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After spending a couple of hours with a fellow who had an unusual event happen to him (he heard a voice tell him that he "needed to figure out how to communicate to his children when he is dead") - he sought out some information on what that sentence might mean.

He eventually came upon my books "Flipside" - "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" "Hacking the Afterlife" and reached out to me about doing a session where I could chat with him about that experience.

As I always do - I pointed out that if he wanted to access previous lifetimes and the journey between lives, a Newton Institute trained hypnotherapist (like Scott De Tamble) is the best way to go or if he wanted to speak "directly" to someone on the flipside he might seek out a medium (like Jennifer Shaffer).  But if he wanted something in between, or a way to discuss these things while fully conscious, I've had some success doing that.

We met at my local coffee shop and away we went.

He not only found out what that particular sentence meant, but afterwards, wrote this "review."  

Thanks Terry F from Santa Monica!

"With his many successful books, I always thought Rich Martini was a great storyteller. 

But during an impromptu session sitting at a simple coffeeshop table, I discovered Rich is extremely talented at asking questions. 

His warm and casual demeanor makes him an instant friend, and his skillfully sequenced questions flow naturally. So much so that after a few warm up questions where I thought only my imagination was at play, Rich lead me to a sort of focused gaze where images were coming at me clearly and rapidly. 

Dates were appearing in my mind when Rich asked for them, places, names, clothes, key events. 

I ended up describing people and outfits I was not aware of, but that I could verify with an easy Google search after the session. 

All of a sudden, I was part of chapter of American history that I had never heard of but that was documented. 

Rich’s best talent is actually not storyteller or questions asker. He is the best listener. 

After this session, Rich wrote a recap that contained many more details than I could remember, and I was able to illustrate the story with the images I found on Google that I had “seen” during our session. 

If you are open minded, curious, or simply looking for answers, a session with Rich is like a comfortable walk in the park where you are in touch with the world while daydreaming about your past lives. Highly recommend!"

If you're interested in booking a session with yours truly - either by telephone, skype, or in person, please send an email to MartiniConsulting (at) Gmail

I'll get back to you asap and we'll go from there!

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