Ghost Stories Beyond the Light

I answer questions on Quora now and then, and one of the most common is "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Per LaChaise Cemetery in Paris

I asked that question to my father as a toddler and his reply still holds up; "Ghosts don't exist."

Which I agree.  Ghosts, per se, do not exist.  Because they aren't "ghosts." They're just folks who are no longer on the planet.  They're people. They're still here.  Get over it.

I've seen ghosts most of my life - but didn't concern myself about it. Honestly.  It wasn't until they started to bug me that I actually thought about who or what they might be.

Like the fellow who used to live in my apartment in Santa Monica. I used to see him sitting on the edge of my bed.  "Who are you?" I got the impression he'd lived there before. Then I woke up to find him lying next to me on the bed. Naked. I jumped out of it (he disappeared).  I said "Dude. I don't mind you hanging out in your hold apt, but do not wake me up with your naked ass!"

He stopped. Then one day a new tenant ran in from next door.  Apt had been empty for years.  She screamed. "I was brushing my teeth and I looked up and a guy was standing behind me in the mirror!"  I said "Oh, was he about 5'10, sandy hair?" She said "Yes!"  I said "Oh, he's just the fellow who used to live here.  If you just tell him to stop doing that, he will."

Years later, I was in the post office standing next to a guy writing his return address on an envelope and recognized the address. (What are the odds?) I said "Dude, you live with a ghost."  He said "What?"  I told him the story... he didn't like hearing the story.  Too bad.  He lives with a ghost. Get over it.

I was in Sydney visiting the home of a friend who'd just sold his house. (Phillip Noyce and Jan Sharp in Darlinghurst) It was empty save for a bed which they left behind so I could camp out for a couple of fun filled weeks.  

One morning I awoke to see a man in a painter's outfit hanging from the rafters.  When he saw me react, he reacted - and said in an Aussie accent; "Terribly sorry mate, it's just something I feel the need to do." Then a ladder appeared, and he pulled the rope from his rafter and CLIMBED DOWN THE LADDER.  I blinked... and it was gone.

Not his ladder

I spoke to Jan Sharp later that day "What's up with the ghost?" She asked what I was talking about. I told her.  She said "Well our painter did hang himself but he did so in his own home."  I said "Well, he must like your home better because he's still hanging around."

I originally thought he was Mohawk
but research tells me he was Iroquois.
I was teaching in Maine - I woke to find a native american in full battle gear standing over me with an axe and a knife.  His arms were dripping something - looked like blood - could have been paint.  He was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER in my face.  Like "Get out!" but in Mohawk or Iroquois. I jumped up and he disappeared.  I said "Look, I'm only teaching here in Maine for a week - I'll be gone then, okay?"  And for that entire week slept with every light on, tv on, radio on. He didn't bug me again.

Like I say - just didn't bother with them. If they don't bother me, why bother them?

Can you hear me now?
Until I was staying at a friend's place in Connecticut.  And my wife and I heard "knocking" "tapping" outside the wall - where no one could knock. And then the lights going on and off - and a groan... whenever it rained.  

One night I had a vivid dream where I met this "angry presence" - which I saw covered in blood, in a british uniform - old, tattered, beard... angry fellow showed me the horrors of his situation.  Dead bodies all around - moaning and general horror.

I did some research, found the home was built on a British garrison from 1812. I think I was being shown the hospital - or the dungeon - I don't know.  It was pretty nasty.  

But the next time this fellow appeared - sensing his presence "enter the room" in a cloud of anger. I said "Hi. Look. I know you're upset that we're staying in your home.  I apologize. However, if you look around you'll see a light, and beyond that light is everyone you've ever loved. Just go into that light and you'll see what I'm talking about."  I was guessing this to be the case - I had just started this research, and it seemed like the most logical, compassionate thing to say.
Typical 1812 uniform

He didn't bother us again that trip... and I thought, "wow, cool, it worked." (We'd tried sage and any other number of suggestions... never told our hosts about it. Why tell them "There's a scary ghost in your guest house?")  

But a year later we were back, and this time I had a dream where this young handsome guy came to visit - he was wearing 19th century clothes, three piece suit - trimmed beard. He came up to me and said in the most proper English; "I just wanted to come back and thank you for sending me home."

Mind you - I ASSUMED this was make believe - wishful thinking.  But I also allowed it might not be.  I may have mentioned this in my books - but maybe not. I'm writing this down, because I tried this technique a few weeks ago.

George Noory of "Coast to Coast" fame.

I was in Boulder shooting "Beyond Belief" with George Noory.  The episode hasn't aired yet, but will soon. I was in the makeup room with the very talented makeup artist, and we were catching up since my last appearance.  

A producer came in and said "Tell him about the ghost!"  She said "Oh yeah, there's a ghost in the studio."  I asked about him. She said she saw him one day - walking in to a locked set - hiding behind some lights.  She said the crew all knew "someone" was moving lights around, breaking them, doing stuff in a locked room - but she also "saw him."

George Noory and Jennifer Shaffer

I asked if she'd seen ghosts before. "When I was younger."  I said, "Let's try an experiment, shall we?" Who is this guy?  She said "No idea."  I said, "Let's ask.  Try to remember what you saw. Can you freeze what you saw as a photograph? or a hologram?" 

She said "Ok."  "Move closer to him, what does he look like?" She described a young man in his 20's, sandy hair, eyes, etc.  I said "Let's ask him. Who are you?" She "heard" a name - told it to me, and we "asked him" what he was doing there. She said her first impression was that he died nearby in a fire in the 1950's. 

She said "he's very angry." I said "What about?" She said... "Oh my god! About our show! He's angry because he says the people who come on the show are not telling the truth about what it's like over there!"  

She laughed - the producer was still in the room, and they both laughed at that idea; a critic from the flipside.  I said "What is it they're getting wrong?"  She said "He says "Everything."

I said, "Look around you my friend. There's a light. And beyond that light is everyone you've ever loved and who ever loved you. Do you want to go and see it?" She said "No, he's too angry."  

I thought okay, try another tack.  I said "Well, can you see the light?" "Yes." "Can you go closer to it?" "Okay." "Describe what you feel."  He said "It feels warmer."  I said "Okay, step through the light."  He said "No, I don't want to let go of my anger."  

I said, "It's okay. Your anger will stay here.  You can always come back and retrieve it.  Just put your hand through the light, how does that feel?"  "Warmer."  I said "Now stand in the light, what's that feel like?" She/he said "I feel less angry."  I said "Okay, step on the other side of the light - you can always come back here, this sound stage isn't going anywhere."  (If I were filming this, this is the moment I would have shoved the fellow "through the door." But I didn't. I just asked him to check out the other side.)

He said "Okay." I said "Describe what you're seeing."  He said "I'm seeing everything differently..." I said "Look around. Do you see your family?"  He said "I hate my family. I wouldn't go to them if I saw them."  

I pressed him; "But look carefully. See anyone?" He said "I see my uncle. He's the only person who loved me."  I said "Can we ask your uncle to come over here?" He said "okay."  

I said "Take his hand. What does that feel like?"  He said he felt love, comfort, safety.  I asked if the uncle would show him around a bit?" The uncle said, "Sure." (She said, "He's saying "sure.")

I said "Look, you can always come back - do you want to come back?" And he said "No, I want to stay here with my uncle for awhile."

With George in the makeup room.

George popped his head in and off I went to do the show.  After the show, I went back to get my bag and the make-up artist said "He came back!" 

I thought... "Oh no, it didn't work. Their ghost had returned."  I said "It didn't work?"  She said "No, he just came back to thank me for helping him."  

It did work.

So in answer to the question "What would you say to a ghost now that you know the architecture of the flipside?" that's what I'd say. "Everyone who ever loved you, or whom you loved, is on the other side of that light."  

We don't need to push them out the door - it's up to them to take it. But that's one method of how to do it.


Mother's Day Messages from the Flipside

"We all only get one mother, so try to stay in touch with her."
About the time she was under contract with the Shuberts, hoofing on broadway, playing classical piano concerts in DC. Dorothy Ann Hayes ("Anthy") from Decatur, Il.  HAPPY MOM DAY.

That's a relative statement of course - if we consider for a moment that we may have been doing this play over and over again, based on the many standing ovations we've gotten from our various performances, we do indeed only have "one mother at a time."

Meaning, for someone who connects with a previous lifetime, when they do so, and allow those memories to come forth, they also remember their father and mother from that lifetime.  Are they any less worthy of our love today than they were back then?

Often in this research, people under deep hypnosis will recognize a family member from back then as being a family member now... and say "Oh my goodness, my mother was my sister in that lifetime."  Something to really give us pause as we reflect and remember our mother from this lifetime.

In my case, I've been able to stay in touch with my mother who left her chrysalis back in 2011.  Doesn't mean I don't miss her - after all she was a concert pianist and sitting in the room with her playing was always something to marvel at.  One day she asked me to record music for my dad's funeral - and he was still on the planet.  She said "I don't know if I could play it for him during the mass, as I would be too emotional."

I recorded a concert of her playing - about a half hour's worth.  I use that track in films sometimes, we did use it for my dad's funeral - and we used it for her funeral.  So mom got to play at her own funeral.  Pretty unusual even for my version of reality.

I was meeting with Jennifer Shaffer yesterday, having coffee in Santa Monica, when she suddenly mentioned a friend of our children who had passed away.  When he passed away suddenly a year ago, I had asked about him - and we had a brief conversation about his journey on the flipside.  I didn't know his parents well enough to ring them up and say "Hey, I was talking to your son today..." but hoped that some day I would get a chance to do so.

Which happened yesterday, because he just kind of "dropped in" to our conversation.  What made it so unusual was the method of how he had shown up - one odd occurrence turned out to connect with another odd occurrence, which connected to a third event - all three events together made for this moment when this young fellow sent a series of images, not only to Jennifer but to others.  I was the one to connect the various images - and Jennifer said they added up to a message from this young boy.

I asked him "So why have you shown up here today, and what were those images that you passed along?"  

Jennifer said "He says it was a message for his mom on mother's day."

I took the time to reach out to his folks and have done so, who confirmed that they have had messages from him before.  I was so glad to hear that; you just never know how someone might react when hearing that their loved one has something to tell them from the flipside.  Sometimes it's a direct message - sometimes it's a metaphor of a message - sometimes it's hard to put one's finger on it, other than it "resonates" on some level.

As I've noted here on the blog, Erik Medhus "spoke" to his mother from the flipside - it was recorded by accident during a session with a medium who was communicating with her son.  It's clearly his voice on the audio, and I can confirm beyond any shadow of doubt that his mom, a Houston doctor, did not manipulate the audio, nor could it have been manipulated.  It is what it is. "Love you mom!" says Erik.

Clear as a bell.***

So what to make of this mother's day message? On one hand that we're always connected.  That our loved ones may have left their chrysalis, they may have transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly - they may be hard to reach, or they may be on some kind of epic adventure - but they are not gone. They just aren't here.

Happy to report that the book Jennifer and I have been working on is close to being finished.  My recent appearance with George Noory on "Beyond Belief" at Gaia is nearly released... and other minor details on this journey.  

But it's good to remember our mom's on mother's day, as it's good to remember our dad's on their day.  And our kids on a day that will eventually become a hallmark card - "kid's day." We are all someone's child, all someone's sibling - if not in this lifetime, then during a previous one.  We can reflect on the unusual path that we took to get here - not only from our previous lifetimes, but through birth with our very own mom.

Unconditional love.  Love unconditionally.  Love the act of love, the gift of love, the giving of love.  It's all the same thing.  We have so few moments together here on the planet, you'd think we'd only spend time enjoying them.  

Here's a poem our daughter wrote when she was ten that her mom posted:

"A Perfect World"  by Olivia

No ba-bang of the guns or quarrelling

People always jubilant, no tears dripping from their eyes

No bullets in soldiers' hearts

The sick would heal and wounds would mend

Where people are always honest and grounds are spotless

All grass would be bright green

But if a world like that existed would anyone appreciate it?


***A note about the above audio of Erik Medhus "speaking from the flipside."

I've taken the time to download the two different audio clips of Erik's voice "coming through."  In the first instance ("Interview with Jesus") I put the audio through professional equipment to study the track.  A number of details are worth noting: in the original audio, there are two voices that are whispering (clearly evident as sound) and at one point, someone answers "Yes" to a question (The medium says "He said "yes" a split second later.")  These voices were not apparent to Dr. Medhus, I pointed them out to her (not the other way around.)  

They voices appear on the track about 1.5 times under speed - in other words if they're sped up they "sound normal."  There's no physical way to record two different speeds on the same track.  Further, there is no VOICE PRINT that appears when these voices are speaking. 

In other words, the frequency of the other voices (Dr. Medhus and the medium, in that case it was Jamie Butler) are clearly on the track and can be seen visually. But for the other voices, there is no visual appearance of their voices.  

It's possible that somehow the ear can hear something that is audible but does not appear as a physical voice signature, but I've never seen it before.  In the case of this second appearance of Erik's voice during a session, it's clear that neither the medium nor Dr. Medhus heard him initially - it's only in the recording, after someone pointed it out, were they able to hear his voice.  

Knowing Dr. Medhus as I do, and knowing how professional audio is recorded - there's no physical way for them to have interjected his voice overlapping theirs.  

It would have required a person to be physically present in the room (obviously it's not the case) nor is it believable in any stretch of the imagination that they would have included an actor in this situation - she doesn't charge any money for what she's doing, there's no monetary value here whatsoever, so for someone to suggest that there's a motivation, is really kind of loopy - or insane.  

I understand the difficulty that comes with hearing something that could not be there - it could very well be that we are all experiencing some kind of mass hallucination, hearing a frequency that does not exist - or it could be that somehow, someone recorded her son a decade ago, saying these exact words and then finding a way and a space to somehow download, record that track and then upload it again - but that's not physically possible to do - and the track itself came direct from Dr. Medhus.  

So there is no logical answer to how his voice appears on this audio - and in the absence of any logical answer, there is only one that's left.  It's his voice.  Further - the tone of his voice is casual, not forced - only a trained actor could interject something so casual into a conversation with such ease - "Love you mom!"  

Not said as if someone was shouting in a far away place so that someone could hear them - but said in afterthought - just what he likely always says at the end of these conversations, but can't be heard.  Not said like an actor trying to prove his existence, just a casual "see ya later." 

I contacted Dr. Medhus and told her how I had just done a similar "interview" with "Stephen Hawking" with Jennifer Shaffer and how in our interview some of the same hallmarks were repeated.  

The idea is not "here is what Stephen Hawking is telling us" but to objectively take a number of interviews with the same person with different mediums and compare the answers. Do they consistently say the same things? Or are the answers all over the map?  And if you have 3 or more mediums talk to the same individual (as I do in "Hacking the Afterlife") what does that tell us about the quality of the information?  

But I'm here to confirm that from a professional filmmaker's point of view - there is no logical explanation that I can come up with that isn't the most simple one; Erik spoke to his mother and reminded her that he loves her. My two cents.

(Thanks to Kari Krug for pointing me to this post from Thich Nhat Hanh)

"The day my mother died I wrote in my journal, "A serious misfortune of my life has arrived." I suffered for more than one year after the passing away of my mother. But one night, in the highlands of Vietnam, I was sleeping in the hut in my hermitage. I dreamed of my mother. I saw myself sitting with her, and we were having a wonderful talk. She looked young and beautiful, her hair flowing down. It was so pleasant to sit there and talk to her as if she had never died. When I woke up it was about two in the morning, and I felt very strongly that I had never lost my mother. The impression that my mother was still with me was very clear. I understood then that the idea of having lost my mother was just an idea. It was obvious in that moment that my mother is always alive in me.

I opened the door and went outside. The entire hillside was bathed in moonlight. It was a hill covered with tea plants, and my hut was set behind the temple halfway up. Walking slowly in the moonlight through the rows of tea plants, I noticed my mother was still with me. She was the moonlight caressing me as she had done so often, very tender, very sweet... wonderful! Each time my feet touched the earth I knew my mother was there with me. I knew this body was not mine but a living continuation of my mother and my father and my grandparents and great-grandparents. Of all my ancestors. Those feet that I saw as "my" feet were actually "our" feet. Together my mother and I were leaving footprints in the damp soil.

From that moment on, the idea that I had lost my mother no longer existed. All I had to do was look at the palm of my hand, feel the breeze on my face or the earth under my feet to remember that my mother is always with me, available at any time."

- Thich Nhat Hanh, in "No Death, No Fear”.


Scott De Tamble available via Skype

Just got off phone with virtuoso hypnotherapist Scotty Scott F De Tamble

He's now offering Skype and telephone sessions worldwide. If you've ever considered trying a session Scott's the fellow I've filmed dozens with. Top drawer. 

Discount if you mention my name. (My idea. Just want to see if anyone is listening.) 

He's in Claremont, CA if you can swing by. Or reach out to him through his website and tell him I sent ya!


Erik Medhus speaking from the Flipside

You want to hear someone say "I love you mom" from the afterlife? 

Dr. Medhus sent this to me last night. It's an interview she did with medium Veronica Drake with Dr. Medhus' son Erik and a scientist. 

(Erik makes a couple of appearances in "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife.")

 I first met Dr. Medhus because I heard a clear EVP event during one of her other sessions, and wrote about it. 

Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer and I did a session a bit like this a few weeks back with Mr. Hawking, (I invited some other famous atheists to weight in - it's pretty funny) and we got the same answers. 

(i.e. He appeared to be healthy, about the age of 29, had a past life memory of a life in the Roman era, same descriptions of what he now sees black holes as) Our interview will be part of Jennifer and my next book. 

I met Dr Medhus because I heard an EVP on one of her other interviews.  She hadn't heard it but I did. What's really mind boggling is that Dr Medhus' son took his own life. Then later he called her on her cellphone to tell he was "okay." 
She told me she didn't believe in an "afterlife" until the phone rang from an unknown caller.

 She answered it and he told her. "I'm okay, mom." She heard him. Then a medium called her and said "your son is in my living room and he told me to call you." And now here he's casually saying hi.

 His voice on the flipside. Clear as a bell. 

"I love you mom." Not a trick or an anomaly. Not a fluke. Her son Erik speaking to her but this time we can hear it

 She didn't hear it at first.
 But she does now.

It's unusual to come across an actual EVP that a mom can point to as being "the voice of her son who is no longer on the planet." The whole interview is about an hour, this clip is just a few seconds. Listen carefully.


Adventures in Modeming

Helping an author with some background info on Ernest Lehman, I ran across this article about the WGA's BBS system from October 1991. (Early days of the internet.) 

As published in “Written By” October 1991.

Ah, VHS.


It was over a year ago when I discovered the voice in my phone Modem. I was recovering from the stinging reviews of a film I had co-written and directed called Limit Up when I discovered that Gene Siskel was the resident critic for Prodigy - the Sears computer network that includes subscribers from across the country.

I thought that Siskel had been overly critical of the film in his review, and owing to the fact that he and Ebert disagreed on every other film on their show but mine, I realized he might have been giving it a "thumbswayyyy down" in the excitement of being able to agree with Ebert on anything.
Dean Stockwell, Nancy Allen
But I was able to tell him so in front of a national audience. I posted a letter to him on the Prodigy service using my computer and phone modem, telling him what I thought of his review, and specifically what I thought he had missed in the story. And at computer terminals all across America, subscribers signed on co find the writer/director of a film publicly proclaiming that a reviewer was wrong and it was up to the audience to make up their own minds.

Siskel posted a reply that he hoped he would appreciate the next movie I make more, and explained that he wasn't paid to root for films, only to critique them. But nonetheless, what I felt had been a mean spirited attack on a friendly spirited film had been countered by the film's parent.
Ray Charles, Danitra Vance
Finally a film critic could be criticized in public for his critique. After that, Gene Siskel didn't app ear on the Prodigy service for a couple of weeks; perhaps he had a vacation coming to him. I prefer to think that he took time off to cool his hot toes.

Not much later I signed up for the MCI mail system so I could file my occasional music reviews that I was writing for Variety (which I approach with trepidation and over conscientiousness), and in perusing the MCI system I found Roger Ebert's mailbox.

Ray is God. Nancy is a Soybean Trader.

I sent him a copy of the rave Limit Up re¬ceived from Entertainment Today, rating it a B+, and asked him to consider giving the film a second viewing for his next foray into compiling movie reviews. He replied that he felt he had bent over backwards to give the film a fair review, I said that I thought calling it 'dumb, dumb, dumb' hardly constituted bending over backwards. He eventually told me that he, too, was stung by the reviews of his book about Cannes from his own newspaper.

I was happy to be able to discuss it. Usually the artist is skewered, his work ridiculed, his fortunes dashed - perhaps justifiably so, perhaps because the reviewer wasn't in the mood for that type of film on that given day - without any recourse but an angry letter to an editor or a pithy telegram.
One of our movie posters

I'll leave the values of honesty in reviewing to an in-depth study of criticism in general, I was just happy to find a voice through my computer, enabling me to have a dialogue with those who review my work.

But there are other voices to be found in my phone modem. Recently I was auditing a writing class at USC, when the subject of act breaks came up regarding the film North By Northwest. The teacher handed out an outline of where he considered the act breaks to occur, and I didn't agree with him about the end of the first act.

So when I got home to my computer I dialed up the Writers Guild BBS and left a note to Ernest Lehman, the screenwriter of North By Northwest. What ensued was a series of letters and an on-line discussion of what constitutes an act break and whether these rules apply to his film, as well as some great stories about what it was like to work with Hitchcock and Grant. (About the first act, Ernie happened to agree with me, and I was able to report back to the class, a la Woody Allen pulling Marshall McLuhan out of a ticket line to refute a point in Annie Hall; I was able to find the voice of irrefut¬able proof inside of my modem.)

The realm of communication that was first dominated by long distance runners, then handwritten wax sealed envelopes, Western Union telegrams, and eventually faxes, now has a faster, farther-reaching, and more convenient carrier.
Ernie and Hitch

The modem has provided a way to have a long distance conversation- or at least an exchange of letters in a short amount of time - so anyone with a phone modem, computer and an ounce of determination can participate. And perhaps all parties can come away with a better understanding of each other's point of view. It may be just a matter of time before they launch a United Nations BBS so world leaders can chat each other up from time to time, and find out exactly who meant what, when, and why they said it.

Richard Martini wrote an directed “You Can't Hurry Love,” and co­wrote (with Lu Anders) and directed “Limit Up.” His modem resides in Santa Monica.


Talking to the Flipside in Real Time aboard the USS Midway

I've been speaking to people on the Flipside in real time.

With medium/intuitive Jennifer Shaffer
That is, I'm with a medium, we ask questions to, and get answers from, people no longer on the planet.

I work with Jennifer Shaffer,, Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.  My point is, she's effective enough to have helped solve cases for law enforcement, and I've had personal experience verifying many of the details we talk about weekly.

We meet up weekly and confer with folks no longer on the planet.

We interview people who I knew, or that she knew - and ask them questions about their own experience on the flipside.  That might seem counterintuitive to some - but in my case, I'm asking the same relative questions that I ask everyone who has traveled to the flipside, so I can compare the answers.  I've asked the same relative questions through a variety of mediums, so I can compare the answers.
Outside the USS Midway

In other words, if everyone we "spoke to" on the flipside said different things about the journey and the path, that would be one result.  But what I've found is that no matter who is the medium (if they have the ability to do so) the answers we get from people on the flipside are consistent.

"Who greeted you when you crossed over?" might be one question.  I could get answers like "no one" or "Satan" or "Jesus" or "nothing" - which are all in the realm of answers - but I don't.  I get answers to the question in terms of "my father/mother/brother/sister etc" - they give me a name, and I then do the research to find out when that person died (if they've died) and then I ask the same question to the same person via a different medium.  If I got varying answers - "I was met by my Rabbi" and then "I was met by a priest" - I would report that.

But that's not what I'm getting.

Outside the Midway, a statue to Admiral Sprague (who knew Amelia Earhart was on Saipan)
I'm getting consistent answers no matter who is doing the asking or giving the replies.

Then, as people have seen me do with a number of folks, I ask average people questions about their journey or their path, hone in on one particular detail of that event, and see if it's possible to learn "new information" from what that person experienced years earlier, or decades previously.

I've done it with people who've had a near death event, but also with people who've had an odd dream or some other experience.  I just ask them questions based on my understanding of the architecture of the flipside, and see where we can go.  I have no idea if we can get anywhere - but in all the times that I've tried to do this, people do "get somewhere."

Take this weekend for example.

I tried to order a cappuccino and a slice, but this dude didn't hear me.

I was on the ship the USS Midway when I had the idea to ask a docent a question about ghosts.

We're on board the giant aircraft carrier, and I'm in the inside of the ship, down near the Captain's Quarters, and an elderly veteran is answering questions and showing people around.  I have my camera on, recording our conversation.

I thought I heard someone ask about "haunting" on the ship - and turned around and went back to record the answer.  Turns out that was not the question so I asked it; "Do you have any reports of ghosts on the ship?"

The docent laughed and said "No."  

I said "Really? Not one?  Not anyone saying they saw or heard something? You haven't seen any ghosts?"  He said "Well, I saw some ghosts once during a near death event that happened to me, but they weren't here. When I was in the hospital, and I had a heart attack."

What are the odds that I would get that answer?

I said "You had a near death experience? Who did you see?"

He said "I saw some friends of mine who died in combat."  I asked if he can remember that visual; he said he could.  I said "Well, can you see them now as I talk to you?"  He nodded, said "Sure."  I said "See if you can do this - freeze frame their image.  Can you see them clearly, like the color of their eyes?"

He said "Yes."

He said "I see the four of them in front of me."  I said, "Okay, so go closer, see if you can walk up and take one of them by the hand?"  The veteran nodded and said "Okay."  I said "Is there any sensation when you do that?"

He said "Yes there is. We were drinking buddies."  

I said "Pick one of them. What's his name?"  He said "Brad."  I said, "Is there any emotion associated with him?"

The veteran said "He sayin' "What are you doing here?"  He laughed, surprised.  

I said "Well that makes sense.  He would have known that during your death event, you weren't supposed to be there. Now see if you can walk around standing behind Brad's shoulder.  Look back at yourself.  What do you see?" 

He said "Wow. I look like I'm about 18." (He's currently in his 70's).

I said "Okay, that's interesting. Here you are your age now, looking back at yourself as a young man." 

I said "Let me ask your friend Brad a direct question and Brad, I want you to put the answer in our friend's mind. Brad, do you still exist?  Are you still around? Do you reach out to our friend here sometimes?" 

The Veteran said "He said, "Where have you been?"  

I laughed. "Does that sound like the kind of thing that he would say?"  Tears came into his eyes and he nodded. "Yeah."

I said "Okay, Brad, this is the kind of work I do, helping people to get in touch with their friends no longer on the planet. Can you do me a favor and could you put a sensation in our veteran friend here, somewhere he can feel it? Can you put a feeling in his body so that he knows that's you reaching out to him?"  

The veteran nodded. "Okay, I feel it."  

I said "So whenever you want to think of your friends, whenever you have this feeling, that's their way of reaching out to you. My research shows that when we leave here, we go home. You're the one that's still on duty. You're the one that's still on deck. Working. They went home. They're all okay."

I said "So boys. Whenever your pal here is feeling blue, lonely, whatever, tap him on the shoulder and give him that sensation. Can you do that for me, Brad? Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down." I asked the veteran; "What do you see?"

The veteran said "He just gave me a thumbs up."  

I said "Brad, is this weird for you to be having a conversation with your old pal here on board the Midway?"  

The veteran laughed, "It is weird. But you were able to make the connection."

I said, "Well I can't see him. I didn't see his frequency - but you did and still can. And he knows yours as well. But let me give you a formula to stay in touch. 1. Say Brad's named. 2. Ask him questions you don't know the answer to. 3. When you hear an answer before you can ask the question, you'll know you've made a connection."

He smiled, took my hand in a "soul shake" - looked me in the eye and said "Thank you."

I said "Thank you!  It's what I do. And thanks to Brad and your friends for playing along."

All in five minutes below deck on the USS Midway.

Not a real docent.  An animatronic near the Captain's Quarters. He's a recording.

Whether it is the subconscious speaking or the people on the Flipside speaking - it doesn't really make a difference.  

There's no harm in paying homage to our loved ones who've gone before us, and in essence we bring them back to life when we interact with them in this fashion.

My two cents. 


Robert Beer on the Meaning of Life

Robert Beer on The Meaning of Life

From Tibetan

This is the artist who introduced me to the Flipside.  When I met him, thanks to Chuck Tebbetts​, I heard in my ear "He's why you're in London."  

I noted the thought, remembered the handshake, scattered some of Luana's ashes behind his home in the Thames. Email pals until six months later, when a tragedy brought me into his orbit.  He suggested I look into Michael Newton's work. 

This essay on the "meaning of life" is wonderful, filled with nuance and first hand experience.  If you haven't seen his​ website, it's breathtaking, like his insight.

His story, and my meeting him, is recounted in the book "Flipside" with a reference to his between life session with a Newton trained therapist in London.  In it, Robert discovers he led a previous lifetime in Boston as a banker in the 1840's. But during the memory, he saw someone he knows from this lifetime.

With the help of this friend of his, we conducted an experiment.  She didn't know anything about his between life memory, or that he had been to a Michael Newton trained hypnotherapist in London.
I arranged for a therapist in NYC to do a session with her; the therapist knew nothing of Robert's session.

In her session, she recalled the same details that Robert had recalled, about their lifetime together back in the 1840's in a city he's never been to, but she currently resides in. Two individuals with different hypnotherapists, recalling the same lifetime with the same details decades apart.

Robert Beer: Life Itself is the Search for Meaning

Robert on a trip to Turkey

Nicolae Tanase: Robert, what is the meaning of life?

Robert Beer: I have come to believe that death alone reveals the true moral and ethical stature of life, and while that life is being lived this issue always hangs in the balance. We are born with amnesia, and develop without recognizing our true innate nature, or the dimensions from which we manifest as eternal beings evolving towards self-perfection. So there is no longer the need to incarnate again with amnesia.

The evidence for the continuity of existence beyond death is overwhelming, if one seriously undertakes to explore the various avenues of research into ‘Non-local Consciousness’ being revealed in our time. 

This includes all aspects of parapsychology, quantum mechanics, the evidence derived from universal reincarnation studies, after-death communication, deathbed visions, and near-death experiences. The latter relating to the deep ‘life-review’ component alluded to in my opening sentence.

Plato’s ‘Republic’ records the earliest NDE in the ‘Myth of Er’, and Socrates’ statement that, a life lived without philosophy – an unexamined life – was not worth living. Philosophy, as the ‘love of wisdom’, with its three branches; natural (physics), moral (ethics), and metaphysics (what is beyond physics), is eternally fresh and pregnant with meaning, and to believe that life has no meaning points towards an unexamined life.

So what is the meaning of life? Life itself is the search for meaning, for the cultivation of love, wisdom, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, but not necessarily happiness or pleasure, which are often just intervals between two pains. 

To me and at this time of life, this contemporary research has been extremely transformative. ‘There are the learners and the learned, memory makes the one, philosophy the other’ (A. Dumas).

Way back in the 1970’s I came across some graffiti on a London railway bridge, which read: “Death can be god-orgasm if you spend your life in divine foreplay.” I can live with this.

 “When at last, in a single flash, you attain to full realization, you will only be realizing the Buddha-nature that has been with you all the time; and by all the foregoing stages you will have added nothing to it at all. You will come to look on those eons of work and achievement as no better than unreal actions performed in a dream. Your true nature is something never lost to you in moments of delusion, nor is it gained at the moment of enlightenment.”

(Huang Po, 9th century)


~Robert Beer first first began to study and practice Tibetan thangka painting in India and Nepal between 1970-76, and was one of the first westerners to become actively involved in this field. 

Since then he has devoted most of his life to studying the iconography and symbolism of Indo-Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist deities. Over the past twenty years he has been actively involved with some of the finest contemporary Newar artists of the Kathmandu Valley, and has assembled a unique collection of their work. 

Apart from his continuing work with Indo-Tibetan iconography, he is also deeply involved in researching all aspects of the afterlife, especially the enhanced consciousness and enduring transformative effects of the near-death experience. 

His illustrations have been published and widely ‘pirated’ in hundreds of books and websites, and he is the author and illustrator of The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs, and The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols.

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In memoriam; an interview with Bill Paxton (on the flipside)

Berbet Bruno AP Cannes
For this one year anniversary of Bill Paxton’s passing, I’m putting up this excerpt of the upcoming book written with Jennifer Shaffer where we “interview” people no longer on the planet.

Since meeting Jennifer, we’ve been doing this kind of unusual research into the flipside; my questions are not related to getting people to “prove who they are” but skipping ahead to asking questions like “Who greeted you when you passed?  Is there anything you’d like me to pass on to your family and friends? Is there a specific piece of new information I can share that no one but your loved ones would know?”
Jennifer Shaffer

Jennifer Shaffer is a medium/intuitive who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide to help find missing persons. We did some extensive interview for “Hacking the Afterlife” but since my old friend Bill Paxton passed away last year, he’s been “showing up” at many of our conversations which are “moderated” by my friend Luana Anders (who passed in 1996.) (For details on how that came about, please check out “Flipside” “It’s a WonderfulAfterlife” or “Hacking the Afterlife.”)
Luana Anders in a Rockefeller Plaza mirror

For those not familiar with my work, I’m a film director who has written and/or directed 8 theatrical features.  I made a documentary (“Flipside” distributed by Gaia) about my journey into this research focusing on the work of Michael Newton.  I followed that up with comparing near death experiences with between life hypnosis accounts of the afterlife, and after that I began interviewing mediums about their process. (Those accounts will be in another book I’m working on as well.) I’ve been filming each of my conversations with Jennifer and people on the Flipside for two years now.
Bill wrote, directed, acted in films.

After Bill started showing up, I’ve reached out to his family and friends.  He had specific messages for me to pass along to them, and as I did with a previous couple of posts about my (and Bill’s) old friend Harry Dean Stanton (both starred in “Big Love”) Harry proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he was speaking to us from the flipside.  (The posts are here and are filled with verifiable details that neither Jennifer nor I could have known, but later found out to be accurate.)
Jennifer Shaffer
and yours truly

In these two following interviews with Bill, I neglected to tell either medium Jennifer Shaffer or Kimberly Babcock who he was. Not because I have any doubts about this process, but because I didn’t want his  fame to get in the way of our conversing.  (These transcripts have been edited for time and clarity.)

Rich: (Speaking to Luana Anders through Jennifer). We have a mutual friend who passed away recently, Luana, his name is Bill.
Jennifer: They just danced.

Who just danced?
Bill and Luana did a little tango thing. 

(Note: Bill met Luana before his career took off, he was going to star in my film “You Can’t Hurry Love” and helped me rewrite the script.  Luana was always a big fan of his work, so it’s not unusual for me to hear they met up on the Flipside.)

Does Bill want to talk to us?
He just showed me him filing his nails... (Like “yeah, what is it?” Bill and my relationship was always in the poking fun at each other in this realm.)

So he’s here?
He says he’s shampooing his hair... (getting ready.)

Tell us what it’s like over there
“It’s fun,” he says.  He says “I can fly”... and that he likes scaring people.

Who was the first person to greet you when you crossed over?
His dad.

(Note: Bill’s father did precede him in death, and as we’ll hear from Kim Babcock, he says the same thing to her.)

Was that a happy reunion?
He says it was shocking... because that meant that he had died.  He said “Yes at first, it was shocking, but then that subsided." At first he was startled, but it wasn’t scary,” he says. “It was like a recognition of both worlds;" he showed me them together. (Both sides).

Was this an “exit point” for you? Something that you planned to have happen? Was this the right or wrong time for your leaving the stage?
He’s saying it was the wrong time for his physical body, it was the right time for his soul.

(Note: “Exit points” are something that we’ve learned from these interviews. People say that we generally stay here to accomplish what we’ve set out to do, but “exit ramps” or “exit points” sometimes appear, and we wind up leaving earlier than we thought we would.)

You once talked about going to visit the Titanic. What was that like?
(Jennifer stops, makes a face, eyes wide.)  Is this the Billy that was in the movie Titanic? He showed me a picture of that guy who just passed. I’m confused.

Well, let’s ask him. Is that picture that Jennifer is seeing of a person, is that a picture of you? If it isn’t, give her a thumbs down.
He gave me a thumbs up. This is him? I saw him here, in the office when we met the other day...  I love Billy, I had no idea...

He and I met in London when he was making the film Aliens, my old friend Lori was pals with his then girlfriend, later wife Louise. We all went out for a pint, and when he laughed uproariously, I recognized the laugh from “Weird Science.” We had John Hughes in common, John went to my high school, I met him on set. Later I asked Bill to star in my first film You Can’t Hurry Love; it didn’t happen, but I used a song from his band Martini Ranch (no relation) to open the film. I hadn’t seen him in years before he passed.  Bill, take Jennifer down with you in that capsule when you went to see the Titanic.
(Staring into the distance, Jennifer shivers.) I got scared because of the water rushing (past) but then he grabbed my hand and he calmed my heart down. He’s taking me to a corner, he’s showing me the boat. If you had a blueprint of the boat we’re going to the farthest right corner of the Titanic... okay... (To Bill) Go slower. “You don’t have to hold your breath,” he just told me.

(Note: Bill had worked with Jim Cameron and when Jim took him to see the ship, he initially thought he would see it from the ship’s deck. But Jim put him in his bathysphere and together they made a number of trips to see the ship. Oddly enough, in April 2017, a few weeks after this interview, a “locket” from the Titanic was found on the ocean floor in a bag.)

Hole on the right side of the Titanic

Describe what you’re seeing and feeling.
I’m feeling a sense of peace. I’d be really scared to ever go into something like that. He’s taking me down to the right of the bow... that’s below on the bottom, in the front, and there’s a hole in the front – he showed me an explosion... an explosion that caused that hole.  

(Note: Jim Cameron has taken 33 trips to visit the ship.  National Geographic did an extensive survey of the wreck, and it does include a hole where she’s describing it. Knowing Jennifer as well as I do I’m confident she’s not referring to something that she’s seen, but something that she is “seeing.”

They hit the iceberg on the right side.
I didn’t know that.

Okay, thanks Billy. Let’s move on to some other questions.
It’s funny I feel like I’m decompressing now.

Have you seen John Hughes since you got back?
(laughs) He’s really busy.

Anything you want to say to Jim Cameron?
“Thank you.”  He said it again, “Thank you.”

Anything more specific?
He said “He knows where it is.”

Where what is?
Something they were looking for? Jewelry?

I don’t know. I thought that was made up. Where is it Billy? Is he showing you a jewel?
He’s saying to be quiet.  He showed me you interrupting him... he says “I’m trying to talk.”

He’s showing me a future project with Jim... In June (2017). Might be a movie, something they talked about.

Is that something you were going to be involved with?
He’s showing me looking at papers, but I don’t know.

Well, I can’t call up Jim and ask him, but I think people are tuning into this form of speaking to the flipside more and more. So Billy, you know how to whisper in his ear.
“I know how to scare him,” he said.

Okay. That’s allowed. Scare him then. Let’s talk about more interesting stuff. You said your experience over there was that you can fly. Show her how you fly from one place to the next. How does that work?
He’s showing me (visually) before I can really process it. He’s going to all these corners really fast, then he showed me how many things are going on in the interim. Then he slowed it down super slow and showed me how things move here - but he’s going faster than that.

You mean like a super fast game of tag? And he slowed it down so you only see four or five touches?

Describe what do we look like to you; how do you communicate to us?
He showed me the aerial view from above us, he showed me your head. He said “What works best is the eyes, as they’re the windows to the soul."

If you were going to pick some aspects of life on the planet that you might miss, or wish you could live again?
He showed me a pistol, chewing tobacco, horses...

He misses chewing tobacco?
No, he’s showing me like another lifetime.

Where was that?
In Texas. Near Austin. Feels like after the civil war... after 1879.

(Note: Bill goes on to describe in detail this former lifetime, details of which I was able to verify through research.  It involved a small group of Mormon settlers who lived near Austin, and he was showing her a lifetime where he was the leader of that group.)

So Bill any of your old girlfriends I need to reach out to tell them you said hello?
“I had no old girlfriends. I only had eyes for my wife.”

That was just a test buddy.
He’s laughing.

What can we ask you that an average person might ask? What’s your day like? Do you sleep?
There’s no sleeping there.

(Note: For a detailed description of "what it's like" I refer you to "My Life After Life" by Galen Stoller. Galen wrote a book from that perspective, and I've seen letters from a woman who claimed that her husband reached out to her through a medium to tell her to get his book, as he "describes what it's like over here."  Galen wrote the foreword to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume two from the flipside.) 

Do you have a place that you like to hang out?
He’s showing me on a white beach.

For relaxation?
Yeah. “To think.”

What do you think about?
How he wants his next life to be.

Tell us, what will it be? Any idea?
He says he wants the world to be a better place.

How can you help effect that?
He showed me someone like Elon Musk, someone who knows how to get things done or made, that can... (help the planet).  

So how do you create your white beach? How do you create objects over there?
He said it’s by using mathematics and science. He says he puts an equation together that gets him the right (visual or) taste of whatever you want to drink or experience. Whatever you’re looking for.

So when you want to experience a white beach it’s a mathematical equation?
It is, but you don’t have to take it to that extent. It just happens.

(Note: In Galen Stoller's book, he says that "creating a structure" requires focus and concentration, understanding how frequencies work, and being able to manipulate them.  Hence the math.)

Let me ask you about other realms.  I know that Jim Cameron said he had a vision of Pandora, the planet or Na'vi people that are in Avatar. What was that about?
He’s laughing. Says, “They were Martians.”

Do they exist in some other realm? I mean was his dream in high school related to seeing something that actually exists somewhere else, or was it created by his mind? Or do you know?
He said “Be patient.” He’s trying to show me. He showed me Africa. Did Jim Cameron’s father go to Africa? There’s something with an African influence for Jim Cameron – he showed me a mask, something with a mask, obviously we don’t see that in the movie, but it was the same recurring dream over and over again, it’s about helping the planet. He wanted to help the planet.

(Note: The Na'vi are reportedly loosely based on the Ashante tribe of the Ashante Region in central Ghana. "Their singing sounds much like the Na'vi singers from the soundtrack from James Cameron's "Avatar")

I know Jim had a dream about the Terminator while sitting in a pensione in Italy; he dreamed about the skeletal Terminator robot.
He gets those dreams about the future... I just got shown our friend Scott De Tamble ( Sometimes under hypnosis people can access the future.

But I’m asking does the planet from Avatar exist somewhere?

In our universe or in another realm?
Bill is so funny. If I’m interpreting this correctly, he’s saying it does exist somewhere else, and when you’re able to link in, you can get the information from there to manifest itself here.  But more importantly, nature, the trees that exist on our planet have existed longer than any humans.  And what happens in the film, is happening here on our planet. For example, when we take down trees in the Amazon or in Africa we are cutting off the life support in other dimensions.

Okay.  Billy, is there anything you want me to pass along to your family and friends?
Reach out to them, he says.

I know his children are on social media, but I don’t want to be like a creepy uncle reaching out to them. I mean, who wants to hear from some dude who claims he’s talking to your loved one?
“Get over it,” he says.

Give me something to say that your friends and family would know comes from you.
When one of them has a dream about him, that’s him trying to get through. There are changes, or decisions being made, and he wants them to know whenever they ask him questions, he’s there trying to help out.

So your message is; “Listen?”

Should I tell them the Michael Newton method (that Jennifer and I heard in another interview with the Flipside) “Say the name of your loved one, either aloud or in your mind, ask them questions you don’t know the answer to, when you hear the answer before you can form the question you’ll know you’ve made a connection?”
Yes, but without mentioning Michael Newton. (laughs) Whatever it takes; it’s important. He says, "Thanks."  He showed me that Jim Cameron is thinking about doing a project about the afterlife. So if you talk to him, ask him about it.

I will. Thanks Billy.

Medium/Minister Kimberly Babcock
(Note: Some days later, I met with the medium KimberlyBabcock, who is both a medium and a minister from Ohio.  I filmed a long discussion that was freewheeling, and towards the end, I had the thought to mention Bill, who had passed only weeks prior. Conducted in a busy Weho restaurant, it's been edited for time and clarity.)

Richard: Can you bring my friend Bill forward?
Kimberly: “Bill has been waiting for you.”

Hi Bill. What do you want to say to your family or friends?
Was he not able to say goodbye before he passed?

That’s correct.
He’s showing me it must have been quick or there was no closure when he passed.

(Note: Bill was in the hospital for chest pains, reportedly, and a more complex operation was done which resulted in his passing.)

Well, this is a way of helping give some kind of closure; what would you like to say?
That’s it; that I have closure and that “I’m at peace.” He says that they still have that wound, because there was no closure before he passed because he didn’t get to say goodbye.

What does he look like to you?
I don’t see him at all. I sense him. Did he have issues with his chest? I’m feeling like his passing was very quick. He said “I’m sorry.”

To who?
To them (his family).

Okay. Here’s the thing, now this door is open we can have conversations and help them to access you more directly.
Was he on medication or something with medicine?

He was getting an operation, they were working on his heart.
I think it’s more than that; medicine was involved with his health and his passing. He’s showing me a pill bottle, as if they were giving him medicine. 

Okay. So now you’re back home – are you there with your soul group? Who greeted you when you crossed over?
His dad. I see the word “dad” written in the air.

(Note: Same answer to Jennifer’s question.)

Last time we were together was at screening of my film “Cannes Man.” I didn’t talk to you, but I heard your distinct laugh in the audience. How’d you like that film?
When you said "I didn’t talk to you" – he said, “I did talk to you.”

Yes, that's correct, when I called you up to invite you.
When you said “How’d you like the film?” He feels so much like, you and he wanted to do something similar or that you both did similar work – it seems like he saw himself in it.

(Note: Bill and I tried to work together on “You Can’t Hurry Love.”  When he made “A Simple Plan” he called to tell me “I finally got to work with Bridget Fonda” (who appeared in the film.) "Cannes Man" was about a hapless delivery boy who comes to the film festival, and just using hype turns into the “flavor of the moment.” Bill and I spent a few fun evenings in Cannes together over the years so that makes sense he could have starred in it.)

He should have been in "Cannes Man."
He feels like it (the story) represents him...

(Note: Bill stopped by to see his agent Brian Swardstrom's Oscar nominated film "Just Call Me By My Name" on his way to Cannes.  That film is dedicated to Bill.)

Billy I just wanted to open this door, I thought this would be a fun chance to say hi.
He says... It’s funny it feels like he’s such a smart aleck! He says, “You always have a chance to say hi, you don’t need her.” He’s very funny.

I’m just seeing if I can help you in some way to connect with your loved ones, and don’t hesitate to stop by.  Let me ask, so were you impressed when we spoke to Jesus a few moments ago?

(Note: Just prior to my asking questions, I asked Kimberly about her visions where she has seen Jesus during some of her mediumship sessions, and we spoke about her journey to this work.  I segued from “talking to Jesus” to asking him to bring forward “my pal Bill.”)

He’s razzing you. He says... um, he’s like “Jesus and I, we go way back, what are you talking about?” He’s like “Where are you?” He’s kind of beating you up.

(Note: She could not possibly know that’s our relationship.  Glad to hear he’s still enjoying the mutual razzing.)

So Billy, when you’re looking at us in this restaurant in West Hollywood, what do you see?
He looks at a watch, he’s like looking at his watch...  did he smoke?

I don’t remember. He may have.
It’s like he’s got a cigar, something bigger than a cigarette.

Tell him he’s very missed.
He feels like the kind of guy (well loved); it’s like “He knows no stranger,” that kind of person.

That’s accurate. So what’s the biggest thing you learned passing over?
That there is no time, there is no death. He didn’t realize how much fear he had until he died, until he came here. “There is no fear; there is no time.

Did you have your past life review already?
He says “A long time ago.”

(Note: A “past life review” is something that’s common among people who have near death experiences, but it’s also in the reports from people under deep hypnosis. I’ve filmed 45 sessions, done 5 myself and examined thousands from Dr. Helen Wambach and Michael Newton.  People talk about “seeing their council” and then having a review of all the good or bad things they’ve done in their lifetime.)

Any of the highlights... (laughs) or low lights you want to share? Anything you were surprised to see?
(aside) Wow, that’s an interesting perspective. He says that he realizes... he says... I’ll just say it verbatim as if I’m him; “I’ll say this. I realize the fear that I carried within myself planted fear in others and for that I shed remorse. I acknowledge my remorse and I know I have to heal in that way.” He’s showing (me) the collateral damage he did, he’s giving an example; here’s an example; “If we walk around (during our lifetime) saying “I’m so worried,” like “I’m so worried about my heart (or other fears) because then we believe in our fears.” And it created this collateral damage. He didn’t realize how much he did that. Like he “Just worried about stuff that was minute,” he says.

So how’d you like your memorial service?
He stood up and did a salute.

Some of your friends have written some wonderful tributes on Facebook. Are you aware of them?
No, it feels no connection. He says to tell you that he can connect emotionally (directly) to his friends, like when it goes to (appearing on) social media it has an emotional imprint; but it’s almost invisible to them (on the flipside).”

Is there any one thing you want me to tell you friends and fans?
He’s funny. I really like his personality; he’s one of those people who’s going to give you a little bit... just enough to make you want more. When you said, “Is there anything you want me to tell your friends and family?” He literally said “I can fly.” (laughs) He’s playing the song “I can fly, I can fly”... (The Peter Pan version). He’s laughing because it’s like, “I know they want more... but this is what I’ll give them: I can fly.”

(Note: This is the same thing he said to Jennifer Shaffer.)

Can you tell Kim your last name?
Kimberly laughs. (to Bill: “Why?” She then gestures with a “zipped lip.”) That’s what he did. I said “Are you sure?” He’s checking his pockets (as if looking for a wallet.)  He said “Nope.” He zipped his lip and then pointed to you.
I have other friends named Billy who are on the other side, just to be sure, tell her which one of my Billy’s is this? (trying to trick him into revealing it to her)
He said, “Whichever one had the heart issues.” Now he’s pulled his energy back.

(Note: He's the only one who had heart issues.)

We ended the interview, and then moments later Kim’s father called from Ohio to see how she was doing on her trip out West. She asked him what he was doing and she later told me;  “My father told me he just had this desire to check in on me. He was watching this old film called “Twister.” 

At that point I told her who Bill Paxton was, and how he was the star of that film.  She wasn't "that familiar" with his work, she said she was surprised, but not as much as I was at the clever way he revealed his identity. 

I mean “What are the odds that I would be chatting with him and her dad would call to say he was watching his film?”  

All I can say is “Well played Bill.  Well played.”

Excerpts from the upcoming book with Richard Martini and Jennifer Shaffer interviewing people on the Flipside.

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