Memorializing Memorial Day and some evidence of the flipside

Mom, myself and Luana traipsing around Rome.
"Dad, why are you taking this picture?"
This question came in via Quora, where I randomly answer questions about the Flipside:

"I truly enjoy your entries. Thank you for sharing the information that you have found. Could I ask one question, though? What drove you to investigate this? Your content is like none other I have experienced before. How did you come about it?"

My answer:

"My best friend Luana Anders died. She started visiting me in dreams. Later that year, I was working in NYC on the Charles Grodin show (Charles was a great friend, and we became friends through her.) 

I had seen James Van Praagh on Larry King and suggested we bring him on to see if he could converse with her. (Charles isn't a believer or non believer - he likes to remain open to both sides of any discussion).

So we designed an experiment. I called in the show directly from my home. Only Charles knew I was calling in.

James Van Praagh mentioned a few things, but two jumped out. The cocktail glass collection reference (my last name inspires comic gifts) and a photo on my refrigerator. It was the only photo I’ve ever put up where I said aloud - “Oh look: the essence of our relationship.” (Drinking cappuccinos and laughter. It's reported in “Flipside") 

The photograph on my fridge he was referring to. There was only one.
When I put it up I said aloud "THE ESSENCE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP"

When he mentioned it I knew only one person in existence could know the story behind this photograph that he mentioned live on the air.

Later our 3 year old son wouldn't go upstairs. I asked him why. He pointed to the staircase and told me a woman was visiting him. I said “Who is visiting you?” He took me into the kitchen and pointed to THIS PHOTO on the fridge. 

Worried he might never go upstairs again, I asked “Does she frighten you?” 

He said “Dad. You can see right through her!”

I thought it over and said “Well, does she say anything to you?“ 

He nodded. “She says “I love you.” 

I replied, “Well… that doesn't sound scary, does it?” 

He paused, sighed and said “Okay" and went upstairs to bed. 

(From "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife.")

Once one proves to themselves their loved ones still exist - experience won't prove it to anyone else, because it’s experiential - one stops wondering. 

I started designing more ways to film or capture that experience. Hence the past ten years, two documentaries ("Flipside" and "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia) and 8 books about the Flipside research. 

Here’s the clip where James Van Praagh mentions the photograph - believe, don't believe - but this was the moment I realized there actually is a flipside:

My two cents


Winners of the "Talk to Luana" contest

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a free copy of the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" - a free PDF of the book has been sent to everyone who entered... (or will be sent, check the mailbox."

I asked people to ask Luana five questions. These folks had never met her, didn't know her, but as a demonstration that you can get an "answer" from someone on the flipside, I designed these questions in such a way that no one could answer them but a close friend of Luana's (none entered) or were actually speaking to Luana.

The answers to the questions are:

1. What was Jack Nicholson’s nickname for you?

(People might get an image or a sound, or something else. Whatever it is, don’t judge it, just write it down.)

The winning answer came from "Frances" in Florida, who said "I get an image of her standing with a clutch purse. The color of the purse was turquoise."  I asked what color that might represent, and she said "aquamarine?"  I said "That's close enough - The answer is "Blue." (Could have been a state of mind comment, but Jack has a nickname for all his pals.)

2. What city did your mother own property in, that we went to visit?

(Again, hard for them to use “words” – an image might come to mind, or an image of a person might appear; just note whatever that is.)

One person answered this correctly; "New Mexico."  Her mother brought property there in the 1960's, Luana and I went to visit it later in her life, and it was specifically in Santa Fe. New Mexico was/is correct.

3. What was the name of your dog that you found wandering the streets of West Hollywood?   

(Hint: This name is also the name of a city.  Again – try not to judge it, but listen carefully for the name of a city, or a place on a map – if you get a state ask “north, south, east or west?” until you take out a map, look at the cities on the map and “ask her to direct you to the correct one.”)

One person answer "Jose" - which in Spanish would be as in "San Jose" - but it's close to "Boyse" - which was her nickname for "boys town" or West Hollywood.  I called him "Boise" (hence the hint) but Boyse is more accurate than Boise - and close enough to Jose to suggest a winning entry.

4. Name the cat in this photo. 

Painted by Luana

(Hint: Not Mr. Bailey who is someone she often refers to.  Cat shares the name with a friend of hers, and a person with the same name may appear.)

This cat's name was "Robert."  However, a number of folks said "Kit Cat" or "Kitty Cat" - I don't remember Robert being referred to as such - but who knows? Maybe he is on the flipside. So no one got this correctly, but that's fine; Robert doesn't mind.

5. What is your uncle’s first name, who was the brother to your mother?  

(Hint: an image of someone with the same name might come to mind. She would have called him "Uncle ____")

This is a tough one - and I'll leave her uncle out of this since no one reported his name correctly. He was an unusual uncle of hers, had an unusal life and Luana took care of him in his elder years.

The point of this exercise was to inspire folks to do the same kind of "self experiment" with their own loved ones.  Not with Luana per se - but with anyone that we knew that was on the planet.  

Devise your own "five questions" or ten, or twenty.  Take out a photograph and ask them to reply.  They don't have to reply with sound, could be an image ("clutch purse that's blue") could something that pays off later.  Try not to hung up in the "proving" part - as Harry Dean Stanton told us (In "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 1") "Believe in the possibility of an afterlife, then you won't waste any more of your time arguing about it like I did."

Sage advice.

But in this case, talk to them.  Ask them questions. Repeat the questions in different locations - their favorite restaurant, a beach. Ask questions you don't know the answer to - 'When you hear an answer before you can ask the question then you'll know you've made a connection."

Books and awards will be sent out as we speak - and the winner to Jennifer's raffle (a free hour with her) will be notified privately by email (and will announce here if they ask me to.)

Thanks for playing along!

"Architecture of the Afterlife" and "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" will be on audible in a few weeks. Stay tuned.


Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole’s 61st Birthday

While interviewing a woman for "Architecture of the Afterlife" she suddenly announced that "Iz" (Israel) was one of her "guides." I asked "him" the same questions I do to anyone I meet on the flipside about his life, who greeted him when he crossed over. I asked about the song "Over The Rainbow" and she said "he's saying it was a tribute to someone named Pa-ha-nui." I asked if she knew who that is and she said "No." I asked him directly if he was referring to Gabby Pahanui, the father of Hawaiian slack key guitar (who I saw on a trip in the 70's in Honolulu). She said "He's shouting ""Shi hu!" over and over again!" I asked if she knew what that meant, she did not. "He keeps repeating it like he's excited that you understood." Later, I asked a friend from Hawaii what it means - she said "It's "chee hoo" - a samoan term we use as slang for "Right on!" or "Woo hoo!" So "Chee Hoo!" Iz and Happy Birthday. Google made a meme for you.


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer - George Harrison, Bill Paxt...

Clones at Greaser's Palace with Luana Anders

Perfect pandemic video. Luana plays all the characters in this short film for a class I did at USC


Mother's Day Luana's Birthday Raffle!

Happy Mother’s Day! And Happy birthday Luana contest!

A mother’s day challenge, contest and raffle.  

photo by Monte Hellman of Luana Anders

Jennifer Shaffer and I were chatting on our podcast (“Mother’s Day” at and we came up with an odd promotion and something fun for Mother’s Day. 

Available in Paperback at Amazon and other outlets.

If you purchase a copy of our latest endeavor; “Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer Book Three” and send a screen shot of your confirmation purchase, you will be entered into a “Mother’s Day” raffle, where entries will be put into a hat, and the winner will receive a free one hour session with Jennifer.  They can take the time to speak directly with their mom on the flipside (or perhaps others that they need to speak with).

Jennifer and me in action

Just a fun way to appreciate moms and to share the book with folks worldwide.  

Available on Kindle at Amazon

The book is on sale at Amazon  (Kindle) for $10, it’s $30 at Amazon for the paperback version (at nearly 600 pages it makes an ideal doorstop)   

The raffle begins today, May 8th, and ends two weeks from now, Friday May 22nd at midnight to give people time to take a screen shot or cell pic of their purchase confirmation, and email it to MartiniProds at Gmail. The winning entry will receive a free session with Jennifer Shaffer, renowned medium and intuitive, who works with law enforcements agencies nationwide on missing person cases. 


Details about her can be found at

The other part of the contest is in honor of our friend Luana Anders' birthday is May 12th.  

For those familiar with Luana, they know she is the inspiration for this research into the flipside, and has been helping me and Jennifer to write these “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” books.  

As a proof of concept – this part of the contest goes like this:

1. As an experiment, imagine or pretend that you could ask Luana some questions. You don’t need a medium to do this, or a hypnotherapist – a simple ability to do a meditation helps but is not required.  Imagine her sitting across from you.  Picture whatever outfit you have in mind, or let her show up in whatever outfit she prefers. Pay attention to colors, fabric, jewelry, etc.

2. Ask her some questions. She can put an image (or sound) in your mind’s eye, and those will constitute the answers to the questions you’re going to ask.

3. If you “hear” or sense an answer prior to asking the question, well, you’re ahead of the game. But it is a game, it is pretend. No one is harmed by this game. 

You’re not “inviting spirits” into your life or home – you’re asking specific questions to one person who left the planet in 1996.

I had a dream recently where we discussed this. And in the podcast this week (the video of the podcast is at as “Mother’s Day”) and she thought this would be a novel idea. As noted, she’s appeared in dreams to strangers and friends of mine – I try not to judge their experience (it’s their experience, not mine) and because I’ve been doing this unusual exploration for so long, I stopped judging whatever people wanted to share with me.

So – one can ask their own questions to her – and post those comments in an email to me.  Something like this:

1. “I got nothing for a long time” and then I got an image of a cat.

2. “It’s funny, but an image of her in a movie popped into my mind. I don’t know what it means  but here’s what I saw…”

3. I asked your specific questions, and here’s what I got; “blah blah blah.”

I will take any and all comments into consideration. If you have a dramatic tale to tell about something else, by all means, share it.  The “winners” of this competition will receive a free PDF of the book “Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3.”  Free.  A gift from Luana in honor of her birthday.  

Okay, here are the questions in no particular order.

1. What was Jack Nicholson’s nickname for you?

(People might get an image or a sound, or something else. Whatever it is, don’t judge it, just write it down.)

2. What city did your mother own property in, that we went to visit?

(Again, hard for them to use “words” – an image might come to mind, or an image of a person might appear; just note whatever that is.)

3. What was the name of your dog that you found wandering the streets of West Hollywood?   

(Hint: This name is also the name of a city.  Again – try not to judge it, but listen carefully for the name of a city, or a place on a map – if you get a state ask “north, south, east or west?” until you take out a map, look at the cities on the map and “ask her to direct you to the correct one.”)

4. Name the cat in this photo. 

Painted by Luana

(Hint: Not Mr. Bailey who is someone she often refers to.  Cat shares the name with a friend of hers, and a person with the same name may appear.)

5. What is your uncle’s first name, who was the brother to your mother?  

(Hint: an image of someone with the same name might come to mind. She would have called him "Uncle ____")

So the way they communicate is with images for the most part. Some can use sound – I heard her say my name the other day, it woke me up, because she repeated it aloud.  “Richard” First time I thought “oh, that’s a dream.” Second time I thought “What? Is the house on fire?” Jumped out of bed and looked around. I think she was just testing me.

Think of it as a game. Y’all are going to use your powers of mediumship (we all have them) and you are going to ask someone you’ve never met (it’s fine if you knew her, you don’t know the answers to these questions readily either) but you may have met her – and she may trick you into giving a weird answer that I can unpack.  (Like seeing an image of a "Rose."  She might have been trying to say the word "pink" or "red" or "Rosie." What you see is supposed to lead you (or me) to the answer).

Please include WHAT THE IMAGE WAS THAT YOU SAW so I can unpack it.  
With her Broadway costar in the 60's Michael Gough in the 80's.

Like you ask for a name and you see an image of “Dennis Hopper” may lead us to a name like “Dennis” – or it could lead us to the film “Easy Rider” which she starred in opposite her old pal Dennis.  And leading us to “Easy Rider” might lead us to Peter Fonda…  but you get the idea.  Don’t judge the answer; I’ll know how to unpack it.

Contest starts when you read this post, ends on midnight the 22nd.

No one needs to purchase a book to participate in the “guess what Luana’s answers would be" portion of the contest.  

Those folks who answer one question correctly will get a PDF of the book.  But those who purchase a copy of the book (kindle or paperback) and send a confirmation photo of their purchase to "MartiniProds @ gmail" are entered into the grand prize contest – which is an hour long session with Jennifer at a future date. Send complete entries to my attention at MartiniProds (at)

Stay tuned!


Hacking the Afterlife 6: Talking to Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson on the flipside

This is the world premiere of this film. I'm offering it free of charge so anyone can see the same mind bending information on YouTube at the same time. Our loved ones are still here.  (You may have to double click on this video link) Here's a link to the film:

I will let the film speak for itself.

Transcripts for the film are in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" - if you want to donate something to this research there's a DONATE BUTTON to the side of this page, or perhaps purchase a copy of the book for a friend or loved one who needs to hear it.

Available on Amazon.

Kindle version is here:

For those who've asked to donate to our podcasts; here's the link for the donation page.  Thanks in advance! Donors get mentioned in the books.... and a sincere thanks for anything to help support the research.


Flipside Documentary on Amazon Prime

For those of you looking for something to view on Amazon Prime:

Flipside: A Journey Into the Afterlife
(137) four star reviews

1h 30min 2012 NR

Award winning filmmaker Richard Martini explores startling new evidence of life after death via "between lives," where we reportedly find loved ones, soul mates and spiritual teachers. Examines reports by people under deep hypnosis who claim to experience the same things in the Afterlife; interviews with Michael Newton, hypnotherapists, and filmed Past life regressions.

Genres Special Interest, Documentary
Director Richard Martini
Starring The Dalai Lama, Michael Newton, Pete Smith
Rentals include 7 days to start watching this video and 7 days to finish once started.

Included with Gaia on Amazon for $9.95/month after trial

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click here to watch the film:

Cannes Man on Amazon Prime

Watch Cannes Man | Prime Video

24 years ago walking down the croisette with Rebecca Broussard we ran into the crew who shot our film "Point of Betrayal."  

Here's the trailer:

Seymour cast Rebecca as his wife, I appeared and hung out since the then director had been relieved of command. Made pals with late Francesco Quinn. When i got back to LA producer Coleman invited me to fix it. I added a story inside the story, bookends, tied the improv together and it sat on a shelf for 16 years. 

Luana Anders' last role (as a phone call at a funeral). Lots of pals in it some no longer on the planet (one notorious cameo is in prison). Payment was a return all expense trip to Cannes to promote with Rebecca. Producer insisted on credits, original director is credited at the end (who threatened to kill me for finishing it). 

Lots of laughs, made for a nickel, still funnier than any film about the fest before or since.

Cannes Man

Julie McCann Quinn is in it! Peter Tunney! Ann Cusack! The doorman from Pakistan at Rocket pix! Tim Meinelschmidt and Nancy Rainford ! Nat Berstein! Mitchel Katlin! Bob Evans! Randal Kleiser! Eha Urbsalu! (The last Miss USSR) Larry Kasanoff! (And johnny depp, jim jarmusch, dennis hopper, john Malkovich and other notables of the croisette). It's still funny. Insane it took 24 years to come out. But since i don't make a dime, i can't offer a money back guarantee. Can't go to Cannes? Watch this instead.


Charles Grodin, James Van Praagh and the Flipside

Mom, me, and Luana in Roma circa 1986

Some years ago (1996) I was invited by Charles Grodin to appear on his talk show as a "Hollywood Correspondent" - the joke was that he would say "Here's our Hollywood Correspondent with the latest news" and I would appear on screen bragging about all the Hollywood gossip I had discovered.  

Charles would frown with disdain, (he loathes Hollywood gossip) and ask me what movies I had seen - and basically I would blather about celebs, string nonsense together - I actually never had any gossip, or any real stories to tell. If I "went to a screening with Tom Hanks" it was because I was sitting in the back row. 

Charles' pal Elaine May called him up and said she thought the bit was hilarious, but other people (like my mom) were wondering why "Charles was so mean to you."  So he brought me on to explain the bit - as well as tell a story about my first audition for an agent. (A positive review from Elaine May is worth its weight in gold.)

Here's one of the clips with me as Joe Hollywood.


In the following clip, this was the moment that I realized that people don't "die" that "life goes on."  It's the kind of thing that is unique to the person experiencing it. One tends to have epiphanies alone.  

In my case, I was producing segments for the Grodin Show for six months, had seen James Van Praagh on CNN, and since our mutual friend Luana Anders had passed away a couple of years earlier, I suggested that Charles bring him on and see if he could speak with her.  

Charles is an open minded skeptic - neither believing or disbelieving - but allowing people to share their experiences. He notes that in this clip.

Luana Anders in a mirror in Rockefeller Plaza

In my case, when Luana passed away, I put a photograph on my refrigerator and said aloud "Well, that's the essence of our relationship. Laughing while having cappuccinos and cookies in Rome."  We spent a lot of time laughing when she was still on the planet.

However, fans of Flipside will know that since this show - in 1998 or 1999 perhaps - she had started to visit me from the other side.  And in this case, I was no longer on the show as a segment producer (he had moved from CNBC to MSNBC) and I called in from Santa Monica - Charles arranged with the producer to give me a direct line to call in - but no one knew I was going to be calling in but Charles and the producer.
Two Mediums Equal Twice the Spirit Connection | James Van Praagh
James Van Praagh, here with medium Tony Stockwell
(who appears in "Architecture of the Afterlife"

In this example, James talks about a couple of things that are absolutely verifiable. 

This photograph that I put on the refrigerator - there was only one photograph of me and her, and when I put this one up, said that sentence aloud.  "The essence of our relationship" - and I know I've never spoken aloud to a photograph before or since. So when James referred to the photograph - there was only one photo on the planet he could have been referring to. THIS ONE:

The essence of our relationship

The other thing was my Martini glass collection.  

That is - everyone gives me one on my birthday or some other occassion - and I have quite a few from around the globe.  So when she refers to my "cocktail glass" collection, she's specifically giving James Van Praagh an image that will get me to say "Martini glasses."  Even though James TO THIS DAY doesn't know my last name or that I was calling in on the show.

But this kind of thing is subjective. For me it was evidentiary. For others they may imagine it something else. They can parse the idea, try to explain it away  but I left in the part of the clip where Charles confirms it was accurate.  

And this moment turned my life in another direction - if it was possible for her to "visit me" or to "appear on the Charles Grodin show" with her old friend Charles (they appeared in "Sex and the College Girl" together decades earlier and remained lifelong best pals.)

For me, her showing James the photo and the cocktail glass collection was absolute proof that she still existed.

And if she still existed, then how could I go and seek her out?  Since then I've written 8 "best selling" books  (kindle in their genre) about our journey - the new book "Architecture of the Afterlife" mentions her, and the latest book with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana "writes" the forward.  Because she can communicate with us, and does so EVERY WEEK.

With Jennifer Shaffer
Every week for the past five years I meet up with Jennifer Shaffer (a medium who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide, has assisted in a case with Bill Bratten (former NYPD commissioner) and Jennifer and I have been demonstrating for five years that it's possible to speak directly to our loved ones on the flipside.

Our new book - written the help and assistance of Luana - who is outside of time, is in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3". 

Luana is our moderator on the flipside, and she is referenced often on our Podcast ( and in the Video Clips (

It's funny - I gave these VHS tapes to someone at a local college - it took him two years to get around to them. And today I'm finally putting up to clips.



Hacking the Afterlife Podcast 4 - from Emptiness to Resurrection

Here's our latest podcast.

It can be found at (audio only) or (video).

In this interview, Jennifer and I invite some unusual people to converse with us (based on the concept that we've done this before). In this case, I invited a Tibetan monk (Tsong Khapa) to answer some dialectical questions, and then take the unusual step of asking his mentor, the "deity" known as Manjushri to help him answer these questions. That's in the first part - the first 20 minutes. then in the second part, we interview someone who has shown up in our interviews before - especially in the book "Hacking the Afterlife" (known as Essie, Issa, or "the alpha and the omega." 

  It's not something for everyone, and won't make sense to but a few esoteric folks out there.  But in my case, it was on my mind, and I wanted some clarification of something I'd discovered in the book "Tsong Khapa; Budda in the Land of Snows" by Thupten Jinpa. In the book - it turns out that Tsong Khapa was doing something similiar - using the medium Umapa to access the "Buddha" Manjushri to ask questions about emptiness.  It's short and quick - about twenty minutes, but then after that, I ask the alpha and omega some questions. For fans of "Hacking the Afterlife" (book) they know he's shown up before - it's a way of showing that he's "never far from someone's heart" - not in the religious sense per se, but in the actual "I need some help here" "praying for help" sense.  

Apologies to everyone who may be offended - scientists, religious folks... have I left anyone out?  But this is an ongoing exercise in demonstrating that those who have left the planet are not gone - they just aren't here.  Worth contemplating in the current situation where many of our friends will have left the planet by the time this coronavirus finds a vaccine or cure.  Our loved ones are not gone - just not here. They are available through meditation, through deep hypnosis, through a medium - or even just "asking questions" (As I do in "Architecture of the Afterlife")  The book shown at the beginning is the new book of these conversations Jennifer and I have had - it's called "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer" and includes conversations with a variety of different people - famous and not famous, religious and not religious.  Just like these.  

Enjoy. Stay safe and "wash those mitts!"


"The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you"

This is a blog I wrote after "Hacking the Afterlife" appeared in print. It applies now - as it includes a quote from a dream I had where my friend Luana came to visit and said to me: 

"The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you." 

Richard Martini's Blog, page 8

August 13, 2016

Quotes for Hacking the Afterlife and a note from Luana Anders

An odd, yet thrilling dream from my past...I have no idea where to share this but here... 

I was looking over some old files today, and found this notation from March 18th, 2002.  This was about six years after she passed away, and about 6 years prior to my starting this research into the Flipside.

March 18th, 2002

I had a dream last night where I ran into my old friend Luana Anders and she said "The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you." 

I had no idea what she might have meant until now. 

Let's pretend for a moment that some people start to read this research, watch "Flipside" - read "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide" or "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife."

And they suddenly realize that we don't die. 
That we have access to everyone who has ever gone before, that with a good amount of meditation, self reflection, perhaps a trip to a hypnotherapist, or even a medium who is recommended to you - we can access those loved ones who've gone before us, give them a voice to communicate with us, and give us insight into what they learned while they were on the planet.

A thousand generations??? 
Wow.  That's a heck of a lot of folks.  

Okay, all humility implied, all vanity aside, sleeves rolled up, and open to the universe: I can handle that.  
I got this.

all my books via Amazon:
Hacking the Afterlife on Kindle

Hacking the Afterlife in Print
(the files are updating from corrections, it will be available in a few hours if not now)

Here are quotes from "Hacking the Flipside" given directly from people on the Flipside who are in the book:


I asked Jennifer Shaffer if any of the people interviewed in the book might give a quote or “blurb” for the book cover. I wrote her (tongue firmly in cheek): “I assume no one spends time in the afterlife reading books, however, perhaps one of them might be able to give a quote I can put on the book?” She asked each person on my list for a reply:

Edgar Cayce

“Tell Richard that his book has an appealing thunder for controverting settings that are falsely depicted, for those that need (to hear) it. (Jennifer asks Cayce “Need what?”) The truth we need is, how we survive our bodies, (arrive) in the afterlife to different situations that make up (I think he means comprise) the past, present, and future outcomes of our spiritual existence. (“Controverting” may mean “contradicting misconceptions.”)

Tell Rich not to fear the outcomes of what it is, that (the response to this book) will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. And that we all have to, (and) at some point of our spiritual growth, need this “upheaval” to make a difference. Rich, you are that translation of the ethers. For now; I’m “The Awakened Prophet.” (laughing.) (Note, Jennifer had a hard time with his syntax and I’ve done my best to unpack it. Edgar Cayce was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” so his comment “The Awakened Prophet” is pretty funny.)

Billy Meyer

(Billy is my life long pal who appeared to Jennifer when we were doing an interview live on German television moments after I’d learned he passed away.) Jennifer: He’s smoking a cigarette. “Of course I am” he says. 
He’s showing me your daughter by the way, Rich. “Is it her birthday?”(It is, in two weeks) He’s showing me a depiction of.. not her birthday, or a previous birthday? Your son? (It was yesterday.) What do you want to say to Rich?  He says “I want to tell Rich I’m watching over him. And I do care about what he publishes…” Jennifer asks “Have you read it?” “Yes, I was there when you wrote it – (and) many lifetimes before.” So Richard’s written something like this before? “(showing Jennifer) I’m seeing quills. “Absolutely... something they had to use a long time ago.”
He says “He appreciates you talking to his family, last September. (That’s accurate, I emailed his kids to let them know he came through to Jennifer). He’s showing me another female – is this the guy that…? (I assume he’s showing her a friend in high school who also dated another friend, Howard). Why do I laugh with him so much? “Because you get it,” he says. He’s hanging out with your other friend up there – Luana. Jennifer asks “Luana’s teaching you?”

He says “He doesn’t qualify for her classes, she’s so much ahead of his spirit. He still likes being around here.” He’s super funny. He said “Rich did what I asked him to do. Yes, you checked up on his family and (that in turn) opened up a dialog between Bill and them.”

Anything else Billy? He says “Tell him I finally have nothing to say. And that Rich got it right this lifetime.”  Got it right? “Right in terms of your soul purpose.” He shows me a fence, like you were trapped (behind it) you lifted the fear factor and you’re just going for it. He just high-fived you. 

Tell me something else only Rich would know. “That you don’t know when to stop. That it’s working out better than anybody expected it to.” He says tell him “I love you maaan;” like from that film; that’s funny. He says “I hope to catch up soon after the reviews come in.” He says “You did it Rich.” He shows me an R with a circle, like the Radio Shack logo; like you’re an antenna. He says “His heart is with you and he thanks you and everything you’re doing on both levels, with the spirit world as well, and to not hold back… Ciao.”  (A phrase Billy used with me when saying goodbye.) He said “Good luck, but you don’t need it.” 

Howard Schultz  

Howard is a lifelong friend who grew up down the block from me. He came out to LA and became a successful TV writer/producer, creating successful shows “Extreme Makeover” and “Naked Dating.”  He offered to do a between life session with me, which I filmed and included in “Flipside” (but made him anonymous at the time.) 
We spoke often of doing a “spirit show” together, but it just never happened. We were talking about doing a show together the last time we spoke, but he passed away from a sudden heart attack a month later. Jennifer asked him for a quote:

Jennifer: Howard told me “The beginning is near and the ending is nonexistent.” (I see this as Howard playing with “the end is near!” when it comes to talking about the Flipside.) It’s something we all have to incorporate into the well of our being. Not to “look for the now,” but to “live for the awakened shift.” And not to use fear to have it… (Jennifer; “oh my gosh, he just showed me, a picture of a fear monger who’s running for President”)  Not to use fear tactics within your soul’s purpose to gratify who you are now.

He says “Tell Rich I support him in all his endeavors, even more so because I get where he’s coming from. Much luck to you… and you Jennifer… for making the unbelievable claim that there is even an afterlife. (Jennifer laughs.) He’s so funny; he showed me (a cover of) The National Enquirer; “The irony is that all the things we’re afraid of are actually true in the afterlife.”

Then he showed me the main characters from the movie “Men in Black.” “Everything was true.” “Truth” is written in big bold letters. “Truth has now become a way of making fear and the lies are the fear’s way of making truth nonexistent.” Then he showed me a wheel, he says “It’s a never ending circle of stupidity in the population of the planet and the people in the afterlife are trying to make up for it.” (Jennifer asks “Of what you guys caused?”) He says “No, of what’s going on now; the past and the future, it’s all one - in a nice bow that looks like it hurts. (She saw a picture of a Tiffany box with a bow that Howard pulled until the box bulged.)

He says “Tell Rich to keep listening, I’m there.” What else did you want to say?  He showed me Amelia Earhart and said “Tell Rich not to worry, everything will work out, (“I think he means financially”) - spiritually he just showed me you were skyrocketing over him. Howard it was good to talk to you. He gave me that cute look of his. Gosh I love that… see you soon.”

Since Prince and Robin Williams appear in the book, they’re naturals to ask if they have a quote for the book. Jennifer sends me a file where she asks on her cellphone; “Is there anything Prince can say about why people should or should not should read this book?” “He says “They should read it if they want to fly.”(Jennifer laughs “to the moon?”) “then Robin Williams came in and said “That’s mine!”

“Prince showed me the book opening up and then stars floating from the page, like it’s magical.” He says, “But it’s history repeating itself.” Jennifer: “He said put lyrics in the book from his song Purple Rain; it’s the fourth section. (Jennifer: I hope I’m interpreting it right.) He’s also showing me an image of the Radio shack logo - that’s so funny. He says “You’re a transmitter of a spiritual language, hitting the masses in this dimension, which is hard to do unless you wear high heels like he did… which hurt his back. He’s showing me it’s ultimately what caused his death.” Jennifer asks “So you died from high heels?”“Technically yes,” he says. “What would you have done differently?” He said “I would not have used that piano (to jump from) … Ah, I see, it’s a metaphor. He wanted more, so he jumped off of it; jumping off his favorite instrument, trying to reach the ethers. Jennifer asks: “So you could have just done that by playing, no? “Yes,” he says, “he could have done that by playing.”

He’s showing your book at the piano. “Just do it” he says, laughing. But what does Rich have to do with jumping off a piano? He’s says you’re jumping off a different cliff, but he’s showing me a trampoline (laughs) – that you’ll be fine.  Because you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff with this endeavor.  He said “Balls to the wall.” He says “Tell Rich I can only have him hear me when he wants to listen.” “What does that mean?” Oh, (that) you don’t care to have things pushed on you.  Jennifer asks “Are you pushing him?” “Kind of…” he says, “to the point where…” ah, I see, that’s where the disbelief comes in.

He says he won’t push you, he’ll “Enchant your writings. Like on the piano, like a duo;” He showed me both of you guys side by side on the piano bench… (Note: Something I spent a lot of time doing with my mom who was a concert pianist who played duets.) “Tell him that we’re all doing this from all aspects.”
Oh… aw.. he just gave me a flower, I hope that was for me, I’m actually blushing… He gave me a daisy, not a rose.  He said “The rose is saved for God.” What does that mean? He says, “God is all of us, in you and me. The daisy is the enchantment of something. Something different in the matrix.” And then he showed me a beautiful array of flowers… wow. He said “Signed Prince.” He made an x for a signature… “He’ll know what that means,” he said. (Like a sideways version of his signature of the “Artist known as Prince.”) “See you soon.”
Robin Williams
Jennifer: I first want to say happy birthday to you, Robin (It’s his birthday as we write this.) Do you have a quote for Richard’s book, a direct message to your fans and friends? 

“I have only two words; “Love… Love.” Jennifer asks, “Love all?”  “No, love Love.” He says “That’s the key ingredients for happiness; love the love. Find that. In everything that you are. Whether you are in hell (metaphorically speaking) or in your prison cell, (physically speaking); find the truth. Love is God’s connectedness, love is God, it’s every single one of us, even if we can’t hear it. Love… Love. And then send it to everything. Oh my gosh, the sun just came through my window, my heart’s pounding. I said is that it Robin? He says “No; that’s everything.”  Wow that makes me want to cry. Thank you.
He says “Tell Rich I’m here for him. He says tell him that I’ll surprise him.” When? He’s going to visit this person, he’s going to visit this person and then this person is going to come to you; that’s how you’ll know. He just winked. He says “Tell Rich it’s exciting: the matrix, the connections, God…” -- it was so interesting when he said that -- and now he says “nanu nanu,” and just did like a little thing on his head, over and out. “Until now.” (A play on the parting line “Until then…”) “It’s Over and yonder.”

(A pause) Robin showed me a record. “The record is your lifetimes. Playing over and over and then sometimes we scratch the record and then we have to get a new record.” He’s showing me how in this lifetime he scratched it and he left, and (then) you come back as like a CD or a Walkman. And then we end up all virtual. (Note: I think he means at the end of all of our lifetimes. Each lifetime is like a variation on a theme, like music on cylinder, on vinyl, on digital – variations on each them we choose as our lifetime, and eventually we become that recording in a virtual way.) The music keeps going, our souls keep going, that was such a great thing he just gave me – we’re all records, sometimes we scratch, sometimes we get broken, eventually we just live on to more instruments more human bodies, I love the way he shows me the Walkman, the cd player, then we go virtual… for millions of people.

“And you are that right now, Rich - you’re now the virtual .. you’re not the record player anymore, or the record, you’re now in the virtual, you’ve made it, and you’re sending it to everybody else. I commend your thoughts and love who you are and thank you and love to both of you.” He showed me a pebble of some sort, he showed me a rock “You’ll know what that means.” Something with rocks. All right, bye. (I have a collection of rocks from around the world – world’s cheapest souvenir, but reminds me instantly where I found it. I have one on my desk and my eye went straight for it.)
Amelia Earhart
She has the most beautiful eyes by the way. First thing she says is “Don’t find me.” She says “it will disrupt everyone.” She says that her bones will be found or get shown soon. And that she’s having fun with all the crazy people that want to find me, “I’m not worth that. They’re spending too much on resources,” What about a tv show? “That would be okay, I’ll lead you; let them pay for it.” Oh I have the chills.
She says that she wants you to lead (the search). You’ll understand what not to look for. Not sure what she means by that. Oh, the plane. She’s showing me the plane and one of the wings, like half the wing tip. She says something about it not being hers; something about 1948 (whatever that means to you, Rich.) What else? She says: “Tell him I love him.” Oh, Luana came in by the way – both of you guys are conspiring something.  They both just came in while I’m talking to Amelia.

Luana: they both love how you’re channeling and actually thinking you’re confirming what you already know. What was that?Luana just kicked you up to her class by the way. She wants you to ask for her tonight to ask what’s going on; it’s going to be another revelation before tomorrow’s interview (on Coast to Coast AM radio). Um, aw… Ha, so Amelia just showed me her girlfriend and that you’re correct. Whatever that means.
We are all part of this play, she just showed me how she did so much – the last five years (of her life incarcerated in prison) she could live without – she says. But what about his book? Any quote? “Lift it to your soul. And see what your soul has to say. Hearing the words from the book; don’t judge it, just listen to your spirit, it will guide you and tell you that the “unthinkable” is real -- and (she says) make sure that the unthinkable is in quotes; she’s saying you’re not thinking it – it’s unthinkable. The things that you put in your head; it’s the stuff you don’t put in your head that’s real.

She just gave you a kiss on the cheek and spun you around in the chair, She said “Bon Voyage… to what?... to the ethers.” She says “I think we all have a lot in common. And we’re lucky to have us in all dimensions, I am grateful.” She says “Be grateful for your breath. It is coveted sometimes, (breathing) not the biblical sense of coveting of course. Wanting breath is everything; it’s your source, it’s your power. Move and laugh, laughing’s the best medicine don’t waste time trying to dig up things.  Unless it’s a TV show, she keeps saying; she’s showing me September as well, not sure what that means. (Possible date of production of a documentary I’m helping about her). She says – “Au Revoir.”  
The Alpha and the Omega

I asked her; “see if Jesus has a quote for us…”
They’re fighting for it, hold on, - oh, Mary Magdalene (is here), my heart always feels better when I feel her. She says “Tell Rich he is not a saint…. Aw, that’s so sweet, she saysthat you’re not a saint, but you’re an etheric saint, and she showed me a statue in the ethers. She showed me like a map of the US with lights, you know how like if you were pinning destinations everywhere, with all the destinations lit up? She says that you’re doing that through your work. Then she showed me how you reach all audiences in all the quantum fields – she’s showing me the dimension on top of our dimension and all the dimensions after that; so that’s why you’re an etheric saint… that’s hilarious.
I’m being shown (Jesus) -- you know when I described him as he came to me with loafers and jeans and button downed shirt and his hair long, looks like a 1960’s guy yet cleaned up? He has brown eyes, beautiful eyes, that’s amazing, but they change.
First thing he says is “Tell Rich “Thank you.” Why? “For allowing a different outcome in the way people can hear my story.” He’s showing me the Bible and showing me your work and how they stacked up against each other… that’s so funny! Well, not funny.. but.. wow. He’s showing me how my brain is like an antenna, thank you, and my heart as well…

“Tell Rich that his work is the truth. That people have become fearful and might say bad things (about it); it’s one of many multidimensional truths that has to… heed the warning from not putting it out. That’s where damnation happens - by not putting truth out there – it was taken out of context, (like) what was written in the Bible.

“You’re a truth-gnostic.” What does that mean? He’s laughing. “Tell Rich that a truth-gnostic is someone who is unbiased and wants what others have to say, that resonates with his heart. You put it out there, even when you might not believe everything that you’re listening to (or writing about).
Then he just showed me like lightning of some sort, like a lamp going out with a flash, just the frequencies bursting – what an amazing metaphor! He’s showing how the frequencies (are affected), like your (way of putting things,) your language is making things crash, with people internally… You’re breaking the old lamps so they can put a new bulb in, to bring forth the light, instead of (just) trying to dust off the old light. He says “Thank you for doing that.”

It is a challenge frequency that always hurts initially. Follow your spirit and only look back for the theater of history it plays in, or plays to. And know the audience members have to watch the play - the modern day version of it - enough times for them to have it sink in. Like (the Broadway play) Alexander Hamilton – using the different races that played the historic characters in Hamilton. People prep the stage for it to last.
He just showed me the Michelangelo painting where they’re touching fingers in the Sistine chapel - where God imbues the human spirit with his touch – he says “Everyone touches God and makes up (comprises) what God is.” He says “It’s molecules of light in different shades, in different colors of light in different shapes and sizes. And some are big lights like you, so others can follow - not in a hierarchy way, but so they won’t get lost on the path.” He’s showing me a dirt path. He says “Sometimes a dirt path is harder to stay on and being in a car is easier, but some people choose to keep walking up hill because they’re told it’s the only way.”
(laughs) “You’re giving them a hybrid choice - to question (reality) – nobody would have believed in the electric car (before it was made) – (Jennifer: He just showed me my electric car and said “but you already have one.”) He says “I love you and everyone.” He’s showing me all the U.S. presidents, and says “Everyone (of them) made a difference. In the quantum field of light and darkness, without one, you would not have had the other. So for you, for one, please do not judge.” He showed me an image of Paul Revere. He says “Do not judge the messenger and its contents to set you free; “free” meaning in your heart, where in the ethers is (always) “true.” We all are Shakespeare’s love.
He shows me that we technically die and rise together. Whether in our hearts or in our spiritual uncertainty, or in our spiritual uncertainty or demise. We can rebuild. He says take my advice; Gandhi did it right. And we all have Gandhi inside our hearts. And he just showed me Robin Williams and said “Love the love. Within us all. And peace. And then peace has to follow.”

“Thank you Rich. We are entertained by your thoughts.” Why was that shown to me? The Holy bible? “It was a foundation.” Now he showed me a lightbulb and breaking it with the frequencies, and showed me a new lightbulb and showed me your book, one of many books incorporated into – not “the new age” but “the new vulnerability.” “Love the love.  It’s so simple yet dissected into a thousand different ways, thousand different shades of light that make up one… “Without darkness there is no light, and vice versa…. you get the drift.”
He says “Sing well. And listen more. To your own advocacy. Of this multi-dimensional world.” He’s showing how you have to get along with all dimensions, not just this dimension, but you have to have the awareness that (reality) it is multidimensional. He shows me there is no stealing, everything is free. As long as your heart is (free) and you take action…

“Like you, Rich. More people will be changed by your words, than the ones who can’t hear what you’re saying. That is their path. Maybe the next lifetime; but again, he shows me the contract between people that you have to have both; people who can hear and people who can’t hear the difference, otherwise everyone would be following him or someone like him - like a saint. (Jennifer: hey, you’re a saint in the ether, how’s that make you feel?) I said I don’t want them to leave but they’ll be back. He just said “Rich; you are an en-Richment.”

And finally, a quote from Luana Anders, which I got from her in a dream six years after her passing in 2002: she said “The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you.”
            *           *          *          *          *
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Published on August 13, 2016 16:26

Then today, I got this email from an anonymous new friend:

"Dear Rich,

My name is (J).  I’ve been talking with Jesus. I started out the email in this way because he asked me to. I tend to find the topic of Jesus to be quite the conversation stopper and my ego feels embarrassed to do it... but I’m learning to just go with the flow.

I only recently learned I could ask questions of the world-not-here. I want (as all of us want) to know who I am. When I asked, he responded: “August 14, 2002 - Something Richard Martini filmed that day”

Richard Huh?? 

This figure called Jesus (who I never had much of an interest in before, other than thinking he was probably a pretty nice guy) literally shoved himself into my life, says a guy named Richard Martini is his friend, and to please contact him. 

So here I am. Thank you for having a unique name. And please take all the time in the world. I have no idea where this is going. J"

I replied that she had found the right Richard Martini - at least in terms of being pals with Jay on the flipside. For those fans of "Architecture of the Afterlife" and "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" they know the Alpha and Omega makes a number of appearances in both books.

But I see now what Luana was talking about.
Architecture of the Afterlife

If people can consider for a moment that it's POSSIBLE that there is an afterlife. That is may be possible to communicate with people no longer on it - then it's possible for everyone to communicate with anyone they ever loved, anyone who was here and has more information to share. 

It's not ME doing the talking. I'm asking the questions. Mediums like Jennifer Shaffer help supply the answer, but in "Architecture of the Afterlife" dozens of strangers provide the same information.
Backstage Pass 3

People on the flipside are aware they haven't disappeared. They know they still exist. Further they know that we don't believe they do exist.  It appears to be just a matter of "opening ourselves to the possiblity they exist" for them to come forward and "answer a question before we can ask the question." (The best method I know for proving they still exist.)

So - I've passed along the information. It's in print, it's in videos at - it's in our blog on itunes "HACKING THE AFTERLIFE" - it's across the internet. It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people can communicate with those no longer on the planet, I've been filming them do so for over a decade.

I suggest that if someone comes to read this page, it's not out of mere curiosity - or simple coincidence - that there is someone on the flipside, a beloved one, who wants them to consider the possibility and to get busy communicating with them.

My two cents.

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