Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Harry Houdini and Greta Garbo

This one should be called "Garbo Speaks from the Flipside!"

This is about as mind bending as our podcast gets.  But wait, there's more!

A week ago Sunday, I was doing a session with my pal Iris Libby of "" fame - I've known Iris most of my life, know her as a successful businesswoman, a pal, who happens to be an amazing astrologer.  I've filmed her during her hypnotherapy session training with Scott De Tamble, and some excerpts of her sessions appear in my books.

We had an experiment to try - speaking to her council.  But when the session began, she said "Houdini is here."  I said "Why?" And he proceeded to chat with us. I asked if he was surprised to meet anyone on the flipside, and he said "Greta Garbo."

That session I recorded, and will be part of a future book.  But this session with Jennifer was a follow up on that conversation, as noted during the podcast.

Jennifer had no idea that I had "spoken to Houdini and Garbo" a week earlier, as I told no one.  Besides, everyone I know wouldn't believe me anyway - so there's no point in telling anyone as it is.

However, I left it up to our moderator on the flipside as to whom we should speak with - and I'll let the podcast speak for itself.

Inevitably I get details wrong - or incorrect. I'm asking the questions, and an interview is only as good as the person who directs the conversation. However, Harry and Greta both offer new insights, new information about their journey and the flipside from their current perspective.

I have no other way to put it than "Garbo speaks from the Flipside!" "Houdini makes an appearance from the Flipside!"  I will repeat what they both said during the session with Iris, and I do repeat it in the podcast:

Harry, when asked if he had any message for humanity it was "Everything is an illusion."  When asked the same questions Garbo said "Matter is not matter, and matter doesn't matter." 

Neither one could I make up.

So sit back and enjoy the 101st podcast of a very unusual collaboration. is where you can find Jennifer or book oneself one of her public events, or book privately. is where you can find links to films and books in many languages. is where you can find the video of this interview, and is the podcast.

Thanks for tuning in!

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