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A letter I got today (and meant for those who have lost a loved one, and how to communicate with them. Sharing with permission. Thx Tim).

Dear Rich, 

I'm feeling compelled to contact you. I've read or listened to most of your books. I've just completed BACKSTAGE PASS #1. (With Jennifer Shaffer)

Book One
I'll do my best to keep this as short as possible. My wife left the planet May 2017. We had a closeness in life that we couldn't explain nor could any of our friends or family understand. We didn't believe in death and would often joke about " whoever left first was cheating". We knew we'd been together before.

When she became ill it simply seemed like what was supposed to happen. Most of our affairs were in order but during the last few months we worked together on her memorial service and as well as what my life would be like by myself. Never really believing I'd be alone. What I didn't realize was I had spent so much time on the practical, I wasn't prepared for the spiritual. For a while, after she passed, I felt disconnected. It was discouraging.

I knew I was the disconnect. Looking back I know it was her idea but I went back to the same books that had began to open our eyes 24 years before. Ten minutes into the first audio book I found her. It was a hot day I was doing yard work while listening. All of the sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up, goose bumps on my whole body and tears I couldn't control.

In that same moment I heard her unmistakable voice. "I'm here". Before I could mentally compete the word "really?" She answered "yes". Since then we've had an ongoing, moment by moment conversation. I hear her voice, her cadence, her words. Things I would never think or say. I've felt her leaning her head on my shoulder as we walk arm in arm in the evening.

There are times I get too busy but if I just take a deep breath and slow down we're together. I've tried to keep notes on dreams and most of the significant encounters we've had. If somehow it would help someone I would like to share them. (I just thought to write that I don't know how to do that. Very loudly I heard "yes you do ") She's always been a step or two ahead of me.

I don't know how unique we are. She's told me the Veil is thinning. That this is something being worked on over there and we're helping. Someday soon it will be normal if it's not already. Most of the time I haven't any doubt it's her. But there's times when it's really hard to not think it's just me and a good imagination.

I was wondering if you have a speaking engagement in the Los Angeles area or better yet near Palm Springs. I'd really like to attend and maybe spend a few moments speaking to you. I'd really appreciate your feedback as non of my friends or family are prepared in any way to approach this topic.

If our paths never cross, that's really ok. I've learned that what's supposed to happen will.

Best Regards from both of us."

Can't think of a better or more important post. It's not about me sharing what I've learned - it's about people sharing what they've experienced, including when loved ones stay in touch with us from the Flipside.


Message from Tom Petty and a Hindu deity

Today's session with Jennifer Shaffer was typical in the sense that it was mind bending.

As usual.

So today we chatted with two individuals.

One is a teacher on the flipside.  We met her once before, during a session where Jennifer's father Jim was asked "So what are you up to on the flipside?" and he took us to his classroom where he's learning astrophysics.

It's not like he waved us over to his class - he actually took Jennifer on a deep space trip, brought her to a "classroom" that seemed like it was "on the other side of the universe" where we met his teacher.  She told us her name, but recommended we just call her "Miss X" - as in "Madame X" or "Ms. X" because it was too hard to impart her particular name.

(This is a chapter in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" where we visit this classroom in deep space.)

However, I must add that she seemed like someone who knew a vast amount of information, and Jennifer did her best to download what she was saying, what she looked like, etc.  In her physical description, she said that she had "eight arms."

So today, while chatting with Jennifer the topic of the bees dying from the recent earthquakes came up, and we decided to discuss it on camera in the midst of our noisy restaurant in Manhattan Beach.  

I asked "Who wanted to come forward and talk to us about the bees?" and Jennifer described this same teacher.

She did not remember where we'd met her before, but I did (that's what I'm good for, remembering obscure details) and I introduced them again.  "This is your father's astrophysicist professor" - Jennifer saw her in a high necked cape with her "hair" up on her head.  When asked about what color her hair was, Jennifer said "It's like looking at a prism.  There are many colors." (Never heard that description before.)

For those of you who are coming to this blog for the first time - I apologize.  I recommend picking up a copy of "Flipside" then "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and then "Hacking the Afterlife" where we meet Jennifer, and the two books we've done together "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer" to get to a place where you might be able to say "Oh yeah, so they're talking to a teacher who is from a classroom on the flipside."

There are thousands of students that attend her classes - we've seen that before, Jennifer sees them as "a string of lights" - of people learning from her about all things astrophysics-like.  In this case, I asked "So what's up with the bees dying off in California during the quake?"

She said "it's their frequency." As bees have a highly tuned system that the earthquake had thrown out of kilter.  "It's the equivalent of getting cancer - the bees don't get cancer, but the disruption of their inner core causes them to die."  I asked if anyone on Earth were aware of her as a teacher, and she said "Many know me as a deity in India."

This deity's name is Durga.
I'm familiar with 8 handed deities - having been to India a bunch, Tibet as well - and am aware of how the 8 arms aren't there to help with performing a task but represent a metaphor.  Each arm is an accomplishment - could be compassion, wisdom, truth, etc.  I asked if she had any message to people in India who might follow her or know who I'm referring to.  She said "They're losing faith in the ability to believe in avatars."  

I argued with her - cause like, that's what I do - that my saying "People of India! Have more faith!" was pretty much what has caused many wars in India over the centuries - where faith becomes an issue and wars are born out of those arguments about whose deity is more important than another religion.  (I've been to India many times, and it's one of the most fascinating, ancient, spiritual places on Earth - but I'm just saying.  Who am I to tell anyone to "Have more faith?")

She didn't accede the point.  She just wanted to offer that "People in India will know who I am, and I represent "truth" to them."  

After the session, I looked up "8 armed deities" and found only one.  So that was unusual.  She is called "Durga" by devotees, and represents: "Durga (Sanskrit: दुर्गा, IAST: Durgā), identified as Adi Parashakti, is a principal and popular form of Hindu Goddess.[3][4][5] She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good.[4][6] She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation.[7]" (Wikipedia)

So well, there you have it.  Showed up in a restaurant in Manhattan beach to explain that bees are dying because the quake messed up their guidance systems, their frequency - that it messes with everyone's frequencies, but in the case of bees, they can't handle it. (Paraphrasing.)  Now you know. (Not really, but just reporting.)

Same deity different artist (Durga)
Each arm represents a different metaphor of knowledge.

On to more mundane topics.

So I asked "Anyone else need to reach out to us?"  Jennifer said "Well, Tom Petty popped into my head yesterday, then you (Rich) popped into my head, so I don't know what that means."  I said "Well, let's ask him - he's a member of our class."

He said he had a specific message for his daughter (or daughters, he has two.)  He said he wanted me to pass along that message to her.  (He didn't say them, he said "her.") #adriapetty #annakimviolette 

I asked him what that message might be.  

He told us.

I said "Tom, Mr. Wilbury, I can't pass that message along.  First your daughter is never going to hear that message from me, or understand why I'm saying it.  You have to give me something that will prove to her (or them) that this is you speaking to her (or them)."  

Jennifer said "He's showing me a belt buckle.  It's sparkly."  I said "Is it silver, gold..." she said "Rhinestone.  Or diamonds.  But it's a sparkly belt buckle that he gave his daughter."

I clarified.  "You mean he gifted her this, or it's part of something she inherited?"  

Jennifer replied, "He says "It was a gift."  He said "Also a car."  

I asked if the car was a gift, he said "No, something she inherited."  

I asked him for the make or color of the car.  Jennifer said "It's classic. I'm seeing that it's a convertible."

(Jennifer has no clue what cars Tom Petty owned or didn't own. I can look them up and I have.  He had a few.)

I said "Okay, so if I mention in a blog that Tom Petty showed up with a specific message for his daughter who got a sparkly belt buckle and a convertible, that person will know that this message is directly from Tom?"


(Okay,  #adriapetty #annakimviolette - your pop has something to tell you.)

I said "Well, I hear your message loud and clear - but it's not something I can write in a blog, or a post, so what I'm suggesting is that I will write this up into my blog, tell them via hashtags that I got a direct message from you, and if they want to hear it they should reach out to Jennifer. Is that okay?  Because even if they reach out to Jennifer and don't tell her who it is that is calling she will be able to pass along this message." (As I've filmed her doing in the past.)

He said "Yes."

(And for those paying attention, recently a person showed up to chat with us from the flipside, and after that chat, I reached out to his widow, did not tell Jennifer anything about this, and filmed this woman speaking directly to her husband as an experiment.  Jennifer had no idea who was coming to our session, and she correctly identified who he was, how many kids they had together, and what she had brought in her purse that were his.  All on camera.)

Image result for "tom petty" "convertible car"
Tom Petty from Top Speed website.

Got that?  Tom has a message for at least one of his daughters - maybe both - and it has to do with an issue that's important to him and he wants to reach out directly to them - and they can ask Jennifer what that message is and hear what it is.  (

I am happy to pass it along.

But I doubt that anyone reading this would believe what he had to say to me - someone who never met him, didn't know him - but he has shown up a number of times in our class (and is the source of the title "Backstage Pass."  He said "waiting to have Luana (my friend on the flipside) help people to access Jennifer was like someone waiting for the person with the list of people who get backstage passes.")

Our moderator on the flipside; Luana Anders
So there you have it.  

If you know Tom's daughters, or your know the publicist who knows Tom's daughters, forward this on to them; I recommend having them reach out to Jennifer (they can be anonymous if they like) - she works with law enforcement on missing person cases, as well as has correctly identified any number of details about specific people. You can reach out to me as well - MartiniProds at gmail - is my email address.  

I spend some part of every day answering basic questions there - but I am happy to pass along this message direct from Tom.

And save the bees!

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