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For fans of the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer" they're aware that Tom Petty was the person who suggested the title for the book.

Jennifer Shaffer
When he showed up during a session I was filming with Jennifer Shaffer, talking to people no longer on the planet, I hadn't asked for him to come forward, but he was suddenly there.  When I asked him about his experience "over there" he said "Talking to you guys is like trying to get into the VIP room.  Your friend Luana here has the clipboard with the list of VIPs who get a backstage pass."

So the book was named by that conversation.

Luana Anders; keeper of the clipboard.
I noticed in the trades today, that there is a dispuit over Tom's estate.

From Barron's:

Breakdown Over Tom Petty’s Estate Offers a Lesson
May 24, 2019 

File:Tom Petty Live in Horsens.jpg
Tom Petty. Faengslet, Horsens, Denmark June 2012
"A disagreement among family members of late singer-songwriter Tom Petty that spilled into the courts underlines the importance of precise language in trust and estate documents.

So reports, which notes that Adria Petty and Annakim Violette, Petty’s daughter’s from his first marriage, recently sued his widow, Dana York Petty, and are seeking at least $5 million in damages.

The daughters accuse Dana of setting up a company, Tom Petty Legacy, LLC, as a vehicle to deprive them of assets. This company is separate from Petty Unlimited, LLC, established in 2018 to manage the singer’s assets after he died.

The daughters claim the terms of Petty’s trust give them “equal participation” in making decisions about handling the estate. Dana has claimed in court documents the daughters are attempting to “rule by majority.” She also has said that as sole trustee for the estate, she gets the final word on decisions.

Both interpretations are plausible, Carrie Harrington, a trusts and estates attorney at Levenfeld Pearlstein in Chicago, tells “Equal participation” could mean Petty wanted each of the three to have an equal vote, which would give the daughters a 2-1 majority. It could also mean the daughters have the right to participate in the decision-making process but can be overruled by Dana. The attorney who drafted legal documents for Petty could provide clarity on his intentions.

The lesson here for financial planners seems to be to make sure the language in trust and estate documents is crystal clear, preventing multiple interpretations.

--Ross Snel

Well, here's Tom addressing that SAME issue on October 26th, 2017: 

(an excerpt from "BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE: TALKING TO THE AFTERLIFE WITH JENNIFER SHAFFER" Homina Publishing 2018. All Rights Reserved, used with permission.)

Jennifer: Luana is telling the classroom to “be quiet.” They’re doing an experiment is what I’m getting... Tom Petty is in the back of the classroom.

Rich: Cool. So how does the class bell work? How do they know when it’s “time for class?”

It’s a frequency, they know a certain time - it’s a frequency that’s sent out to everybody...

How many are in the class? Is it whoever shows up with the frequency?

There are some people with her, but it goes out to hundreds of thousands that are connected. They don’t need to be physically here to be present.

Like a virtual class for the ethernet. Set the classroom visual for me – how is our professor attired?

(Jennifer fans herself) She is mentioning how hot it is. Hold on – it’s interesting to hear they feel the heat...

How does she look to you?

It’s down - she’s wearing white – I think I always see her in white. She’s changed her lipstick to an orange, like a summer color.

Okay, Luana, what’s up? You’re here, we’re here; let’s talk.

She just touched my shoulders. (Jennifer listens) So I’m getting... She’s saying, “Tom Petty wants to know something about his death.” I’m saying to her “But he’s with you – wouldn’t he know about his own death?”

How can we help him?

He shows me like a computer, googling the answer.

(Note: I did not “ask for Tom” to come to our class today. This was an example of him passing on, and “showing up spontaneously in the class.” In terms of his passing, the results of his autopsy, which showed that he had a massive amount of pain killers in his body from a broken hip, had not been released by this recording.)

What would you like to know, Tom? Can Tom come forward?


I didn’t know you Tom, but I likely have friends who knew you.

Luana touches her nose. “That’s why he’s here.”

What would you like to know about your passing?

Does Tom have a daughter?

I think so. Yeah.

It’s about someone getting the paperwork. Like whatever help you can give them – they or she - needs to find the paperwork or whatever it was that’s necessary for her estate.

But people will handle that, right Tom?


(Note: If it’s someone we know and they ask “get a message to their loved one;” I’m happy to do so. In this case, I don’t know anyone close enough to Tom to say “Hey, your pal asked me to pass this along.”  That’s why I say, “But there are people who will handle that?” - meaning, their connection must be better.)

Who greeted you when you crossed over?

His father.

(Note: I didn’t know Tom was physically abused by his father, which led to his heroin addiction. For those who might balk at this answer, as I’ve reported in “Flipside” people claim that those who abused or molested them may have asked or been asked to participate in a difficult lifetime to teach or learn the hard lessons that come from that difficult choice. Suffice to say, everyone who knew Tom’s dad will reject this concept, but I can only report what people consistently say about the journey; once we “return home” we drop the negative aspects of personality – no matter how cruel or bad – and appear as we exist between lives.  People report consistently that “everyone agrees” on what role they’re going to play in a future “performance” including the ones who play “the bad guys.”)[1]

What was your experience crossing over? Were you startled to cross over?

“Wouldn’t you be?”

Were you at home?

He said, “A couple weeks before; his energy was drained,” he said he kind of... He said he “felt he knew.”

I read an article about you being exhausted. How exhausted were you?

That’s what he’s saying; he kind of knew. He said, “He told one person that he had a dream about it.” It’s like he saw it before hand, and told someone about it... he saw a face, from the place where he is now... but it was not the way he dreamt it.

Did Luana invite you to class to help process this?

“Yes.” He looks at Luana.  “It (this class) helps both here and there. It gives it a sort of process... we eventually process everything. An eyewitness.”

What was your experience crossing over, did you see hear or sense anything?

He’s showing me smells... of the concert... whatever is in the concert... smoke...

From pot smoke?

He says, “He quit drinking... 25 years ago.”

(Note: He thought I meant him smoking pot, when I meant the usual aroma from a concert. However, this is accurate. In his biography, it’s noted he went into rehab for heroin addiction in the late 90’s, was saved by his wife Dana.)

What point did you realize you were in the afterlife?

“I saw my dad; he wasn’t saying anything, but I could hear his thoughts.”

How did he appear? Younger?

The age he last saw him.

Tom, when you look around this group that Luana has assembled, are there other people that you know or a fan of, or surprised to see?

“Yes, really surprised.” He’s showing me the heart, he was showing me that he knew something was out there (on the flipside) because of the information he was getting from his songs... he was connected back to the place (on the flipside) where he “downloaded” the songs.

Beethoven talked about that as well... he credited his music as coming from another universe, or a space beyond time.[2]

I’ve never heard that.


So there's a new gig for me - taking legal notes from those on the flipside that have passed on.

I wasn't being flippant by saying "They'll sort that out, won't they?"  I was just offering that it's beyond my capacity to reach out to his daughters, his widow, convince them that Tom is still here, still exists, and they he does not want them to fight over money.  

I can point them to a number of things in these books that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that our lives continue on.  That both sides need to realize he's still around and he can advise them on what they should do. He's not gone. He's just not here.

I recommend giving a call - you don't have to tell her who you are, you just have to let her know that you want to speak to a friend/relative named "Tom" who is off the planet - and she'll take it from there. At some point she'll likely say "Are we talking to Tom Petty?"  

I recommend speaking the truth to her, and speaking from the heart.  He wants to do the same with you. Wouldn't you like to know what he says about how it should be handled? Ask him.

Thanks for the title for the book Tom; message delivered. Hope someone forwards this on to them.

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