Hacking the Afterlife chat with Jennifer Shaffer, Junior Seau, Robin Williams, Prince and my mom

Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer.

Here's the video:

This turned out to be an episode where folks came forward from the flipside to talk about the pandemic.  Junior Seau wanted to reinforce the idea that hyperbaric oxygen therapy cures a host of brain issues (and a shout out to Joe Namath), Robin Williams wanted to speak about depression and the pandemic - how to alleviate it.  Prince wanted to talk about using water and music to help with mental issues, Dr. Salk spoke about the properties of elderberry with regard to the lungs.  A pretty unusual session that included some wise words from my mom, and a neighbor who died of Covid last week.

I'll add that this is an unusual podcast for a number of reasons.  I didn't tell Jennifer it was my mother's birthday (as noted) but she was aware of it.  I didn't ask for Junior Sea to  come forward but he reiterated what he's said before (and is on this page under

Robin Williams showed up to talk about depression and the pandemic - a topic worth discussing. For those fans of thehere were more in the session.) Prince wanted to talk about the healing aspects of water (first time he's offered that, but I understood what he was saying.)

Then my mom came forward to talk about my son - on her birthday. That was sweet and absolutely accurate. I mention her website

Finally a neighbor of mine who died on the floor below us.  I had thought of asking him to show up - but left it up to

Again - not trying to prove anything to anyone. Just getting people to think about stuff that they can consider on their own.

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