Its A Wonderful Afterlife Volume One and Volume Two are now available in print and kindle

Just a quick note to say that the books are available in kindle and print on demand from Amazon. If you click on the boxes to the right and left of this post, you'll find links to them.

Volume One has scientists talking about consciousness in the afterlife, includes near death experiences and between-life sessions.

Volume Two has more scientists talking about consciousness, interviews with hypnotherapists, and interviews with people who claim to be speaking from the great beyond.  If you want to get the latest in research about what happens after we die, these two volumes dive in feet first.

We're having a book launch event towards the end of the month.  So please tune in for that, as there will be DISCOUNTS on all versions of it, in honor of the "day of the dead."  If you can wait that long.

Thanks for tuning in!!!

Here's something from the vault "It's a Wonderful Afterlife."

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