Hacking The Afterlife with Elvis, Prince, Charles and Amelia ”Finding Your Voice"

A bit longer podcast today, talking about "Finding your voice."  As always, first we connect with Luana Anders on the Flipside, my friend who passed in 1996 who helps me and Jennifer to facilitate these conversations.  There's a conversation up front about that process and how we got started before we ask Luana to introduce the first guest on her list.

Elvis came forward to talk about "finding your voice." We didn't ask for him to come forward, but as fans of this podcast know, it's whomever has asked to speak to us. Could be someone we've interviewed in the past, could be someone that we both know, in this case, there are a number of people that come forward - personal friends and others.

He wanted to refer to a person's "voice" - that energy or frequency that relates to who they are over many lifetimes.  I asked Prince to comment on the recently found footage of him in Minneapolis, Jennifer wasn't aware of it - but Prince was an accurately describes what is in the clip.

My dearest friend Charles Grodin stopped by to talk about a couple of things, and weighed in about the recent Oscar telecast where the "in Memoriam" section was so convoluted, and the famous "slap heard round the world."  Interesting to note that Charles echoed what Denzel Washington said afterwards; "Who are we to judge?" Charles reminding us that "from the flipside we see things in terms of a person's overall journey - all of their lifetimes and how that translates into action in this lifetime."

Then Amelia Earhart stopped by for a chat. Jennifer didn't know that I was speaking about her recently in a surprise appearance on "Coast to Coast" in the middle of the night, and Amelia continued to encourage me to make a film about what really happened to her.   

Then a discussion about angels and "Pegasus."  Jennifer notes that she had recently gotten an email from someone involved in a case in Texas where she's helping law enforcement - and the contents of the email were about what seeing a "Pegasus" represents metaphorically.  It's about transportation - as we've heard from people who self identify as "angels."  

"The wings are a metaphor for travel between realms at the speed of thought."

Interesting discussion over all.  

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PS: Six hours ago, Julian Lennon released this version of him singing his father's song "Imagine."  It was yesterday we recorded this session. Elvis used this song as an example of "finding your voice." Perhaps he was referring to this version of the song. Take a moment to enjoy this song, and think of the folks in Ukraine.


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