Sarah Palin is a Bad Disney Movie

Couldn't agree more. Great comment Mr. Damon. Bravo.

Sarah Palin is a bully. She lies, and then covers it up. (Watch the ABC interview - she can't admit she was "for the bridge and then against it." She admits it but won't admit it.) She's already abusing power, and she's only been in office a couple of years. Books banned from libraries. Advocating creationism. Demanding to erase choice as a woman's option, except in the case of her daughter.

Mark my words; the next time you see her daughter on stage with her "fiancee" she will be wearing a wedding band or fake engagement ring put there by the McCain campaign. Not an accusation - who cares? - just an observation.

Sarah Palin is a Bad Disney Movie. The past 8 years have been NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Lies about going to war, smearing CIA agents from the White House, from the Office of Vice President!! He should be charged with crimes against the Constitution. 8 years of BS.. I'm just sick of it. Enough is enough.

The country is going to be on the edge of its seat everytime John McCain coughs if he's President. A spot appears on his face, and people will be scrambling to build nuclear shelters. What's this country come to? We'll elect anyone because they believe in creationism? Because they go to Church? Because they have a sarcastic streak, and bully those who are beneath them?

Yesterday NPR reported she made employees sign a loyalty oath. That the librarian that she harassed out of her job, wouldn't sign the oath.


We're at a crossroads in this country. We're nearly bankrupt. Our children's children will be paying the interest on the loans we took out to finance this ridiculous and unjust war. And now more men have died in Afghanistan than in Iraq. The just war, the war that went after the people responsible for 9/11, was shifted to another theater, making the victory in Afghanistan a hollow one. Why is that? It's because the WAR CRIMINALS IN THE WHITE HOUSE took their supplies and intelligence and men away from them so they could satisfy their own cravings for justice, to "spread democracy," to protect the oil supply - whatever it is, they're guilty of throwing our nation in front of a bus. And they're still war profiteering on it as they sail into the sunset.

If McCain had picked someone who wasn't a complete fake - after all, he spoke to John Kerry about being his vice president - if he had any balls, he would have done the same.. but by picking this Bad Disney scenario, he's lost any respect he had. And the world will treat him as they treated Bush - a dolt who doesn't know what he's doing.
It's so sad to see our nation divided once again, over culture wars. The right wing pretending to be blue collar, and the left wing pretending to be blue collar. When neither collar fits them. I'd throw my hands in the air, but when all is said and done, someone's got to go into the White House, and I'd prefer to bet my money on Obama and Biden to lead us into the future.. and not into a comedy from hell.


Sarah Palin as President... the odds are one in five.

This is a variation on a blog going around about SP. Kudos to the artist who photoshopped the vogue picture to our left. Good work.
Just some bullet points about our next President, Sarah Palin.

Enough is enough. I'm frankly, tired of this same old nonsense of the country lying our way into and out of trouble. I think its hilarious that John McCain has picked a rock star of the right wing to be his running mate, and is now tied up in her skirts, only appearing when she appears. I wonder if she'll be onstage when he debates. Either way, I wish her well and a nice retirement back in her home state where she's sorely missed.

I think its hilarious that women are calling the media sexist for asking her questions. The media savaged and trounced on Hillary for years, and only recently did anyone cry 'sexism.' But when you run for President you should be able to answer any question thrown at you - whether it's what the heck the Bush doctrine is, or why you call the Iraq debacle "God's War", where we invade a secular country (which by the way, means "non muslim" or at least "non muslim by decree" as opposed to what Saudi Arabia is, and our other non secular allies represent) and deposed its ruler, and now will spend our children's future on paying for this mistake, to why she can get away with the lie that she was against the "bridge to nowhere." If Joe Biden or Barack Obama say something stupid, they should be raked over the coals for it. But McCain picked her, and since she's a half a heartbeat away from the most powerful office on Earth, she'd damned well better be up to the task. And if she's not, he deserves to be soundly defeated.

Pound away America! If she survives it unscathed, then what the heck, maybe she is the right choice. But just based on the crap that's already come to light in a week since she was introduced, I think I'd prefer to have people in the White House that aren't such complete cyphers that we don't know what they'll do until they actually do it. Enough is enough.


Sarah Palin is a bully

I frickin' HATE bullies.

Don't get me wrong. I liked her speech. I thought it was pretty funny. I thought she was pretty funny. Sarcastic. Dry.

I thought the pick by McCain was equally maverick like "I don't care what anyone says, this is my pick and I'm sticking to it" and creepy "Yes, Karl, whatever you say Karl, if that will get me elected I'll pick anyone."

I think John McCain is either going Ronald Reagan on us, in the mind dept., or he's a liar. Check out Greenberg's new film on the subject.

But Ms. Palin is a bully. She's a bully with librarians. She's a bully with her inlaws. She's a bully with anyone who disagrees with her. Hmm. She'd make a perfect Mrs. Cheney.

America likes bullies. They like to elect creeps. Just look at the creeps we've had in office. Nixon. Bush Jr. Cheney. And now they're going to vote for McCain because he picked Palin. As Ariana Huffington so aptly put it; "America loves a soap opera." Well we've been living in hell for 8 years with this dimwit in the White House and his team of fascist commandos - and now we're supposed to sit back and let it happen again. Man it makes me nauseous.

But as Senator Obama put it today "Enough is enough." I'm fed up with it. So hence the title of this blog. I don't think McCain would be an awful President. I think Bush is awful. But I think Palin would make an awful President. And that's what will happen if we elect him. So get out your checkbooks America, and pop some cash into Obama's campaign; he's going to need it for all the sleaze and crap they'll throw at him.

I frickin' hate bullies. And hate hypocrisy in Govt, and in our leaders. Hate it. Hate it.

Thank God for Jon Stewart.

Okay, this is my clarion call. Onward and upward.

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