Conversation with Amelia on the Flipside - planting of Fred Evidence

Here's the transcript of a conversation that I had with Amelia via Jennifer Shaffer in 2016 that I'm transcribing in 2018.  I'm post this on May 7th, 2018.

Jennifer: Amelia is here

Rich: Here’s the thing – Amelia. I'm going into a meeting with people on Friday at amazon... (to talk about doing a miniseries about you) They’re going to hear me talk about you in a film form – they’re going to ask who to play you...

Did I say she wants Scarlet Johannsen to play her, before?


I love she showed me her again...

I’m not focused on that right now – this photo of you and Fred on the dock, (In Jaluit, subject of a History Channel show that I helped with research) Were they accurate was this you and Fred standing on a dock in Jaluit in 1937?

Hold on. She shows me – "No but yes." Yes, that’s accurate, but something about the exact date being wrong. It was a little later. (I had said July 5th 1937)

You landed in mili in July of 1937. And they arrested you.. right after. And they took you to Jaluit in a few days, at the most a week. So it’s got to be july of 1937. Is that correct?


and so... the photo itself is of you and fred, is that correct?

Yes. "The mechanic." (Joking, referring to the Frenchman's article who called him that on Jaluit)

Sorry Fred.

He worked on the plane too.

I'm sure he did... but that being said – the Frenchman said something interesting, that you and Fred were taken by seaplane to Saipan, is that correct? He called it a hydroplane. Or did that happen later?

Like two days later, yeah.

Very good.

She's showing me both though. The plane went by boat, and they went by plane. I’m seeing both.

Yes, the boat took her plane. The seaplane took her and Fred. I do have eyewitnesses who saw them arrive at the docks in Saipan. My question is... should I just keep my head down doing this other work and not focus on it?

She’s saying for you to ask the naval intelligence about that picture.

Okay. To pursue that end of it..

Something with dental records as well. Hold on... ah. I feel like they’re going to find Fred’s dental records...something with Fred but not Amelia.

Fred's body was not moved – she was.


Okay that’s good. there’s this guy Les Kinney.
I’m sure he’s going back (to Saipan - he did) maybe he’ll find Fred.

I think so.

Fred’s dental records are easier to track down than hers I’ll bet.

Hang on... she says it’s not going to be organic... almost like they planted it.

Who? They’ll find something they planted?

She’s looking at my watch... I believe she had a watch on of some sort, some object took away from her when she landed... someone has it.. either on the island or someone from Japan has it... I bet if you research that you’ll find an earhart watch...

Do you think they’ll plant that on Nikomauroro?

They’re going to plant stuff with that deals with Fred.

You mean the guys who are with the cadaver dogs.

Would they do that? I'm seeing something small, like a fingernail.

I’ve been told by an Earhart expert that they are capable of planting things...

They’re going to planting something that’s very small.

Well, on the other hand... who cares? What can I do other than say...

You can say "they planted it."

Okay.Well, I could say I had a conversation with Amelia and she said “they’re planting something of fred’s like a fingernail on the island as we speak.  Is it a fingernail?

She’s showing me teeth. She’s making fun of Fred,  hold on. It has to do with his dental.

So that’s why you’re showing this?


So what do you feel about me broadcasting this on a website? Or am I just making people feel bad?

She says do it in a subtle way – you can go back and reveal it, when it does come out.  

Elgen Long told me they had an authentic plane part... that he thought they'd bury.

They won’t do that because too many people know about it.

So why would they do that? Wow. Okay, to justify their thing. I’ll put it on the webpage Earhart on Saipan, in the form of a page document that is there in the form of a report... which no one will see unless I share the link.

So this meeting with amazon on Friday... is this a good thing?

She just went like this with your shoulders... (rubbed them.)

(Note: I did meet with Amazon, they spent six months telling us they were interested, and then at the last minute, everyone involved was let go.  It's currently at Netflix.)

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Mall kid said...

My name is Bill Hawkins. I appreciate all of the work that you and Jennifer put into the flipside, not to mention what LuAnna and the students in the classroom do, as well.

I also want to tell you that what you are doing IS making a difference. Please don't get discouraged. The powers that be, the same powers that killed Yeshua and changed his name to Jesus and stole his original messages, are still active and still trying to keep us all brainwashed and beaten.

I have a friend named Hallie Dodd, who recently passed away on March 1, 2019. She had an extra piece of G.O.D. (Greatest of Divine) within her, just as Yeshua had. I hear many of the same things within your podcast and books, as what Hallie told me while she was channeling the creator. Female side named Zephamare and male side named Zephamar.

In my mind, you have proven what you are reporting to us, loud and clear. Do you realize that some of the departed that you are speaking to have already reincarnated? For example, George Harrison, Marilyn Monroe, Yeshua, to name but a few.

When you hold your next podcast, can you please ask Luana to allow Hallie Dodd to come forward and share. Her (and Yeshua's soul) is named Aliana. I've learned a great deal from her. I have taped conversations between us, with her channeling the creator. Would you be interested in hearing them? If so, no I'm not building a youtube channel or trying to make money in ANY way off of her recordings, I would like you to just listen to them.

Just type in Jasprin Music in youtube and you can hear some of her recordings. I will be listening to all that you put out, on podcast, written or audiobook. Thank You for taking the time to read this post and to listen to Hallie's recordings. I can be reached at


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