Flipside Book Talk - Irvine International Foundation for Survival Research

I was invited to the International Foundation for Survival Research's group this weekend to talk about my research and film and best selling book "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife."  Had an hour to speak, and a half hour to answer questions.  If you're interested in the topic, here's the 90 minute version. Enjoy!

Had an hour to talk about the research and my journey to it, as well as a few tidbits from the new book "Flipside Two" - I tend to speak from the hip and the heart in these events, I don't have anything prepared when I walk in to speak on the topic, as I like to figure out first how much the audience knows about the topic. In this case, few knew of Michael Newton's work, and after an abbreviated introduction to his research, I speak about my own path to it, and where its taken me since.

 Again - these reports are not based on any philosophy, belief or religious tenets - these are reports from over 7000 people about what they claim happens in the afterlife, what our journey to it is, and I've personally filmed over 25 people under deep hypnosis, and found their reports remarkably similar in synch with the ones that Michael Newton has conducted over his career as well as reports of near death experiences (NDE). In light of this weekend's Oscar celebration, there's an interesting discussion of the Latin phrase "Vanum populatum" that came to me in a dream - annihilate vanity. ("I live in LA, where to begin?")

 But since these reports claim we all come from the same place, we all choose our journeys based on that place and our relationships in it, one could argue that we all "win" when someone is honored for their work on stage or screen - as we are all part of their journey. I'm a fan of Solomon Northup's amazing account of his life and struggle - (His book "12 Years a Slave" is free online if you search for it via and moved by the idea that only 180 years ago, he documented the lives of Patsey and himself and others, and how they live again in our hearts and minds.

 There's also a discussion in the talk of how people claim that a lifetime over here feels like "a few hours" over there. So when people consider for a moment that time is relative, it really could be that Solomon and Patsey were enjoying last night's celebration of their lives, as well as Matthew M's dad "dancing with a Miller Lite" when he won his award (and Ron Woodruf cheering him on as well). Editing the next book, waiting for the interviews from Professor Thurman and others to include, as well as some other unusual tidbits from the "Flipside" about our path and journey. Thanks for all your donations, as they are most appreciated, and have kept me in the hunt, so to speak.

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