Martini On The Rocks CD

Okay, after waiting 20 years, I've finally posted a smathering of my tunes.  Still waiting for itunes to put them online, but in the meantime, has put them up here:,i:digital-music&keywords=rich+martini&ie=UTF8&qid=1290469417

Apologies for the off key notes, the clams, and the other obvious mistakes that I've made compiling this songbook, that dates back to when I was 18 and playing piano at the James Tavern while attending Boston University and had to write some tunes for my weekly gig.  Later, I wound up playing these songs in pubs and bars around the planet - so if you want to experience them the way you normally would - have a couple of cocktails and put some peanuts on a napkin.  I was the Piano Man for a certain portion of my life, and the songs reflect it.  I think you can sample them for free, so enjoy.  There are ballads, and instrumentals, and a recurring blues riff that I put in the movie 'Cannes Man.'  There's also the great Craig Cole, making an appearance from the Great Beyond on a couple of tracks.   But over the years, people would ask me for a cassette, and later a CD.. so here you go.  If you can't bear to part with the buck, email me and I'll send you a sample track.



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