An "unusual conversation" and 11 minutes from Michael Newton

I had this unusual conversation the other day...

Perhaps I should write a book about my unusual conversations. Well, it was usual for me.  A bit unusual for the person contacting me.

Sunset is a sunrise somewhere else.
I've appeared on "Coast to Coast" six times now, and a couple of times on Gaia TV with George Noory.  People stumble across this research I've been doing, and if it coincides with some event they've had in their life, they may try to reach out to me in some fashion.

A listener in Canada (to another podcast I had done) was listening to me speak about the Flipside into the wee hours of the night.  She said that she fell asleep listening to my voice, and in her dream, I continued to speak to her.

Kind of like being seen in a dream
She said she saw me in her dream, and yet she had not seen a photo or video of me before.  Her blog radio may have had a photo of me on its webpage, so it's possible she was imagining me speaking, but for her conscious mind, it was me speaking to her - gray hair, glasses, and "continuing" my conversation.

She said that I said "Perhaps we know each other from a different lifetime."  She said that I gave her some advice about the fact that she's had a number of deaths in her family during the recent past, and that I got up, gave her a hug and left.

She said I left behind three items in the dream. A cellphone, a pair of keys and a wallet.

I thought that was pretty funny.  Even in someone else's dream, I'm leaving stuff behind!

But I pointed out to her that since I had no conscious memory of her dream (two nights ago) then it was either part of my conscious mind, or part of her conscious mind.  So I asked her to look at the phone.  She said it was a flip-phone.

Per LaChaise cemetery in Paris
I said "Well that means it was a construct in your mind, as I've never had one of those."  I said "Open up the phone in your mind's eye, and tell me what you see."  She said she saw a phone number. I asked her to read it to me.  Haltingly, she read the number, one digit at a time... and read off my cellphone number.

I pointed out that it was entirely possible that she already had that phone number in her mind (she had reached out to me via my phone but had gotten the number in a bizarre way) so I wanted her to be aware that it could be her subconscious trying to reach out to her in some fashion.  I then asked; "So whose car keys are they?"

She described a ring of about 7 or 8 keys, with a leather fob on the end which either had a letter on it ("H") or it was the Infinity symbol (8).  

The infinity symbol is a never ending loop.
Normally means forever or always or infinity. Or it's an 8 on its side.  

I asked her to describe the keys, she said "A car key, a house key..." and some other keys.  I said "In your mind's eye, take the house key and go to the door that it opens. Describe it to me."

My grandparents visiting the king of england in 1933
She described a two story house, the door was white.  I asked her to open it and go inside. She said she saw herself going in, saw walls, a plant on the left side, and a mirror.  I said "Oh, great, okay, walk to the mirror. Who do you see? A man or a woman... or something else?"

She said she saw a woman in her 50's - gray hair, brown eyes.  I asked her to give me a location where the house was located. She said "Bosnia."  I said "give me a year."  She said "1623."  I asked the name of the woman in the mirror. She said "Helena."  I said, "Hi Helena. Thanks for showing up in our little imaginary scenario here. Tell our friend here - are you an acquaintance, a stranger... or were you her in a previous lifetime?"  She said "I was her in a previous lifetime."

Mnemosyne. Goddess of Memory
I asked if she had anything she wanted to tell this current incarnation. She said "It's okay. Don't worry. Everything's going to be okay."  I said "What does that mean to you?"  She said "that I don't have to worry. That everything is going to be okay."  I said, "Well then, probably a good idea to honor your subconscious or the person who has appeared in the mirror in front of you and believe them - that everything is going to be okay."

Then I asked her to open the wallet. "What do you see?" She said "It's leather, not large. I see some credit cards and a photograph."  I said "Look carefully at the photo. Who is it?" She described a woman with short brown hair in her 40's.  I said "Ask her what her name is..." She said "Janet. Or Janice. Benson." I asked where she was from. She said "Iowa City, Iowa." (there are a few from Iowa City, Iowa - Janets and Janices) I asked if she'd been married. She said "yes, to William, but his nickname is Bill." (There are a number of Bill Bensons as well). I asked if she was still on the planet. She said "no, she died in the 1970's.  This photo is from around 1933." (Sometimes names come through as "either/ors" - I'll update this if I find a Bill and Janet or Janice from that era).  

Clouds over Santa Monica
I said "Ok. So Janet Benson. Why did you come here to our friend's dream? Are you somehow related to her? A stranger? An acquaintance?"  "She's a friend." 

I said to this woman - a stranger from Canada talking to some guy who appeared in her dream two nights earlier - "So what do you think these three clues mean? The first one was a cell phone with my phone number on it. The second was a previous incarnation that told you everything is okay. And the third is a friend who is so close to you after passing that she's keeping an eye on you.  It sounds to me like someone is trying hard to tell you that "Everything is going to be okay.  That you don't have to worry. That those you've lost recently are still keeping an eye on you."

Can you hear me now?
She said she was "sweating" from this conversation, and trembling. I suggested that's a wonderful way for your body to let you know that you're hearing something real, or something that should be heard.  I offered that it doesn't matter if this information came from her subconscious, or literally came from these people no longer on the planet - but that the message was the same either way.  "Everything is going to be okay."

Got it?

Here's a clip from my interview with Michael Newton where he explains his technique of hypnotherapy. 

Michael generously allowed me to film his "last interview" (he was retired at the time) and the interview evolved into my doc "Flipside." (Gaia/Universal avail at Gaia and Amazon) 

This is from Paul Aurand's youtube page, an excellent hypnotherapist trained by Michael practicing in NYC. if you want to examine the past and present with new eyes (take the "red pill" as they say) this is a good place to start.

Happy New Year.

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