifetime - but the human brain puts up filters around the age of 8 (when the skull hardens, so it's likely a frequency issue) so we aren't aware of this information unless we have a near death event, out of body experience, do guided meditation or hypnotherapy.  Those are all avenues to bypass the filters.

Or one can watch a film like "Old Guard" and consider that it's possible they've been here before, that we've been here before. That the times we experience "deja vu" it's likely related to experiences we've had before in different parts of the planet or even on different planets (See "Architecture of the Afterlife" for an indepth discussion of that.)

Luana is one of my Guardians

It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people say the same things with or without hypnosis about the afterlife. I've been filming them do so for over a decade.  

And thanks to Charlize and company for making a film that puts at least the possibility that life goes on into the zeitgeist. 

My two cents

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