Maverick and Hell and Meghan McCain

Someone posted this comment on my page today regarding the idea that John McCain spoke to me and Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer during one of our sessions:
"If john mccain was talking to Richard there must be hotline to Hell!" It's a funny comment, but my reply to this comment is funnier (see posted below).

Hey, I can fly! (just kidding) In this talk I mention our interview with John (Maverick) 

My reply to the comment that "John McCain must be in hell" -

"Let's be clear. I didn't vote for the guy - so when I "heard" his voice in my apt. say "I understand you're the guy I need to speak with to pass along a message to my family" I was startled. I may even have been in the shower, so it was extra weird.  I first said to myself "Why would I ever heard the voice of John McCain? I'm not a fan - I knew his chief of staff back in the 90's, but never met the fellow."  So I replied; "Get in line.  If you want to speak with me you know what's required. Get a pass from Luana Anders and Jennifer Shaffer and I will speak with you."

I'm not making this up - that's what I said. On my way to my weekly meeting with Jennifer in her office in Manhattan Beach, as I drove along the coast, I said his name aloud "John. McCain."  

Again - I wasn't looking to chat with him, but prior to this meeting did my usual amount of research into his life and journey. What kind of music he liked, how many times he was married, what his journey might have been like.  I know he's a hero - I know he suffered immeasurably by being tortured, I knew he couldn't lift his arm above a certain height.  I have respect for the guy even if I did not agree with his overall political journey.

So when I got to Jennifer's office and turned on the camera, she said "Maverick is here."  At first I thought of the Tom Cruise movie - but then remembered that was his nickname.  Jennifer is apolitical as it is - she keeps her opinions in the confines of our sessions, but for her to blurt out "Maverick is here" meant she could not think of his name. I said "Who's that?" She said "That guy. The Senator who died recently. What's his name."

It's on camera. She didn't know his name - if she had thought he might show up, she might have thought to look up his name. But she didn't know it.  He had stuff he wanted to say - and I asked Luana (on the flipside) why he was allowed to "jump the line" (its our running joke - she holds the "Backstage Pass" list for these sessions.  It was Tom Petty who suggested that Luana "holds the clipboard to the vip lounge" and what inspired the title of the books; "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer.") She said "He earned it."

I'm answering your comment in full - knowing that you were kidding, or perhaps not - but the idea of anyone "being in hell" on the flipside is a joke. I've filmed over 50 sessions of deep hypnosis, compared it with thousands of other cases (Dr. Wambach and Michael Newton) and they all say the same thing; "there is no hell. It's a made up thing by humanity to keep people in line."  It's not my opinion they say that - not my theory they say that - I film them saying it.

So ain't no hell for John to come from. 

I posted the interview on - and on - anyone can find it.  Anyone who reads it can tell by my questions I was not in awe of the fact he'd shown up - in fact I pressed him on many questions. I asked him if he'd encountered any of the soldiers he'd killed in Vietnam.  I asked him what seeing them was like. I asked him about his torture, about his experience in the Senate - about anything that popped into my head.  And "he" answered the questions with humor, wit and the usual kinds of things he was known for.  At some point, I dropped my skeptical tone - appreciating finally for a moment that it's hard for them to come forward like this in this fashion - they know how ridiculed they would be doing so, or that I would be doing so.

But I have a reputation on the flipside (funny to say it, but I don't know how else to put it) of being someone who when asked to "pass along a message to a family member" I will do so. Even if the family member is incredulous, angry, or somehow thinks I'm exploiting their loved one's memory. ("You're a grief thief" someone wrote to me - as if it was a bad thing to steal someone's grief.  If that's true, I'll wear that badge.)

I think what impressed me most was John talking about the "medals" he had won on the flipside. He mentioned a particular medal I've heard of before, one that is "awarded" to people who've done an incredible service to humanity - and it was mentioned in an interview with a medium, Tony Stockwell.  

Tony had never seen or heard of "medals on the flipside" before - but I had. And he described one of his council members wearing a "star."  I asked if it was a pin or a medal, and he said "no, I'm seeing it now - it's an actual star and it is glowing and serves a function to elevate people to other realms."  The point isn't about the star - it's about the fact that Tony was being shown this star when I asked him if he saw that his lead council member was "wearing anything that he'd earned from a difficult lifetime."

With during a typical interview session

Apparently Mr. Maverick has earned three - one for his sacrifice during the Vietnam war (he was offered a ticket out and remained to be tortured so he wouldn't be considered above his fellow men), he earned one by his bout with cancer, demonstrating that he could fight through anything, he earned it for his service to humanity with the many people of his home state that he helped that we'll never know.  

When I heard that he had "earned the same kind of medal that Tony earned, but three of them" I knew I should pay closer attention to his simple request.

And that was to pass along a message to his daughter.  So politics aside, if you know anything about the journey we all take - you'll know that it takes a great deal of effort to be able to show up at a stranger's home, "speak loud enough so he can hear you" and then show up at a medium's session a week later, and have specific detailed messages to give.

We all vibrate at the frequency that our work takes us - musicians hang out on the flipside, politicians hang out, as do painters, bankers, etc - they all radiate "the same frequency" of the energy of their endeavors. Again - not my opinion, just my observation from the data.  

So - yes, this is a long reply - and it's because even though I'm not a voting member of Arizona, I respect Maverick's journey - and his desire to communicate with his daughter.  

George Noory of Coast to Coast fame offered to pass along the unedited transcripts - I have no idea what his daughter thinks of them, but if you hear she's running for office; you'll know who suggested it. 
(Not me.)

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