Prince and the Flipside

When someone we love passes away, where do we go for solace?  Church usually.  Perhaps we sit in a pew and we focus our love and energy and prayers to the person who has left us.

From the Jazz fest. Photo E. Gundersen
Sometimes they answer.  (Reminds me of the old saying "If you speak to someone invisible while in Church, you're religious, but if they reply you're insane.")  It depends on how your circuits are wired, apparently.  As we know, some people can speak directly and often with people on the flipside, and all sorts of individuals show up to make their voices heard.  Some of them do it for others, some of them do it privately, some do it publicly. 

And some of us have heavy filters on our equipment - we can't hear anything from the flipside or our loved ones. Not a peep.  I hear it often; "I've been praying forever for a sign and nothing comes through."  Well, we're all different.  Each one of us has different brains, different energetic patterns, different tonality - different voices.  How many of us can spot our mother's voice in a crowd of voices?  That's tuning.  

Sound is a vibration, and depending on the person doing that tonal vibration, we may pick up on it. Or not.

Peter Max's tribute to Prince on twitter. copyright Peter Max

When my father came to visit me after he passed away, I thought "am I making this up?"  But I had enough sense to get up and find a pen and piece of paper. And his message from the flipside: "It's indescribably beautiful here."

The point being that words would not be able to describe it.

However, we are stuck with words, at least for the time being, as the best way that we can communicate with each other.  We do it through feelings and song, and other methods, but at the moment, words probably impart the most information.

I was surprised to hear that Prince suffered from seizures and epilepsy as a youth. But I'm also aware that many artists suffer, or benefit from neurological disorders as they're known in medical literature - but in actuality are the primary reason they're so good at so many things. It has something to do with their spiritual self - the part of ourselves that is always left behind in the flipside - communicating with their temporal self - the part of their energy that inhabits a human being.

And depending how strong that connection is - that person can tap into, learn from, gain insight knowledge and other things from the flipside. 

It's what I'm writing about for my new book "Hacking the Afterlife" - or whatever I eventually call it. 

The more I learn about Prince the more I think he was having conversations with his higher self.  I don't mean from the Jehovah Witness version of religion - although I'm familiar with it, I find all religions are actually talking about the flipside and their relation to it - translating experiences that their faithful have had over the eons and putting it into dogma.  But if we start with the basic ideas of religion - that we have a higher power, or higher self, or someone who keeps an eye on us - which is reportedly consistenly in all the flipside research - then we have a common area of communication.

I've been cataloging what people say under deep hypnosis for the past ten years, in my film "Flipside" and the books "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife."  In them there are transcripts of what people say under deep hypnosis (flipside) and what scientists say about consciousness (it's a wonderful afterlife) and reports from people who've had near death experiences.  There's also a number of conversations with people who are no longer on the planet.

I mention this preamble, because someone on facebook (thanks eric H) mentioned that Prince had talked about "going home" in one of his songs, and it seemed to be about the flipside.

So here's the song; it's the last track on 'ART OFFICIAL AGE' released in 2014 called "Affirmation III."

All rights reserved to NPG records, under license from Warner Music, quoting this lyric is merely for educational purposes only.  (excerpting the lyric to note the meaning behind it). 

I'm going to include the lyric, and then my comments on what the lyrics say, and how closely they resemble reports from the flipside:

"Affirmation III" lyrics by Prince.

"How are you feeling today, mister Nelson?
I trust you're having a quick and enjoyable adjustment period."
(RM: this is the time while you're adjusting to being no longer in a body)
As you can see, we’re communicating now telepathically.

(RM: we speak by thoughts there, answers appear before ww can form the question)
Which makes things move so much faster here.
(RM: the time element as well. Things happen in "the blink of an eye" like life reviews)
After you’ve completed the planned affirmation therapy, you’ll find this way of interaction far easier.
(RM: havent heard this term, but perhaps its related to a life review, affirming who you've been, the good you've done)

(Until I, I find my, my way back, home, home)
You’ve probably felt for many years in your former life, that you where separate from not only others , but even yourself. Now you can see that was never the case. You are actually everything and anything that you can think of. All of it is you. 
(RM: often reported. We are all connected. We may feel isolated, but its an illusion. Back home we experience how all is connected. "Like ornaments on a christmas tree" said one person)
(Until I, I find my, my way back, home, home)

(RM: people report "seeing" their home from a distance, one described it as a light pod where friends were waiting for them. But in a sea of billions of pods, they had to find their own.)
"Remember there is really only one destination, and that place is, you.
All of it.
Is you.
(RM: We are what we seek. "The journey is the destination." If everyone is connected then we are already home. So its both "finding myself" and finding my way "home" on the flipside where our loved ones await.)
(Until I, I find my, my way back, home, home)"

Written from the pov of a spirit guide welcoming Prince back to the flipside. 

It's pretty much verbatim what I've filmed people saying (over 30 cases now, examined thousands other in my books) while under deep hypnosis. I can only guess that Prince's experience with an angel wasn't an isolated incident.

Makes me wonder if purple rain came from a vision as well; many report seeing purple in the energetic makeup of their "wise elders," like a radiant light. (I know purple rain is reportedly related to an apocalyptic end of world vision, but which came first? - the color purple - in these flipside sessions anyway - are often reported as the visual energetic makeup of "wiser" "older souls" and often represent people on the "council of elders" as Michael Newton calls them).

But "find my way home" refers to not here but on the flipside, where people claim "home" is. Where you're greeted with unconditional love, and your soul mates and pals you've been incarnating with for eons.

If you want to see what transcendant guitar playing is watch this clip. George Harrison's son loves it - but Prince does what he said he loved to see other guitarist's do - bring the house down. Just standing center stage and channeling a higher power. 

Enjoy Prince at his finest.

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