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A number of people have asked me about scheduling sessions with me to do a guided meditation.  

It was George Noory of "Coast to Coast AM" who dubbed me "The Afterlife Expert."   If you'd like to spend an hour hearing how people on the flipside say is the best way to communicate with them, send me an email to MARTINIPRODS@GMAIL.COM 
to schedule a session.

Here's a clip with me and George on his Gaia TV show. 

I'm not a doctor, not a psychologist, not a hypnotist (I have studied hypnotherapy with Scott at I have done extensive research into the topic, and can share with you how people on the flipside say that you can communicate with them. 

It helps if you've done guided meditation in the past, or have the ability to picture something in your mind and speak aloud about what you're seeing or sensing.

Sometimes just having a spiritual experience of some kind can help. That could be almost anything - a recurring dream you don't understand, or perhaps you've had some consciousness altering event - people who've had a near death experience, or an out of body experience, or even a recurring dream appear to be able to access this information easily.  But I've also found that people who have had no prior spiritual experience that they're aware of, can also access this information if they allow themselves to do so.

Books about hypnotherapy include "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife; Further Adventures in the Flipside volumes one and two" and "Hacking the Afterlife."  

There are also numerous videos of me talking about this research that can be found on the MartiniZone channel on youtube.   If you'd like to schedule an appointment, we'll speak by Zoom so I can record it and provide a copy.

My background: I've been filming people under hypnosis for a decade, have filmed over 100 sessions and done 6 of my own. 


So if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me, please do so with the panel to the side of this post. Thanks. To schedule an appointment send me an email to

Fee schedule: it's 250 per hour for an appointment with a one hour minimum.  A guided meditation can take as little as an hour, some take more than two.  

If one is looking to reach Jennifer Shaffer from our podcast Hacking the Afterlife, one can book directly with her at - if one is looking for the four to six hour hypnotherapy session, I recommend Scott De Tamble at

For those familiar with my books, especially "Divine Councils in the Afterlife" that book gives a pretty solid idea of the kinds of questions asked and information learned.


This review of DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE was posted on our Hacking the Afterlife forum on Quora:

"This was the first book I read by Rich. I was floored, and that’s meant in an incredibly good way. For the first time in my 67 yrs on this planet, I felt I could throw off the shackles of organized religion, a man made method of population control that had pinned most of my generation to the ground with massive anvils of guilt, shame and fear. 

In reading Divine Councils, all the questions and posits I had about post life were answered. I came away feeling a huge sense of relief, as well as an odd feeling of happiness, a calm about what was awaiting me “off stage”. This book is a must read, beginner or not. 

“Dust to dust, absolutely, but energy, ahhhh that my dear is something that cannot be destroyed, changed, morphed, manipulated but always whole.” If that’s not a movie quote, it should be lol." is our podcast! are clips of our podcast!


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