Happy Earth Day - Interview with the Earth itself


Happy Earth Day! Here’s an interview with the Planet itself

(This is an excerpt from the book HACKING THE AFTERLIFE: Practical advice from the Flipside (Homina Publishing 2016)


Talking to the Earth as an Entity

“Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. We did not weave the web of life, we are merely strands in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves… The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” Chief Seattle

Every now and then Scott De Tamble (hypnotherapist; will mention some amazing session he’s had working with a client under deep hypnosis. He and I were talking about the cosmos, as we often do, and he asked Mike Kramer, the author of “Soul to God” if he could share his session with me. I was pretty startled reading this session, and Mike has given me permission to include it.

There are people who will be startled, as I was, at this session. Some people who will go into brain freeze mode, as I initially did. “Wait. What?” All I can recommend, dear reader, is to put the “disbelief button” on pause, allow the words to be scanned by the eyes; just “let it be what it is.” I suspect you wouldn’t have gotten this far in the book if this wasn’t the case on some level, anyway.

The unusual construct in this session is two individuals having a conversation with a third persona who doesn’t fit any definition we have of “person.” They’re talking to someone who claims to be an entity I’m not aware anyone has encountered before, aside from in Joseph Campbell mythology. Arguably, this could be 1. created from someone’s imagination, 2. information coming from another entity they weren’t aware of, or 3. it actually is the persona they claim to be.

I would argue that what this entity has to say about our planet is repeated in many of the sessions I’ve done with people talking “about the planet” or about their ability to “tap into the energy” of the planet. But this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone speaking “to” the planet.

Interview with Mike and Scott

Mike’s comment: “This starts 20 minutes into a Past Life Hypnotherapy session with Scott De Tamble at Soul Therapies Center in San Diego. Scott is a wonderfully talented, Michael Newton trained, Life Between Lives Spiritual Hypnotherapist. 20 minutes into his induction, I’m experiencing a profound stillness in awareness and wonderful sense of detachment. I feel like I’m floating just above my body.[1]

My conscious mind is quiet, alert and without opinion– just being the observer. I’m experiencing an enormous, powerful, wise presence. A very deep peace is enveloping me like a warm, spiritual blanket has been thrown over me. I feel myself going deeper and deeper into a profound state of awareness. I’m amazed at Scott’s skillful induction. I’ve never been anywhere near this deep in hypnosis and I’m about to experience a spiritual adventure I’ll never forget.

Scott: I’m going to ask you some questions. I want you to respond with the very first thing that comes to you, whether you see it, feel it, sense it, know it, or are responding to an inner voice…. So, first impressions now, is it daytime or nighttime?

Mike: Sunset.

…Tell me about the surface that you are standing on.

I’m standing in a rice pond, terraced into a mountainside. There’s about a hundred other rice paddies below me, and some above. (Mike’s note: I’m in the east end of a curved mountain valley near the top.) We’ve just finished planting and the ponds are filled with water, clear reflective pools. I love this time. I love this place. The orange and pink colors of the sunset are reflecting on the hundreds of rice ponds in this beautiful mountain valley. A river is flowing through the valley far below. It’s just absolutely magical.

Tell me a little about yourself. Are you a male or female person?

I’m a male. Maybe about 5’2” or 4”. I’m standing in the rice paddy, ankle deep in water. My pants are rolled up to my knees. I’ve been working all day long planting my rice crops. Most of the villagers have left. It was getting dark and they are hungry. I’m working late. And this is my favorite time.

I’m having a spiritual experience. It’s like the mountain… the mountain is flowing through my feet. It’s spirit. I feel so deeply connected to nature like I haven’t been in other lifetimes. So deeply connected to the consciousness that is Earth. Just this moment, my heart opens up to this vast wisdom that flows through animals and flows through life.

I’m so divorced from it now (in my present life) … from that special relationship. All my other lifetimes were skimming the surface, battles, politics, religions, always dealing with stress. In this one special moment, in this one lifetime, I feel so connected. It’s going so deep inside of me. Some other wisdom. Some other being. Ahhh…. (overwhelmed).

Describe for me this feeling of connection; and also, that vast consciousness, that vast wisdom that you are connecting to. Talk about that a little bit for me.

I think it’s the only time, in all my lives, that I connected to this. There is an old Soul… that… that moves within the Earth. The Earth is its body. I never dreamed of such a thing! Such love and warmth! I can feel the Earth at its core and its energy. But beyond that, this Soul is connecting with me in a special way. I’m overwhelmed! I never dreamed of so much beauty.

An ancient wisdom is the governing wisdom of plants, and the fields, and the movement of the tectonic plates. An ancient being, who is so very conscious and is frustrated with mankind. Such deep wisdom and compassion! I had no idea! And as I connect to that Soul, I connect to other Souls, and other planets, and other galaxies. There’s like a heart, a wisdom connection that is multi-dimensional. We are all being fed, all of us planets, all of us beings are being fed through the center of each galaxy.

Wormholes are the out-breath and the in-breath of our life force as it comes from the higher planes, dimensions, feeding life into us, giving us consciousness though our star systems. We can provide the environment for Souls to come and live, and have their being.

Ohhhh my Lord! (overwhelmed) There are so many fantastic beings, unimaginably large, moving in our universe! In and out, watching over the galaxies, watching over the movement. Ohhhh. I guess… (taking a few moments to collect himself)

This fellow standing in the rice paddies, what is his name?

I hear, “Mah-Sin.” (over- pronouncing it) Accent on “Sin.” He has a hat, like a flat cone, very dark skin. He’s in his 50’s but he looks more like he’s in his 80’s. He’s weathered by the sun and a lifetime spent in his rice fields. He has very dark, wrinkled skin. Chinese. I think I’m in a sacred valley in China above the Yin river.[2]

What is the year that Ma Sin stands on the mountain? (Long pause.) If you can translate that into our western dates.

1460 AD. It wasn’t a long life. He passed away not long after this experience he had. He had an uneventful life. It was that one moment, that spiritual experience that I had.

Let’s go back into that moment where Ma Sin was standing ankle deep in the water in a rice patty and becoming aware of this great Soul, this great being, who’s body is the Earth. I want to have Ma-Sin open his heart, open his mind, open every part of himself to this great, wise, compassionate being, this vast planetary consciousness. Let us allow Ma Sin to relax and communicate with that great, ancient, wise being. I know that ancient being can hear me, and see me, and feel me, and know me. I’m going to ask that great, wise being to respond through the mind of Ma-Sin, though the voice of Michael. Would that be OK with you?

Yes. (Mike’s voice) … It is allowed (different lower, voice).

What may I call you today?

We are without name. But call us, Shunho, meaning “Earth Spirit.” [3]

Shunho, you say “we,” are there more than one (of you) that inhabit this planet?

Our consciousness is complex. It is one Soul, but it is an Oversoul, like cells within a being. I am that Soul but many Souls dwell within me as my body moves and takes direction from Source. “We” is part of the “I.” And I work through the “we.” It’s confusing to the human brain, but it’s quite natural and it’s the way things are. So “We” is the greater Soul, the Oversoul that has many conscious parts working within it.[4]

What is your role here in the Earth? What is your purpose?

I came before Earth was created. I came from the higher planes in what you might think of the “Big Bang.” It was an expression of many Souls, a rush of Souls that came forth. Then I took my place in the universe.

It was my energy that began to coalesce the space matter. It was my energy, working with gravity that brought in the singular evolution of this planet. It would seem to the human mind that I am ancient. But within my own measure, this is my life. It’s normal. For I’m not an old Soul; I am a Soul that is becoming.

Shunho, why did you materialize your energy? You are a free energy, but you decided at some point to create this planet. Why did you do this?

There was a call by Source for the great Oversouls, the planetary spirits, unimaginable numbers of Souls were birthed into the physical dimension. It was our choice. It is our path. When this planet ends its life, I shall return to Source. My life will continue in another way.

This is normal. This is what is happening behind the scenes in all galaxies, in all universes. This is the unseen support for life as it grows and evolves in the physical dimension.

When this planet ends and you return to Source, will you go on to embody another planet? What will you do then?

I have no will in this. I have no plans. This is what I am called upon by Source to do. It’s my great pleasure to serve.

Shunho, what is Source?

It’s my breath; the breath of all of life. It’s that which we all are, breathing, living, seeing. The One that sees within everyone’s eyes, The One that hears through everyone’s ears, The One that feels everything that happens, the One that speaks through all voices, The One that thinks through all minds and all thoughts.

It disguises itself over and over, in layers upon layers so that we can grow and learn and know more about it. The presence of Source can be felt when the heart is open and love is present.[5]

Love connects one person to another, people to a community, plants to animals, connects the Earth to the Sun, and the Sun to the galaxies, and the galaxies to faraway planets and universes, in layers, upon layers, upon layers of reality.

Was there any moment of origin of this Source? Will there be a moment of its demise?

There is no origin. There is no demise. Origin and demise are concepts of a lower consciousness. It’s reasonable to expect (a beginning and end) from the human point of view, because all that man sees has a beginning and all that man sees has an end.

But this viewpoint focuses on particle-based reality, not frequency-based reality. Particle based reality is supported through layers and layers of frequency, sound if you wish, light coming from Source filtered through realities so that it can function and support, and create a stable existence.

There is a God, if you wish, where lower reality manifests and expands. When ‘this lower reality’ goes through a phase where it’s expansion turns in on itself in another dimension, all of the lower realities are phased inward, almost like it folds into one, huge black hole. This is the creation that happens. Some people call it, ‘The Day of God.’ But there have been many, many creations, many ‘Days of God.’[6]

Do you speak of the “Big Bang” as the expansion of the breath of the universe?

It’s what you call the “Big Bang.” It was more like a rebound. One existence swallowed up into, what you might call, the astral ‘dimension,’ and then Source expressing itself again into another continuum, another “Big Bang” if you wish. These events are happening not infrequently.

Is this a perpetual, or eternal cycle?

There is no such thing as eternal, just, “What is.” But in your language, in your understanding, “Yes” would be the closest answer. This is happening not just in this area of the physical. There are regions of expression, and this is one region.

Regions in space? Or regions in other dimensions?

Regions in this physical space. There’s an edge to all the trillions and trillions of galaxies. This is one region.

You’re saying that space is finite?

No, definitely not. It’s a creation of the higher planes. There are just other physical spaces. Other star systems, if you wish. These galaxies are just not in your area.

Existence is so beyond Soul’s ability to comprehend. It’s better, more loving, to let mankind create their own stories of creation from rural people who create religions to our scientists. Let them create something that they can understand and comprehend. And allow it (their understanding) to evolve. Because actual reality… it would be unkind to expose them to actual reality. Let them grow into it.

Shun-ho, tell us the true story of creation.

Creation of what? Earth? Galaxies?

All of it.

There’s only so much that I know. I can tell you within the last 6 to10 Billion years. (Note: I think it’s interesting when someone of a “higher realm” says they can’t answer a question. I’ve heard “it’s beyond my pay grade” and “I can’t access that information.” Here he says simply “There’s only so much I know.”)

That would suffice.

As I cast my mind back…(voice becomes weaker). It is difficult for me to speak… because I was young, and un-evolved, as were we all. We didn’t have the state of consciousness that we have now. It took billions of years to develop, but our goal was the arrangement of rocks and force fields, working not just by ourselves, but with billons of souls on the inner planes, working to draw in the right comets, the right collisions.

Much of it was planned, much of it was happenstance — the way the universes were created.[7]

But when the Earth formed creating a habitable field, a great call went out for those that create life. Now they had something to work with. They were given great freedom and encouragement to create, (pause searching for words) ‘whatever works.’ (As noted, some claim that Mars was a “similar experiment” but didn’t work because it couldn’t sustain a habitable environment. Science argues it’s due to lack of a magnetic field.)

There was such an explosion of life, of plants, the ocean, huge reptiles, amazing creatures and forces of life, the energy of life, created on this planet. So different from what it is now. Life was ferociousness then.

Then the higher planetary souls that govern, called for Earth’s great transformation. Much of the work done by those (original) creative Souls needed to be wiped out to create a habitable place for yourself, mankind. Wise’ beings have had a lot to say about the development of man: many experiments. (Note: Perhaps the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs wasn’t a random event.)

Why was a simian, an ape-type body chosen for this race? For Souls or spirits to inhabit?

Part of those genetics were used to develop the human body. But the human body became a much higher being… other beings influenced man’s development. Man took on this form because it was practical. Two hands, opposing thumbs to grip, a brain to think, a mouth to breath and eat and express language, legs long enough to run, and a body that could climb, run, swim. It was versatile.

The most appropriate bodies were the Human form, which survived. In the beginning there wasn’t a plan for man to turn out the way he did. There was a hope for mankind to develop in the fashion that it has.

Now mankind is going through another transition. I’m going through a transition. Many souls will be leaving Earth. They are no longer at the right vibrational consciousness. They don’t support me and I don’t support them. They will go on to other worlds.

I’m coming into a new life. Those that are in harmony with my being, are in harmony with my heart, my mind, will remain and evolve into — what man might consider as a new species. Mankind will look the same but his nervous system will evolve to be able to carry more subtle energies from myself and the higher planes. (Note: This is reported by other people in terms of the question “Why is the veil thinning?”)

Mankind will be able to comprehend more complex ideas. He’ll develop the ability to create form that is more in harmony with higher beingsMankind will become a spiritual adult. This is what we are looking forward to. This is what’s happening now.

I want to back up a moment. Of these experiments in creating mankind, you mentioned that other beings came in to influence us. Are you speaking of other physical beings from other worlds?


What we might call extraterrestrials or off-worlders? From other star systems?


How did they influence the development of mankind? For example, do they inject some of their DNA into man, or tinker with that?

They are not allowed to interfere. But they are allowed to influence. There are creative souls without physical form that work with the DNA structure, influencing that. What you call off-worlders, cooperated, or were allowed to basically create a support system for life to take hold. I don’t know if there was interbreeding, but there was an influence. (Note: It’s something I’ve heard often — there is “free will” in the universe that guides spirits on their journey, but people are allowed to implement new ideas to help people learn and develop new talents.)

(Mike says he stopped here for a break: “The powerful energy coming through my body became too much. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt weak and wanted to end the session. I went to the restroom and returned to the recliner. Scott asked for another five minutes which I agreed to. He returned me quickly to a very deep state and we continued.”)

Scott: I want to ask Shunho, in this life of (rice farmer) Ma Sin, what was the purpose for making this incredible connection with this human being in this lifetime? Why did you open yourself to convey this vast information to Ma Sin?

Mike: Ma Sin had no idea of this connection. He only felt my presence. His heart, his body and mind reached a rare moment where they came into harmony with me. It was a transforming moment for this soul (Michael’s soul). Up until now, it (Michael’s soul) had no idea of the depth of its connection, or of Earth’s relationship with any other planet, or the way the galaxies formed. No idea! It was his remembering connecting to Earth, and then (experiencing) Earth’s connection to other planets that opened up this awareness.

Ma Sin was like many fortunate souls who come to a momentary equilibrium where all doubts are suspended, where all viewpoints fall away. There comes a single experience of awe, as if being born, a falling away of ego, and the experience of blessings, bliss. [8]

Ma Sin, his Soul, has expressed itself through many bodies, and though this body, Mike, right now. This Soul has been involved in many adventures, but rarely connected to the deeper, whole spirit of Earth. Most Souls never connect. If they do, it’s often in a superficial way. The reason this point was brought home was because this experience that he had as a Chinese man was a singular, unique event in all of his lifetimes. That experience has been brought forward and linked to this consciousness.

Why, at this moment in time, for this life, why was this singular experience made conscious once more?

It’s up to him; but he (Mike) wanted something to put in his book. We decided we’d give it to him. It’s up him if he wants to use it. He asked for it, we gave it to him.

That’s wonderful. I sense there is another reason why this experience was brought consciously to Michael today.

He’s at a transitional state also. He’s made great effort to hide from society and go unnoticed because of… many reasons… because of the lifetimes that he’s had. But now he is being invited to share with society stories of his many lives and of his experience with Source.

Society is changing. It’s not like it was when he was born. It’s changing at an exponential rate. From the amount of change that has taken place in the last fifty years, that much change will take place in the next five years. Consciousness is changing at an amazing rate even though it may not be evident. Higher Souls are being drawn in and expressing

themselves. And as they express themselves, the energy and consciousness rises, and other Souls tap into that and this lifts up all of mankind.

And of course, there are those who don’t wish to change. They wish to hang on to their present states. They will be allowed not to change. They will be allowed to hang onto their stubbornness, but they’ll just have to go to another world. Their present bodies will die naturally but their souls will be ushered to other planets that are more suitable for their state of consciousness. They will continue to evolve at their own rate.

(Note: Important to point out this entity is not claiming any cataclysm in the immediate offing — as we’ve heard consistently in these accounts; time is not set and therefore a prediction can’t be made of what will or won’t happen. He says when it comes to “returning to Earth” these folks who normally incarnate here but are resistant to change will be encouraged to take their next incarnation elsewhere. I’d argue that since we have free will, that’s a difficult rule to enforce. But who am I to argue with Mr. Earth?)

This (information) is not only his contribution. This is our contribution, the result of many souls working. If he can do this work he’s being invited to accomplish, great! If he’s unable to do it, other people will come forward but they won’t have the same story. And it is his story that contains many lessons for many souls.

Shunho, I have many more questions, and yet I’m concerned about this body here. (Scott is referring to how intense this session has become for Mike, his physical reactions).

I’ve taken care of the body. I’ve raised it to a higher vibration. A lot of the restrictions that he was experiencing have been balanced out. You can continue.

Michael, do you agree?

(In normal voice) Yeah, I feel so much better. I’m floating. I’m going back up again.

What advice do you have for Mike in this very moment?

Breathe in slowly, deliberately, stilling your mind and conscious, drawing in your higher soul energy. Connect with that, and then just be playful. You know how to create. Be playful with the things you don’t know how to create.

Approach them with the same sense of playfulness, same sense of exploration. If you put your mind and heart to it, you can work out the details, the words, the paragraphs, the publisher, the readers, the talks that you’ll have to do — we’ll work those things out for you. Just take a big breath, connect with your higher self, and us.

Shunho, a while back, you said that you have a frustration with mankind.

Imagine you have a young healthy body. Imagine that you have the flu. Your body aches. You just don’t feel well. You can’t function well. Mankind is my flu. This doesn’t inhibit my functioning. It draws upon me energetically. It draws from my energy.

My own immune system will be righting itself. The path of man is really governed more by higher souls who work with mankind, not by me. But these higher beings are not unsympathetic to what I’m experiencing. It’s difficult to endure all the anger, mistrust and destruction.

Is it the physically activities of man that bother you so?

No. The physical activities of man has an effect upon the environment, which has an effect upon me, but the activities of man are not bothering me as much as the energy in his state of consciousness. The energy of the lower consciousness is bothering me as Soul. It’s not going to last a lot longer. These times are like when you break out into a sweat after you’ve been sick a long time. By sweating, your body is expelling all the toxins. That’s what’s happening right now.

There is all this negative energy, all the toxins are being released. Mankind doesn’t understand or comprehend what’s happening on a larger scale. All he can do is react. There is suffering because of lack of awareness. Man becomes self-destructive and destructive to other beings, to his environment.

There are more mature souls who are more aligned with my changing energy and with Source energy. They have a greater awareness of the conflict than those who are creating it. In their compassion there is suffering. They need to still themselves, have faith and confidence that a new day is at hand.

What can mankind do to irradiate this flu and to give you radiant health?

All soul needs to do is to learn to live peacefully within itself and not project its anxiety and short-comings upon others. Those are individual lessons learned. Each soul comes for its own path, its own purpose. That’s the dance of life. If one moves to a wisdom within, the dance works and wonderful things can happen.

So are you saying that all these souls coming here with all of their problems to work out are overloading you?

It’s not overloading me. It’s their energy. There are parts of them that are just so beautiful, and I love that. But there are parts that are like a fever that creates an aching inside of me. I’m not rejecting it. I know that all I have to do is endure and all will transition out of this. It will be a smooth transition. It will be smooth for me. But it will be rough for some people, very rough.

Shunho, let’s talk about this transition. What is the transition you are undergoing and what is the transition mankind is undergoing?

It’s difficult to explain, but I’m evolving into a new spirit. It’s like you’ve slept through a long cold night, you wake up in the morning, the sun is shining and there’s a new energy inside of you. That’s what it’s like for me.

My night has been since creation. Right now, there are a multitude of lights shining down on me from many spheres and many directions. These lights are the attention of many Souls focused on me. It’s accelerating my evolution. My acceleration in vibration is having an effect on the Earth, and this is having an effect on mankind. There is a sense of urgency within those that are conscious because they sense this change. My Soul, the “We”, is just going into a new stage. It’s so much brighter. My experience of flu-like symptoms is going to be solved. For mankind… (long pause.)

(Aside from Mike) Information is being blocked. (He notes “At this moment I tried to see what would happen on Earth during it’s more difficult times. But I experienced guides blocking that information. I tried going in a more oblique way.”)

For mankind, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for some and not even noticeable for many. There are a lot of Souls working to make this a smooth transition. A lot of souls have been sent down to help with this transition.

How does a Soul help make this a smooth transition?

If they allow a higher consciousness to come in, most don’t have to do a thing. They can just be present in their life. Their energy adds to my energy, my energy adds to theirs. They do their own thing. They are working within their own field.

There are some souls that rarely incarnate; if they do, rarely on Earth. They come with… there is, overall, a sense of unity about them. Children are attracted to them. Other people, when they see them, they are mesmerized. All they need to do is be cheerful and their blessings and their presence filters into society. No fanfare, no books to be written, no movies to be made, no businesses to be created, just their presence and their love that flows out to the unseen hearts that are asking for help.

I understand, Shunho. But I would ask on behalf the average person. What can they do to live their life more in harmony with where you are going?

There is a logic built into the mind and society. For those that are paying attention, the messages are there. Take greater care of the gifts that you have. Don’t feel the need to increase what you have without reason. Practice contentment.

Consider what you have as sacred and let that sacredness dwell within you, and guide you. Greed is like a virus, a fever. When you come to center, you no longer need all the things that you imagined. You are able to act independently without requiring agreement by others with less centered viewpoints.

For the average person, the day-to-day person, find those moments of being centered, dwelling more consciously in the now. Then allow that sense of being centered to expand, without worry, with a sense of love and thankfulness. Allow that sense of resting in the center to guide your actions and your thoughts.

It’s really quite easy. It is difficult for some because mankind is taught to want, to desire more. If they would relax their desires, there would be so much more for them. They would have less in their life but they would feel like it’s more. There would be more food for everyone. There would just be so much more if those who have tremendous wealth would relax and allow that outflow of wealth to touch those in need.

This is the relaxation of consciousness is natural as one expands and becomes more secure in higher states of awareness. It’s not a striving to become. It’s a relaxation into being that which is. This relaxation into Source affects your thoughts, affects your actions, affects the people around you.

That singular action of relaxing your state of consciousness, relaxing your desires, relaxing your anxiety, relaxing into a state of being, and then acting from that state, thinking from that state, choosing your being from that state, allows you to act in a more conscious way.

Actions and thoughts have a magnetic effect upon others. It sounds simple, but it can very difficult for humans to do this.

Thank you Shun-ho. Finally, I would ask you today, how can Mike and the rest of us, connect with you in the way he did in the 1400’s?

That was a rare experience. He worked his life in the fields, connected with farming and growing, and lived in nature. It was just a rare moment at sunset.

For the average person, I think (the answer is) “live their life more simply.” It’s difficult for some and impossible for many. But learning to have a quiet spirit, to learn how to separate their spirit from the day-to-day pressures that are going on. It’s almost like taking a vacation but still being productive. Not everyone can go to the ocean, a lake or a forest, but they can find or create a sacred place where they can slow down and feel detached.

There is such a tension happening on Earth. It’s affecting most human beings. It’s quite a challenge for anybody to still their awareness, to discover the now. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help a person experience shifts in consciousness and tune into that spirit. It’s like bypassing all the normal channels.

You get a glimpse into these other states. It’s rare for a person, a soul, in all their lives, to still their conscious self, and allow themselves to take a mental vacation from their beliefs and desires, to awaken in the presence of bliss and great love that springs within. When you do that, you connect with all souls at a more profound level. This is what you are evolving towards. So, perhaps learn to meditate, although that doesn’t work for many people. But that’s the idea. The samsara, the karma that wraps around you, lifetime after lifetime, all your thoughts and attitudes, they spin the tension that your mind feeds upon. Then it feeds upon your mind.

It’s a rare soul (who) is able to work its way through what you might call, karma, work its way through the tensions of many past lives. It’s rare for soul to learn how to relax into the presence of God which is always present, always in the now. There is no distance between each of us and that which we desire. I’m speaking not about the physical things that we desire, but the true thing that we desire, to be one with God, our own heart, our own self, our own being. What it calls for is a relaxation, a relaxation that is so profound that it’s difficult to comprehend

Thank you Shun-ho.

Scott counts Mike down and back to everyday consciousness. After a few minutes to recover:

Mike: “It was difficult to be linked to that powerful being. It toned itself down for me after a while, which I needed. It wasn’t speaking from its center, but more of a peripheral. I never dreamed of all that. I’ve never read or heard of anything like that…. I could see this immense soul trying to communicate with my human consciousness.

I could see that its lifecycle was beyond comprehension, but then, when I was in that soul, sharing its consciousness, I know it was completely natural. There was nothing unusual. From its viewpoint, I experienced the thoughts: “This was just its life. This is what I do. It is not unique. Not unique at all!” All those planetary systems…

Scott: That’s what I wanted to ask it. What do you talk about with all your brothers and sisters out there?

Mike: When I was in that state, it felt like this planet was connected to the other planets. There was a consciousness link. Space was not an issue because the link was not in the physical, but more in the soul state. And everything was so real!

They had the thoughts, “This is life. This is what we are doing.” Each planet was a very different experience, but it felt like a brotherhood, a closeness between themselves and larger beings. I saw there are so many other souls that are involved in creation and watching over the evolution of this planet life, the evolution of animal life, the evolution of human beings. They’ve been working since the beginning and they are working now.”


Wow. Some very unusual concepts explored here. Thanks Earth. As mentioned, when some people under deep hypnosis are asked “So what are you doing in the between life realm?” They’ll answer “I’m in a classroom where we learn about energy transference” or “I’m learning how to create matter in other worlds.” Also some claim they are “seeding” or “helping create a living environment” on other planets for our eventual incarnation there, perhaps millions of years in the future. I guess when you’re “outside of time” you’re really outside of time.

Many thanks to Scott and Mike for allowing me to use this in my book. Mike has written his own book “Soul to God” and I recommend anyone interested in how he came to this session take a look at it.

[1] PL Session for Michael Kramer (his book will be called “Soul to God”) used by permission from Michael Kramer. Facilitated by Scott De Tamble at Soul Therapies Center, San Diego

[2] The Ying River is the largest tributary of the Huai River with its origin in Henan Province. Wikipedia

[3] “Gung-ho” comes from GI’s hearing this term in China which means “working together.”

[4] Oversoul is defined “a supreme reality or mind; the spiritual unity of all being.” Also, the idea “this information is beyond the capacity of human brains” has been cited before.

[5] In “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” a spirit guide defined God as “beyond the capacity of human brains to comprehend, but we could experience God by “opening our hearts to everyone and all things.”

[6] The Hindus refer to the start of the universe as a Kalpa, (4 billion years) and claim there have been “many” of them. It’s also reported in a number of these sessions that this wasn’t the only “big bang.”

[7] In a number of between life sessions, when asked what lessons they’re learning in their “classrooms,” some claim to be involved in “seeding” or “creation” of other planets so we can one day inhabit them.)

[8] This kind of apotheosis is reported in many accounts, including Mario Beauregard PhD’s account in “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” of one day at age 12 when he felt “connected to everyone and all things.” He says that feeling drove him into his field of neuropsychology. (“Brain Wars”)

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