Hacking the Afterlife to talk to E.T’s

J. Allen Hynek

I’ve been invited to speak at this year’s CONTACT IN THE DESERT.

It’s morphed from pyramid hat wearers in the 80’s (an offshoot of the “Whole Life Expo craze) that I attended back then to do some research for a comedy I was writing about “aliens taking over the country.”

Luana Anders and I went to the Expo, I think it was in the valley somewhere, and was filled with booths of people selling crystals, communication to ET devices, and high and low brow investigations… MUFON was represented, and I attended a couple of lectures by serious sounding people talking about serious sounding topics.

Hard to get a laugh with Alien stuff.

However, I recall seeing the graphic comic book MEN IN BLACK on a table in a booth, someone who had taken the scary notion of “men in black” who showed up at the homes of people who claimed to see a UFO and scared the beejesus out of them.

So much so that it became a meme before there were such things. (Not to slight the Goddess of Memory, for whom meme’s is named after, but since no one can remember her name, I digress.)

Last year my wife wanted to visit the event, so we went out to the desert heat of Palm Springs adjacent (Indian Wells) where we met some really funny, insightful researchers — like Paul Hynek whose father was my science class mentor in grad school (J. Allen Hynek). They showed “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” at the conference, sitting in lawn chairs in the desert night, and I recognized my old professor with his ubiquitous pipe in a close up at the end of the film, as the “aliens” arrived.

What I didn’t know was that young Paul was on the set that day. I told him how I had met his father, who was a friend of my science teacher “Sister Joel” at the grade school St. Norbert’s in Northbrook Illinois (home to John Hughes and the Bueller family) — I have no clue how this scientist at Northwestern was pals with a Sister of St. Casimir, but she put us together, and he’d come to our home with his pipe filled with Borkum Riff — and listen to me ask a raft of questions about science.

Odd to note that my science project did win the State Fair — which included a scholarship in science to the University of Illinois in Champagne-Urbana — but I was 12, captain of the football team. I couldn’t think far enough ahead to consider science in college — after high school — so I deferred.

And here I was sitting in a lawn chair recognizing my old professor advisor fella.

The Contact in the Desert conference is run by Ron Janix, someone who had me on his radio show turned podcast some years ago, funny, insightful fellow, and he’s pulled off an amazing event where people come from around the world, from Washington DC, those on the forefront of UFO investigations (UAP’s as they’re now referred to) where people from across the spectrum of investigation talk about their research.

What am I doing there?

Ron pointed out that what I’m doing — talking to people offstage, and sometimes aliens who are offstage, would make a fascinating subject for a book.

So after last year’s event, I wrote “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND: HOW TO PHONE HOME” which includes excerpts from the many interviews I’ve filmed with people who report seeing aliens.

Available in Kindle, Audible, Paperback and Hardcover

Sometimes they’re on their council of elders (See DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE: THE FLIPSIDE COURT for transcripts with 20 scientists, clergy and doctors who reported meeting their councils for the first time, including some folks who don’t incarnate on earth). Sometimes it’s talking to someone who had an alien encounter (Simon Bown, the Oxford podcaster who revealed on the air that he had one, and we spent an hour exploring it.) Sometimes it’s doing a guided meditation with someone who is in the midst of recalling a previous lifetime — and while doing so, suddenly becomes aware of living a lifetime off planet. (The book ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE has a woman who becomes aware that she’s living a lifetime on another planet concurrently, on that planet she lives 400 years, is a scientist, and is currently in her fourth incarnation as a young woman on earth.)

I know how mind bending this information seems.

In my case, I try to ask the same questions that I ask everyone in this research. As Dr. Bruce Greyson notes in his book AFTER, about NDE experiencers, “You can get objective data from subjective experiences by asking the subjects the same questions.”

It’s through this kind of questioning that I was able to ask a question of a “Reptilian” looking fellow serving on someone’s council if he’d ever “incarnated on earth.” He replied “I wouldn’t stoop so low.” Or the Leprechaun looking fellow that I interviewed who said that there were many on his planet that looked like him, but professed no knowledge of why people on the planet report seeing them in Ireland. He basically said “I have no idea what you’re talking about” when I asked about being “Magically delicious.”

Or the “Gray” that had abducted Simon Bown in his youth, by asking him questions about his mission and journey. In essence he reported he was a “manufactured intelligence” (AI) created by a group of beings that were helping others around the universe. As he put it, “Have you ever donated blood to the Red Cross? The individuals I meet to collect DNA, genetic materials serve to help civilizations in other parts of the universe, where birth is no longer possible. Further, that the people that he meets with (the abductees) had agreed to this process ‘prior to incarnation.’

Meaning it was “agreed to before we even chose to incarnate here.”

Like I say, a bit mind bending.

But it does follow the research, data and footage. That people report we exist prior to incarnation, that we plan our journeys with the help and guidance from teachers, classmates and council members — before we get onstage.

That filters on the brain block awareness of these events, (see pg 125 of Dr. Greyson’s AFTER for a chapter on filters on the brain) but that we can bypass those filters using hypnotherapy, mediumship or as I’ve done in “Divine Councils” and “Architecture of the Afterlife” using guided meditation.

So I have three events I will be participating in. One on Friday, which is about “communication with non incarnating beings” — on Saturday June 1st, Jennifer Shaffer and I are going to do a demonstration of using a medium to access beings off planet, and on Sunday, I will be doing a solo talk about all of this research — “How to bypass the filters on the brain.”

Saturday June 1st 2024

Yesterday, I was trying to think of an appropriate introduction to the panel I’m speaking on — most of them don’t know me, other than Paul Hynek, who graciously allowed me to record a guided meditation with him to see what he might be able to access…

Back in the 1960’s the Defense department asked cryptographers to come up with a language to communicate with possible intelligent people on other planets. The answer they had was to use “mathematics” as the idea must be that in order to arrive here, they must have been suing the same immutable laws of the universe. In the film “Close Encounters” they used math and music — also frequencies, and light, to communicate.

However, in the past fifteen years of communicating with people offstage — or from other realms — the method isn’t math, music or light…. it’s telepathy.

It’s to “freeze the frame” of the memory of the event, and then ask basic questions to whomever is in that vision, dream, NDE, OBE, memory or hallucination. To ask that entity, being, memory if they can answer questions. And then to ask them the same questions.

What’s mind bending is that people do respond, saying “I don’t know how I’m hearing this, but I am hearing that it’s okay to ask this person a question.”

I ask questions like “Who are you?” “Are you a tourist or is this person you’re visiting a colleague?” “Where did you meet?” “Have you ever incarnated on the planet?” “Has this person you’re visiting ever incarnated on your planet?” “If so, what’s that look like?” etc.

Non-Human Intelligence: Messages from Beyond Our Dimension
Friday, May 31, 2024
Time: 10:30am — 12:05pm
Location: Crystal Ballroom

Messages from Beyond Our Dimension Host: Tim Crawford, Richard Martini, Paul Hynek, Dannion Brinkley, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Dr. Pascal Michael, Anthony Peake

“Hear from those who experienced mysterious messages and communications originating from beyond our known dimension. From encounters with extraterrestrial beings to contact with interdimensional entities through psychedelics, non-human intelligence expands into many areas and instances. This panel will explore the various forms of non-human intelligence reported by individuals around the globe that expands our understanding of consciousness and reality. Discover the mysteries surrounding non-human intelligence and the fabric that connects all versions.”

My introduction:

“What does non human intelligence mean? Consciousness? In filming people accessing loved ones offstage for 15 years, occasionally running into beings who normally don’t incarnate on our planet, I’ve realized that the issue of communication is about telepathy.

People don’t move their lips in dreams. They communicate in dreams telepathically. Same goes for the near death experience — messages and information come via the mind. In filming people talking to loved ones offstage for the past 15 years, I’ve realized that one can revisit any event, including a near death experience. Including an encounter with an alien — and freeze the time frame of that event, and then ask question to those involved, to those one has seen during the event, and learn new information from them.

My recent book CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND interviews a number of people on the planet who access people who are off the planet, and in some of those instances, beings who do not incarnate on our planet. Sometimes they are in the councils of people I’m interviewing — in DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE, I had 20 scientists, clergy, doctors do a simple guided meditation with me over zoom. (Two neuroscientists, one from Harvard) None were aware they could communicate with people offstage — all of them had done meditation in the past, but all of them learned new information from guides, teachers and council members on the flipside.

And in a number of those interviews, they saw “people who don’t incarnate on earth” as members of their council. Councils are composed of people who are wiser, have volunteered to participate in a person’s overall development — and people have been reporting seeing Councils since Plato’s Republic.

However, people didn’t realize they could revisit those events — freeze the frame of time — and ask the higher consciousness of those individuals direct questions. One might think that the answers would be all over the map based on a person’s belief system — yet they are not, they are remarkably consistent.

Once we realize that consciousness is not confined to the brain — as demonstrated by the research at UVA’s Department of Perceptual Studies’ lab — Dr. Greyson, (whom Dannion Brinkley is aware of) we can learn to bypass the filters on the brain — the ones that are there to ‘block information not conducive to survival as Dr. Greyson puts it in his book AFTER — filters that some children don’t have until the age of 8, whom see people others cannot, recall previous lifetimes, or the filters that some elderly lose just prior to passing, see people that others cannot.

We can bypass those filters by using hypnotherapy (as Sarah does) or via mediumship — I work with mediums who work with law enforcement agencies so I know how effective they can be — Jennifer Shaffer is one, and we’re doing a workshop tomorrow — and through her, I’ve been able to access people I knew who are no longer on the planet, but also people I don’t know, who can respond to my questions about their experience off the planet.

And that includes people who don’t incarnate here. I also access people off planet via a simple guided meditation. The book DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE has an example of it, and Paul Hynek and I did a simplified version of it — and despite many who feel that they were “making up the answers based on their personal experiences” I can point to the transcripts that show that people report the same hallmarks when accessing their guides, teachers, and council members.

Simply put — instead of focusing on communicating with other intelligences via math, or color, or light, or sound, or visuals — focus on the telepathic aspects of communication. Those communications that happen in dreams — where no lips move — in guided meditations, where people meet and can ask questions to individuals they never met before, have no idea existed…

Or in the examples of alien encounters, to do a simple guided meditation to re-access the event, to freeze the frame of time — and then ask those individuals about their journeys… Not only “how’d you get here?” but also “why are you here?” “Are you a tourist or working?” “Do you know this individual that you’ve come to visit?” or “What can you tell us to help us to save the environment of our planet now?”

The answers are frequently mind bending, but I’m just a filmmaker asking questions based on my limited knowledge of the universe — we need people like those on these panels, those who are listening in, to experiment with asking these same questions.

As Dr Greyson notes in his book AFTER about decades of NDE research that demonstrates consciousness is not confined to the brain: “You can get objective data from subjective experiences if you ask the subjects the same questions.”

By asking people to ask questions to whomever it is they encounter, we can get a dataset of information that could be useful to the progression of humanity, and to the planet itself.”

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