FLIPSIDE: A Shift in Consciousness

Flipside moment:

At the end of the film "The Matrix" Neo finally realizes the nature of his reality, and time slows down. Bullets drop in front of him.

He's had a shift in consciousness to see what's really going on. It seems to be happening across the globe; people seeing the interconnectedness of us all - social media allows us to share our thoughts of spirit, our observations of life in real time - to observe that we are on this spaceship of a planet hurtling through the Universe, to see how the harm we do to our planet is harm we do to ourselves, how the harm we do to others is harm we do to our own spiritual selves.

During a session I was filming recently for "Flipside 2" a spirit guide was asked "What's the meaning of "the shift?" The subject was an industry exec who had been a skeptic on her way to the session but was now getting answers to deep questions she allowed herself to ask. He spirit guide answered (thru her) "You humans always feel the need to name things to get a better handle on it. But if you want to understand a shift in consciousness, imagine yourself a crab walking on an ocean floor, and then you suddenly open your eyes and realize you're in an ocean. That's a shift in consciousness." We live in an ocean of oxygen, of water, of air, of sustenance - all of us together trying to survive. And when you come to realize that we are all connected in this ocean, the world outside begins to slow, and the bullets fall to our feet, we merely have to put up our hands and say "I get it. We are all one."

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