Ohio Boy Remembers Life as a Chicago Girl

Dr Jim Tucker's research from UVA (took over for Ian Stevenson, Tucker's books cite many cases) corroborates these kinds of stories, and second, ignore the "catchwords" like "horrible death" or "ghost in my child." How horrible can it be that he not only didn't die, but chose to return again as thus blue eyed angel in Ohio? How can we call it a "ghost" when it's just a previous remembered life? The research shows we choose each life carefully, with the help and guidance of our loved ones. And if you want to see the research, read "Flipside" or "Its a Wonderful Afterlife." cites the latest studies in consciousness, pointing to how this story could be accurate. It also points to the shallowness of our tribal mentality, us vs them, left vs right, fundamentalist vs liberal - if we choose who we're going to be in the next lifetime, how do we judge a person's choice in this lifetime?

Ohio family convinced son lived another life as a Chicago woman

CHICAGO —  Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio boy’s family says they didn’t, until little Luke started sharing specific details. He spoke about living another life, in Chicago, as a woman who suffered a horrific death.
WJW’s Suzanne Stratford has the story in the video above.

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