Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Anthy, Jonathan Krane and Tom Petty

Randal Kleiser and Sally Kellerman

Another mind bending podcast, this one about music and frequency.  Luana began by directing us to an event that had occurred earlier in the day, when I went to visit her friend Sally Kellerman.  We talked about Sally's husband on the flipside, my old friend who produced 3 of my films. My mother, a concert pianist stopped by to refer to a photograph I was working with on my latest book a few days ago. Then Tom Petty stopped by. As noted before, I have never asked Tom to stop by - each time he does it's related to something that we are discussing. In this case, it was the energy of music or how frequency works on the flipside. As noted in the podcast, he asked us to reach out to someone whom I did reach out to - who said "I wish that I could speak to Tom, but I don't  believe you are speaking to him."  Not everyone is open to the possibility that our loved ones still exist - and further, it can be annoying when a complete stranger says "Hey, I was talking to your pal the other day." But we have to allow for the possibility that they're outside of time and space and can reach out to us. In this case, I wanted to know some details about music on the other side - not his personal journey, or who he is hanging out with, but specifically what frequency is, what music is, and how we download it. His answers are unusual and profound. Again, Jennifer and I have been doing this for over five years. We have on numerous occasions learned new information from folks on the flipside, information that cannot be cryptomnesia or something either one of us dreamed, heard or made up. But I have to note that not everyone is supposed to embrace the idea of "knowing how the play ends before it does."  So one does not have to "believe" that Jennifer and I are speaking to a specific individual, but it helps if one is "open to the possibility" that some form of communication continues on, and those closest to their loved ones can take the time or make the effort to chat with them one on one. As he noted, this is only about the 3rd time he's shown up, when we have quoted, cited, or otherwise let others take the podium - Prince, Robin Williams and others.  I do not have any direct connection with Tom - despite being a music critic for Variety for a number of years, I never reviewed his shows, never met him backstage as I have with many others who have shown up in our class.  I directed Ray Charles in a feature film, so basically anyone that Ray knows could show up at any minute. We have interviewed a member of the Traveling Wilburys before, so that may be the connection - or to someone else that Luana knows on the flipside that I'm not aware of.  But like everyone else who shows up in our classroom, if Luana has "put them on the list" I assume they're showing up for a reason. It was Tom who coined the title of our three books; "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" when he noted that "talking to us, getting onto Luana's clipboard was like someone trying to get backstage to the VIP lounge.  If "the name is not on the list" they don't get a chance to speak. Enjoy. (Also, the documentary "Hacking the Afterlife" premieres on on June 21st. Tune in and check it out.)


Memorial Day

 Memorial Day.

It’s a good name for using one’s memory. What is it?

This Lt. JG made it back.

We use the day to commemorate those who have fallen in service to a cause. Who died in battle. We tend to just recall the folks that we knew - perhaps our parents, or grandparents and what they did in battle. I have relatives who fought in wars in Europe, who fought in wars in Asia, who fought in both the great war and world war II, who served in combat as far back as I have family records to consult.

But we have this ridiculous idea that if someone isn’t “expressing the appropriate sadness” on this day (a tweet, a photo, some other reason to focus on putting other people down) people get their dander up.

Here’s what to remember on Memorial Day for all those who come to the Quora forum called “Hacking the Afterlife.”

No one dies. Remember that. The person we are honoring, celebrating, whether a war hero, someone killed in war, someone shot or wounded or maimed and dies from that wound - someone who is carrying a flag, someone who is running down and shooting someone else carrying a flag and dies doing so - all of them, every single one of them; not gone.

We have this illusion we carry that while we are on the planet, this is the only stage. This is the only game in town. Once off stage there’s “nothing.” Well, that’s not in the research. What is in the research is that we choose our lifetimes, that we bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and that we all, without exception, go “back home” after the stage performance is over.

That includes, and is not limited to people who died in wars, died crossing the street, died from covid, or died from choking on a toothpick. (Which apparently is high up there with how people die from food).

Former Pres addressing a crowd in DC..

Granted some folks find it impossible to communicate with loved ones no longer on the planet. But not everyone; I’ve filmed 100 people doing just that, half without hypnosis. That is - after a few minutes, asking them to “just imagine that person still existed” - they start having a conversation with that person and learn new information from them. Information that wasn’t in their memory, could not be cryptomnesia or something they made up - because it’s new. And they find out later that it’s accurate. And it came from the loved one no longer on the planet.

So remember that.

This Memorial Day, in honor of my father who served in the Navy in WWII, my grandfather, highly decorated who served in World War I and II, who was assistant Secretary of the Navy during WWII, who was the commander of the American Legion for two terms in the 1930’s, on behalf of my mom and uncles and aunts who all served, my brother who served - on behalf of them, yes, I salute their service.

Brother served, 19 of 21 members of his OCS
didn't come back from Vietnam. He made it back because
he served in the Korean DMZ.

But I salute them in present tense. I know they still exist. I’ve spoken to all of them. I’ve learned new information from all of them. It’s not my opinion, belief or theory they still exist - all 100 people I’ve filmed (see “Architecture of the Afterlife” “Flipside” “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” “Hacking the Afterlife” for transcripts) have seen, heard, learned new information from loved ones no longer on the planet.

Ed Hayes, National Commander American
Legion, served in WWI and II. Made it back.

Some find it startling, some find it incredulous. Some find it breathtaking or life affirming. But all of them, flag or no flag, falling in battle, falling in their home - all of them are “okay” are “fine” are “flying now” or have brought the portion of their conscious energy that they brought to that lifetime back home and rejoined with the rest of their awareness, and are speaking to, communicating with the higher selves that are back home.

Uncle Rig Martini. Seabee.

So on this Memorial Day, let’s remember that we can speak directly to those loved ones.

Pere La Chaise

And I’m not even referring to the dozens that I’ve communicated with through mediums, mediums who work with law enforcement, who can communicate like a cell phone, or a two way radio with people in the service who are on the flipside and have something they want to say to their loved ones. 

Those are in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” and include Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force people who are no longer on the planet, but can report about what it’s like for them “over there.”

Something to remember on Memorial Day.

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