"Heaven is for Real" Faith based or Science based? You decide

The headline for this story shouldn't be

‘Heaven Is for Real’ Rides Faith-Based Wave to Big Easter Score at Box Office

This is a film that talks about the afterlife to be sure.  It talks about "Heaven" as well.  And there is a lot of prayer involved in this film, from the parents and those who feared Todd's son Colton Burpo's death.  And he survived his NDE (near death experience) as thousands have done before him.

But this film is contrary to the dogma that has been taught be Churches for centuries. A "Near Death Experience" has been studied by peer reviewed journals- (see Dr. Bruce Greyson's work at UVA for references in how it is categorized by his studies)

What this film shows is the EVIDENCE that occurs while having a Near Death Experience.  This boy's father is a Minister and he didn't believe what his son experienced because it flew in the face of everything he'd been taught, everything he believed.  But he had the SAME EXPERIENCE that is cataloged in THOUSANDS OF ACCOUNTS of people having NDE's, or LBLs.  It's the same reports of "an afterlife" of "seeing loved ones no longer on the planet" of "celestial music" of a "feeling of seeing or being connected to a creator or god" - the same.

His son saw relatives he wasn't aware of (a sister who died at birth), saw people who appeared to him at the age they wanted to appear as ("everyone in heaven is young") - these are the IDENTICAL ACCOUNTS that are reported in "Flipside." It's not based on faith, or belief, or a religion.  It's based on the data.  Easy to call this a "faith based" story.  But   it's "Fact based."

I recommend seeing this film based on the trailer alone. Based on the science that Dr. Greyson "(Irreducible Mind"), Dr. Mario Beauregard ("Brain Wars") Gary Schwartz PhD ("Afterlife Experiments") Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls") Dr. Helen Wambach ("Life Before Life") have done - cataloging, reporting. Sharing the DATA.

"Heaven is for Real" trailer:

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