Jennifer Shaffer, Rich Martini and Tom Danheiser at the Great Greek!


Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 -  2p-4p

with Afterlife Expert Rich Martini, Psychic Jennifer Shaffer, and hosts Tom Danheiser (Producer of Coast To Coast AM), and Lori Wagner.

Great Greek Restaurant, 13362 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, Ca – 818-905-5250

This fun-filled, informational afternoon will include:

·        a talk from Rich Martini and Jennifer Shaffer

·        A Q&A session (so be thinking of your questions)

·        Prize Give-Aways

·        Special Games

·        Photo Opportunities and more!

·        Rich & Jennifer will team up to deliver and provide information on loved ones in the afterlife, information on the great beyond, and clarify where our journey may take us after we leave the earth.




You will have your choice from a special menu put together by the wonderful folks at the Great Greek Restaurant. Coffee, Soda, or a glass of wine is included.

Rich, Jennifer, Tom & Lori will walk around the room and visit everyone at their tables to take pictures, sign anything you want, chat and make sure you have a great experience.


$100 cash per person at the door only. (no credit cards or checks)

**Space is limited so please email us back with your confirmation, and the name, e mail address, and cell number of each guest in your party.  We will send you a confirmation email and look forward to seeing you!  Send email to:


Tom Danheiser & Lori Wagner

Danheiser/Wagner Entertainment


Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer

So Jennifer and I did our first joint discussion this weekend... it was fun and thought provoking.

About a dozen people (out of 40 in attendance) were able to connect directly to their loved ones on the flipside.  I was there to provide color commentary as Jennifer spoke directly to people who had things to say to their loved ones here.

What we've learned in our work together is that I can ask her to pretty much "ask any question" to folks on the other side.  So at some point, I suggested people "raise their hands if they want to talk to their loved ones."
This talk is on Gaia

Normally in these situations,the medium looks around the audience, seeing if there's "someone who wants to come through."  In this case, I just pointed to someone and asked "What do you want to ask your loved one?" They said their loved ones first name, what their relationship to them was, and Jennifer was off and running.

But the underlying theme of this interaction is to point out to people in the audience not only do their loved ones "still exist" but they want to speak to folks back here.  They want to participate in your journey, still.  They want to give you advice, or insight from what they've learned where they are.

Robert Towne, yours truly "Personal Best"

I noticed recently that mediumship shows generally have someone say "You have a relative with you, and they passed in this fashion..."  Might be cancer, might be a health issue.  "They're telling me that you have had a hard life, or a hard time of it since then," etc.  It's a bit like rolling down the window as the car is flying down the highway and describing the passing scenery.  "I see a tree, lots of trees, and now I see a lake..."

Stop the car.  Get out of the car.  Ask the person on the other side about their journey. "Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?"  "What is it you want to tell your loved one back here today?"  "How do you think they're doing overall?"  "What could they fix or improve?"

I mean if we're actually going to get people to speak with their loved ones - it's not just about proving that they exist - they exist!  It's about getting some practical information from them.  "Hey, where'd I put the family jewelry?"  "What happened to Uncle Pete's will?"

Once we get past the obvious - that they still exist and that we can communicate with them - we need to start to ask questions that have to do with how to save the planet.  "So what's a good way to turn salt water to fresh water for pennies?"  

Features Harry Dean Stanton, Bill Paxton, Tom Petty and others.

These kinds of questions can be asked, and you'll be surprised by the answers.  It may not come the first time, but if you give them a problem to solve, and then come back and discuss it at a future date, you'll be surprised how much information you can get from them of a practical nature.

Features Prince, Anthony Bourdain, John Lennon and others.

All right - the new books are finished.  

In the next 24 hours or so, "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife book one and two" will be live on Amazon.  From there they'll go to itunes, barnes and noble, and then audible.  

I'll post links as soon as I have them.

They're mind bending, bizarre adventures into this kind of "give and take" from the flipside, where Jennifer and I badger, cajole and generally bug people on the flipside for answers about their journey.

It will seriously blow your mind.

Stay tuned.


VIP PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE with Jennifer Shaffer and Rich Martini July 14

VIP Pass To The Flipside - "AfterLife Conversations with Rich Martini and Jennifer Shaffer"

Just to remind everyone, this event has limited seating, so if you'd like a personal reading from Jennifer Shaffer and have me either ask your loved one questions or talk about the process, Jennifer and I are appearing together in public for the first time!

For the past three years we've been meeting and filming these sessions in private and have spoken to a number of people on the flipside, including Bill Paxton, Harry Dean Stanton, and just about everyone that either Luana Anders knew or that I knew who has crossed over to the Flipside.

It will be a freewheeling fun adventure into the flipside, and really hope you can make it!!!


VIP Pass To The Flipside - "AfterLife Conversations with Rich Martini and J...
by Colby Rebel Spirit center

"Afterlife Conversations with Jennifer Shaffer and Rich Martini"

Rich is the best selling author of "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife," frequent guest on “Coast to Coast” with George Noory, and Gaia’s “Beyond Belief.” ( Jennifer is a world renowned medium/intuitive who has done over 3000 readings helping people to access their loved ones on the flipside. Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide to help them with missing person cases and has a full time practice in Manhattan Beach. (

Together, they offer a unique glimpse into the process of speaking to loved ones, discuss how to do so on your own, and what methods have proven the most successful. They’ll be talking about their recent project together, accessing people no longer on the planet to gain new information from them, learning insight from their journey and demonstrating how to ask the questions that allow anyone to continue communicating with loved ones no longer on the planet.

They will present and discuss their research as well as do a demonstration of whether it’s possible to continue a conversation with loved ones no longer on the planet.

Sat, July 14, 2018

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT

Colby Spiritual Center

1792 Kelton Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90024


"Home" the Epilogue to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" read by yours truly

I was doing some research into my latest book offering and ran across my chapter for "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" volume one - the epilogue entitle "Home."  In today's often reports of celebrity deaths, there's a bit of a conversation about events surrounding Robin William's passing.



Let it Be, a ghost story, and a near death experience

FLIPSIDE moment: 

Sir Paul reveals his passed on mum came to him in a dream to let him know everything was going to be fine, not to worry, "just let it be." He awoke with the profound feeling of calm and wrote about it. James cried as they sang it, said "wish my grandfather was here to see this" and Paul matter of factly said, "he is." Not gone, just not here.

A maxim for all of us - for everyone suffering from depression,loneliness; we are never, ever alone. We have guides and loved ones watching over us ALL THE TIME. Not sometimes. They're always accessible - they know what you're going through and sometimes they can "get through the clutter" to give you a direct message. 

Paul's mom - deceased - came through clearly to him. Gave him a feeling of unconditional love and calmed him completely. When his frequency went "back to normal" he remembered the feeling that his mother had given him. That he then gave to us: "When I find myself in times of trouble, mother mary (LITERALLY) comes to me, speaking words of wisdom; "LET IT BE." 

When I did the first of five between life sessions that I filmed (and became the basis of the Flipside: A Tourist's Guide On How To Navigate the Afterlife books,) I found myself in front of my "guides." 

I never thought I could be hypnotized, I didn't "believe" that these things could be accessible, or that I would ever "get anywhere." But here I was, after 4 hours,having a conversation with "spiritual beings" that I felt I'd known "forever." 

As the session was ending, I said to them "Wait. Before this ends, is there a message I can bring back to people? A message or a sentence that will help people?" (At this point I was making a documentary, filming myself while "under hypnosis" doing a "between life session" with a Michael Newton trained hypnotherapist ( Easton Hypnosis - Jimmy E. Quast) and I heard them say "JUST LET GO."

I took it to mean "Let go of anger, let go of fear, let go of everything that is holding you back from being who you are, from being who you want to be. Don't hold on to what other people do or say to you. 

You can't control how either people behave, but you can control how you react to them. Just let go." Which sounds a lot like "Let it be." 

Thank you Mary McCartney for reminding us, and giving your son these lyrics:

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me (because she's not gone, she's just not here)
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me (clearly he saw her in this vision)
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken-hearted people (your loved ones are not gone)
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted (on the flipside)
There is still a chance that they will see (what we are doing)
There will be an answer, let it be.

Indeed. Let it all be. Everything will work out. Stop worrying about it. Just let go. You're here for a reason, let that come into your mind what you're here to do, who you are here to help. Let that be the reason why you get up in the morning, and go to sleep at night.

Meanwhile... A GHOST STORY

tsunamy0327#lotiguereasutao πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» @franpena26 @thebigbear13ozuna @tphamlv @ambiorixreyes06 @carloslvilloria im sorry, i can't sleep alone tonight #ghostπŸ‘»πŸ™ˆ in my room.

"Did a ghost play a role in St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez’s poor start against the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday night? Why are we even asking this seemingly ridiculous question?"

The Cardinals lost 11-3 to the Brewers, a game that allowed Milwaukee to take first place in the National League Central. Martinez only went four innings and gave up eight hits and seven runs. Five of those runs were earned and he walked two and struck out three.

The night before, Martinez posted a video to Instagram from the Pfister Hotel where the Cardinals were staying. He said, with a laugh, his room was haunted and there was a ghost in his room."

So... the Cardinal pitcher saw a ghost in his hotel room. Join the club. 

I was teaching in Maine at the Workshops and woke to find an Iroquois in full battle dress, standing over my bed with a bloody hatchet and a knife, screaming at me in his native tongue. I could see blood dripping from his arms - could have been warrior paint, but the sound of his voice made me jump out of bed. 

I slept that week with all the lights on, the radios on, the tv on... said aloud "Look, I'm only going to be here a week,I'd appreciate it if you'd bug some other interloper on your home turf." He didn't show up again - but it was enough to keep me up the next few nights... 

Point is; "There is "such a thing" as ghosts" - people who haven't fully checked off the planet yet. We should be able to figure out how to direct them "home" even if they're disrupting Cardinal pitching. 

Or as the ghost who woke me up in Sydney Australia, hanging by a noose said to me "Terribly sorry. It's just something I feel the need to do" in his Aussie accent. He was wearing painter clothes, then climbed down a ladder, pulling the rope behind him and "disappeared" (shifted frequency). Later, I asked the owner of the house who her ghost was. Startled, she said "The man who painted this house hanged himself, but he did so in his own home." I said "Well, obviously he liked working here, because he's still hanging around."

"Indian Scouts returning 1860's"


Here's something from

Shared this a year ago - worth repeating: "I felt a lot of compassion. I was all forgiven. In fact, there was nothing to forgive. I could see that my life had ‘perfect order’ to it. In some way it was like watching a mathematical equation, or sum, that makes perfect sense. Such event and such event create this kind of result. It was a simple portrayal of natural cause and effect, with a gentle understanding. There was no judgment, only innocence."

International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
June 22, 2017 ·
NDE Account submitted to NDERF:

"I was in a car, with my family, on a trip in India, when suddenly there was a commotion. There was a sound of the car going off road, and I could see both my brothers, the one who was sitting in the back and the one in the front, jumping and trying to catch the wheel. The car was tumbling down the mountain.

The circumstances in the car were in the back of my awareness. In the front of my awareness, I heard a masculine, comforting voice say several times slowly, ‘It is all okay’. Part of the meaning of this in Hebrew is, ‘everything is in order’. Surprisingly, I was experiencing absolute peace and I felt no fear. As the car was tumbling down the mountain, turning and bumping against the hard surfaces, the voice calmly said, ‘Roll with it’, as if it was just a movement exercise. Feeling absolute peace, I let myself roll.

The voice came as if from inside of my head but at the same time ‘It’ wasn’t ‘me’. It was very comforting, stable and strong. I did not recognize the voice but I connected to it very deeply, and knew I could trust it with all my heart. As I was ‘rolling’ with every tumble, I suddenly wasn’t in the car anymore. I experienced complete trust. I was surrounded with space, as I saw my whole life unfolding. I was watching millions of the pictures of my life’s events, like a movie broken down into picture frames. All the little deeds, thoughts and moments upon moments, even the ones I forgot ever happened, they were all there. It was such a fascinating sight. The most curious thing was that the pictures were not connected to one another; they had a gap between them that looked like a string of light. It looked like they were threaded upon this string of light.

My main feelings were equanimity, awe and curiosity. There was a strong quality of inquiry and inquisitiveness as I was examining everything. Every time a question came to me, the answer was immediately revealed. This unfolding of pictures and gaps developed and progressed continuously, presenting a constant delicate consequential line, in perfect order, a chain of events, yet somehow they were all happening at once. The past the present and the future were all happening at once. It was inspiring to witness the order and sense that all these little pictures seemed to have in ‘the big picture’.

I felt a lot of compassion. I was all forgiven. In fact, there was nothing to forgive. I could see that my life had ‘perfect order’ to it. In some way it was like watching a mathematical equation, or sum, that makes perfect sense. Such event and such event create this kind of result. It was a simple portrayal of natural cause and effect, with a gentle understanding. There was no judgment, only innocence. As I was watching this linear unfolding of pictures, I realized that just by looking and focusing on a specific picture, ‘zooming in’ on it, I could also ‘enter’ that scene and then come back out of it, ‘zoom out’ and return to my place of observation.

I looked back at my childhood. I could enter pictures there. From each picture, moment or thought, there was always the possibility to access that light that separated between it and the next picture. I could also see all the thoughts I had all my life. Their ‘pictures’ were as strong as the pictures that depicted action or words. I was amazed to see that our thoughts are that strong, so real. It looked as though they were also threaded on a string of light. 

I realized that everything that happened to me and every single thought I had, created an imprint. Every single event or thought influenced my life and the lives of those around me. Every feeling, every intention, every time I was aware of the light and gap between the pictures, everything counted. As I looked, I felt very peaceful. I could see how the last moment of my life was a result of everything that had ever happened to me, before. I could see my life was a perfect manifestation of just what it was, who I was. There was complete acceptance, even of those moments that I remembered as less pleasant.

My life, all our lives were threaded with this light that filled the gap between each picture. In the moments that we are open to it, we connect with it. It is that simple. It is there always. The last moment or picture of my life was I, rolling down the mountain in a car, with my mother, my brothers and the driver. I was suddenly inside that picture again. I could see how we are all connected. 

I was connected to everybody in a multi-faceted light web, a DNA-like hologram that was in perfect order. Everything connected to everything with delicate threads of light, which were the gaps between each moment. It showed my connection to other people, other souls, other incidents, moments past future and present. There was complete order and complete acceptance of everything. Then, there were no more pictures, but a strong sense of motion forwards.

I now was continuing onwards, I felt that I was leaping forward. There was nothing around me. There was only space. I tried to understand where I was. I felt very clear in my mind. I also felt happy and light. I was in another realm. Somehow, I was still alive but I didn’t have my body. I know for a fact that I am, that I exist. I sensed that I had left my body. I reflected upon the last picture I saw in my thread of life, of myself inside the car that was rolling down a mountain, and concluded it must have been the last moment of my life in a fatal car accident.

I now realized and understood that there was life after death; I have died and left my body, yet I still exist. I tried to understand where I was. I was in a transition. All I could notice different from before, besides not having a body, was that the air, or the space, was of a slightly different consistency and shade. I reflected on how this whole transition between life and death, is very smooth and calm. It became clear to me that death is the continuation of life, and not the opposite of it. It was on going. I felt vibrant like a child, very curious to see what was next, looking at everything with new eyes.


Next, I felt myself emerging out of a vacuum-like blackness. I had immense speed. I had no body but my spirit had eyes. Around me was a scenery like earth, I thought. There were trees and rocks; we were on a mountainside. I say ‘we’ because after travelling for a while swiftly through this scenery, I could see myself, my body, sitting on the mountain’s edge. 

I was leaning forward towards the abyss. I joined my body to see what was going on, and found myself looking at this immense light. It was amazing. I recognized the light from meditation experiences I had: moments of insight, spiritual experiences, and strong experiences of unconditional love. 

Actually, I realized this light was threaded inside every moment of my life and I have always, always known it and had access to it. I felt deep intimacy and powerful love, a great surrender, relief and joy.

From what I have seen, our lives were threaded with this light, which fills the gap between each moment. At each moment, every situation, and every thought: the light is always available to us. If we’re aware that it’s there, we can remind ourselves to call on it: To connect to it. I was now sitting near this light, near the source of it. I had never felt it so strongly. It was everything. Everything I have ever needed everything I need or everything I might ever need in the future. 

Everything was in this light. It was warm. It had an immense healing and nourishing quality to it. It was pure, immense, powerful unconditional Love. I knew I could trust this light. I was kneeling in front of this light. All I could feel was a great yearning to be part of it. I was aware of being presented with a choice. With gratitude, I decide that I must emerge with this light. I know that I do not want to choose anything different. I smiled a big smile and jumped. For one eternal moment, I was one with it.

The next moment I saw my body lying down on the ground and felt like I was ‘entering’ it. I came back to life. I understood that somehow I’m back in life. I felt quite surprised since I didn't think I made that choice. The first thing I realized was that I cannot breathe. The voice that was with me at the beginning of my experience, came again, and said, ‘contract your diaphragm.’ I did forcefully and that's how I started to breathe. Then I began to feel my senses, there was a terrible taste in my mouth like dirt, and a horrible smell in the air, that was filled with gasoline and smoke.

For the next hour, many interesting things happened. I think that because of the NDE, a different window of perception has suddenly opened in my awareness. It was as if that window took some time to close. For a while, even though I was back ‘here’ in my body, I could get glimpses from that ‘other’ realm. I can in all honesty say that my NDE was the most powerful, insightful and joyous experience I had ever had." For more NDE's IANDS.ORG

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor, water and nature
~ Image by Minliang Chen~


Shattered Reality Podcast talking "Hacking the Afterlife"

SHATTERED REALITY! is a paranormal podcast with Kate Valentine and Fahrusha that I was on recently. 

It's a chat with myself and the two hosts, there was no video, so I've added some random footage that I shot in Kerala during an elephant festival in Thrissur for Far Horizons Tours.  (It's a tad more interesting than looking at a photograph.)  

This is a free wheeling discussion, but at some point, one of the hosts revealed that she had an experience of "meeting her council" during a consciousness altered event - and I asked if she wanted to "revisit that experience."  It's only about 15 minutes, it's an abbreviated version of what I've done with others - "speaking directly to our council."  

The point being that we can access our councils - we can ask them questions, we can get answers. (Spirit guides on councils as a concept appear in Dr. Helen Wambach and Michael Newton's hypnosis research.) 

I've done 5 of these hypnosis sessions and filmed 45, and came upon the experience that we can ask direct questions to "council members." The answers that came from our host with regard to her own life's journey came from her memory of the event - but they happen to coincide with others who've had the same experience. (She had never "spoken to her council" before - but had seen them at a distance.)  

Either way, it's an example of accessing a bit of the flipside while someone is fully conscious, fully awake, hosting a podcast. It's also exploring what or who councils are - and what their function is in our spiritual journey. There's a little preamble about the research and my background at the beginning, but it gets interesting (takes this turn) about half way through.


Suicide and other lovely Flipside topics regarding Kate, Anthony and Robin

Well, it's in the news.
From the Observer Website
Kate Spade's husband revealed she had been "taking medications for depression" for the past 5 years.

Anthony Bourdain's best friend said he'd been in a "dark mood for days."

Here's an excellent article written by a friend of his about suicide.

What's that about? Alas poor Yorick, I knew him... not so well?

Worth reading repeating. Ah. Mig. Da. La. Amygdala. It's the tiny walnut sized part of the brain that regulates serotonin. It becomes damaged by fill in the blank. 
Drugs/trauma/indifference/tragedy/medicine/PTSD. Anyone can fix it themselves. See Richard Davidson research. Up to you.

(SSRI drugs like prozac regulate serotonin, but reports are that up to 15% of the people who take them have adverse "serious side effects" - the drugmakers websites warn people about them, ideations of violence or self harm" - but for some unknown reason - the test that anyone can take to see if they can tolerate these drugs - is almost never given (according to a doctor friend of mine.)  So - if someone is prescribing you serotonin inhibitors - check to see if you can take the test, or check into Richard Davidson's work that shows a particular form of meditation can change the amygdala and help it regulate serotonin.  Not opinion, theory or belief - but science.)

In my work with Jennifer Shaffer, we run into people on the flipside who've committed suicide "all the time." Someone just wrote me about it being a "solution" for some folks... all I can do is report what I'm learning. 

In the case of "genetics" I've learned that meditation can cure or alleviate depression. In terms of drug therapy, I've found that meditation affects the same part of the brain the drugs are designed to affect; the amygdala. But in terms of the spirituality - ay, there's the rub. He's not gone. He's just not here. Kate is not "gone" she's just "not here." Here's the reply I wrote about the topic, that I'm sharing in public because... well... it needs to be repeated:

As to "why would someone commit suicide, was it a life's plan?" It's much much much more complex and complicated according to this flipside research. Each person has their own reasons - there can be 1. soul reasons 2. sociological reasons 3. genetic reasons. No one reason outweights the rest, and usually is a combination of all three.

If you start with "we don't die" then you can examine the process... why do we come here? why did he or kate choose their lifetime? If you examine these - you need to talk to them directly. "Why did you choose this lifetime?" Why did you choose to leave it in this way?" These questions are knowable,and believe me, I ask them.

I do so in my next book with the help of a medium... (Jennifer Shaffer) and we explore all the possibilities.

 Only Anthony (or Kate, or Robin Williams) can answer this question. 

I can tell you that many reply "It's a combination of all three" - the SSRI drugs, the unbearable genetic code issues with dealing with depression, the sociological issues - and even the example of an "exit point" - that they took "because they felt they had done all they can do."

In one case, we heard "I did this so I could experience all the pain that I brought to my family and friends so I could learn a lesson for a future life where I will help people with these kinds of issues."

I don't take suicide lightly - (and Jennifer deals with it on a daily basis) but I don't shy away from examining it. What people say is consistent from the flipside - that they still exist, that they still grieve and mourn and feel bad about what's happened... but some claim it was "meant to be" some claim that "they're still here, still helping." 

Some have said "everyone commits suicide every puff of a cigarette, every pill they drop - they all want to numb themselves and not be alive" - that's another way of viewing it. But all I can say is "if you want to know why someone checked themself off stage, you must ask them to get a solid answer."

If you want to read up on a person who took their own life,then wrote a book about it from the flipside, I recommend reading Erik Medhus' book "My Life After Death" - it's a frank, stark discussion of what it was like for someone to take his own life, then realize he hadn't ended his life at all... and then dealing with the pain and suffering he'd caused... 

However, he found a way to reach out to his mother (Dr. Elisa Medhus) and together with a variety of mediums,he's been in constant contact with her. (Channeling Erik- conversations of a mother with her son in the afterlife)

I can tell you that I've "heard his voice" at the end of one conversation he recently had with Stephen Hawking (anyone can hear it on youtube at the end of their talk) and I know Dr. Medhus personally - and know from her own lips how her son "called her on the phone" one day from the flipside.

In this talking about suicide - and we should talk about it openly and without fear of being mocked or lessened in any way - it's something that we can deal with, treat, work on. 

Once we come to realize we chose this lifetime, we chose being here - and when we "kill ourselves" we don't kill anything - we just put ourselves into a state of not being able to experience things that we experience here (breathing, tactile sensations, other tasty treats) we realize why we chose to come here in the first place, and why we should have stuck around to "see how the third act plays out."

People consistently report that once we are "back home" (their words, and I've filmed 45 deep hypnosis sessions and examined thousands of others) they experience "unconditional love" but also the regret they have for engendering pain in others, in making the journey that less bearable for others.

Yes, it's a form of "giving up" or "tearing up the contract" (or as Val Kilmer said "cheating") - but if you come from a place of unconditional love (and that's what people consistently report) then you have the ability - we all have the ability - to regard these events with unconditional love.

Give it freely. Give it to Anthony. To Kate. UNCONDITIONALLY. To those who you love and you don't want to see leave who are struggling. But remind them; "Hey you SIGNED UP FOR THIS. AND DAMMIT I NEED YOU TO STICK THE F*&K AROUND." Remind them why they should stick around. Make them laugh. Then make them laugh harder. And finally; make them laugh some more. If they're so busy wetting their pants while laughing, the idea of checking themself off the planet seems further away.

Off soap box. (back to your commerically sponsored social media construct.)

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting
From Asia Argento a few weeks ago.

Just said to the family "let's Bourdain." Meaning "let's explore some neighborhood and try a place we've never tried before." #bourdain A new verb. "Not gone. Just not here."

Finally, about Robin William's New Documentary:

Here's the first review of Robin's upcoming HBO show - (trailer is below) and an excerpt from "Backstage Pass - Talking to the Flipside" with Jennifer Shaffer" 

Jennifer and I "listen in" to our "class" on the Flipside, (class is moderated by Luana Anders, our "professor.") Various people I knew Luana knew, or Jennifer knew or has met offer insight during our sessions. 

In this case, I'd met Robin before, he's made a number of "appearances" (in "Hacking the Afterlife") The responses we gather in these sessions are sometimes profound, often hilarious, sometimes eerily on point. In this case, I had just heard there was going to be a documentary about him - Jennifer knew nothing about it. I ask the questions,Jennifer (the medium/intuitive) offers what she hears.

Rich: Hi class. Who wants to talk?

Jennifer: Robin. (Williams)

R: Hey, there’s a documentary coming out about you – someone who loves you made it.

J: “Magical,” he says. His family is really involved in this, feels like.

R: So your review is “It’s magical?”

J: "Magical but not the beginning. It builds up the story."

R: What’s the beginning about?

J: "His parents."

R: They’re trying to rationalize why you took your own life?

J: "They talk about cocaine (in the show)."

R: Is it inaccurate or not the whole picture?

J: “Just not the whole picture. They shouldn't emphasize the struggle as much.” Robin showed me the homeless guy.

R: “Radioman?” The character he played in “The Fisher King” with Jeff Bridges?

J: "Hollywood’s like that; they just do that."

This was recorded A YEAR AGO. I had no idea what the story would be like - and as you'll see it's just what he's saying it is.

Our class often admonishes me (often) for not sharing what we "hear" whenever we hear it. "You're holding back." 

Am posting this as a "review" from "Robin:" "Magical!" I'm sure the film will be hilarious, but will likely leave out the part that includes the minor detail that our loved ones are often still accessible; "Not gone. They're just not here."

Scott De Tamble on sale!

Scott De Tamble offering a sale for past life regressions and/or between life sessions.  Can't recommend anyone higher.


Jennifer Shaffer and Rich Martini on July 14th

Liberate your relatives and loved ones on Bastille day with Jennifer and yours truly, as we demonstrate, discuss, demystify how to communicate with the flipside.

Come join us on July 14th in Westwood.

Details in the link.


"Afterlife Conversations with Jennifer Shaffer and Rich Martini"

Rich is the best selling author of "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife," frequent guest on “Coast to Coast” with George Noory, and Gaia’s “Beyond Belief.” ( Jennifer is a world renowned medium/intuitive who has done over 3000 readings helping people to access their loved ones on the flipside. Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide to help them with missing person cases and has a full time practice in Manhattan Beach. (

Together, they offer a unique glimpse into the process of speaking to loved ones, discuss how to do so on your own, and what methods have proven the most successful. They’ll be talking about their recent project together, accessing people no longer on the planet to gain new information from them, learning insight from their journey and demonstrating how to ask the questions that allow anyone to continue communicating with loved ones no longer on the planet.

They will present and discuss their research as well as do a demonstration of whether it’s possible to continue a conversation with loved ones no longer on the planet.


Sat, July 14, 2018

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT


Colby Spiritual Center (for tix, click on links)

1792 Kelton Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90266

$50, seating is limited.

"Hacking the Afterlife" with KAren Swain

Here's a fun one.  KAren reached out after seeing me on Gaiam. (So perhaps that might be a way to introduce the viewer to the material.)

So instead of the usual introduction, discussion of my books, where to find them, blah blah blah, we just jumped in both feet first.

And I have no idea where we went!  I'll have to watch it to find out!

I look a little like I've been "woke" by a lightning bolt.

Thanks KAren, lots of fun to chat with you down under!

New Beyond Belief with George Noory "Talking to the Flipside"

"Life after death may be far more fantastical than you can believe. Richard Martini presents us with a new perspective of the afterlife, based on his documentation of countless Between Life sessions, including contact with the late Bill Paxton. We listen in on several of these sessions to glean the uncanny commonalities of the accounts, giving us a clearer picture of what awaits us on the flipside of life.

After a dream vision of visiting his friend in the Great Beyond, author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini went on a literary quest to discover the prevailing science and philosophical opinions on the afterlife. Eventually he was introduced to the work of author and hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton. FlipSide: A Tourist's Guide to the Afterlife is his debut non-fiction book on a topic that's been haunting him since the death of a soul mate."

Instructor/Host: George Noory
Featuring: Richard Martini
Video Language: English


Ghost Stories Beyond the Light

I answer questions on Quora now and then, and one of the most common is "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Per LaChaise Cemetery in Paris

I asked that question to my father as a toddler and his reply still holds up; "Ghosts don't exist."

Which I agree.  Ghosts, per se, do not exist.  Because they aren't "ghosts." They're just folks who are no longer on the planet.  They're people. They're still here.  Get over it.

I've seen ghosts most of my life - but didn't concern myself about it. Honestly.  It wasn't until they started to bug me that I actually thought about who or what they might be.

Like the fellow who used to live in my apartment in Santa Monica. I used to see him sitting on the edge of my bed.  "Who are you?" I got the impression he'd lived there before. Then I woke up to find him lying next to me on the bed. Naked. I jumped out of it (he disappeared).  I said "Dude. I don't mind you hanging out in your hold apt, but do not wake me up with your naked ass!"

He stopped. Then one day a new tenant ran in from next door.  Apt had been empty for years.  She screamed. "I was brushing my teeth and I looked up and a guy was standing behind me in the mirror!"  I said "Oh, was he about 5'10, sandy hair?" She said "Yes!"  I said "Oh, he's just the fellow who used to live here.  If you just tell him to stop doing that, he will."

Years later, I was in the post office standing next to a guy writing his return address on an envelope and recognized the address. (What are the odds?) I said "Dude, you live with a ghost."  He said "What?"  I told him the story... he didn't like hearing the story.  Too bad.  He lives with a ghost. Get over it.

I was in Sydney visiting the home of a friend who'd just sold his house. (Phillip Noyce and Jan Sharp in Darlinghurst) It was empty save for a bed which they left behind so I could camp out for a couple of fun filled weeks.  

One morning I awoke to see a man in a painter's outfit hanging from the rafters.  When he saw me react, he reacted - and said in an Aussie accent; "Terribly sorry mate, it's just something I feel the need to do." Then a ladder appeared, and he pulled the rope from his rafter and CLIMBED DOWN THE LADDER.  I blinked... and it was gone.

Not his ladder

I spoke to Jan Sharp later that day "What's up with the ghost?" She asked what I was talking about. I told her.  She said "Well our painter did hang himself but he did so in his own home."  I said "Well, he must like your home better because he's still hanging around."

I originally thought he was Mohawk
but research tells me he was Iroquois.
I was teaching in Maine - I woke to find a native american in full battle gear standing over me with an axe and a knife.  His arms were dripping something - looked like blood - could have been paint.  He was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER in my face.  Like "Get out!" but in Mohawk or Iroquois. I jumped up and he disappeared.  I said "Look, I'm only teaching here in Maine for a week - I'll be gone then, okay?"  And for that entire week slept with every light on, tv on, radio on. He didn't bug me again.

Like I say - just didn't bother with them. If they don't bother me, why bother them?

Can you hear me now?
Until I was staying at a friend's place in Connecticut.  And my wife and I heard "knocking" "tapping" outside the wall - where no one could knock. And then the lights going on and off - and a groan... whenever it rained.  

One night I had a vivid dream where I met this "angry presence" - which I saw covered in blood, in a british uniform - old, tattered, beard... angry fellow showed me the horrors of his situation.  Dead bodies all around - moaning and general horror.

I did some research, found the home was built on a British garrison from 1812. I think I was being shown the hospital - or the dungeon - I don't know.  It was pretty nasty.  

But the next time this fellow appeared - sensing his presence "enter the room" in a cloud of anger. I said "Hi. Look. I know you're upset that we're staying in your home.  I apologize. However, if you look around you'll see a light, and beyond that light is everyone you've ever loved. Just go into that light and you'll see what I'm talking about."  I was guessing this to be the case - I had just started this research, and it seemed like the most logical, compassionate thing to say.
Typical 1812 uniform

He didn't bother us again that trip... and I thought, "wow, cool, it worked." (We'd tried sage and any other number of suggestions... never told our hosts about it. Why tell them "There's a scary ghost in your guest house?")  

But a year later we were back, and this time I had a dream where this young handsome guy came to visit - he was wearing 19th century clothes, three piece suit - trimmed beard. He came up to me and said in the most proper English; "I just wanted to come back and thank you for sending me home."

Mind you - I ASSUMED this was make believe - wishful thinking.  But I also allowed it might not be.  I may have mentioned this in my books - but maybe not. I'm writing this down, because I tried this technique a few weeks ago.

George Noory of "Coast to Coast" fame.

I was in Boulder shooting "Beyond Belief" with George Noory.  The episode hasn't aired yet, but will soon. I was in the makeup room with the very talented makeup artist, and we were catching up since my last appearance.  

A producer came in and said "Tell him about the ghost!"  She said "Oh yeah, there's a ghost in the studio."  I asked about him. She said she saw him one day - walking in to a locked set - hiding behind some lights.  She said the crew all knew "someone" was moving lights around, breaking them, doing stuff in a locked room - but she also "saw him."

George Noory and Jennifer Shaffer

I asked if she'd seen ghosts before. "When I was younger."  I said, "Let's try an experiment, shall we?" Who is this guy?  She said "No idea."  I said, "Let's ask.  Try to remember what you saw. Can you freeze what you saw as a photograph? or a hologram?" 

She said "Ok."  "Move closer to him, what does he look like?" She described a young man in his 20's, sandy hair, eyes, etc.  I said "Let's ask him. Who are you?" She "heard" a name - told it to me, and we "asked him" what he was doing there. She said her first impression was that he died nearby in a fire in the 1950's. 

She said "he's very angry." I said "What about?" She said... "Oh my god! About our show! He's angry because he says the people who come on the show are not telling the truth about what it's like over there!"  

She laughed - the producer was still in the room, and they both laughed at that idea; a critic from the flipside.  I said "What is it they're getting wrong?"  She said "He says "Everything."

I said, "Look around you my friend. There's a light. And beyond that light is everyone you've ever loved and who ever loved you. Do you want to go and see it?" She said "No, he's too angry."  

I thought okay, try another tack.  I said "Well, can you see the light?" "Yes." "Can you go closer to it?" "Okay." "Describe what you feel."  He said "It feels warmer."  I said "Okay, step through the light."  He said "No, I don't want to let go of my anger."  

I said, "It's okay. Your anger will stay here.  You can always come back and retrieve it.  Just put your hand through the light, how does that feel?"  "Warmer."  I said "Now stand in the light, what's that feel like?" She/he said "I feel less angry."  I said "Okay, step on the other side of the light - you can always come back here, this sound stage isn't going anywhere."  (If I were filming this, this is the moment I would have shoved the fellow "through the door." But I didn't. I just asked him to check out the other side.)

He said "Okay." I said "Describe what you're seeing."  He said "I'm seeing everything differently..." I said "Look around. Do you see your family?"  He said "I hate my family. I wouldn't go to them if I saw them."  

I pressed him; "But look carefully. See anyone?" He said "I see my uncle. He's the only person who loved me."  I said "Can we ask your uncle to come over here?" He said "okay."  

I said "Take his hand. What does that feel like?"  He said he felt love, comfort, safety.  I asked if the uncle would show him around a bit?" The uncle said, "Sure." (She said, "He's saying "sure.")

I said "Look, you can always come back - do you want to come back?" And he said "No, I want to stay here with my uncle for awhile."

With George in the makeup room.

George popped his head in and off I went to do the show.  After the show, I went back to get my bag and the make-up artist said "He came back!" 

I thought... "Oh no, it didn't work. Their ghost had returned."  I said "It didn't work?"  She said "No, he just came back to thank me for helping him."  

It did work.

So in answer to the question "What would you say to a ghost now that you know the architecture of the flipside?" that's what I'd say. "Everyone who ever loved you, or whom you loved, is on the other side of that light."  

We don't need to push them out the door - it's up to them to take it. But that's one method of how to do it.


Mother's Day Messages from the Flipside

"We all only get one mother, so try to stay in touch with her."
About the time she was under contract with the Shuberts, hoofing on broadway, playing classical piano concerts in DC. Dorothy Ann Hayes ("Anthy") from Decatur, Il.  HAPPY MOM DAY.

That's a relative statement of course - if we consider for a moment that we may have been doing this play over and over again, based on the many standing ovations we've gotten from our various performances, we do indeed only have "one mother at a time."

Meaning, for someone who connects with a previous lifetime, when they do so, and allow those memories to come forth, they also remember their father and mother from that lifetime.  Are they any less worthy of our love today than they were back then?

Often in this research, people under deep hypnosis will recognize a family member from back then as being a family member now... and say "Oh my goodness, my mother was my sister in that lifetime."  Something to really give us pause as we reflect and remember our mother from this lifetime.

In my case, I've been able to stay in touch with my mother who left her chrysalis back in 2011.  Doesn't mean I don't miss her - after all she was a concert pianist and sitting in the room with her playing was always something to marvel at.  One day she asked me to record music for my dad's funeral - and he was still on the planet.  She said "I don't know if I could play it for him during the mass, as I would be too emotional."

I recorded a concert of her playing - about a half hour's worth.  I use that track in films sometimes, we did use it for my dad's funeral - and we used it for her funeral.  So mom got to play at her own funeral.  Pretty unusual even for my version of reality.

I was meeting with Jennifer Shaffer yesterday, having coffee in Santa Monica, when she suddenly mentioned a friend of our children who had passed away.  When he passed away suddenly a year ago, I had asked about him - and we had a brief conversation about his journey on the flipside.  I didn't know his parents well enough to ring them up and say "Hey, I was talking to your son today..." but hoped that some day I would get a chance to do so.

Which happened yesterday, because he just kind of "dropped in" to our conversation.  What made it so unusual was the method of how he had shown up - one odd occurrence turned out to connect with another odd occurrence, which connected to a third event - all three events together made for this moment when this young fellow sent a series of images, not only to Jennifer but to others.  I was the one to connect the various images - and Jennifer said they added up to a message from this young boy.

I asked him "So why have you shown up here today, and what were those images that you passed along?"  

Jennifer said "He says it was a message for his mom on mother's day."

I took the time to reach out to his folks and have done so, who confirmed that they have had messages from him before.  I was so glad to hear that; you just never know how someone might react when hearing that their loved one has something to tell them from the flipside.  Sometimes it's a direct message - sometimes it's a metaphor of a message - sometimes it's hard to put one's finger on it, other than it "resonates" on some level.

As I've noted here on the blog, Erik Medhus "spoke" to his mother from the flipside - it was recorded by accident during a session with a medium who was communicating with her son.  It's clearly his voice on the audio, and I can confirm beyond any shadow of doubt that his mom, a Houston doctor, did not manipulate the audio, nor could it have been manipulated.  It is what it is. "Love you mom!" says Erik.

Clear as a bell.***

So what to make of this mother's day message? On one hand that we're always connected.  That our loved ones may have left their chrysalis, they may have transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly - they may be hard to reach, or they may be on some kind of epic adventure - but they are not gone. They just aren't here.

Happy to report that the book Jennifer and I have been working on is close to being finished.  My recent appearance with George Noory on "Beyond Belief" at Gaia is nearly released... and other minor details on this journey.  

But it's good to remember our mom's on mother's day, as it's good to remember our dad's on their day.  And our kids on a day that will eventually become a hallmark card - "kid's day." We are all someone's child, all someone's sibling - if not in this lifetime, then during a previous one.  We can reflect on the unusual path that we took to get here - not only from our previous lifetimes, but through birth with our very own mom.

Unconditional love.  Love unconditionally.  Love the act of love, the gift of love, the giving of love.  It's all the same thing.  We have so few moments together here on the planet, you'd think we'd only spend time enjoying them.  

Here's a poem our daughter wrote when she was ten that her mom posted:

"A Perfect World"  by Olivia

No ba-bang of the guns or quarrelling

People always jubilant, no tears dripping from their eyes

No bullets in soldiers' hearts

The sick would heal and wounds would mend

Where people are always honest and grounds are spotless

All grass would be bright green

But if a world like that existed would anyone appreciate it?


***A note about the above audio of Erik Medhus "speaking from the flipside."

I've taken the time to download the two different audio clips of Erik's voice "coming through."  In the first instance ("Interview with Jesus") I put the audio through professional equipment to study the track.  A number of details are worth noting: in the original audio, there are two voices that are whispering (clearly evident as sound) and at one point, someone answers "Yes" to a question (The medium says "He said "yes" a split second later.")  These voices were not apparent to Dr. Medhus, I pointed them out to her (not the other way around.)  

They voices appear on the track about 1.5 times under speed - in other words if they're sped up they "sound normal."  There's no physical way to record two different speeds on the same track.  Further, there is no VOICE PRINT that appears when these voices are speaking. 

In other words, the frequency of the other voices (Dr. Medhus and the medium, in that case it was Jamie Butler) are clearly on the track and can be seen visually. But for the other voices, there is no visual appearance of their voices.  

It's possible that somehow the ear can hear something that is audible but does not appear as a physical voice signature, but I've never seen it before.  In the case of this second appearance of Erik's voice during a session, it's clear that neither the medium nor Dr. Medhus heard him initially - it's only in the recording, after someone pointed it out, were they able to hear his voice.  

Knowing Dr. Medhus as I do, and knowing how professional audio is recorded - there's no physical way for them to have interjected his voice overlapping theirs.  

It would have required a person to be physically present in the room (obviously it's not the case) nor is it believable in any stretch of the imagination that they would have included an actor in this situation - she doesn't charge any money for what she's doing, there's no monetary value here whatsoever, so for someone to suggest that there's a motivation, is really kind of loopy - or insane.  

I understand the difficulty that comes with hearing something that could not be there - it could very well be that we are all experiencing some kind of mass hallucination, hearing a frequency that does not exist - or it could be that somehow, someone recorded her son a decade ago, saying these exact words and then finding a way and a space to somehow download, record that track and then upload it again - but that's not physically possible to do - and the track itself came direct from Dr. Medhus.  

So there is no logical answer to how his voice appears on this audio - and in the absence of any logical answer, there is only one that's left.  It's his voice.  Further - the tone of his voice is casual, not forced - only a trained actor could interject something so casual into a conversation with such ease - "Love you mom!"  

Not said as if someone was shouting in a far away place so that someone could hear them - but said in afterthought - just what he likely always says at the end of these conversations, but can't be heard.  Not said like an actor trying to prove his existence, just a casual "see ya later." 

I contacted Dr. Medhus and told her how I had just done a similar "interview" with "Stephen Hawking" with Jennifer Shaffer and how in our interview some of the same hallmarks were repeated.  

The idea is not "here is what Stephen Hawking is telling us" but to objectively take a number of interviews with the same person with different mediums and compare the answers. Do they consistently say the same things? Or are the answers all over the map?  And if you have 3 or more mediums talk to the same individual (as I do in "Hacking the Afterlife") what does that tell us about the quality of the information?  

But I'm here to confirm that from a professional filmmaker's point of view - there is no logical explanation that I can come up with that isn't the most simple one; Erik spoke to his mother and reminded her that he loves her. My two cents.

(Thanks to Kari Krug for pointing me to this post from Thich Nhat Hanh)

"The day my mother died I wrote in my journal, "A serious misfortune of my life has arrived." I suffered for more than one year after the passing away of my mother. But one night, in the highlands of Vietnam, I was sleeping in the hut in my hermitage. I dreamed of my mother. I saw myself sitting with her, and we were having a wonderful talk. She looked young and beautiful, her hair flowing down. It was so pleasant to sit there and talk to her as if she had never died. When I woke up it was about two in the morning, and I felt very strongly that I had never lost my mother. The impression that my mother was still with me was very clear. I understood then that the idea of having lost my mother was just an idea. It was obvious in that moment that my mother is always alive in me.

I opened the door and went outside. The entire hillside was bathed in moonlight. It was a hill covered with tea plants, and my hut was set behind the temple halfway up. Walking slowly in the moonlight through the rows of tea plants, I noticed my mother was still with me. She was the moonlight caressing me as she had done so often, very tender, very sweet... wonderful! Each time my feet touched the earth I knew my mother was there with me. I knew this body was not mine but a living continuation of my mother and my father and my grandparents and great-grandparents. Of all my ancestors. Those feet that I saw as "my" feet were actually "our" feet. Together my mother and I were leaving footprints in the damp soil.

From that moment on, the idea that I had lost my mother no longer existed. All I had to do was look at the palm of my hand, feel the breeze on my face or the earth under my feet to remember that my mother is always with me, available at any time."

- Thich Nhat Hanh, in "No Death, No Fear”.

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