Talking "Hacking the Afterlife" in San Diego on April Fool's Day

Speaking at the IANDS Group in San Diego on April Fool's Day!

Richard Martini: 4/1 – Going Home
Dates: 04/01/2017 Times: 13:30 - 16:00 Location: Om Center for Spiritual Living. 7941 University, La Mesa, CA 91942

The Subject of the San Diego IANDS talk will be “Going Home.”  “How Near-Death Experiences point to a place that is not here, but a place we all consider home.”

Author and Filmmaker Richard Martini

A filmmaker and author, Martini began his research into the flipside with his documentary and book “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.” In it he examines accounts from people under deep hypnosis who claim to be able to access the afterlife.  

He conducts interviews with numerous hypnotherapists, including author and psychologist Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls”)  His film “Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife” was picked up by Gaia/Universal, and his six appearances on “Coast to Coast” with George Noory have made all of his titles best sellers at Amazon.

His follow-up books “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife,” volumes 1 and 2, explored Near-Death Experiences, and those who’ve had both an NDE and a between life session with a hypnotherapist to explore the memory of the NDE.  He also includes interviews with scientists, like Dr. Bruce Greyson of IANDS. about the nature of consciousness, and the cutting-edge research in the field.

In “Hacking the Afterlife” he converses with a number of people who claim to have access to the flipside, and delves into interviews with mediums who bring back “new information” from those who are no longer on the planet. In this book, he converses with people who claim to “channel” people on the flipside, as well as prominent mediums who claim to be able to access and ask questions of people no longer on the planet.  Martini offers a number of details that in his opinion “prove” that he was receiving “new information” from people no longer on the planet.  That is, proof of the afterlife.

In his research into NDE’s and other consciousness altered events, (people under hypnosis, via an Out of Body Experience or some other event), he’s often come across the concept that people refer to the flipside as “home.”  In this talk, he’ll examine how it could be that “home” is not here, where we are, but appears to be somewhere else.

Rich is a frequent guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. His website is

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Hacking the Afterlife in Real Time

I've started to experience and hear some unusual events, and I'm jotting my notes down here, as way of reminding myself to revisit them.

Puzzled? Me too.
I could wait until my next book, and that may be what this line of inquiry turns into.  But perhaps others out in the world are getting the same results.   Since it's been happening to me, and with my line of questions, it feels like it's unique to me.

But as happens in the world we live in, it's more than likely that other people are experiencing the same things I'm experiencing, getting the same results I'm getting, and are writing them as we speak.  Or even putting them into a screenplay as we speak.  

I'm uniquely positioned to do the same, that is take my research and write it into a script and turn them into a movie.  And that film may take life as a documentary, as a series, or even as a theatrical feature.  All I can say, is that something REALLY WEIRD is going on, and I'm reporting it here for those of you who care about this kind of thing.

Really weird? How about the Cubs win the world series?

You should be aware that for the past ten years I've been filming people under deep hypnosis, hearing them talk about the afterlife.  And recently I've been interviewing mediums who appear to be talking to someone no longer on the planet - in all of these cases, it's only if I know the person that they're talking about can I verify if indeed it does appear they're talking to that person.

But recently, in my interviews with mediums, I've taken the opportunity to ask them to examine their own path to this work they're now doing, and while we examine that path, I ask them to take a detour and go to the source of their ability. Meaning, I ask them to speak directly to their spirit guide or guides, and to ask them to show them how their path came about.

Because I've filmed so many sessions (35 so far) I'm conversant with what people almost always report when they get to the flipside - whether it's loved ones who greet them, or visiting their soul group, or a place of healing, or a library, or their council - since I've been before many councils (as every hypnotherapist trained in the Michael Newton method of hypnotherapy has, or can report about in detail) I'm familiar with what a council looks like.

So I can ask questions.  "How many are there? Are they men, women or something else? How are they dressed? What role do these council members represent in terms of your life's journey?"  And recently, I've done the extra step of saying "Go forward to your council member. Take their hand in yours. Describe what that feels like. Now, while you're holding their hand, ask them this question..."

I'm getting some really unusual results.  In the past month alone, I've interviewed four mediums in this fashion, have spoken to people that I know personally who are no longer on the planet, but what they say is consistent with my memory of them, or consistent in terms of what other people have said these same people have said. I've done this same technique in person, on camera, on skype, and in auditoriums.

I've also done the same technique with every day people who have had some kind of experience in their life that they can recount. I've found that once they tell me about an unusual dream, or an unusual event, that becomes the gateway so that I can ask them to take me to the flipside, to meet their council, loved ones and friends.  

I've done that with three people in the past week. One is an airline stewardess who has been reading my books, has never had any hypnotherapy whatsoever, one is a person who had a near death experience 30 years ago, and one is a woman who runs a book club online who reached out to me for an interview.

She said "I've read and listened to all your books."
I'm going to recount in shorthand what each one of them said.

In the case of the stewardess, she lives in another country, so our talk was via google talk.  I'd never spoken to her before, we've exchanged emails, and she's described some unusual dreams.  In one dream, she made a point about seeing an "alien" that was dying, and how she went to his side in the dream, and he gave her "two pills." ("Go Ask Alice?" or "The Matrix?" No) One pill made her see and learn the entire history of the planet he was dying on, and the second pill allowed her to understand and know how the DNA of that planet worked - so when she was stabbed moments later by the same people who were trying to kill him, she was able to heal herself instantly.

Now - those familiar with my work know that I put these dreams into two categories. Either it was completely illusory (made up) or it wasn't. If it wasn't, then we can examine how or why these elements came into the dream and why.  In this case, I used to death of this 8 foot tall "grey" alien as an entry point.  I asked her to "freeze" the memory in the dream, and to examine details in it. She talked about the texture of his skin, how his eyes were closed, etc. I asked her to take his hand and remember if they had any previous life together. She saw the two of them on the bow of a "space ship" where they were traveling to various planets to help out.

She said "I don't understand what this means."  I said "It's okay, I do."  (I have another friend who had a similar dream seeing himself traveling around deep space in a ship where his role was an ambassador of sorts (after a lifetime of fighting in this "other realm" as a general.)  

I try hard not to judge what a person remembers via the filters that are on our planet. "How could I be an alien and be me?" Well, the Newton institute recently reported about 30% of their clients say they've had "off world experience." (As reported by Pete Smith, President of the Newton Institute in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife.") So it's not entirely odd to hear someone remembering a past life as an "alien."

Further, when asked what she was doing on this ship, she said that she and her partner went around helping civilizations in an etheric way. I asked her to explore that, and she said they did not "interfere" with civilizations directly, but worked on the "grid" - or the electrical grid that is related to their existence on their planet. I asked her to describe this grid, and she described something akin to an invisible shield around the planet, and instead of directly interfering, or helping people below, they would work on the grid that surround that planet.  She added that she "didn't know what she was talking about" but was saying it anyway.

I pointed out to her that I've heard these kinds of reports before. (Specifically in the Pete Smith chapter in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife.")  I also heard a similar report recently,when speaking to a man who remembered having an experience with a UFO when he was 25 and had an hour of "Missing time."  When I asked him to examine that hour, he reported that the ship he saw had come to "activate him" so that he could help with the kind of work they were doing, very similar to what this woman was describing.

She said that "there are many alien groups here on the planet."  She said that some are doing their work invisibly, without interference, but there are others who appear to not care about the idea of non-interference and are "treating the earth like it's a possession." I have heard something similar from other folks. That UFO's that we can see - well, we're not supposed to see them - but if we do it's almost like an interference in our development.

In the case of the woman who had an NDE, in front of an audience we explored her near death experience, and she went back to visit her soul group, a place of healing and her council.  She was able to meet and identify people who are on her council, and had a profound experience doing so. She said that she has never done deep hypnosis, and this was an entirely unique experience for her. What made it fascinating, is that her council members gave her "new information" - details that she was not aware of during her near death experience, nor had she any conscious memory of - but while asking her these questions in front of a live audience, she had the profound experience of "remembering all of it."

Then yesterday I did a blog broadcast via Skype with a woman who interviews authors for her writing blog.  She told me she's read my books, had listened to them on audible, and had some incredible stories about her mom's passing and how her mother saw a number of relatives in her hospital room "that no one else could see." 

But, she said she was disconcerted that in the five years since her mother's passing "she never came for a visit."

I pointed out that people frequently say that, but upon closer examination, it's possible the loved one DID visit. Just that they weren't aware of it.

She said that once since her mom's passing, she had a hypnotist try to help her do a past life regression (unsuccessfully) but during the session, she got a glimpse of her mother.  So I asked her to return to that moment. (Fully conscious, we're talking on skype after all.)  She did. I asked her to describe her mother, age, height, etc. She said she looked "younger and more vibrant."

I told her the case of the NYPD detective (on the film "Salt") who asked me why his partner was appearing to his 8 year old daughter as younger and thinner, when he died 2 years before she was born.  I explained "people claim that they appear in the form they were happiest in."

I asked this woman to take her mom's hand and hold it. "What does that feel like?"  She did so - and described a feeling. I asked for her "primary guide" to come forward. She said she saw her mom's mother - but was surprised, as they were not close.  I said "Well, you are now. Take her hand too." I asked her primary guide for help in taking her around. She said she would.

So we went to a place of healing.  She described what that was like, and we went to visit her council.  It was at the council meeting (six individuals) that I asked for her to single out the spokesperson, or person on the council who could answer questions.  She described a gent in a suit, looking like someone in the show "Mad Men."  I asked her to go closer and to take his hand as well.  When she did, she said "Oh. It's my uncle. That's weird."  I asked why. She said "Because he's alive.  And I don't like him."

I explained that people claim roughly a third of our energy is here at any given time, so the two thirds of us could be back home doing this kind of work. I asked why she didn't like him. She said "Because he's the one I went to when I was being molested and he denied it was happening."  I told her about another case that was similar (in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife") and I asked her to hold his hand and send him some love anyway. And she gasped and said "Oh, I see it now. He's showing me how I had asked him to deny my story, I had asked him to pretend to be indifferent with me, that this was all part of my plan."

I asked her council member to describe how that worked.  If people could "agree to a contract" or if they could "break the contract they agreed to."  He said that "it didn't matter.  If they broke the contract, then that was something they'd planned in advance, and if they didn't fulfill what they set out to do in this lifetime, they could always do it further down the road. That "by the end of the entire journey this soul would have found a way to experience whatever it was they had decided they needed to examine."

I thanked him - as it was something I had never heard before, and as she said she had never had anything like what was happening to her happen to her before.  She confirmed (on camera) that we didn't know each other, we hadn't planned to speak in this manner, she had no idea that I was going to take her anywhere, and that she learned a huge amount during our short interview.

I guess I will recount this in a future book - in detail, as I filmed it. Perhaps the transcription of these sessions will bring further clarification.  Also, I will ask these individuals if it's ok for me to post footage from their interviews, so readers can see for themselves precisely what they were saying, how they said it, and whether it offers any solace or clarity.

One can only hope!


Homo Deus; Immortality and Happiness

Immorality and happiness wrapped into one.
"Yuval Noah Harari, author of the critically-acclaimed New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon Sapiens, returns with an equally original, compelling, and provocative book, turning his focus toward humanity’s future, and our quest to upgrade humans into gods." A quote from his latest book Homo Deus.

Image result
From his Ted talk. Professor Harari

I don't know Professor Harari (Boker tov!) but I did want to comment on his latest book, where he talks about happiness, and humanity's drive to discover immortality.

In the book, he offers the Buddhist concept that happiness or sadness are emotions that are sensations - confined to the experience that we have on a daily basis.  It's what drives the entertainment industry, Big Pharma, silicon valley, gaming - the desire to create instant happiness or feelings of euphoria.

You can find that drive for "happiness" (for lack of a better term) all around us - so that even "waiting for a bus" can be entertaining via our smart screen.  We've come to want, demand instant gratification, technology and drugs are designed to make us "feel happy" instantaneously.  It permeates our culture and our daily lives.  (I've been told that a high percentage of the people working in the tech industry have SSRI drug prescriptions - from someone who would know - and the reason is not to just "dull the senses" but also to help "focus the mind.")

So let me screech to a halt for a moment.

A cloud screeching to a halt. Pacific Palisades.

He talks about how happiness is a sensation - but he does not ask what causes happiness. He talks about how we seem to be striving for happiness, but neglects to identify the actual emotion of happiness - what causes it?  We can fully understand that it is a fleeting experience, but what causes that fleeing experience?  (And by extension is there a pill for that?)

Let's examine something that has been scientifically proven to cause happiness.  Let's talk about a study that was done at the University of Wisconsin by Richard Davidson over ten years, that scientifically proved that people who want to attain or experience happiness can.


Wait, what?  

Professor Davidson with a happy fellow HHDL

Professor Davidson's study, using monks with MRI showed that meditation can "cure or alleviate symptoms of depression."  How? By doing the same thing that SSRI drugs do - regulate the serotonin that is directed by the amygdala.

So the simple answer is; "How do I create happiness? Through meditation."  The term has been altered to "mindfulness" because too many skeptics thought it was associated with some kind of esoteric yoga pose they'd have to learn.  The simple answer is "mindfulness" will create happiness. 

But meditation is like saying "dance."  There are many versions of dancing.  And to say "Just dance and you'll get better" is probably accurate, but for those who are interested in designing the "fastest, best way" to that feeling, might consider what dance that Professor Davidson used.

I attended his lecture at UCLA where he presented these results a few years ago. The room was filled with Los Angeles psychiatrists, doctors, eager to find a way to lessen their client's addiction to Prozac or other SSRI drugs. Particularly they asked questions about helping young people to not use SSRI drugs. 
Light at the end of the tunnel.

Why? Well, there's a fairly high percentage of people who have adverse reactions to SSRI drugs. The number is as high as 15% (one Doctor told me) but basically we're talking about suicide, or ideations of violence.  (Every mass shooting since Columbine has had some history with SSRI drugs. It's in the data.)

So what if there was a method with NO SIDE EFFECTS that could have the SAME RESULT?

That takes us back to Tonglen.

I asked Professor Davidson what Tibetan meditation he'd used with his study. He told me "Tonglen, but a non-specific version to not skew the results. I asked them to meditate on the earth as a whole, instead of an individual."
Professor Davidson, University of Wisconsin

The reason for that is - because the meditation itself asks the meditator to imagine an ill person across from them, and to draw the illness out of the, to merge it with a healing light, and to alter that "ill" or "sick" energy and turn it into a "healed" or "Healing" energy and breath it back into the person they're imagining in front of them.  

To ensure that one monk wasn't focusing on one person, he'd asked them to substitute "all the ills of the planet" instead of one particular individual.

Why is this important?

Because as a metaphor, Tonglen is a creative imagining of helping your neighbor get well.

It's asking your brain to be compassionate towards another individual. To imagine their illness, to draw it out of them and into you, to heal it with your inner light, or your connection to a healing light, and to imagine breathing healed light back into the sick person.
Meditation as a metaphor
There is no scientific proof that this technique helps the person that you're meditating on. After all, it's equivalent to "praying for the long life and health" of another individual.  There's no proof that works.

But there is proof that it cures YOU. That doing that kind of exercise changes the shape of your amygdala, helps regulate serotonin, cures you of depression. There is evidence that tonglen cures depression.

Got it?

So when we're discussing how to cure people of depression, how to help focus the mind, how to make the world a happier place.... it's simple. Start with tonglen.
A place where tonglen was practiced centuries ago.

I described it recently in a talk I gave - mind you, I'm not a Buddhist. I'm not a practitioner of meditation, I'm not an instructor. I'm not a teacher. I'm not qualified to teach Tonglen, nor am I trying to teach it to anyone, or give medical advice.

Someone asked me recently if I'm a "credited life coach."  I said "No, but I'm a credible afterlife coach."

Look it up, or discover it for yourself.  But at its essence, this form of dance - this form of meditation is effective at curing depression and MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY.

So let's begin there, shall we?

It's one thing to talk about happiness as a sensation - or merely a fleeting feeling. But if we're going to talk about "how to make people happy" there's a simple easy way to do that for yourself.

Do something selfless.
Sorry, couldn't resist. Minions.
Do something for someone else. Help them. You don't have to meditate on this. Literally stop what you're doing, call someone who needs your help and make them laugh.  Walk an elderly lady across the street. Pet your dog more. Play with your cat.  But do it in the way that is selfless.  "This is what you'd like to do, let me help you to do it."

I know this sounds "Christian."  Because he was talking about the same science.  ("Hacking the Afterlife" goes down an entirely different path with the story of Jesus, and his training in a Buddhist monastery, but I digress.)  What's important is the concept behind what I'm saying.  "Do unto others" is an actually prescription of behavior.

Wait, what? It's that easy to be happy? Who knew?
You don't have to do it all the time. But if you want to be happy, or to experience happiness, give things away. Give away your humor, give away your love, give away your possessions.  People give away things not just because they drag them down, or the energy tails them around - but because by giving things away, by putting intent into the giving away, you've helped regulate the serotonin in your amygdala.

Now... onto the second big topic in this discussion.


In Homo Deus, the author argues that the "next big thing" in the tech and medical industries is the pursuit of "Immortality." He talks about using nano tech, how we eventually will become "part machine" and part human, and that tech will be available to the people with the most money.  That health and immortality will be available to the wealthiest individuals.

Well, I'm sorry to dispute that.  

Record scratch. In outer space.
Immortality isn't something to be attained.  It's something to be realized.

You want to be immortal?  Read the following, and voila, you will become immortal.  I'm granting immortality in this blog, and if you don't want to be immortal stop here. Don't read any further.  Go about your day, and forget that you came here to read this post.  Because... I warn you... if you do, you will become immortal.

How does one become immortal?

By opening your eyes.

Not me in another life.
But a good likeness.

There's a wonderful parable, both Buddha and Jesus had a moment when their followers said "What's heaven like?"  In Buddha's case, he touched the ground. In Jesus' case, he showed the other fellows on crosses - heaven.

It's here. It's all around you.  It's in the touch of a loved one, in the eyes of a soul mate. It's in the taste of a mother's cake, the smile in a father's laugh. It's in your child's giggle.

Because here, in life, on earth - this is the play. This is the stage.  Think of it this way - two thirds of your energy is always "back home" - in the between lives realm where we exist forever (immortality anyone?) relatively, and we come here to experience the planet Earth and all its foibles.

So two thirds of your energy is ALWAYS back home - always experiencing other friends, loved ones, classes, realms, teachings, experiences - while here on Earth we experience (roughly) about a third of what our energy is capable of.  People claim that's because the human brain can't handle "that much energy" as we'd blow the circuits.  It's also the reason why people who are avatars on the planet - who brought more of their energy to the planet - had such a profound effect on it.

Things on the planet we miss when not here.
As one avatar told me "It's because my energy is more closely aligned with source, that's why people had such a profound reaction to me in that lifetime, and continue to revere and connect with me." (I was hearing this information come through a medium who was connecting with this particular avatar.)

Immortality - the thing that we seem to seek in life - is literally at our fingertips.  There is no death.  There is only life.  People do not die, they step off this realm and go elsewhere.  Most go "home" (their words) where they return to their natural state, which includes a feeling of "unconditional love."

Not home. But a place we like to call home.
You can experience that immortality while you're on the planet. And it's through the experience of unconditional love.  Because that's the natural state of being. So if you want to know what it's like to be immortal, open your heart to everyone and all things. Allow yourself to feel that unconditional love - the kind of love we don't see in commercials, don't see in literature, but we do experience in a mother's love, or a parent's love, or the love of a pet.

You want immortality? 

Just open your eyes. Then open your heart. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with opening your wallet.

(And you got it here for free. Don't have to have wealth to attain immortality. You just have to have eyes to see, and a heart to open. My two cents.)


Going Home

The latest book talk from the Orange County IANDS group... about an hour. 




A virtuoso overnight? Or remembering a previous lifetime?

Here's an interesting story:

Funny. Science scrambles to explain the inexplicable. 

The narrator mentions a connection with "Seratonin" release... 

Hello? it's what the amygdala regulates. And what SSRI drugs inhibit. So you're saying seratonin is involved with his musical ability? (Where do we sign up for that same drug? Just kidding.  It's a claim of synesthesia - or the brain rewiring itself to some unknown place where music plays in fairyland.)

How about just having a scientist offer "we have no clue?" 

Here's what science actually shows. That consciousness is NOT confined to the brain. (view UVA's DOPS talk this past week demonstration that consciousness IS NOT confined to the brain.

Start there. 

If consciousness is not confined to the brain, then there is the possibility that a previous lifetime may be involved with his "spontaneous memory." (See Xenoglossy among other brain "miracles") 

This fellow "likely" played the piano in a previous lifetime. (See Dr. Jim Tucker's books on children with memories of previous lifetimes (and talents) or Carol Bowman's work.)  Their books are filled with people remembering all kinds of things about previous lifetimes.

But here's an interesting option:

Youtube has created robot crawlers (for Terms of Service violations) to search out rhythm and note frequency to identify if someone is "stealing" a previous musician's music (TOS copyright violations.) 

If this gent wants to know "who he was" when he "learned how to play" he can seek the help of a hypnotherapist (I recommend those trained in the Newton Institute method) or he can have a search-bot find the same notes/style he's playing in a music catalog. 

You heard it here FIRST.


Hacking the Afterlife Book talk this Saturday 3-11 Irvine

Frequent Coast to Coast AM Guest Rich Martini “Practical Advice for Living from People No Longer on Planet”

Date:               Saturday, March 11, 2017
Time:               1:00-4:00 pm
Place:               School of Multidimensional Healing & Sciences
Address:          18271 McDurmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA
Cost:                $10 contribution toward our cost for rental of our meeting room.
No one is turned away for lack of money.

“HOME:  How NDEs Point to a Location That is Not Here”

Rich Martini will discuss the latest research that he’s done with his most recent book, “Hacking the Afterlife.”  A filmmaker and author, Martini began his research into the flipside with his documentary and book “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.”  His follow up book “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife (Volumes 1 and 2)” explored Near-Death Experiences (NDE), and those who’ve had both an NDE and a between life session with a hypnotherapist to explore the memory of the NDE. hacking
In “Hacking the Afterlife” he converses with a number of people who claim to have access to the flipside, and delves into interviews with mediums who bring back “new information” from those who are no longer on the planet.
In his research into NDE’s and other consciousness altered events, (people under hypnosis, via an Out of Body Experience or some other event), he’s often come across the concept that people refer to the flipside as “home.”  In this talk, he’ll examine how it could be that “home” is not here, where we are, but somewhere else.
Rich is a frequent guest on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM. His website,
Rich is a popular speaker. It’s suggested to arrive at the meeting early to assure seating. 


Science and the research behind proving there is a Flipside

Here's an hour video worth watching.  These are the scientists I met with at UVA to discuss the results of the research behind Flipside.  Dr. Greyson was behind the creation of the International Association for Near Death Studies (iands).  These are scientists talking about the science of the afterlife (or as I prefer to call it; the flipside.)

An hour of your life. Enjoy!

For futher reading: (click the links)

Dr. Bruce Greyson
Dr. Jim Tucker
Ed Kelly PhD
Kim Penberthy PhD


Speaking to the Flipside about the Nature of Existence

This post will come under the "So I had this weird dream last night...."
dreamland - pacific palisades

Sometimes we have dreams that are weird, or we know they're weird while we're having the dream.

As of late, I have "conversations" in my head - I don't know who I'm talking to, at least not consciously, it may actually be a "conversation in my head" but I slip in and out of being aware of it.

And what is being said in the dream, is profound and beyond anything I'm aware of on the planet.

For example; a couple of nights ago, I was aware of being "shown" or being given an example of "dual consciousness."

Now that's not the term that I was hearing, but it is the thing that comes to mind as I try to describe it.  I think this was an example of what it feels like to be "back home" in your disembodied conscious state, and also "here on the planet" in your embodied conscious state. (for lack of a more concise term.)

Are you with me?

If you've read Flipside, or my books, you're aware of the reports from people under hypnosis, or from people who've had near death experiences and can converse about them, that about a third of our energy appears to be with us while we're on the planet. It's apparently not a finite number - but if you ask someone while they're under deep hypnosis "How much of your soul energy did you bring to this lifetime?" They respond with a number.

The number is usually - often - between 20 and 40%.  Which is about a third.

That means that two thirds of our life energy - our soul - our energetic soul like energy - call it whatever you'd like - is "always back home."  What it's doing back home is beyond my capacity to understand, but when filming people under deep hypnosis, they claim that their "back home" energy is attending classes, playing games, having fun with our soul mates.

Now that might sound ludicrous - I know it does - but it's what the data shows. Consistently. And I've had people take me to classrooms where they're learning (or teaching) or doing something back there that has to do with "energy transformation." Either moving energy from one place to another, moving it from one object to another, creating objects out of "thin air" and placing them, cleaning objects that contain memory banks, healing energy classes... there are many many classes that are offered to us between lives.

Soul group? Or hanging with my homies in Ladakh?

(See Galen Stoller's account of classes in "My Life After Life" or some of the classes I've visited myself in "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife.")

I say "classrooms" because sometimes they look like.. well, classrooms. With desks and a chalkboard. Sometimes they're outside, sometimes inside an auditorium like structure.  These are all energetic constructs, of course, they aren't actual buildings - but they look and function like buildings.  (Like our buildings do here on Earth - atoms agreeing to bind together and hold a space.)

I've visited games people are playing between lives - one woman was playing a game of cosmic tag with her soul group, only "they can make themselves invisible and hide anywhere in the universe, including different realms..."

Imagine that game.  Find six friends simultaneously while they're hiding themselves visually but exist only as an energy form.  Yeah, good luck with that. But I heard this description. Live. And filmed it live. (Not the game, but the account of it) (It's in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife")

So a long way of saying when I feel like I'm speaking to the flipside, I know that it's something I can observe later on, and if I'm lucky enough to remember it, report it somewhere (in my books, or here.)

The example of dual consciousness was my having a conversation with someone over there - and then simultaneously observing the conversation, and being able to communicate with someone on a different level or plane.  I was having both conversations at once - and aware of both of them at once - but also aware when I heard "This is what it's like to have consciousness over there and over here at the same time."  Like the thin membrane between our reality here and there, is easy to dissolve.

I thought "wow, if I could figure out a way to do that - to help people speak directly to their loved ones off the planet in some fashion, using this technique, that would be really cool." And insanely life transforming.

conversations with folks not on the planet.

And then last night, I was having a conversation with someone about the "nature of existence."  Something kind of profound to call this discussion, but I was aware that I was being told (or telling myself) that I should write about it and call it "the nature of existence."

Folks who know me, know me to be a jovial fellow of pretty good nature, just having fun while being on the planet.  I may talk about profound things now and then, but most of the people I do that with get a far off look in their eye and start to wonder if "I'm going flipside on them now" or not.  But I offer that if you've read this far, you're already used to that. 

So let's go Flipside, shall we?

According to this dream, or this memory of a conversation I had while I was consciously asleep - or whatever you want to call it - lucid awareness - I was shown, or was showing myself how life itself works.

Wait, what?

Shown an experience of being "back there" between lives, which isn't a great moniker, because "between lives" implies that "Life" is the operative paradigm, when I'm told that it's not.  The operative paradigm is not life per se - meaning life on the planet - but "existing in this home place" is the operative paradigm.

Existing as we do, as energy.  We are with our loved ones, friends, soul group, soul council, guides and counselors - and have a vast universe of people to visit and meet and learn from, even people not in this universe, in different realms, but we can always go home to that place where we feel comfortable, happy and sane.

That happy place is our natural state of existence. No other way to put it.

And when we choose to go "onstage" or be part of the adventure back here, we can do so... it's a bit like climbing onto a large ship... we can't see the edge of the ship we're on, but while we're on it, it feels like solid ground. We can ride our bike on it, job on it, swim in pools on it - but we can't see that it's this giant ship that's moving in another media form - water.

So think of the etheric universe as this giant pool of water, and our existence (if it's on Earth or some other planet or some other realm) is like climbing onto a giant aircraft carrier (human being carrier) that navigates these etheric seas, people from other realms can stop by if they'd like to - we may or may not see them or experience them - but they have the capabilities to do so.

And while we're "back home" we experience this realm - but we're also experiencing the back home part of it as well. Perhaps a marionette is an apt metaphor - we are both the puppet and the person holding the puppet.  So if a person on stage wants to speak directly to the puppet and interact with that puppet (depending upon the role the puppet is playing, the costume, props, etc) they're getting a filtered version of who we are... and it might be us "playing the role" of a good guy, a bad guy - because the play calls for us to immersed in the role and to experience it fully...

But the person holding the strings - that person who we are at our core is okay, is fine, is always fine, is never not fine, has the ability to experience both what's going on above the stage, and what's on the stage... at the same time.

Ergo; the nature of existence.

Now, if you'd like to spend years trying to define the process - well that's what people have been doing for centuries... but I'm here to pass along that the process is pretty much as described.  There are inevitable questions of "why" and "who was the person who created the theater? And "How are we all connected?"  And those answers are also related to the idea that "love is the prime mover of the universe" that "God is beyond the capacity of th human brain to comprehend, but you can experience God by opening your heart to all people and all things" and "Gee, isn't this a fun adventure?"

All are related.

Not sure if this will be part of a future tome, or if this is just one of this things someone will stumble across 100 years from now.  But when they start to parse what reality is, and start to examine the nature of our energetic existence, I believe they're going to find that these concepts hold up.  

That we are fully conscious "back home" - and that we choose to come here to the planet to play one of these roles, to teach lessons or to learn them, with our pals and loved ones.  It's that simple. And that complex.  

My two centavos.


Book Quotes from the Flipside for Hacking the Afterlife

The following is a fun experiment I did with my ability to gain access to the flipside from others.

It goes like this - during the past year of interviewing mediums, channelers and others with access to the flipside, I came across a number of individuals whom I wrote about in the book.

To be clear: I did not know these people. Was not "friends" with them in this lifetime (except for Howard) (Or any other lifetime I'm aware of).  These are people who are in the public eye, who for some reason or other, appeared in front of me, like a deer standing on a road on a dark moonless night in the desert.

Your car lights come upon them; you have no time to think about or wonder - "How did they get here?"  They just appeared.  In like form, these folks appeared in my book for one reason or another, because I simply "ran into them."

So when it came time for me to finish the book, I thought about the folks I would send it around to for commentary - Gary Schwartz PhD (Harvard/Yale/UofAriz) generously wrote the foreword to "Flipside" - then Charles Grodin, my friend and mentor, wrote the foreword to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and Galen Stoller (who passed away some years ago) wrote the foreword to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume two - the first time I'm aware of that happening.

But I couldn't think of the most appropriate person to ask to write a foreword for "Hacking the Afterlife" ... so instead, I thought about doing something a bit different.  This has been edited down from original, but you'll get the idea:

Some cats appear to have the ability to access the flipside.


I asked Jennifer Shaffer if any of the people interviewed in the book might give a quote or “blurb” for the book cover. I wrote her (tongue firmly in cheek): “I assume no one spends time in the afterlife reading books, however, perhaps one of them might be able to give a quote I can put on the book?” She asked each person on my list for a reply:

Edgar Cayce
Edgar wiki
Tell Richard that his book has an appealing thunder for controverting settings that are falsely depicted, for those that need (to hear) it. (Jennifer asks Cayce “Need what?”) The truth we need is, how we survive our bodies, (arrive) in the afterlife to different situations that make up (I think he means comprise) the past, present, and future outcomes of our spiritual existence. (“Controverting” may mean “contradicting misconceptions.”)
Tell Rich not to fear the outcomes of what it is, that (the response to this book) will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. And that we all have to, (and) at some point of our spiritual growth, need this “upheaval” to make a difference. Rich, you are that translation of the ethers. For now; I’m “The Awakened Prophet.” (laughing.) (Note, Jennifer had a hard time with his syntax and I’ve done my best to unpack it. Edgar Cayce was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” so his comment “The Awakened Prophet” is pretty funny.)

Howard Schultz 
Northbrook boy
Howard is a lifelong friend who grew up down the block from me. He came out to LA and became a successful TV writer/producer, creating successful shows “Extreme Makeover” and “Naked Dating.”  He offered to do a between life session with me, which I filmed and included in “Flipside” (but made him anonymous at the time.) We spoke often of doing a “spirit show” together, but it just never happened. We were talking about doing a show together the last time we spoke, but he passed away from a sudden heart attack a month later. Jennifer asked him for a quote:

Jennifer: Howard told me “The beginning is near and the ending is nonexistent.” (I see this as Howard playing with “the end is near!” when it comes to talking about the Flipside.) It’s something we all have to incorporate into the well of our being. Not to “look for the now,” but to “live for the awakened shift.” And not to use fear to have it… (Jennifer; “oh my gosh, he just showed me, a picture of a fear monger who’s running for President”)  Not to use fear tactics within your soul’s purpose to gratify who you are now.

He says “Tell Rich I support him in all his endeavors, even more so because I get where he’s coming from. Much luck to you… and you Jennifer… for making the unbelievable claim that there is even an afterlife. (Jennifer laughs.) He’s so funny; he showed me (a cover of) The National Enquirer; “The irony is that all the things we’re afraid of are actually true in the afterlife.”

Then he showed me the main characters from the movie “Men in Black.” “Everything was true.” “Truth” is written in big bold letters. “Truth has now become a way of making fear and the lies are the fear’s way of making truth nonexistent.” Then he showed me a wheel, he says “It’s a never ending circle of stupidity in the population of the planet and the people in the afterlife are trying to make up for it.” (Jennifer asks “Of what you guys caused?”) He says “No, of what’s going on now; the past and the future, it’s all one - in a nice bow that looks like it hurts." (She saw a picture of a Tiffany box with a bow that Howard pulled until the box bulged.)

He says “Tell Rich to keep listening, I’m there.” What else did you want to say?  He showed me Amelia Earhart and said “Tell Rich not to worry, everything will work out, (“I think he means financially”) - spiritually he just showed me you were skyrocketing over him. Howard it was good to talk to you. He gave me that cute look of his. Gosh I love that… see you soon.”

Wiki Prince
Since Prince and Robin Williams appear in the book, they’re naturals to ask if they have a quote for the book. Jennifer sends me a file where she asks on her cellphone; “Is there anything Prince can say about why people should or should not should read this book?” “He says “They should read it if they want to fly.” (Jennifer laughs “to the moon?”) “then Robin Williams came in and said “That’s mine!”

“Prince showed me the book opening up and then stars floating from the page, like it’s magical.” He says, “But it’s history repeating itself.” Jennifer: “He said put lyrics in the book from his song Purple Rain; it’s the fourth section. (Jennifer: I hope I’m interpreting it right.)   

(Note: The 4th verse of "Purple Rain" (that neither I nor Jennifer were aware of) is this: 
"You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain"
with regard to the quote above, I assume he means electing a leader like the one recently elected is merely "history repeating itself.")

Jennifer: He’s showing me the magic of the purple rain going up instead of going down, with the sparkles that happen upon opening up the book; it makes the reader open up. They’re calibrated, is what it feels like, into what you’re reading. “It’s beautiful written music, Rich.”

He’s also showing me an image of the Radio shack logo - that’s so funny. He says “You’re a transmitter of a spiritual language, hitting the masses in this dimension, which is hard to do unless you wear high heels like he did… which hurt his back. He’s showing me it’s ultimately what caused his death.” 

Jennifer asks “So you died from high heels?” 

“Technically yes,” he says. “What would you have done differently?” He said “I would not have used that piano (to jump from) … Ah, I see, it’s a metaphor. He wanted more, so he jumped off of it; jumping off his favorite instrument, trying to reach the ethers. Jennifer asks: “So you could have just done that by playing, no? “Yes,” he says, “he could have done that by playing.”

He’s showing your book at the piano. “Just do it” he says, laughing. But what does Rich have to do with jumping off a piano? He’s says you’re jumping off a different cliff, but he’s showing me a trampoline (laughs) – that you’ll be fine.  Because you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff with this endeavor.  He said “Balls to the wall.” He says “Tell Rich I can only have him hear me when he wants to listen.” “What does that mean?” Oh, (that) you don’t care to have things pushed on you.  Jennifer asks “Are you pushing him?” “Kind of…” he says, “to the point where…” ah, I see, that’s where the disbelief comes in.

He says he won’t push you, he’ll “Enchant your writings. Like on the piano, like a duo;” He showed me both of you guys side by side on the piano bench… (Note: Something I spent a lot of time doing with my mom who was a concert pianist who played duets.) “Tell him that we’re all doing this from all aspects.”

Oh… aw.. he just gave me a flower, I hope that was for me, I’m actually blushing… He gave me a daisy, not a rose.  He said “The rose is saved for God.” What does that mean? He says, “God is all of us, in you and me. The daisy is the enchantment of something. Something different in the matrix.” And then he showed me a beautiful array of flowers… wow. He said “Signed Prince.” He made an x for a signature… “He’ll know what that means,” he said. (Like a sideways version of his signature of the “Artist known as Prince.”) “See you soon.”

Robin Williams

Jennifer: I first want to say happy birthday to you, Robin (It’s his birthday as we write this.) Do you have a quote for Richard’s book, a direct message to your fans and friends? 

“I have only two words; “Love… Love.” Jennifer asks, “Love all?”  “No, love Love.” He says “That’s the key ingredients for happiness; love the love. Find that. In everything that you are. Whether you are in hell (metaphorically speaking) or in your prison cell, (physically speaking); find the truth. Love is God’s connectedness, love is God, it’s every single one of us, even if we can’t hear it. Love… Love. And then send it to everything." Oh my gosh, the sun just came through my window, my heart’s pounding. I said is that it Robin? He says “No; that’s everything.”  Wow that makes me want to cry. Thank you.

He says “Tell Rich I’m here for him. He says tell him that I’ll surprise him.” When? He’s going to visit this person, he’s going to visit this person and then this person is going to come to you; that’s how you’ll know. He just winked. He says “Tell Rich it’s exciting: the matrix, the connections, God…” -- it was so interesting when he said that -- and now he says “nanu nanu,” and just did like a little thing on his head, "over and out. Until now.” (A play on the parting line “Until then…”) “It’s Over and yonder.”

(A pause) Robin showed me a record. “The record is your lifetimes. Playing over and over and then sometimes we scratch the record and then we have to get a new record.” He’s showing me how in this lifetime he scratched it and he left, and (then) you come back as like a CD or a Walkman. And then we end up all virtual. (Note: I think he means at the end of all of our lifetimes. Each lifetime is like a variation on a theme, like music on cylinder, on vinyl, on digital – variations on each them we choose as our lifetime, and eventually we become that recording in a virtual way.) The music keeps going, our souls keep going, that was such a great thing he just gave me – we’re all records, sometimes we scratch, sometimes we get broken, eventually we just live on to more instruments more human bodies, I love the way he shows me the Walkman, the cd player, then we go virtual… for millions of people.

And you are that right now, Rich - you’re now the virtual .. you’re not the record player anymore, or the record, you’re now in the virtual, you’ve made it, and you’re sending it to everybody else. I commend your thoughts and love who you are and thank you and love to both of you.” He showed me a pebble of some sort, he showed me a rock “You’ll know what that means.” Something with rocks. All right, bye. (I have a collection of rocks from around the world – world’s cheapest souvenir, but reminds me instantly where I found it. I have one on my desk and my eye went straight for it.)

Amelia Earhart

“She has the most beautiful eyes by the way.” says Jennifer. “First thing she says is “Don’t find me.” She says “it will disrupt everyone.” She says that her bones will be found or get shown soon. And that she’s having fun with all the crazy people that want to find me, “I’m not worth that. They’re spending too much on resources,” What about a tv show? “That would be okay, I’ll lead you; let them pay for it.” Oh I have the chills.

She says that she wants you to lead (the search). You’ll understand what not to look for. Not sure what she means by that. (Note: I do.) Oh, the plane. She’s showing me the plane and one of the wings, like half the wing tip. She says something about it not being hers; something about 1948 (whatever that means to you, Rich.) (Note: I don't.) What else? She says: “Tell him I love him.” 

Oh, Luana came in by the way – both of you guys are conspiring something.  They both just came in while I’m talking to Amelia.

Um, aw… Ha, so Amelia just showed me her girlfriend and that you’re correct. Whatever that means. (I know what that means.)

We are all part of this play, she just showed me how she did so much – the last five years (of her life incarcerated in prison) she could live without – she says. But what about his book? Any quote? “Lift it to your soul. And see what your soul has to say. Hearing the words from the book; don’t judge it, just listen to your spirit, it will guide you and tell you that the “unthinkable” is real -- and (she says) make sure that the unthinkable is in quotes; she’s saying you’re not thinking it – it’s unthinkable. The things that you put in your head; it’s the stuff you don’t put in your head that’s real.

She just gave you a kiss on the cheek and spun you around in the chair, She said “Bon Voyage… to what?... to the ethers.” She says “I think we all have a lot in common. And we’re lucky to have us in all dimensions, I am grateful.” She says “Be grateful for your breath. It is coveted sometimes, (breathing) not the biblical sense of coveting of course. Wanting breath is everything; it’s your source, it’s your power. Move and laugh, laughing’s the best medicine don’t waste time trying to dig up things.  Unless it’s a TV show, she keeps saying; she’s showing me September as well, not sure what that means. (Possible date of production of a documentary I’m helping about her). She says – “Au Revoir.”  

The Alpha and the Omega

I asked her; “see if Jesus has a quote for us…”

They’re fighting for it, hold on, - oh, Mary Magdalene (is here), my heart always feels better when I feel her. She says “Tell Rich he is not a saint…. Aw, that’s so sweet, she says that you’re not a saint, but you’re an etheric saint, and she showed me a statue in the ethers. She showed me like a map of the US with lights, you know how like if you were pinning destinations everywhere, with all the destinations lit up? She says that you’re doing that through your work. Then she showed me how you reach all audiences in all the quantum fields – she’s showing me the dimension on top of our dimension and all the dimensions after that; so that’s why you’re an etheric saint… that’s hilarious.

I’m being shown (Jesus) -- you know when I described him as he came to me with loafers and jeans and button downed shirt and his hair long, looks like a 1960’s guy yet cleaned up? He has brown eyes, beautiful eyes, that’s amazing, but they change.

First thing he says is “Tell Rich “Thank you.” Why? “For allowing a different outcome in the way people can hear my story.” He’s showing me the Bible and showing me your work and how they stacked up against each other… that’s so funny! Well, not funny.. but.. wow. He’s showing me how my brain is like an antenna, thank you, and my heart as well…

Tell Rich that his work is the truth. That people have become fearful and might say bad things (about it); it’s one of many multidimensional truths that has to… heed the warning from not putting it out. That’s where damnation happens - by not putting truth out there – it was taken out of context, (like) what was written in the Bible.

“You’re a truth-gnostic.” What does that mean? He’s laughing. “Tell Rich that a truth-gnostic is someone who is unbiased and wants what others have to say, that resonates with his heart. You put it out there, even when you might not believe everything that you’re listening to (or writing about).

Then he just showed me like lightning of some sort, like a lamp going out with a flash, just the frequencies bursting – what an amazing metaphor! He’s showing how the frequencies (are affected), like your (way of putting things,) your language is making things crash, with people internally… You’re breaking the old lamps so they can put a new bulb in, to bring forth the light, instead of (just) trying to dust off the old light. He says “Thank you for doing that.”

“It is a challenge frequency that always hurts initially. Follow your spirit and only look back for the theater of history it plays in, or plays to. And know the audience members have to watch the play - the modern day version of it - enough times for them to have it sink in. Like (the Broadway play) Alexander Hamilton – using the different races that played the historic characters in Hamilton. People prep the stage for it to last.

He just showed me the Michelangelo painting where they’re touching fingers in the Sistine chapel - where God imbues the human spirit with his touch – he says “Everyone touches God and makes up (comprises) what God is.” He says “It’s molecules of light in different shades, in different colors of light in different shapes and sizes. And some are big lights like you, so others can follow - not in a hierarchy way, but so they won’t get lost on the path.” He’s showing me a dirt path. He says “Sometimes a dirt path is harder to stay on and being in a car is easier, but some people choose to keep walking up hill because they’re told it’s the only way.”

(laughs) “You’re giving them a hybrid choice - to question (reality) – nobody would have believed in the electric car (before it was made) – (Jennifer: He just showed me my electric car and said “but you already have one.”) He says “I love you and everyone.” 

He’s showing me all the U.S. presidents, and says “Everyone (of them) made a difference. In the quantum field of light and darkness, without one, you would not have had the other. So for you, for one, please do not judge.” He showed me an image of Paul Revere. He says “Do not judge the messenger and its contents to set you free; “free” meaning in your heart, where in the ethers is (always) “true.” We all are Shakespeare’s love.

He shows me that we technically die and rise together. Whether in our hearts or in our spiritual uncertainty, or in our spiritual uncertainty or demise. We can rebuild. He says take my advice; Gandhi did it right. And we all have Gandhi inside our hearts. And he just showed me Robin Williams and said “Love the love. Within us all. And peace. And then peace has to follow.”

“Thank you Rich. We are entertained by your thoughts.” Why was that shown to me? The Holy bible? “It was a foundation.” Now he showed me a lightbulb and breaking it with the frequencies, and showed me a new lightbulb and showed me your book, one of many books incorporated into – not “the new age” but “the new vulnerability.” “Love the love.  It’s so simple yet dissected into a thousand different ways, thousand different shades of light that make up one… “Without darkness there is no light, and vice versa…. you get the drift.”

He says “Sing well. And listen more. To your own advocacy. Of this multi-dimensional world.” He’s showing how you have to get along with all dimensions, not just this dimension, but you have to have the awareness that (reality) it is multidimensional. He shows me there is no stealing, everything is free. As long as your heart is (free) and you take action…

“Like you, Rich. More people will be changed by your words, than the ones who can’t hear what you’re saying. That is their path. Maybe the next lifetime; but again, he shows me the contract between people that you have to have both; people who can hear and people who can’t hear the difference, otherwise everyone would be following him or someone like him - like a saint. (Jennifer: hey, you’re a saint in the ether, how’s that make you feel?) I said I don’t want them to leave but they’ll be back. He just said “Rich; you are an en-Richment.”
Luana with Michael Gough
And finally, a quote from Luana Anders, which I heard in a dream six years after her passing: she said “The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you.”

            *                *             *             *             *

 Okay.  I'm not insane. 

I don't post these quotes believing that they are verbatim quotes from people on the flipside.  I mean c'mon - Edgar Cayce taking the time to say he's the awakened prophet? Or Jesus making a pun about en-richment?

Or Prince and Robin and Amelia all having a conversation with me?  It's beyond sane.  It's beyond an argument.  I include it because that's what I do. I include the good, the bad, and the bizarre in my writing. Because when you do that - some people will be turned off - turned away - will get a refund for the book. 

That's fine, that's what they're supposed to do.

But others will say "Hey, wait a second. If he's reporting this verbatim, then how do we define what he's saying?"

I can tell you that I've known Jennifer for a couple of years now, I know that she works with law enforcement agencies nationwide, I know that she's helped solved some crimes and mysteries.  I know she's not 100% accurate all the time, and I know that anyone who puts a sentence together calls upon memory and syntax and reference in order to be able to speak.  So let's call that our "grain of salt" when examining these "quotes" from people no longer on the planet.

 But when you take away the salt what do we get?

We get a number of people "speaking" through Jennifer in an unusual way.  She's a friend of mine, so I hope that some of these effusive comments, and compliments, come from someplace in her heart, or from her higher self.  But even when you carve out the compliments, we're still left with some pretty unusual observations.

Edgar Cayce's syntax for one. Who talks like that anymore?  No one I'm aware of. Is Jennifer familiar with his work?  Not by any stretch of the imagination I'm aware of.  I read his books over 30 years ago - and am not familiar with his syntax. But after this quote I did look it up - and see that it matches the way he spoke during his life.

I know Howard Schultz very well. Do I think he might have made those jokes? Turning phrases on their heads "the end is near!" Yes, that was like him. His sense of humor. Do I think he would say something like "Good luck with even saying that there is an afterlife"? Well yes.  He was pragmatic as well.  But then Jennifer and I have spoken to him before, and in that prior conversation, he accurately described where I was during his funeral.  (Which Jennifer was not aware of.) So I already have a profound feeling that when he speaks to me through Jennifer he's speaking of things only he and I know of.

Then we have Prince and Robin Williams.  Prince's syntax - the way he puts together words - is quite unusual.  It's almost like a musician composing sentences - using the turn of the phrase.  Like "your words moving off the page and into the sky" - it's something a writer or a musician might compose or think up in a good moment. 

But again, in this construct; Jennifer is having a glass of wine while on vacation with her family, and responding to my request with whatever comes off the top of her head and speaking them into her iphone, then emailing them to me. One after the other. All in a row. No time to write or compose the concepts within.  I know writers who could turn that phrase, use that metaphor - but they're paid to do that, they do it for a living.  It's not something I would say, nor Jennifer.

And then him telling her that he "died from wearing high heels."  She did not know what he meant, and asked him to explain it to her. I didn't understand it either - what is he talking about? He certainly did wear high heels on stage... but then he explains it - one of his amazing feats was to jump off a piano onto the stage. I saw him do it when I reviewed the concert for Variety. 

But Prince explained to her that the stunt caused him joint pain, bad joints and what eventually led him to take pain meds, and become addicted to pain medication - which led to his demise. If Jennifer had been thinking about it - or had conceived of that metaphor, she wouldn't have had to ask him "What does that mean?"

In the book, both Prince and Robin Williams make a joke about teaching a class in "how not to leave the earth early."  (Which is also odd, because when asked what I teach in film school I tell them "How not to have a film career in hollywood" because if you follow my advice, you won't have one either. Ha!)

And then Robin Williams' quote: "Love love."  What I love about it is that Jennifer asks (as I could hear her ask on the audio, just after saying it;) "What does that mean?"  If anyone is making up a story on the spot, even subconsciously, when it comes to a turn of phrase - like "love love" - you would KNOW what that meant and could explain it.  You wouldn't ask. In Jennifer's case, she does NOT KNOW WHAT HE MEANS.

And so, he explains it to her.  Love the act of love. Love what love represents. Share that feeling and emotion of love. Give love.  It's way more profound concept than anything I've ever said in any of my books, and I would offer that it's not something I've ever heard Jennifer refer to or be aware of.  
"Love love."  She says it now, and I say it too - it's something we should all contemplate and think about.

As mentioned in the book, when it comes to Amelia, I had three different mediums access her, each asked the same relative questions, and each gave the same answers which are not public knowledge. (i.e, the identity of her girlfriend, which she refers to above, and that only her husband George Putnam knew about, and I've since confirmed.)  "The unthinkable is real."  Not a turn of phrase I'm aware of, but makes sense in this context.

It's not me saying or claiming these details - but it is someone who has or had intimate knowledge of Amelia and her life. And the answers were consistent among all three mediums. But beyond that, she's saying "DON'T LOOK FOR ME." As if it's a waste of time.  I understand what she means by that as well.  
And finally, I thought long and hard about including anything about The Alpha and the Omega in my books. Good friends advised me not to.  As it causes "brain freeze" or it just steps on too many toes.  

But my entire concept here is to just report what people are saying.  The good, the bad, the bizarre - whatever it is they're saying so that people can decide for themselves whether what people are saying has any resonance for them.  

I was surprised when people starting saying the same things - and even more surprised when people on the flipside should show up and say the same relative things they'd said to other people ... in the book! "Oh by the way, Richard asked this question to this council two years ago, and now we have an answer for him."

A long way of saying "If you don't believe me, just read the transcripts."  And the transcripts are in the book "Hacking the Afterlife."

Okay, enough about me...

Enjoy the show! Stay tuned!

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