"Stay Home" Interview with Jonas Salk, Dr Dhonden, Edgar Cayce about the Pandemic

On my birthday. Talking to the Flipside
with Jennifer Shaffer.
For those familiar with this process, this post may make sense. If not; I have been filming people under deep hypnosis for over a decade speaking to loved ones on the flipside.  Five years ago, after meeting Jennifer Shaffer, I began working with her (and other mediums) who can access friends and family who are on the flipside, as well as acquaintances, old pals – friends of friends – and basically anyone I “asked to come forward.”  

Based on the research where I have been able to verify many of the details of our “chats with the flipside” – these reports are NEW INFORMATION that cannot be ascribed to cryptomnesia or some other brain malfunction – (those examples are throughout “Backstage Pass to the Flipside Book One and Two” and “Hacking the Afterlife” )– I’ve found that I can ask question to Jennifer and get responses that only I understand or answers that I don't understand but research and later come to understand.

Jennifer is an amazing medium and intuitive (who works with law enforcement nationwide) and a fantastic person.  She's is upfront and completely clear that she is just "translating what she sees, hears or gets." 

Sometimes I ask her questions that she has no conscious awareness of answering – including a recent interview where I interviewed someone on the flipside IN ITALIAN and that person put the answers into Jennifer’s mind in images or in English.  

That is; I asked my questions in Italian, Jennifer then saw an image or heard a response, and said it to me. So when she said “I’m getting a picture of a Red Ferrari” – it was in response to a question in Italian “So what do you miss about being in Italy?” (Cosa ti manca di Italia?)  

Other questions posed to this person were answered correctly as well.  It was unusual to say the least; I asked in Italian. Jennifer doesn't speak Italian. She answered the questions from this person on the flipside who speaks both Italian and English.

I’ve had people on the flipside answer specific questions about their path and journey and then later demonstrated those answers to be forensically accurate - when I did not know the answer, could not know the answer nor did Jennifer.  

So you could say this is a “proof of concept” that I continually demonstrate; that our loved ones are “not gone, just not here.”

I thought it was interesting to hear Sanjay Gupta on the Late Show saying to Colbert (on his last live show for awhile) that “it’s interesting that this virus is forcing me to think of you in a different way.  Not just that I have to be careful that the other person may give a virus to me, but I have to be careful that I may give it to them, and they may give it to their family. For the first time in history, we are thinking of our actions in terms of how it might affect someone else.”

In that light – on the occasion of my birthday – I decided to use Jennifer’s talents for people on the planet.

Some of you will read this and dismiss it outright. And you should - I'm not here to prove something to someone. I'm not here to argue a persons belief or philosophy. I'm filming then transcribing. I'm reporting.

I’m not a doctor nor a healer; people should seek professional advice and follow the directions of the CDC. I'm not advocating anything here - homeopathy or natural medicine - and if the doctors we spoke with suggested "just staying home" (which they do) I would report that. But as you'll see what these people offer from the flipside are solutions that are nearly identical to what medical professionals are saying or have said.

We are “asking questions” to people on the flipside who were doctors and who were healers.  

What they offer in return is SIMPLE AND ANYONE CAN DO IT.  

Further, that what they’re suggesting we do is not something radical, ("STAY HOME") or some kind of formula that may harm anyone. The recommendations we get during this session are “homeopathic” in nature, and by design. That is – they won’t harm anyone by trying them.  There is science behind what is being suggested – and I note those comments when they appear.  

That being said – take this all with a GRAIN OF SALT – because I am asking “whatever pops into my head” and she is answering by describing “whatever pops into her head.”  It’s a cosmic game of telephone we are bound to “get things wrong” or to “misinterpret” the answer – or I may be badgering her into a response.  I don’t know.   

But someone somewhere reading this will see these replies and say “You know what? That answer is correct. And if he’s getting it from the flipside, then maybe I should start asking questions to my old professor, teacher, loved one who crossed over years ago, and who might have insight into this question.”  

All I’m doing is prodding people to do this FOR THEMSELVES. "You don't know what you don't know until you confront what you don't know and learn something new." (Hey, I just made that up.)


Jennifer and I are meeting in Fishbar (restaurant in Manhattan Beach) where we sometimes chat with people on the flipside. 

I was driving over to meet her and had the thought “Let’s bring forward some folks who could help us address the pandemic.”  It’s my contention that anyone who has ever been on the planet is accessible. So the idea is to try to ask the right questions.

I have a passing knowledge of homeopathy, mostly through Luana Anders, my pal off planet who is on the flipside. She was a huge proponent of the book “Materia Medica” and a fan of homeopathy and health food stores since I met her (when she was with us on the planet over 20 years ago. She passed in 1996 but has been communicating with me ever since). 

For example, I have taken the homeopathic “Influenzinum” for a preventative against the flu season for a long time – and knock on wood – haven’t had it since I started doing so years ago.  (It's not a vaccine - it's a minuscule dose of some plant in nature that kick starts the immune system to fight off a virus on its own.)

Today, I chose three people to help us.  

One is Jonas Salk, the pioneer of the polio vaccine. I didn’t know him, but my friend Peter Tunney did know him. So in a “six degrees of separation” notion, I’ve found it’s easier to connect with someone on the flipside who knows someone mutually over here.  Not completely necessary as the books have shown, but it helps when trying to “verify” that we are on the same page by talking about someone we both know. In this case, as demonstrated, I didn't tell her his name - just his first name.

The second person was Dr. Dhonden, the Dalai Lama’s doctor whom I met in Dharamsala, and attended a lecture he gave on cancer in Tibet. He pointed out that in his lifetime, it was extremely rare in Tibet, it wasn’t until recent decades it became a problem. Jennifer has no idea who this is.

My friend Robert Thurman PhD was his medical assistant when he was first married, before he became the head of Tibetan studies at Columbia University.  A few years after meeting him with Thurman, I ran into him on another trip to Dharamsala, and stopped him in the street and spoke directly to him. He was an unusual person – he kind of cocked his head to one side as he listened, but I recall him being friendly and present when I spoke to him in the streets of that city in northern India.

The third person I asked to speak with was Edgar Cayce. My relationship to Edgar isn’t close, but I did “interview him” for “Hacking the Afterlife” through Kevin Moore in the UK, who regularly channels him. I had no idea that Kevin was channeling him when I did the interview.  

During the course of the interview I said “Well, let’s talk to your guide if we can” and he said his guide was named “Edgar.” After asking a few questions I realized Kevin was referring to the great sage of Virginia Beach, so for my first question to him was “So why were you so wrong about all your predictions of the future?” (Edgar’s predictions were way off base, something I was aware of.) 

Kevin Moore said “He says he was looking at likely outcomes.”  Which is something that occurs in the research (i.e., “The future is not set, when people predict they’re giving their “best guess” at a likely outcome.”) (As reported in "Hacking the Afterlife")

But then I asked him why he was so accurate when in trance about medical conditions. (Everyone from Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Irving Berlin, to George Gershwin went to see him). He said “I was conferring with my council of physicians.” During the interview, I asked him about his council, which he said were “beings from other realms who had never incarnated on earth, but who have vast medical knowledge beyond the veil.”  

Kevin was not aware that Edgar had a council – or that they were all doctors.   So that was a tad unusual. Since then I’ve been interviewing council members (and do so in the latest book “Architecture of the Afterlife”). Jennifer knows who this is, but only because we asked him for a quote for "Hacking the Afterlife."  He said "This book will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. It's a translation of the ethers." 

Dr. Salk
So on the way to meeting Jennifer I asked for all three to show up.

Dr. Dhonden

Image result for edgar cayce

Edgar Cayce 
(Recorded on 3-12-2020. Reprinted from an advanced copy: “Backstage Pass to the Flipside Book Three” (copyright Richard Martini 2020 All Rights Reserved.)

My comments are in italics, Jennifer’s replies in bold.

Rich: Hi class. So this may be the last time we dine at this restaurant for awhile due to the #coronavirus... Let’s say hello to class.

Jennifer: They’re so busy right now. I saw everybody like going fast, quickly in the background around Luana because of what’s happening on the planet. It’s interesting, wow – I remember I saw something like this after 9/11, all the people on the other side assisting those on this side, who were there for them when they crossed over, something I also saw during the shooting in Las Vegas.

So people on the flipside are trying to be helpful?

She’s telling me “They’re cleaning the planet.” (Jennifer aside) That could be taken a couple of ways; cleaning up the planet, or cleaning out the planet.

So is this the right time for them to speak to us? Unless they’re busy.

Yes, they’re fine. They’re outside of time, and unlike humans they can multitask.

Luana Anders in a mirror in Rockefeller Plaza.
Tom Petty told us from the flipside:
 "She's like the person backstage with the clipboard who decides who
gets to speak with you." Hence the title.

Hi Luana, how’s it going?


I asked for three people today.

(Jennifer aside) Did you ask for Robin Williams? He’s here.. and he said "I'll hold onto that thought," even though I didn’t have a thought for him. Did you ask for the guy in the wheelchair? 

(Note: As I was editing this, I realized previously when someone showed up that I didn't "invite" to one of these sessions - and Robin is always welcome - I often say "Hold that thought" or "We'll get back to you later." In this case, Robin says the thing I would normally have said to him to pave the way for this interview! He says "I'll hold that thought" before I could say it, (and Jennifer thought he was referring to something she had, but did not) It's what I normally say when politely asking someone to leave. Funny guy. The "guy in the wheelchair" we interviewed in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside.")

Stephen Hawking? I did think of him first, as a scientist – but then thought it might be presumptuous as it wasn’t exactly his field.

I know you’re thinking of some biologist.

(Note: This transcript is verbatim (on film) I did not say I was looking for a biologist. But the biologist I asked to "join us" has this in his bio: "In 1947, he became head of the Virus Research Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. At Pittsburgh he began research on polio. On April 12, 1955, the vaccine was released for use in the United States. He established (his) Institute for Biological Studies in 1963." So he is a biologist - I didn't know that!)

Yes. I was figuring I’d ask people who we could ask questions about the corona virus.

Bill Paxton just showed up; he’s casually drinking a beer... a Corona. Then he smiled.

The audible version
is done, will appear soon.

(Note: We interviewed Bill for "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" as I knew him for 30 years. He makes another appearance in "Architecture of the Afterlife" where three mediums ask him the same questions. Bill often shows up to make us smile or laugh.) 

Very funny Billy. Bill, I have a question for you or the class about my latest book “Architecture of the Afterlife?” Any comments or critiques? 

He said “He loves it." "They all love it.” Blew you a kiss.

Let’s invite our three doctors.

Hang on. Your dad came through... and then a Priest? Oh. They just wanted to say happy birthday, sorry. Your dad says he loves you.

That’s lovely, thanks Dad. By the way last week he corrected a mistake I made on the inside cover of the book, so thanks for that! I can’t believe I missed that! (And can't believe my father, an architect who passed in 2004 pointed it out!!! "He said you made a mistake on the inside cover page" which I corrected later.) Luana, I have this friend in Miami, Peter Tunney who knows this one doctor I’m thinking of. 

She said “He’s the crazy one.” Luana said that.

He is a bit wild. Perhaps wilder when you were still on the planet. I was going to ask for his friend Jonas. Can he talk to us?

He’s already here, says "He heard you ask for him this morning."

Jennifer, do you know who this Jonas is?

I don’t.  

What’s he look like?

There’s a visual – he has dark hair and black rimmed glasses... I think he was bald later.
Dr. Jonas

I don't know. (Now I do) Thank you for coming to talk to us.

He says "He finds this very interesting. This kind of conversing."

Do you know me through Peter?

He says “Through Luana; she’s the gate keeper.” Was he working during the war?  

He was a student during the war, later a famous guy in his field – Jonas, who was there to greet you when you crossed over?
Dr. Jonas "balder later."

"His dad. It was his dad who greeted him."

Was that happy reunion?

He says “An interesting one."

Why? Were you not a believer in the afterlife?


So it was unusual to see your dad?


(Note: This is factually accurate. Jennifer nor I knew what religion or lack of religion Dr. Jonas may have had in life - atheists claim him as one of their own. I'm always fascinated to interview "atheists" about the afterlife - as they're startled when they realize there is one.  It doesn't mean anything to do with organized religion is accurate - that is not in the research either - it's just what is in the research is consistent and reproducible that we don't "disappear" - and life goes on. (Sorry atheists. It's data) We eventually become aware of it (and have featured interviews with atheists Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan and Harry Dean Stanton in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside")  Harry Dean gave the most valuable answer to those who argue about it: "Tell people to believe in the possibility of an afterlife, then they won't spend another minute of their life arguing about it like I did.")

Rich: At what point did you realize you could converse with people back here?

Jennifer: He says “He’s still learning how to converse with people.”

Have you ever done this before?

He says "Luana has helped me – he said she helped him speak to someone from his family..." I want to say his mother. Something like that.

(Note: I don't know if he's referring to recently or previously.  Once we are off the planet we are "outside of time" - so it could mean that he was "seeing his mother" but she wasn't aware of him, and Luana (or someone like Luana) helped him to "alter his frequency" so that she could "see him."  I hear this often - that being able to "see" or sense someone on the flipside requires being able to alter a frequency. They slow theirs down, and we "lift ours" through meditation, near death events or even during sleep in dreams. Or his mother may have reincarnated and he wanted to reach out to her through a dream.)

You lived in Southern California – La Jolla. Do you ever go visit there?

"You mean “Haunt the place?” It got remodeled..." or something like that.

(Note: Jennifer doesn’t know that there is a Salk institute in La Jolla.  Here’s what it used to look like new, and now after some neglect:)
Present day. 

Who are you hanging out with over there?

“Stephen Hawking. There's so much to talk about.”

Stephen jump in if you want to..

He says, “Yes.”

(Note: Again, it's an outside the time kind of issue, doesn't matter when we show up to meet someone. People report when we meet someone "for the first time" (over there) we experience "everything about them" including their personal history. Like a massive download of information. Then there are the reports that "birds of a feather" tend to hang out together; musicians, doctors, scientists, artists, comedians - all "vibrate at the same frequency" or have "tapped into that creative frequency" for lack of a better word. We've heard this consistently in these reports.)

This virus that is now a pandemic – I’m not going to ask about when it’s going to end, or how it came into being, I’m interested in helping humans find a vaccine.

He’s saying “Something with plants.”

Is this coming from Jonas?

"Yes." (Jennifer aside) I feel like it is.

Do you mean a homeopathic solution?

"Something that can be reproduced. This virus is too fast moving to find a vaccine at this point, but there is something can help it – (again) it hits too fast... (the vaccine) it’s not going to happen for a long time."

So it’s not like you can cure it but there may be a preventative. The plants would provide a shield?

They say "It’s going to be awhile for a vaccine."

Yeah, I heard that on the news; they said it would take a year.

(Jennifer aside) I didn’t know that.

But Luana put this in my mind today to talk with you; "We don’t have to cure it, but we can prevent it or mitigate the damage." Is that correct?

"Yes." I keep getting “Stay home!” Staying home. (Jennifer laughs) "The kids are all the carriers."

(Note: We both have teens about the same age and it's hard for them to self quarantine. "Stay home" is the advice many are getting at the moment worldwide.)

Let’s focus on this plant itself. Is it a tree or something growing out of the ground?

"Growing out of the ground." I want to say it smells really bad.

What family is it from? 

I get a feeling... it's like "The aloe vera plant.." but something...

That makes sense; aloe vera is a restorative.

Aloe Vera
(Note:  "Aloe vera contains a number of compounds necessary for wound healing, including vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc. In addition, unlike many other anti-inflammatory substances, aloe vera has been shown to stimulate fibroblast and connective tissue formation, thereby promoting wound repair." From - Also it turns out to have a "bad smell" as well: "Natural Aloe Vera is similar in taste and smell to other plants in its family, its characteristic taste and sour smell are similar to garlic. Also a casual internet search "What does aloe vera smell like in nature?" people report "rotten potatoes" "sour onions in a plastic bag" or "stinks to high heaven!")

Are you talking about using actual aloe vera?


Are you telling us that aloe vera would be helpful for people with the virus? As a restorative?

Feels like "It would help them."

To eat it? Drink it? Put it on their skin?

"To eat (ingest) it."

(Trying to be precise) Dr. Jonas; you’re suggesting is people use aloe vera as a preventative or a restorative or both?

"For both."

I'm aware of a liquid version of it; is that what you  mean? How much of a dose?

(Note: I know that Trader Joe's is out of their aloe vera gel as I called up and asked after the interview. But I got some at my local homeopathic store in Santa Monica where they have gallons. Inexpensive, and as mentioned here, recommending a small amount per day.)

"Doesn’t take that much. Quarter of a cup."


I'm getting "Monthly."

So like a teaspoon or tablespoon daily. Does it need to be alive (chewed?) or processed into a liquid?

"Alive would be better but liquid would be fine."

What else?

He showed me acai berries. He said that a couple of times. "Acai."

The juice is helpful?

"It wards things off." They’re showing me it pushes things off.

(Note: Science agrees: From - "Acai berry juice: (Ah-sigh-eeA juice product obtained from the fruit of the acai palm tree (Euterpe oleracea) with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and potential chemopreventive activities. Besides high amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, acai berry is rich in phytonutrients such as anthocyanins and flavones which are potent scavengers of reactive oxygen species. The fruit also contains high amounts of the flavone velutin which exhibits potent anti-inflammatory properties. Velutin is able to inhibit the degradation of the inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa-B (NF-kB), thereby blocking the activation of NF-kB, as well as inhibiting phosphorylation of mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 and JNK. Inhibition of these processes results in suppression of the production of proinflammatory cytokines, such as tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin 6. Check for active clinical trials using this agent.")

Luana was very much into homeopathy. 

Luana on the set of "Young Racers" directed by Roger Corman

She’s there; she knows it’s your birthday. She has full reign.

Acai berry is a drink – how much of that per day?

"Daily." Also...  Isn’t there some berry... mulda-berry? or something like that?

Mulberry or elderberry?

(Jennifer taps her nose - which she does when I am correct.) "Elderberry. That’s it!"

European elderberry and its cousin American elderberry (center) and black elderberry (below).

(Note: “Today, elderberry is most often taken as a supplement to treat cold and flu symptoms. However, the raw berries, bark and leaves of the plant are also known to be poisonous and cause stomach problems.” “Sambucus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Adoxaceae. The various species are commonly called elder or elderberry. Zinc: 110 mcg (per 100 g)) (Wikipedia)

Okay, I understand that. Who’s telling you this?

A few of them, including Luana.

Are you speaking about an extract of elderberry or the zinc that’s in elderberry?

Feels like "All of it."

Let me clarify – Zinc is naturally occurring in elderberry - and zinc has been proven medically to help with the family of corona viruses. So you’re saying elderberry, acai and some aloe vera – mix that together and drink that as a daily drink?

"Yes. A little of each."

(Note: I knew prior to this interview zinc was in elderberry, as was touted as something to help combat the virus. I learned it after reading the Robb letter below, then researched it.I reproduce it here, because it agrees with what we're hearing:

From “In late February 2020, as a new coronavirus spread worldwide, a letter providing advice on avoiding a viral infection was shared and memed heavily. 

The letter is attributed to pathologist James Robb who described himself as “one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses.” 

The letter itself provides common-sense solutions to preventing disease transmission: 

1) NO HANDSHAKING! Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc. 
2) Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches. elevator buttons, etc.. Lift the gasoline dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove. 
3) Open doors with your closed fist or hip – do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on bathroom and post office/commercial doors. 
4) Use disinfectant wipes at the stores when they are available, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery carts. 
5) Wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever you return home from ANY activity that involves locations where other people have been. 
6) Keep a bottle of sanitizer available at each of your home’s entrances. AND in your car for use after getting gas or touching other contaminated objects when you can’t immediately wash your hands. 
7) If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more!" 

"Stock up now with zinc lozenges. These lozenges have been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most other viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed several times each day when you begin to feel ANY “cold-like” symptoms beginning. It is best to lie down and let the lozenge dissolve in the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one brand available, but there are other brands available."

Researched by "This portion of the letter apparently resulted in memes suggesting the product Cold-Eeze was a “silver bullet” that would “kill coronavirus”: We reached out to Robb to ask if he was the author of this letter. Via email, he told us that he did indeed write it, but that it was never meant to be for anyone besides family and close friends, and that it was not intended to be an advertisement for any specific product:

“It was my email to my family and close friends ONLY. Someone put it on their Facebook page. It was intended to be a monologue – not a dialogue. I do not use any social media and may have been too naive about what “sharing” means today.”

Snopes continues: "His history with coronaviruses is accurately recounted. In the late 1970s, as professor of pathology at the University of California, San Diego, Robb published some of the earliest descriptions of coronaviruses. He also published a book chapter on this class of viruses for “Comprehensive Virology.” 

"While Robb does recommend zinc lozenges (of any brand, he told us), he would not describe the product as the silver bullet solution to the outbreak: 

(Dr. Robb) "In my experience as a virologist and pathologist, zinc will inhibit the replication of many viruses, including coronaviruses. I expect COVID-19 [the disease caused by the novel coronavirus] will be inhibited similarly, but I have no direct experimental support for this claim. I must add, however, that using zinc lozenges as directed by the manufacturer is no guarantee against being infected by the virus, even if it inhibits the viral replication in the nasopharynx."

"In general terms, research suggests that zinc may be able to inhibit the spread of some viral infections, but the question remains scientifically unsettled. A 2010 study using cell cultures published in PLOS One found evidence that increasing intracellular zinc concentrations “can efficiently impair the replication of a variety of RNA viruses” including coronaviruses." 

Snopes continues: "According to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, “trials conducted in high-income countries since 1984 investigating the role of zinc for the common cold symptoms have had mixed results.” 

"The common cold is, in some cases, caused by a virus also classified as a coronavirus. Because the letter was written by him, we rank this claim as “Correctly Attributed” to Robb. For more tips on protecting against the coronavirus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tip sheet here.) )

Sorry for the long aside - but obviously important content verifying what we're hearing from the flipside.


Rich: That’s wild – I did this research (after reading the letter above.) So Dr. Jonas you’re talking about preventative medicine. But let’s talk about the vaccine... and how they make it... 

Jennifer: He says "They’re looking in the wrong place for it – I think there already is a vaccine and it feels like China already has a vaccine."

(Note: Jennifer doesn’t know this, it’s coming from the Flipside but appears to be accurate. Later that day I heard this on NPR: “China (ALREADY) has a vaccine that will be available in April.” From Voice of America: )

So let’s ask him – Jonas; how do you manufacture a vaccine? Can they?

"They can."

From what I understand, a vaccine is created by taking a little of the virus, killing it then injecting that to create antibodies?

He says, "They need to "go around it" to find it." (Jennifer makes a sweeping gesture like a “c.”)

How do you "go around it?"

He’s showing me the wilderness, as if "They need to go into wilderness (to find the answer)."

Do you mean go there or find something there?

“Find something.” I’m seeing bark. Is there anything with bark? 

Do you mean a part of a tree or a plant that has bark? 

"A plant."

Luana - please put the name of the plant in Jennifer's mind. 

She says "It’s what’s in elderberry."

The bark of the elderberry bush?

(Jennifer aside) I guess, yeah – I didn’t know anything about any of that.

Well, I don’t either! But let's ask; so look at the bark of the elderberry bush. How do we use that? Pulverize it? Put it in pill form?

He’s showing me liquid – I’m seeing like a shot.

Like a shot or liquid ointment? 

Like a shot.

To clarify; he's saying if they look at elderberry bark, or the properties in it, and find a way to synthesize it, using it as a shot – using the same compound that’s in the bark of the elderberry tree as a shot will work as a vaccine?

“Almost 98%” he said.

He said 98%? Well we’re at 94% recovery so that’s good. 

(Note: When I was at Boston University one of my science professors was involved in the study that proved how aspirin worked. I was surprised, it had been a curative for 100 years by then - and in the 1960's, they realized the bark of the birch tree (which was a tea that became aspirin) was involved in sending a message to the hypothalamus that directed the endocrine system to release water to cells. By osmosis, the water being released reduced inflammation, cured "headaches" and helped with other bruises. 

Now what's really bizarre to me - is that I wrote the above without thinking about it - and then when I looked up "hypothalamus" and "endocrine" to see if I was perhaps scrambling complex medical information -  it's absolutely correct. So you could say someone on the flipside is standing over my shoulder helping me edit this. I kid you not.)

A photo I took of Peter in his wilder days.  Genius of a human being. Wild too.

What do you want me to tell your old friend and supporter Peter Tunney?

"Tell him to stop going crazy. He does a lot of touching. Stop with the touching! (Jennifer listens) He says Peter’s a hypochondriac. He says “He talks to him” (all the time.)"

I’ll assume Peter’s not aware Jonas is talking to him, how do I make him aware he is?

He showed me a bell. 

Like a Tibetan bell? Does that mean he should meditate?

“Good luck with that,” he said.

(Note: Jennifer has no idea who Peter Tunney is - or that he's a dynamo who never-ever stops. I've known him for 20 years; he's an amazing human - but that joke could only come from someone who knew him. "Good luck with that!" Only fans of Peter would know why suggesting meditation to him was a hilarious idea.)

Something with a bell he owns or that you can ring for him? Is there anything of yours that Peter owns?

Feels like a sculpture.

Of what? 

(Jennifer makes a face) I'll just say it; something vulgar about what he’s showing me. Not vulgar... but he’s showing me a sculpture of a penis, something that looks like it, not literally, but artistic.

Hang on, Jonas, if I tell Peter I was talking to you – he may believe me - what do you want to say to him to help him connect to you? 

There’s some sculpture he's showing me – not a penis, but something sexual.

Like the sculpture in “A Clockwork Orange?” 

(Scultpure by Herman Makkink 1969, featured in Kubrick's film) 

"That’s it." (She taps her nose)

Peter owns one like it or painted it?

I feel like he painted it.

Like in a collage? What do you want to say about that painting Jonas?

He says "It’s a masterpiece. He should give it to his wife."

Peter Tunney and two of his iconic works

Jennifer, you still don’t know who Dr. Jonas is?


(Note: I talked about his career after I turned off the camera. See below.)

Okay, to clarify; Dr. Jonas recommends a concoction of elderberry bark or its components and a liquid from the elderberry tree, aloe and acai are the main things to take to help with prevention. I want to bring in Dr. Dhonden or Guru Rinpoche; someone who can teach us a Meditation version of prevention: can you teach us how to do "tummo?" 

(Note: Again, Jennifer doesn't know what the word "tummo" means - or has ever heard of the specific Tibetan yoga. It means "inner fire" and if someone is aware of the esoteric yogas that Tibetan monks learn, they know it's a yoga where a person can raise their inner temperature to a higher degree while meditating. To accomplish this feat (Which has been measured scientifically, peer reviewed results are in the book "Mind Science" by Robert Thurman and others) monks do a series of breathing exercises.)

(Jennifer aside) I don’t know what that means but I’ll try.

Who comes in? 

The doctor. I'm seeing that the guru is the one who taught them all, taught the whole class. 

Guru Rinpoche as a statue in Lhasa - Jokhang

(Note: The Guru here is Guru Rinpoche, a teacher who lived in the 8th century - and who wrote the original "Tibetan Book of the Dead" and taught the yogas of Naropa.  This is simple to do - requires no training and Jennifer does it while she's speaking. Closes her eyes and gestures to the light.)

He’s showing me to protect yourself; "so nothing can get in." "First, close your eyes, then envision a white light coming through (gestures to the crown in her head) and then coming up around you (gestures like a rising light around her) and sprouting out to your loved ones and to everyone else."

Where is the light from?

It’s “Gods light.”

Okay, or another term might be the healing light of the universe?

"Yes. You can do that – pulling it from above, and coming down this way."

How does one raise their body temp while meditating?


(Note: “Tummo” is the esoteric yoga that Tibetan monks do where they mentally create a “fire” by doing breath exercises in their lower chakra.  Many science studies have been done, but the monks who can do it raise their body temperature to a point where they can sit virtually naked in the snow and melt ice around them.  That raised body temperature also helps burn away any viruses.)

That’s correct – is there as way to teach that without studying the esoteric breathing?

"Take all the texts and put it into what you’re doing – everything you’ve learned and simplify."

This is a painting of what looks like Milarepa
doing the tummo meditation. (I've been inside one
of his caves in Tibet with Robert Thurman.)

Another version of what she's saying.
A guide to Kundalini meditation - but if we uses
different syntax, it's just what Jennifer is saying.

Well, I’ve tried to do it myself, but don’t know how – is there a way we can use the meditation you just described (which reminds me of “Tonglen” meets “The Jewel Tree of Tibet”) and it can be used? Like use the light meditation and then make the temperature of the light hotter?

"Yes. Envision the flight as a flame and turn it up – and then bring the heat."

That’s great – the breath is how they actually do “Tummo.” 

(Note: Here's Wim Hof teaching Tummo! He was just featured on Netflix via the Goop channel. He explains things in a fun way - maybe he can teach it better than I could. )

(Jennifer aside) I had no idea.

Dr. Dhonden, do you remember meeting me?

"Was it in New York?"

(Note: Here's a notice of an event recently in NYC with Dr. Dhonden. Jennifer has no idea he was in NYC, but I was aware he'd been a few times to see Thurman and Tibet House.)

No, but you’ve been in New York a few times with my friends, Robert Thurman and his family. He was the Dalai Lama’s doctor. I heard Dr. Dhonden speak to a group with Robert Thurman in India and then later we met in Dharamsala. How does he look to you?

He looks young now. 

Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

"His guru." 

Who was that?

"The other Dalai Lama before."

The 13th ? 


Image result for 13th dalai lama
The 13th Dalai Lama

Wow. We’ve talked to him. We interviewed him a year ago, he's in the new book. Wild that you would say him. Dr. Dhonden, are you aware we had a conversation with him?

"Yes, he was here when you did." He says "He remembers you in Dharamsala; he remembers your eyes." 

(Note: Mind blown. It's wild that Jennifer would be able to identify the 13th. We spoke with him briefly two years earlier, and he answered some verifiable details about his friend Charles Bell, a young British officer he knew and invited to Lhasa.  (That interview is in the book as well.) It makes sense, as Dr. Dhonden was alive when the 13th was still the ruler. (Born 1927, died 2019). The 13th was born in 1866 and lived until 1933 (I've read his death was not revealed until it was safe to have the 14th Dalai Lama take his place in 1940.)

Dr. Yeshi Dhonden

When I heard you speak about cancer in Dharamsala, I burst into tears, because it was just after Luana passed away, and I realized you could have saved her life. (It was in 1997). Is that true Luana? Could he have saved your life from cancer?

She says “No... but yes;” She says "Because her cancer was part of her journey."

So Dr. Dhonden anything you want me to tell your friend Robert Thurman?

He says “He’s not listening to his own guidance.”

Image result for robert thurman
Robert Thurman PhD
(Note: Having been at this awhile, this is not a criticism of Robert who is one of the wisest most brilliant thinkers on the planet.  In terms of the research, the good Doctor is specifically referring to "Robert Thurman's guides" - we all have guides who try to help us navigate the planet.  In this case, I'd suggest he's advising Robert to be "more open" in terms of "listening" to what his guides are suggesting he do with regard to whatever part of his life he's navigating. 

I've known Robert for 20 years - he's one of the greatest writers of Buddhist theory on the planet - and he's amazing at being open to whatever new information comes his way. I sat with him for two hours and gave him a detailed explanation of what I learned in my research, and thankfully he didn't choose to debate it. (Robert told me the Dalai Lama banned him from formal debate. Apparently he was so fierce in his argument, he would overwhelm people. Either way I wouldn't sign up for it.)  

But instead of defending or taking on the weaker points of my research as I knew it ten years ago, he said "That's fascinating. I'd like to try one of those deep hypnosis sessions."  A true person with insight. (He did, but you'll have to ask him how it went.) So me quoting his old boss here - is wild - but I am transcribing verbatim what he said. Here's a great podcast from Robert: )

Very good. Thank you. One last person – Edgar Cayce, you gave us a quote for my book “Hacking the Afterlife” but we haven’t spoken through Jennifer to you.

He’s here.

Edgar Cayce

Thanks for giving us a quote for the book; who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

"His mother... and an angel."

(Note: I've run into angels in the research. I interview a few in "Architecture of the Afterlife."  Prince reported (years ago) that he saw an angel who told him he would be cured from epilepsy and become a great dancer when he was a child. Later, in "Backstage Pass" we interviewed him about it. But I was more focused on this topic.)

Who are you hanging out with over there?
Edgar Cayce

"All the mediums."

And your council of doctors what would they advise us about this pandemic?

“Stay in.” They keep saying “Stay in.” And they are referring to the stuff we just discussed.

Okay, well I asked for all you guys to show up and you did.

"They’re saying that we should focus on the things we discussed."

Edgar, were you happy with your chapter in “Hacking the Afterlife?”

He says “It was magnificent.”

I was speaking to someone yesterday who was quoting you.

He shows me how everyone quotes everyone over the years; "It’s like it doesn’t matter who started it, it just keeps going."

Luana, any last words before Jennifer's next appointment?

She gave you a kiss on your cheek and your forehead... because she doesn’t want to give you the virus.

Ha! Very funny. Thanks!

Happy birthday!


(Note: Before she left for her appointment, I told Jennifer who Jonas Salk was. 

She said "That's why he was showing me Forrest Gump! I thought it was because Tom Hanks has the virus, but he was showing me an image of "polio."  I kept seeing this image of young Forrest.

I said - did Forrest Gump have polio? She said, "Yes, remember the leg braces and the "Run Forrest run?"  

I had forgot and know that if she had said "they're showing me Forrest Gump" I would have said "They're referring to Tom Hanks" and we would have gone down another path. 

Just an example of her reporting what she's seeing because she's very careful about what she says, and asks her guides "often twice" to clarify and image she doesn't understand.  

But there you have it - she didn't know who "Jonas Salk" was - actually said after I told her; "I must seem like a dummy!" I said "It shows that you aren't trying to judge what you're seeing.  It's fine, it's better that you didn't. It's better that we interviewed him without the prejudice of knowing who he was.")

Forrest with his polio braces

I offer this information as it came - verbatim with minimal editing.  

Tom Hanks. Avatar. Sage. Hero.
I think it's courageous of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita to report how they are doing fighting this virus. I know I was startled to hear he had it - it's not a death sentence by any means (94% survive) but it is a time where we need to open up and share whatever we can to help whomever we can. 

If this post helps ONE PERSON than it was worth the hours it took me to craft it. (And will be in the next book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside Book Three")

We are living in an unprecedented time, and going through an unprecedented event. I love that the Italians have come up with a slogan; “Andra’ Tutto Bene” (Everything will be alright). It’s accurate. We will soldier through this event (and others in our lifetime.)  

We do have to “stick together.” 

Rich and Jennifer at the Fishbar

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