Wishing Anthony Bourdain Happy Birthday on the Flipside (revised)

On behalf of Anthony Bourdain's 63rd birthday, here's the chapter from "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer where we interviewed him.

On the Flipside. (There's an addendum below).

From "Cajun" episode; courtesy of The Advocate

Each week, Jennifer Shaffer and I meet up to chat with people no longer on the planet.  In this case, I asked "Anthony" to come forward, and I didn't have to tell her he was there; she saw him. Jennifer is a renowned medium who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.  

Jennifer Shaffer

She's done thousands of readings, I met her about three years ago, and have had so many confirmations, I really don't bother trying to get one during one of our sessions.  But they do come through anyways - including when she sees someone I've "dialed up" before I've even said their name.

We have a "class" we get together with, my friend on the flipside Luana Anders is our moderator.  At this point it was the first time we'd talked to Anthony.  Since this interview he's shown up a number of times, often to tease us.

Luana Anders our moderator: photo Monte Hellman

Filmed in Fishbar, Manhattan Beach, a few days after Anthony Bourdain's passing. My questions are in italics, Jennifer's answers are in bold.

Richard: First, let’s say hello to everyone in class – are we still waiting for them to assemble?

Jennifer: They’re all here. They showed me lights; like on a map all flickering at the same time, which means they’re all here.

Hi class. So the book is kind of finished.  

He wants to be the last chapter.

Who does?


Okay, you’re talking to the writer, so we can try and work that out. We did speak to someone else I invited today...

Oh yeah. Kate Spade. She’s here.

(Note: I did not tell Jennifer that I had invited her) 

I thought “Let’s have a group of people that are unified by a single event.” I was thinking about our class.

Robin (Williams) showed up.

(Note: Robin showed up after he passed, while I was writing "Hacking the Afterlife."  We asked him for a comment of the book that I could put on the cover and he said "Love love.")

Yes, he was the third person I was suggesting; Robin... this is Anthony.

They all just went like this (a hanging gesture) making fun of themselves hanging.

That’s weird and funny. It’s exactly what I suggested this morning. Like “What do these three folks have in common?”

So they all just did that at the same time; trying to be funny.

So, we’ll call them, what? “The guys who are just hanging around?”

(Note: Not trying to make fun of, or be irreverent about anyone’s path or journey. As noted in “Flipside,” when I was staying at the home of Phillip Noyce and Jan Sharp in Sydney, I awoke to a painter hanging from a noose over a rafter. I jumped awake and the “ghost” looked at me, and said in an Aussie accent “Oh, sorry mate, it’s just something I feel the need to do.” Then he climbed down a ladder and pulled the rope with him – all of which then disappeared.  I asked Jan “Who’s your ghost?” I described him and she said “Wow. That matches the description of the guy who painted our home. But he didn’t hang himself here, he did so in his own house.”  I said “Well, obviously, he liked hanging around yours too.”)

Rich: I invited one other person we’ve not talked to ... I thought this person might have some insight. (I was thinking of L’Wren Scott, the designer who did herself in, the same way Kate Spade had done, but years earlier.)

Jennifer: Is this person related to John Lennon?

I did ask for John to answer a question today but for another reason, which we’ll get to later.  First, I wanted to introduce everyone to our newest class attendee; Anthony.

They just gave him a “First prize” award.

Luana, can you let Jennifer know what he looks like to you? About what age does he appear?

He’s about 55. He’s showing me cufflinks and a white shirt... and jeans and a jacket, like a sports coat. 

So Anthony, are you familiar with what we’re doing?

Is there a funeral for him today?

Could be.

(Note: There was; his body was cremated on this day but neither I nor Jennifer could know that, as it hadn’t yet been reported.)[1]

So Anthony, are you familiar with what we’re doing here?

He’s "been filled in..." through your mind, he’s showing me the top of your head. (Jennifer aside) I’m asking him “How’d you find Rich?” He said, “He was surfing the ethers.”

He’s quoting the book!?

He says “A lot was coming in from your experience... from what you’re doing...”

From our class?

Yeah, from the connection to the class. Then he said, “The groups of people (here) have the same intent...”

Who do you know here in our class?

I saw David Bowie. Anthony’s dad is over here – he’s showing me a brother as well over here, he had a brother or someone he considered a brother who killed himself with a gun?[2]

I don’t know. Anthony who greeted you when you crossed over?

(Jennifer laughs) He showed me all the animals that he ate.

Ha! Is that true?

No... he’s kidding. It was his... (Jennifer asks him “Your daughter?”

A daughter from this lifetime or a previous lifetime?


How old was she when she crossed over?

(Jennifer listens) She appears now as 21.. but I think she was a miscarriage from a previous relationship at 4 months.

I see; so she is someone that Anthony knew both from this lifetime and from a previous lifetime?

He got someone pregnant 21 years ago, and she had a miscarriage or termination or pregnancy...

What is this child’s name, what do you call her by?

“Bella.”  (Jennifer aside) Bella Bourdain.

(Note: We heard something similar in a previous interview, where a musician said he was greeted by a 5 year old daughter no one knew about, or Harry Dean Stanton who said he was greeted by a baby no one knew about (but that people in his hospital room claimed he said aloud before he passed; “Hand me the baby” when none was visible in his room.)

I’d like to ask Anthony some specific questions about your path and journey.

“Bring it.”

(Note: An unusually Anthony way of saying “go ahead, and doesn’t appear in any of our other interviews. Just saying.)

What do you miss about being on the planet if anything?

He went like this ... (as if wafting smell to her nose) “The smells. But he doesn’t miss the food.”

(Note: At this moment, our lunch is served, so we have to pause the interview until after lunch.)

Jennifer with her questioner in action.

Rich: Okay, we’re back from lunch. As we were dining, I had the impression he was continuing to talk in my ear. Like he was annoyed for being interrupted.

Jennifer: By food! He’s saying, “You frickin’ cut me off because your food was delivered!” That’s so funny.

So there’s a group of people who have that thing in common. Who wants to talk first?

Robin Williams wants to speak first.

So Robin, can you tell us about this particular path that you took?

They weren’t supposed to follow.”

Is that accurate, did they follow you?

(Jennifer laughs.) He says “No! Don’t be silly.”

Let me ask you, Robin, had you researched the topic of how to do yourself in prior to doing it?

“Yes.” And he’s showing me different options; pills, syringes, everything.

So why that method that you chose?

“It was a split second decision. Ultimately, it’s not something they can think about or know about, it’s easier to do it that way.”

Kate spade.png
Kate Spade: Wikimedia photo

Let’s ask everyone that same question. Let’s ask Kate same question; was that a split second decision or did she plan it?

She says, “She planned it 2 minutes before.”

So not a deep planning thing?


And you chose a scarf or a tie, why did you choose that method?

She said, “She chose something that had meaning.”  She said that “But in terms of making that final decision, it’s been something on a person’s mind for a long time.” She’s telling me she was taken off something...  they changed her medication, a drug of some sort.

She mentioned that earlier. “It was a wrong mix.”

I don’t remember.

(Note: She said a week earlier: “She’s telling me it was a bad mix, wrong medication – one medication influenced another, and it combusted, threw her over.”)

Are you familiar with a designer...

That was Kate the designer.

Yes, But I’m asking about a designer; who did herself in, in the same fashion; we know her through a mutual friend.

She showed me a picture of Tom Ford.

That would be correct (ding!) L’Wren Scott and Tom were close friends. She was a close friend of Mick Jagger’s; she checked herself out like Kate, and I was wondering if there was any influence between the two.


Okay, let’s go to our 3rd fellow we’ve invited... now that he’s had a chance to see what we’re doing. He’s kind of our star here today.

He’s got his “First place” award.

You did mention what he’s wearing; white shirt, cufflinks, in sport coat and jeans.

But he doesn’t have tattoos (over there.)

Right, you don’t have tattoos over there. You said you were greeted by your daughter from a previous relationship who preceded you on the flipside by 21 years?

“Bella.” She’s 21, she showed me, almost like, she was aborted as a baby because of drugs. There was this girlfriend of his, and now she’s with her dad. (Jennifer gets tears in her eyes.)

So what’s happening with Jennifer that she’s feeling emotional about this moment?

I feel bad.

Who put that in Jennifer’s consciousness?

He said, “You should feel bad about cutting short our interview to eat.” He’s joking. (Jennifer observes) It’s because I felt bad learning about his daughter Bella being aborted because of drugs...

But now that you are there Anthony, are you aware or becoming aware of your previous lifetimes?

Lest we forget who is asking these questions.

He’s learning about them. He said “It’s like having a whole big book, it’s like having the whole book of your life handed to you; because it’s in the book doesn’t mean he’s seen it yet, or that he knows everything... It’s a big book.”

He hasn’t had a chance to go through the book yet. Listen, if I may, you were a great interviewer – who would you like to ask questions to in our class?

First he showed me his friend who shot himself.

Okay, that would be a good idea, but it would be hard for me to follow up on any of his answers.  Is there anyone from our class?

He’d like to interview John Lennon.

That’s kind of who I thought you’d suggest, since you were such a fan of music and musicians. But before we begin, let’s ask Anthony, were you taking any medication, drugs or chemicals prior to your departure?

He says, “He wanted them.”

But did you take drugs like Prozac are antidepressants earlier in your life?

I don’t feel like he did.

Okay, so what precipitated this dark moment of the soul? How long did it take you to plan your demise?

He said, “I didn’t plan it.”

Was it like Kate said? Two minutes before?


(Trying to be light) So should we ban bathrobes from all hotels?

He’s laughing. He said, “I’d look really ugly then.”

I’m sorry that was my attempt at a joke.

He says he got that and appreciated that joke. (After a pause) Okay, he’s going to interview John.

Is that okay with you John? Do you mind? I had an email exchange with one of your sons yesterday; did you precipitate that or influence that?

He says “Yeah.” (Jennifer aside: Did you really have...?)

I did. But my question is; is what I sent him going to help or hurt him?

He said “Both. It is going to hurt him emotionally but it was the right thing to do.”

(Note: I sent his son (who appeared in my film) the chapter in the book where his mom and dad speak about him. I’m sure he’s had a billion people wanting to trade off of his heritage, but if someone claimed to speak to my dad on the flipside, I’d want to know what he said, even if I felt it inaccurate. As we’ll hear later, Jennifer tells me it was appreciated.)

I just wanted to hear your blessing.

He said, “You have it.” He gives it.

Jennifer Shaffer

So Anthony the mic is yours... Our camera is on. Can you turn to John and ask him something we can share?

(Jennifer laughs.) He’s asking him “How did you do all those drugs on not die from them?”

What does John say?

He says, “He just decided he did not want to die that way.”

Very good.

Anthony asked him; “Are you concerned about your sons?” He says “Yes, I’m always concerned about them.” (Jennifer listens) He says, “I’m always concerned about my boys, but I don’t need to be.”

Why is that?

He says, “Because it all works out.”

No matter what we say or what we do, “It all works out” or as I like to put it “all roads lead to home.”

Anthony said, “Some roads lead quicker than others.” He just showed me a person getting mowed down by a car... “boom.”

Well, once you got over to the flipside, when did you realize “I’m still here, I haven’t ended anything?”

He said, “He was pissed.” He says, “He was pissed he left his girlfriend...

Asia Argento.

Asia Argento Cannes 2018.jpg
Asia Argento (wikimedia)

He says, “He was so stupid.” But he says, “She knew about his pain and torment.”

What would you like to say to her? Let’s mix it up and have you say it in Italian.

“Belissima...” (Jennifer listens) and something... I’m sorry... it sounds like soup. 

“Mi dispiace?”

Yeah, that’s it. I’m sorry, I don’t speak Italian.

It means “Beautiful; I’m sorry.”

He just said “Je t’aime.”

French for “I love you.” Well, he was in France when he passed. He probably speaks French better than Italian. Is that true Anthony? La lingua d’amore?

I’m getting that he spoke Greek?

Did you speak Greek? Or is that something you knew from before?

He said, “I speak all languages.”

Anthony what message do you want to impart to your CNN colleagues?

Tell them “They’ll get over it.” He’s kidding. He’s always making jokes.  He said, “My contract was not long enough.” I asked him, “You mean it was up?” and he said, “No it was not long enough.”

Was this an exit point for you? I’m sure the class can help you understand this concept; but had you decided you’d done enough, or needed to plan for your next lifetime?

“Yeah.” He says he put that question in your head. 

Sometimes folks say they were “in a hurry to get back home because they needed to work on their next lifetime.”

He said “Yeah, and that he’s going to do it with his daughter that is over there with him.”

So you’re saying “This was a good exit point, you’d done what you needed to do?

He says, “I had the best life.”

Backstage Pass to the Flipside book Two

Any messages for friends or folks who loved your show?

He said “He’s not in hell. Please tell my friends I’m not in hell.. or purgatory.” Then he showed me like a Buddhist scroll... What’s it called... The book about the dead?

The Tibetan Book of the Dead?


What about it?

(Jennifer shrugs) I don’t know.

Hold onto that for a second. Anthony, what are you telling us? People should read that? To become familiar with the bardo?

Was he a Buddhist? He’s saying, “So many things in that philosophy that explain life.” He’s saying, “The book of the dead has lessons on life.” [4]

I’m familiar with the book... and the guy who wrote the book; one particular monk.

He’s saying, “Thousands of monks did.”[5]

Actually thousands have written about the book –contributed to understanding this book - but only one monk experienced it. His name is Padmasambhava. Tibetan Buddhists considered him an enlightened Buddha as well, but he wasn’t a monk, he had a girlfriend, wrote about tantric sex; he was an unusual cat – maybe one day we’ll have a conversation with him, but the book was his experience making the journey into the afterlife, perhaps through meditation or a near death event, but contrary to what we’ve been doing.

He claimed once we get to the bardo, the between lives realm, there’s no consciousness per se. Between lives, consciousness is like a wisp of smoke (“Clear light.”) But obviously not so; because here we are having a conversation with a “wisp of smoke.”  However there are many things in the book that were accurate about crossing over, I understand that... is this something you’re aware of now, Anthony?

He said “It’s something I knew when I was there (alive)... but he didn’t believe in the smoke thing (either).  Besides smoking a lot, he didn’t believe in the whole smoke thing... or snorting...”

I’m sorry, what?

Made a film in Tibet as well

He’s making a joke about snorting instead of smoking. He’s showing me the scroll – (how) the words in the book are important, you (should) go through it and highlight the stuff that is important to remember, taking in the underlying threads of the book that are about wisdom – and he’s saying, “but some of it is smoke.”

Our friend Robert Thurman wrote an excellent translation of the book which I recommend. I noticed when my mom was crossing over, the notices handed out by the hospice care nurses – “signs of impending death” were identical to what I’d read in the book about the dissolution of the senses. So back to you Anthony; you told us you miss the smells back here, what else do you miss?

He says he misses his girlfriend. “Being with her,” he said.

What would you like to tell her?

That he will see her again.

This might be unusual, but it is in our research. I knew Harvey Weinstein, he always generous to me and Rebecca Broussard; tickets to the AmfAR benefit in Cannes. I had no idea what a creep he was behind closed doors. But he had his own purpose as well, correct?

He says, “He’s glad Harvey isn’t up there because of what he’d do to him.”

Okay, but as we discuss in this class; we all choose our lifetimes to learn or teach lessons in love or the loss of love.

“Yes.” He saying, “That’s true.” What happened with Harvey and his girlfriend eventually led her to Anthony.

From that perspective not only did it result in a good thing, but the stones in her path resulted in the diamond of your relationship.


Anything else you want to tell your friends, fans or family?

“Tell them to love themselves. To not give in... to the madness that our minds create.”

What would you recommend people do to avoid that kind of madness?


(Note: I did not hit the caps key. After I typed it, I went back later and thought, “Hmm. That’s odd.” Or maybe not so much.)

Very good, so... Anthony to continue that thought. By mindfulness do you mean meditation?

“Yes.” He said, “That makes you get more grounded.”

Is that something that you did, did you practice meditation?

He said, “No. If I did, I would still be alive.”

Very funny. Okay this is a bit weird – this is something I repeat often, the research that shows how meditation can supplant SSRI drugs. The drugs stops serotonin release, which causes people to “stop feeling pain” - but meditation can help regulate serotonin in a better way for the brain, for the emotions; is that what you’re talking about ?


I’m sure people are tired of me going on about it; but Richard Davidson’s epic study of meditation, which they now call “mindfulness” to avoid any connection to yoga or religion- but that it can cure or alleviate depression.  Is that what you’re saying? [6]

He’s saying, “That’s part of the thing that connects the both of you.”

Let’s talk about something else; you were a guy of great taste.

“Very well put,” he says.

How would you recommend people acquire your sense of taste?

He’s showing me a blindfold.  He’s saying, “By blindfolding yourself first, then whatever occurs after that, you don’t have any prejudgment for it.”

You’re referring to a “blind taste test” but also to the metaphor of “not judging things?” When you blindfold yourself you experience people and things from a different level?

“Yes. (Because) When you look at something you judge it.”

(Jennifer aside:) It’s kind of like my work as a medium, the less I know about someone, the better the information is that comes through.

So the idea of putting on a blindfold is a....


For us to blindfold our “judgment mode” when we meet a new person?

“Yes.” He’s saying, “To not care about where they’re from, or anything about their past... people can change.”

Not to worry if someone says, “they’re an asshole.”

“Well, some people who were assholes remain assholes... but if you blindfold yourself, you learn from them what they present to you.  In my case, I was nice to everyone.”

Why was that?

“Because I felt like I was them.” He shared with me a quote that I remember reading that he said awhile ago – something about “My life is so great, I’m just waiting for them to catch up and take away my car.[7]  

I should ask this; “So why’d you give up the car bro?”

(Jennifer laughs) He said, “He wanted a new one.”

You decided it was time for a different dish, you were done with this meal and wanted a different dessert?

He’s showing me “tons of ice cream everywhere.”

You were sick of the ice cream? So now you’re having and ice cream headache?

He says, “Starting with you.”  He laughs. He says that last Saturday you had a dream about him?

I did yeah. (ding!) Since he died, I’ve had these odd moments of hearing his voice, sense of humor; funny, charming and like just a great voice to have around in your mind, which I appreciate. Who wouldn’t? Okay anyone else in class, Robin? We had Kate and Anthony.

Book One

“They want us to learn from them. What not to do. That we have control over it.”

And if someone does die we’ll track you down and interview you over there – because you can’t hide from us.

Funny; we are the ultimate ghost hunters.

So anybody else in class? 

They’re showing me a picture of you in my mind’s eye. They want to talk to you. John Lennon is coming through. Hold on. He says that he approves whatever it was that you did with his son... He said, “Tell him that I do.”

I sent his son a copy of the chapter of the book where we interview John, as well as a PDF of the book – for context. I know how odd this is for someone you know to claim they’re “talking to your father” on the flipside. And in his case, one of the most famous fathers in the planet.  But if I didn’t share it with him, or I just let him hear about it from someone else – I felt I had to share it with him. 

Jennifer: It’s like we were talking about earlier.  Some topics people don’t want to talk about – often involved with cancer, or suicide. “Hey, let’s talk about suicide...” Not many folks want to do that.

Rich: The reason we’re doing it is it’s hard to keep people here. To remind them they had courage to come here in the first place, to choose a life and be incarnated. “Hey, you had the courage to come here – you promised to sign up for some shit. You took the role! And you promised to stick around to the third act.”  Same could be said to our friend Anthony; “Dude, you signed up to come here, and you got off stage before the third act bro.”

He laughed and said, “Bigger better deal.”

Yeah, but what does that say to your fans? “I don’t have to stick around because it’s hard?”

He said “Mindfulness.”

Okay... but you see what I’m saying.... I’m just reminding you....

He’s protesting comically; “It’s abuse!” And he’s showing me a picture of you! (Jennifer laughs.) He’s kidding. He said, “He came to you, don’t forget that.”

(Note: Yes, it does sound like I’m badgering the witness. I’m grateful he reminded me I didn’t ask for him to show up initially. When I was writing for “Epicurean Rendezvous,” chef Jean Michel (Citrus) told me “Every great chef has the taste of his mother’s cooking in his mouth.” Anthony had great taste.)

Robin Williams just came through and said “Birthday.” Is it his?

It’s yours. Coming up in a couple of weeks. What’s the class going to be doing for you?

I want to hear the whole class sing “Happy Birthday.”

Does anyone in our class not like our class?

(Jennifer laughs) Luana. She says “It’s exhausting. You’re exhausting!” No, she’s saying “You are very prepared, she says, and you’re very open to passing along information.” She says “It’s helping people learn on the other side.  We’re helping people learn how to tap in over here.”

They say they’re learning how to communicate to us. How to get us to open ourselves up to their conversations?

“Like seeing the symbol 11: 11 – (they are) signs to get you to open up to them.”

Are you guys slowing down your frequency to communicate with us? Or is that not the right syntax?

“No.  They’re getting better transistors – by learning about our frequencies and how our thoughts work. They’re making it quicker... quickening us.”

In a deep hypnosis session, a spirit guide was asked about “about a shift in consciousness” and he said, “Over here, we call it “the quickening.”  In essence you’re not slowing down but you’re causing us to speed up?

“Yes. And some people can’t handle it and they escape.”

Is it getting people to think or experience things faster?

“No. To be more aware.”

Is there a physical way we can help us tune in or become more aware?

They showed me the ocean, the forests, something out in nature – “That’s your patch, that’s the place to find vibrancy to tap in.”

It’s something I’ve been talking with with virtual reality scientists about, creating VR to help people not check off the planet... or help them with brain trauma or PTSD, depression using the work of Richard Davidson. It just feels like this is something that might help people.

A lot of people. Anthony is giving me the chills.. so follow that where ever it takes you.

How do you guys like the book?

“They love it.”

It’s long.

“It’s needed,” they said.

Anthony, any final thoughts?

“Tell everyone; life should not be taken for granted. It should be revered, lived and loved. And that it’s much more difficult expressing love from over there (where he is) than when it’s right in front of you.”

Kate, do you concur?

“1000 per cent.”


“It’s stupid; people are still going to leave the planet that way... but hopefully we can help talk them out of it.”

And one’s enough?

“Just one.”


[1] https://people.com/food/anthony-bourdain-death-cremated-france/
[2] That’s accurate. His father Pierre died of a heart attack at age 57. Anthony’s close friend Bernard Loiseau shot himself in 2003, which Anthony was interviewed about. http://www.newsweek.com/last-word-anthony-bourdain-132517
[3] Anthony has a daughter 11, Ariane with ex Ottavia Busia
[4] Note: his best friend Eric Ripert was a Buddhist. The best translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead is by Robert Thurman. https://bobthurman.com/the-tibetan-book-of-the-dead/
[5] I’ve had this discussion with Robert Thurman, who did a translation of the book; thousands of monks did contribute to essays on the original text, but the original was written by one person who experienced it; Padmasambhava. https://bobthurman.com/the-tibetan-book-of-the-dead/
[6] RichardDavidson.org explains the science behind his epic study. He used the Tibetan form of meditation called “Tonglen” – but he proved a single session of meditation can change the shape of the amygdala, further that it “cures or alleviates symptoms of depression.” With zero, no side effects. Should be prescribed.
[7] "I should’ve died in my 20s. I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50s. I feel like I’ve stolen a car –a really nice car– and I keep looking in the rearview mirror for flashing lights. But there’s been nothing yet." Anthony Bourdain quote https://www.biography.com/news/anthony-bourdain-biography-facts

Happy Birthday Sir!!!

After posting this yesterday, as I was falling asleep, I heard "but there's more to that story."

He's right, I forgot in the last chapter (at his request) we added more details as follows: (Jennifer's responses in bold, my questions in italics.)

Jennifer: Luana says she talked to you this morning.

Richard: That’s correct. (Ding!) I was chatting about our class.

Anthony Bourdain says that you chose a meal on Tuesday night, and that you talked to him about it.

Yes, that’s correct. (Ding!) I was in Vegas, choosing a burger and thought “I wonder which Anthony would choose?”

He held his nose. It smelled... the onions.

Yes, there were raw onions on the turkey burger. We talked to you a couple of weeks ago Anthony, what’s up since then?

He says, “He’s been busy.” (Jennifer listens) He’s trying to understand why he did it.

Let me ask you a couple of questions about that.

He just said, “And that was a full segue into that.”

(Note: I worked briefly in TV, helping produce the award winning Charles Grodin show at CNBC. I don’t think Jennifer knows what a “full segue” is, but Anthony does.)

You were quite good at doing segues in your shows. The last time we spoke, you suggested an interview “with your brother;” was that a literal brother or a close friend of yours?

“A friend.”

Was he also a chef?

He just showed me someone who looked like Wolfgang Puck.

Was it your friend Bernard who checked himself off the planet? 

He’s saying “Yes, that’s who it was.”

(Note: Bernard Loiseau was the chef of La Cote D’or, who committed suicide.  At the time of his death, news reports claimed it was because of rumors he was going to lose one of the prized Michelin stars from the Michelin guide for restaurants. Since Anthony referred to someone who had shot himself, I looked up who that could have been. In his younger days he did look like Wolfgang Puck or vice versa.)

He did look a bit like Wolfgang; less hair later perhaps. Since you’ve been home, have you been able to talk to him about that?

Yeah. They are sharing their experiences... (Jennifer laughs) He says, “It’s like an AA group up here.” They’re sharing experiences... “What it is that you learned? Why, you know, why your guardians didn’t help you (not commit suicide.)”

When Bernard died they said it was about the pressures of the Michelin stars, that he was worried about it.

Anthony said, “No. He drank too much.”

(Note: Jennifer doesn’t know the news reports surrounding Loiseau’s death. We tend to explain “the why” when people check themselves off the planet and it would have been easy for him to say “Yeah, that was it.” But Anthony replied, “No. He drank too much.” The only way “to know” is to ask.)

Okay. Well, there’s a fun question; are there “Michelin stars” for you chefs back home?

He says “No.” But he showed me the star that Tony Stockwell spoke to you about; he actually brought that in to show me.

(Note: In an interview with British medium Tony Stockwell, we were speaking to his “guides” and I asked if any were “wearing ornamentation.”  Tony reported one of his guides was wearing a star, which I thought was a badge. He said “No, it’s an actual star, and it represents a portal to allow transport to different realms.” Not something Tony or I had ever heard of before.)

Ah, very cool. Those kinds of stars.

“They come from way above.” (Jennifer aside: I asked, “Are the stars awarded for lifetimes or for food?”) He said, “For both; it’s for everything. It’s all encompassing... how you earn it is through (actions of) body, mind and spirit.”

Okay, I understand.

I don’t.

(Note: In the research, guides who appear on councils have “earned the position” through some accomplishment during a difficult lifetime. When asked, guides have said they “earned their seat on the council” of the person being interviewed for various accomplishments.  Courage, compassion, patience, history are some that have been reported. Sometimes they “wear a symbol” of that achievement, as Michael Newton reported in “Destiny of Souls.” In my interviews, I’ve heard a number of descriptions of ornaments; a living tree, representing connectivity, or a bear representing courage.)

I think he’s saying people earn those stars for all the things they did with regard to their acts of compassion and love when they were on the planet. Anthony, I forgot to ask you before, do you have any message for your daughter?

His first word was “Love.” He says, “Tell her that she needs to love herself first and to know that she’s going to be taken care of.” (Jennifer aside: I asked him “Do you regret what you did?) He said “No, it’s not like that. He regrets how our interpretation of them is wrong.”

(Note: I think he means how we consider suicide a sin, or an act of cowardice, or other pejoratives. We generally don’t take into consideration what led to it, how planned or how sudden it was, or that they may have been in a hurry to “get back home” to get ready for another life - or just the fact that they don’t actually die.)

How about something more specific for your daughter? She may run across this book later in life.

He says “Tell her not to give up on singing, she loves to sing.”

Okay, that’s pretty specific.

(Note: Jennifer did not know that Anthony had a living daughter. In our previous interview with him, he spoke of a daughter on the flipside that he was with from a previous lifetime.  In this case, this is one of those “bell ringing moments of verification;” unbeknownst to me or Jennifer, his daughter is already an accomplished singer. She performed a few weeks after his death, and it was not something I knew, but discovered when I searched for it. “Anthony Bourdain's 11-year-old daughter performed in a concert just days after her father died of an apparent suicide in France. Bourdain's ex-wife, Ottavia Busia, shared a photo on Instagram of their child, Ariane, appearing on stage at a music venue in New York.” Jun 11, 2018. An example of “new information” from the flipside.) [1]

It almost feels like she will sing something like opera... “She has an amazing voice. She has an amazing voice but she doesn’t know it yet.”

Anthony, your dad had heart attack when you were young, have you talked to him since arriving back there?

“At length.” He’s telling me he was “scarred from it.” He said, “Interesting that it gave him a certain amount of freedom – he thought it allowed him to have freedom but he didn’t look at it that way at first... (After his father’s death) that’s when he realized that “nothing is permanent.”

[1] https://www.cbsnews.com/news/anthony-bourdain-daughter-performs-concert-after-his-death-2018-06-11/

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