Hacking the Afterlife with Ketamine, Harry Dean, Hawking and a Visit from the Alpha and Omega

An unusual confirmation of events on the Flipside from Jennifer Shaffer and the term "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (and the rest of the poem that includes “rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.”) 
From Wiki: "Tinker Tailor" is a counting game, nursery rhyme and fortune telling song traditionally played in England, that can be used to count cherry stones, buttons, daisy petals and other items... It is commonly used by children in both Britain and America for "counting out", e.g. for choosing who shall be "It" in a game of tag."

The title came to mind and it appears to reference the idea that we are always connected to all of our lifetimes - no matter which role we've chosen on the planet this time around. Another conversation with the flipside about process. 

But in terms of "Tinker, Tailor" - a counting game, I think what Luana wanted me to mention, or think about - was the idea of "counting the lifetimes we've had."  We appear on the planet as all of these characters, they're all like characters in a play, and depending how long we are in the acting troupe, we might play each one of them. One day we're Hamlet, the next day Ophelia, another day Iago.  In the actor's troupe, everyone plays everything.

In the above clip, there's a brief hello from our pals from "Big Love" Harry Dean Stanton and Bill Paxton - and then a surprise visit from Stephen Hawking who tells us there is a "formula" for love. Finally, a wrap up with a few answers from the Alpha and the Omega.

Another mind bending episode into the flipside with the amazing Jennifer Shaffer helping us access a "flipside classroom."

Sometimes, post session, I hear something or get something that relates directly to the session. This morning, I received an email from the fellow I mentioned in this session, who is suffering from PTSD.  

He told me he was going to go to do a Ketamine session with the supervision of a doctor, and in light of Jennifer's experience (which she reports in detail during the session), I wanted to share this fellow's email this morning.

"Hi Rich!

Hope everyone is healthy and happy in Martini Land!
I noticed ketamine in the headline of your webpage post.  I'll have to watch it again because I missed that part...probably day dreaming.

Just wanted to let you know I did the ketamine therapy sun, mon and tues. (for PTSD).

It's going to save my life.  

I have not felt this positive, anxiety free and happy for as long as I can remember....  This is their website:

He's developed a treatment he says has been over 85% effective.  I can't say enough good things about him and the treatment.  I've never done LSD or anything like it was a cool experience for me.  

I was in another world.  Saw shapes, colors, textures...then places and people.  I swear I saw Jesus on the second day.  He said that Jesus stops by on the regular for peoples treatments.

(The doctor) asked me what he looked like.  

I could only remember bits and pieces but having just woken from the treatment, I said he looks more like Colin Kaepernick than "Catholic white Jesus".  He laughed and said people often see him the way they need to see him but he wasn't surprised at my description.  But damn it...I forgot to look at his eyes...I know they weren't blue though.  They were dark.

The Doctor also mentioned that after this treatment I'm likely to have easier access to things like spirit guides and may notice more synchronicities.  He doesn't mention anything like that before the treatment...I'm guess so as not to influence my experience.  But once we discussed my experience...I can tell he is a believer in those experiences.

Now I go back for a treatment at 3 months, 6 months and 9 months.  Earlier if symptoms start returning.  After that he's had people go as long as 4 years before they need to come back for a treatment.  Though he said I am welcome to make an appt anytime I want to come back.

It's cool stuff man!  My Wife and I also discussed that it's no coincidence that we were led to this area and he happens to be nearby.  He gets patients flying in from all over the world.

What a ride!  Thanks for all your help in understanding this stuff!


My reply:

"Fantastic.  Actually you are mentioned in the above episode. Not by name, but Jennifer begins describing her doctor/ shaman ketamine therapy and after she talks about it I mentioned your therapy. (You're the only one I know doing it for PTSD.) 

So this is a confirmation of the research.. proof if you will. 

Jesus shows up as well at the end (of the above session). He appears to people not because they're Christian but because he can. 

He appears slightly different to each person.. sometimes his eye color changes mid conversation.  The fun part is.. how do we know it is him? (He's not wearing a nametag!) 

Yet people report seeing him often. (See "Hacking the Afterlife" and "Architecture of the Afterlife" for numerous accounts where he shows up with people not under hypnosis, just accessing the flipside by a series of questions.) So very cool to hear and thanks for sharing." 


His reply: 

"And that's what the Doctor said also... people sometimes see him the way they need to see him.  Incredible!"


At the end of this session above, out of the blue I asked Jennifer if the Alpha and Omega (Jesus) could weigh in on the conversation. It popped into my head. 

For those familiar with my work, familiar with my writing, they know I'm not card carrying Christian, I'm not selling any kind of ideology - they know that when given the chance, I ask Jesus to weigh in on any number of things, some of the most controversial he's said (repeatedly via different people) are that he "survived the crucifixion" that he was "married to Mary Magdalene" that he had "children" that he "returned to Kashmir after the crucifixion to continue his legacy. 

That he's had "other lifetimes" but each one is reportedly an example of "unconditional love."  (See "Hacking the Afterlife" for specifics.) But again - I'm not answering the questions, he is, either through someone not under hypnosis ("Architecture of the Afterlife") or via a medium who spontaneously says "Jesus is also here."  When he appears, I take the opportunity to ask him questions that reflect the research.  His answers are sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always reflect an idea of "unconditional love."

I don't want to upset anyone's belief system - if this seems problematic, I would offer to the scientists that if he's appearing based on one's perception (and sometimes that's over many lifetimes, not just this one) then it is something that is being translated by the mind -"the energy" of that frequency and coming to realize that the "avatar known as Jesus" shares that frequency with many avatars. It's often repeated - that he shares the same "frequency" as many "avatars." (Which is not commonly referred to by any religious texts.)

For those that have a mental block at the mention of his name (lest we forget, he wasn't a Christian per se; that happens after he departs) for religious or secular reasons - I am just reporting. I turn on the camera, I turn it off. Sometimes I ask questions. Sometimes a hypnotherapist asks the questions. 

It's not me seeing him, saying he's "appeared" - in all the cases, I ask questions about his appearance (often brown eyes with flecks of gold, but not always), I ask about what he looks like now - what clothes he's appearing in (and if it's too disruptive to see him in regal attire (as "he's always been painted") I ask him to switch into something more conducive to conversation.  (More than once people have reported seeing him suddenly in a tee shirt and jeans, sandals or no shoes.)

So - I'm repeating an email from a fellow who reached out to me online, whom I've yet to meet, but who has focused on healing his mind, and finally got to a place where he could do so with the help of Ketamine. It's not the Ketamine doing the transformation - but the Ketamine appears to "remove" or "alter" the filters we all have in place that prevent us from accessing this information.

People report (and I've filmed them reporting) that a near death event, out of body experience, LSD, deep hypnosis or meditation can have the same effect - but the resulting information that they share (often contrary to their belief system whether they were skeptics or believers) is something that I can report. What they say on camera is consistent and reproducible.

And here, someone is reporting that with the help of a medical professional, a hallucinogen, he was able to access the flipside, to rid himself of the life threatening post traumatic stress of his earlier life, observe things about himself that his "conscious mind within his body" could not do so - and that he got a chance to see an avatar while doing so.

Pretty cool if you ask me...


This just in, and I have to share it for anyone who needs to read it: (soldiers, skeptics, those suffering from PTSD and others.) This is his first account experience that he wrote up after his Ketamine therapy for PTSD:)

"The first thing I noticed, was the room began to shift. In a barely perceptible way. Textures became more prominent. The walls began to look softer. I started licking my lips to see if they were still there...they were. Then...they were gone. I wasn’t my body an longer. I was the walls, the chair, the light, the air….everything was me and I was everything. There was no perceptible difference between “myself” and the air or the colors or the sound. Sound was color and color was sounds. And I was all of it.

I don’t know if I couldn’t talk...but I didn’t want to nor did I have to. Whatever I thought was immediately thought by everything else. The ceiling of the room rose until I could not see it or perceive it any longer. I could no longer feel myself sitting in the chair. I was flying slowly through a maze of colors and textures. Feeling nothing but the most unconditional love for everything. There was no fear, only love.

(Note: This is also what Jennifer reports in her session... unconditional love, connected to everyone and everything.)

At first, having no reference to compare it to, I began to worry that I would not be able to control anything or get back. Then it didn’t matter. I controlled everything and nothing at the same time. 

At the time I thought I may not be able to get back, faces and people appeared. My Boston Terrier appeared. She jumped through my “mind” in the air as if weightless. We were one...and all concerns melted away. 

I saw faces of people I did not know as well as my Aunt. Jesus also floated into vision with the most all encompassing smile. He did not look like “Catholic, blue eyed Jesus”. He looked young, healthy and had olive color skin and dark eyes. 

I felt nothing but love...he did not have to tell me who he was understood immediately. He looked at me as if to say “finally, you’re home”. And I was home. Every major detail of life was gone...making me realize that none of it truly exists. The only thing that exists is love.

The feeling of love has stayed with me. It’s been 3 days since the last treatment and I can still see his face and feel the all encompassing feeling of joy that we brought each other

I saw people I don’t remember but we sat around my Aunt’s yellow topped table. I remember seeing the chairs I sat in as a child...the backrests grey with a large button in the middle. One yellow, one red, one green and one blue. The seats, though people were seated, were still visible. The same color as the button on the backrest. Then it melted away into everything else and all was one again.

I found myself in the woods that I know. It was pitch black with only stars visible as I stood in the middle of a two track road with trees hanging over the the edges. More people were there with me. There was no light, though I could see every single detail of every tree, every leaf. The air was thick like water with no wetness. 

And I was all of it...part of everything. The trees knew who I was and I knew who the trees were. There was no distinction of being separate.

As the ketamine began to wear off and the orange salt lamp on the table in front of me began to come back into sight...the only thing I said was “booooo”. My Dr. laughed and asked me gently “Well? What or who did you see?” 

I mentioned Jesus and my Aunt with a bit of embarrassment... hoping he wouldn’t think I was crazy. He said “You would be surprised to know how often he stops by during these treatments”. 

It was hard to come back. Though after coming back, the world has a softer feel to it. The harshness of the world that was there before has been replaced with a softness that I can’t quite explain. It’s now easier for me to feel connected.

The anxiety that had been running my life...keeping me in the house and from experiencing the world is gone. I can’t even remember what it felt like to have it. The fear I felt at having to leave this house has evaporated into thin air... I no longer have any use for it….there is no fear when you are everyone and everything.

The depression and suicidal ideation that permeated my every day life...I lost it. I couldn’t find it right now if I wanted to. Somehow, this treatment puts you in a place of understanding. Understanding that you are everything and everyone. None of us are separate...we never were."


(Note: In the cases of people who have had an "epiphany" or "apotheosis" they often report this feeling of being connected to everyone and everything, of being "one with everything" - which Jennifer tries to explain but was reluctant to say.  But as noted in the session, being "one with everything" appears to be our natural state of being - and that it's when we come here, for whatever reason, we experience that "separation.")

The author of this just sent this to me, and I had to add it.  For those that cannot hear they won't - but for those who can, they will.  

I'm not advocating the use of Ketamine except under medical supervision. But it appears to be a way to "remove the filters" or alter them so that we can access the flipside. (For an in depth medical discussion of "filters on the brain" I recommend Dr. Bruce Greyson's YouTube talk "Is consciousness produced by the brain?" where he cites the medical evidence that it is not only.)

By removing or altering the filters, we can gain insight into the human condition.


The Palindromic Experience of the Flipside

"Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam is a palindrome."

Reads forwards and backwards.  This post is another one about "access and process."  The night after I wrote the post about "access and process" coming from a conversation I was having with my friend on the flipside, she was explaining something deeply profound to me.

           Luana Anders, our tour guide on the flipside.

My conscious mind (the guy in the bed mind) was trying hard to hold onto the concepts - which were outside my normal brain's capacity to comprehend, so I asked her for a concept or phrase I could remember;

She said "Madam I'm Adam."

She was talking about the reflection we have between us and them.  How we are them, and they are us.  They are us "backwards" (because they retain all the past life memories) and we are us "forwards" (experiencing all of our new adventures here on earth.)  

Of course, the two thirds left behind are also experiencing life - from that perspective. Attending classes, roaming around universes, visiting realms, playing mind bending games of profound mathematical construction ("CGI times a million") that mirror, remind us of everything we did here on the planet (play golf, football, tennis, car racing, horse racing, etc) but also others can attend the construct we've built.

Or so people report. ("Flipside," "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" "Hacking the Afterlife" "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and "Architecture of the Afterlife." All these books contain someone talking about "what they're doing on the flipside" while we are on the planet.)

Experience doesn't stop.  We don't stop.  It's an ongoing process. While we sleep, the filters are altered (in some) so that we can have conversations, visit places, talk to loved ones, etc.  We don't all recall those conversations, visits, adventures - partially because it's mind blowing, but partially because it's useless to the human body's survival.

So what's up with the palindrome idea?

Luana Anders, my pal on the flipside, was trying to help me understand "how consciousness works."  That is - we have a portion of our conscious energy with us at all times (most people report "about 30%" but that can fluctuate depending upon health issues, I've heard 10% in people who have dementia, Alzheimer's or in a coma - they are aware, just not the way they used to be aware, and retain connection so that life continues on.) However, their awareness has shifted, they are "mostly back home" instead of here.

One example; Jennifer Shaffer and I interviewed an old friend who was in hospice care with dementia.  He was still on the planet, I knew his son well, so I took the opportunity to ask if we could "converse with his higher self."  He told us (in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3") that "90% of his consciousness" was "already back home."  I asked if he could do the mental work to bike ride - something he did every day in old age, that was his passion - he would often ride a 100 miles a day.  

He said "Everything else but."  He said "He was still connected to his body on the planet so that "everyone who needed to come and say goodbye would come and say goodbye" and that required "about 10%" of his conscious energy.

The idea that we can do the same is available to us.  We tend to think of people who've "died" as disappeared or gone - that's not the case.. They aren't gone, they just "aren't here." And with concerted effort, we can communicate with them.  But what about communicating with our "higher selves?"

What value would come from that?

A number of things - by communicating with one's higher self, we can learn about previous lifetimes, why we chose them. We can observe, examine the arc of our lifetimes, the themes involved - and what the theme of the current lifetime is. 

By examining these previous story lines, we get a handle on our current story line - plus the added benefit of losing fear, or worry about it (or our loved ones.) If everyone and anyone can access their previous lifetimes, they also become aware of the temporary nature of this one.

It's a bit like getting off stage. We leave behind props, costumes - even attitudes or illnesses - all of that is left on stage in a heap, a pile, a bundle... for the stage hands to put back.

We might come back to the stage early - as I've heard from a number of people. (I was startled to hear that James Dean had already decided to return, that he had come back as an actor, that he had come back as an actor I know, have met, that he has come back and had a successful family and lifetime, and done all the things he wanted to do in his previous trip here. That was mind bending because he came back just a few years after he left.)

I know how odd this sounds.

But when I first heard it during a session with Jennifer Shaffer ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3") I asked her to ask him "who he is" and he said who that was. It was not someone Jennifer knew personally, but I knew a close friend and texted that pal during the session asking "Hey, has your pal every had anyone tell him he was the reincarnation of someone?" And my pal texted back "James Dean." 

Walter and Charles Grodin pointing where the craft service went.

He later told me numerous occasions where people would randomly tell his pal that - and that it didn't phase him - but that he had many more memories, dreams, etc that he was aware of - just not something he wanted to pursue.

So out of deference to that choice - I have not pursued it further... (I did say I thought it would be a cool documentary, following him around taking him to places James went to.)  But when you're a successful person who needs to hear someone tell you that you were "so and so" in a previous lifetime? Who cares?  

But I'm just reporting. And the odd thing was that later on (In "Architecture of the Afterlife") I was interviewing a woman across the country who was accessing her guide and the guide said "Tell Rich that thing about James Dean is accurate."  This woman didn't know what he was referring to, but I did.  

So I can repeat it here without the onus of "proving it."

I like to say that when people say to me "prove it" I point to the chapter with Harry Dean Stanton in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside Part One."  Harry was an avowed skeptic, atheist..  When he got to the flipside, he showed up during a session and gave me private messages to give to 3 close friends at his memorial. 

I did and they were flabbergasted - not only because it was coming from me, but because only Harry could possibly have known. 

I asked Harry what he wanted me to say at his memorial; he said "tell people to believe in the afterlife."  I laughed. "Harry, none of your atheist friends are going to believe I spoke to you." He said "Then tell them to believe in the possibility of an afterlife, so then they won't waste another minute of their life arguing about it like I did."  Sage advice.

                            Harry Dean Stanton and Bill Paxton in "Big Love" HBO foto.

But not trying to prove anything here.  Not trying to disturb anyone's beliefs. I realized that it's been a few days since I heard this message "palindrome" and wanted to discuss before I lose it altogether.

My wife had a dream about the physicist Mino who told her "We are both particle and wave. On the planet we are more particle, but when not on the planet our experience is more wave."

That's a quantum answer.  Light is both particle and wave - in the double split experiment, we learn that it functions and acts as both. The wrench in the experiment is when people discovered that the result (particle or wave) depended upon the person viewing it. So they designed experiments where the results would be recorded, then a person would view it, and see "particle" or "wave" and then they'd go back to the original results and learn that the results had changed. 

As if someone had manipulated the results.

Who's responsible for messing up the quantum experiments?

Consciousness is.

It permeates the universe. It's in everything, around everything - part of everything. Like the Sioux Wakan Tanka - the great spirit that animates reality. 

As Max Planck said:

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

What I've learned filming people talking about the afterlife for over a decade: consciousness is a medium like water or paint. It's also the engine. It's what binds atoms. It doesn't arise. The brain is a receiver, the way receivers parse/filter sound waves.

We've got it backwards. We send about a third of our conscious energy to a lifetime, two thirds stays home (the term everyone uses for afterlife- "home"). Our "awareness" is helped by stripping or bypassing filters.

People do so via LSD, NDE, OBE, meditation, dreams, hypnotherapy. I've filmed 100 doing so, compared results to 2750 by clinical psychologist Dr. Wambach , thousands by Michael Newton and the Newton Institute.

Not gone. Just not here.

All say the same things which are contrary to religious and scientific theory. That consciousness is what binds the universe, we are all connected the way all water is connected, returns home.

They also use the term "unconditional love" when referring to it. Once we define what unconditional love is we will have the key to understanding consciousness.

Now that I got that out of the way, here's the latest interview on the flipside where I ask Luana questions about the above, where our friend Bill Paxton comes in to mention something only he could observe on the flipside, and we speak to a friend's dog who was "lost at sea" - to report that he's not lost, he's just "home." Click this link.

My two cents.

"Able was I, Ere I saw Elba."  


Based on a question on Quora about "Proof of the Afterlife." 

"Here’s the thing - if anyone can replicate research, they should do so. It’s the name of the game in clinical research. That’s why I film everything. If I’m filming a person under deep hypnosis talking about the afterlife, I’m not asking the questions, I’m in the corner of the room.

If I film an interview with an old or new friend, or record it live on the air, I post that footage. Or I edit and transcribe the footage verbatim. This way, it’s not me claiming that there is an orderly afterlife - it’s just what’s in the data. The book “Architecture of the Afterlife” has 50 cases of people not under hypnosis saying the same things about the afterlife that the other 50 I filmed with the help of hypnotherapists say.

What they claim is consistent and reproducible. Two hallmarks of data. That is - if one wants to bring a drug to market, they sponsor clinical trials and they take eyewitness reports. People who had an experience using the drug (“dry mouth” “Nausea” etc) and that becomes data. Experience, and then survey. It’s how all medicine comes to market. It’s what is called “science” in terms of medicine (and for those aware of the process, they may also be aware that the placebo effect is upending the process.)

So when it comes to “proof” - one merely needs to set up a camera and get different hypnotherapists to ask the same questions to different subjects. Further, to demonstrate that there is no need for hypnosis to elicit the same reports. And those reports are consistent and contrary to religious beliefs (about good and evil, demons and the like). I’m not saying that those who claim to experience demons are not doing so - I’m pointing out that they don’t take the time to “ask the demon” who they are, what they are doing here, if they were asked to be here, or who is responsible for their appearance.

I can state that in the 100 cases I’ve filmed, the 2750 clinical cases from Dr. Wambach or the 7000 from Michael Newton and the Newton institute, there were no reports of demons, evil - they report consistently those are “human constructs” or man made metaphors for how to navigate the planet. That’s not my opinion, belief or theory - that’s just in the data.

Further - regarding the question of “proof.” 

Since these reports are relative to the person experiencing them (“I see my brother!” “I see Jesus!’ “I’m hearing my mother’s voice and she’s telling me new information.” etc) - no one can prove that they are seeing or not seeing the person they know and have loved for a lifetime, perhaps many lifetimes. They have that experience (on camera) and they uniquely experience it.

But that is just like “love.”

The word love is identical to “proof of the afterlife.”

There is no scientific proof that love exists. None. There is no scientific definition for love. The concept or the term. It’s not a physiological thing (only) nor it is something that “arises” based on criteria. The word, the concept, the idea - is not provable.

But it is something that can be experienced. And those who have experienced it know what it is. Those who have never experienced have no clue what it is. Those who have experienced the afterlife (talking to loved ones, talking to people who are no longer on the planet, talking to people who have never been on the planet) have the knowledge of the experience.

There’s no proving an experience. It’s past tense. All I can say is that in the 50 cases I’ve filmed with various hypnotherapists trained by the Newton Institute, everyone had a memory of a past life, understood why they chose that past life and why that occurred. They recalled previous lifetimes and understood that they had mastered them. They also were able to communicate, see, have new information with loved ones no longer on the planet, and in some cases, new information from people who’ve never been on the planet. (“Architecture of the Afterlife”)

So the answer to the question “Where’s the proof?” is to point out that there is no proof of the existence of love, yet somehow we all know what that means. And what I’ve heard consistently in these reports, from various people who had a near death experience, or have traveled to the flipside - is that they experience “unconditional love.”

I’m fond of pointing out that doesn’t exist either - except between some people and their pets, some family members - but for the most part is non existent on the planet. Yet my saying the term - everyone knows what I’m referring to. As if they’ve already known it. My two cents.


Was Jesus Married?

Here's an article on CNN about the reported forgery of a sentence in an Coptic document. 

Mary Magdalene

Miriam of Migdal (Solari) 

"How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar into believing the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' was real"

By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor Sun September 13, 2020

(CNN) In 2012 Karen King, a prestigious scholar at Harvard Divinity School, announced the academic discovery of a lifetime: a scrap of papyrus, purportedly from the early days of Christianity, in which Jesus refers to a woman as "my wife."

The text also includes the words "Mary" and "she is able to be my disciple." It seemed, at first, like a blockbuster finding for feminist scholars and an existential threat to the Catholic Church's all-male priesthood. King, who unveiled her find just steps from the Vatican, thought the fragment could validate her life's work: claiming a place for women in the early days of Christianity.

But instead of overturning years of religious scholarship, King's "discovery" capsized her career.

The author goes on to quote a recent book that trashes King's career.  It's the equivalent of the Vatican sending experts into the field to upend some heresy - only in this case, instead of an Inquisition, it's just a firing squad.... (from the article and interview:)

"What's the thinking now on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife? Are we 95% sure it's fake? Higher than that?
It's safe to say that there is no scholar that I know of anywhere who is defending the Gospel of Jesus' Wife as authentic, not even Karen King. She was the last holdout, and after my piece in The Atlantic about its provenance (history of ownership), King said it "tips the balance towards forgery."
What's the sentence in question?
That Jesus referred to his "wife" and then that "Mary was also a disciple." 
"The Gospel of Jesus' Wife squared that circle for King. In its central lines, "Jesus said to them my wife ... she is able to be my disciple.""
This CNN article cites the article in Atlantic, which  cites the book written by Ariel Sabar, ("Veritas") reports the fellow who claimed that he found or got the document (which was sent to King at Harvard) is a "pornographer" (his wife too, because she was in the films) who has claimed to "talk to angels."

Talk about preaching to the choir.

There's a problem here, and it jumped out at me like a mis-thrown horse shoe.

Wait a second. This woman's crime was believing a man (pornography aside, can't really be called a pornographer if you're filming one's wife - that's a voyeur), who "claimed to talk to angels" and that he is somehow a master forger as well.  

Coptic ain't that easy a language to forge sentences in - but indeed, as reported, this fellow was "busted" for selling a similar document from the "Gospel of Thomas."

31. Sts. Joseph Of Arimathea and Nicodemus - Divine Redeemer Sisters -  American region

But what this article doesn't say - and doesn't bother reporting - is that the original Gospel of Thomas didn't come from some forgery - it came from a cave where the Essenes hid those documents. There's no argument whether the Gospel of Thomas is actually a scroll - it is.  In that scroll (more specifically the "Acts of Thomas") Thomas claims a number of mind bending things, including being forced to sail to India by Jesus, forced to preach his gospel in a land he didn't want to go to - but did, and died there. (I've been to the place where he supposedly landed, and the ruins of his original "church" are next to the massive cathedral built in his honor.)

So it's not that the Gospel of Thomas is a dubious document, but it's that the supposed copy that was sold by the same fellow was. Minor detail, but paints a broad brush of "forgery" across the article.

Saint of the day: Joseph of Arimathea | Angelus News
But what about this detail that Jesus had a wife, and heaven forfend, it was likely his follower, pal and reported author of the Gospel of Mary (left out of the texts gathered by the Vatican officials who deemed it heretical)?  Is it possible that Jesus was married to Magdalene - and how does that upend Christianity (the all male club that it pretends to be)?

In that document - the Gospel of Mary - she refers to Jesus in a number of ways that appear to point to a closer relationship than previously reported. (Kissing, being closer, Peter being jealous, etc.)

And Ms. King is here being accused of "wishful thinking" that by proving that Jesus was married, and that his wife was a "disciple" would give women more standing... where? Where are they supposed to stand? 

Joseph of Arimathea - Donor of Christ's Tomb
Any of these guys look like they're from Palestine? Maybe the fellow 
with the beard and turban. 

I have an answer for this. But scholars won't like it.

Talk to those involved. They're still available.  Mary Magdalene, his mother Mary, Jesus himself. All available.  One doesn't need a pyramid hat, need to "believe in angels" (funny that the religion writer for CNN would mock the idea) or need a Coptic document to ask Jesus directly what the heck the sentence means.

Ask him.
Iconic photo of a fellow who looks vaguely European.

I've been filming people talking to "him" for over a decade.  Some were under hypnosis, some were not - some were via mediums who work with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.  Some proved efficacy in other ways - speaking directly to friends of mine on the flipside and proving their ability to do so ("Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia) but some were just old friends who are not religious at all. ("I don't even believe in him, and yet here I am saying that I can see or hear him speak!")

I have - I've heard, I've reported. He makes appearances in the film and book "Flipside" in "Hacking the Afterlife," and most recently "Architecture of the Afterlife." Again - I'm not seeing or hearing him or claiming to - I'm speaking to someone who says "He's here" or "I'm seeing Jesus!" or "This is weird, but when you said that someone who looks just like Jesus appeared and I don't believe in Jesus!" 
What did Jesus really look like? - BBC News

And then I ask him the same questions I ask everyone.  "Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?" "Why are you still hanging around?" "What is the story about you, and what happened and what did not?"  The answers - mind bendingly - are the same.  Doesn't matter if they come via people I've known decades, people I've never met - they all say the same confounding-ly contrary-to-the-good-book (or scholars of the good book) things.

I've never personally "spoken to him" - because I'm a filmmaker. I've filmed these over a dozen people who claimed to "see him" "talk to him" "hear his voice" "see his face" and describe him - on camera - or on a recorder, where they claim that he "contradicts what's in the bible."

Is Jesus Christ a Guru? — Ananda
He often mentions "radiating at the same frequency" as many "avatars."

It's not my opinion, theory or belief that occurs. I'm filming or recording. The story "he tells" is consistent and contrary to what's been said for centuries. The story is the same and is also contrary to all scholarship in the arena.  

I'm not trying to prove the provenance of these claims - not trying to prove that Ms. King had an epiphany that turned her in this direction, that despite the men chasing her with torches - she is on the right track.  She may not be able to prove it in this lifetime, but it's exactly what these people say.

And what he says actually mirrors, is exactly what that sentence reportedly says.

I wouldn't be commenting on it if it didn't. 


I'm not interested in generating debate, arguing about it, or trying to change anyone's beliefs or dis-beliefs.  The title of the book cited trashing her is "Veritas" about the truth - and by doing so tearing Ms. King "a new one" - claiming she's been deluded, is delusionable, has been duped - because she's a woman, she got too invested, too emotional over her discovery, didn't do the due diligence real "scholars" would do. 

Because she wants Jesus to be married?

My challenge to scholars - do a little science experiment. Find a hypnotherapist (I recommend Newton Institute trained ones as I've filmed many, they have a searchable database). But any good one will do.  

Hagia Sophia

Ask them to help you see your family or friends no longer on the planet (think up trick questions to prove it's them) ask if it's possible to visit one's "life planning session" (I've filmed many) and ask "So what's up with this biblical obsession I have?  Why did I choose this lifetime?" And then the big Magilla question "Is Jesus available for a conversation?"  

I'd be surprised if he said "No."  

Prince of Peace image 0
From a vivid dream of seeing Jesus, Akiane Kramirik painted this as a child,
has painted other portraits of the "person she saw in a vision."  These are the kinds of "visions" I film - but people aren't under hypnosis or dreaming. Just having coffee. ("Architecture of the Afterlife.")

As of yet anyway, I've yet to film or record him turning down an interview request. 

(I've filmed 100 cases by the way, compared those results to the 2750 clinical cases from Dr. Helen Wambach, clinical psychologist working in the 70's, or Michael Newton and the Newton Institute's reports of thousands of cases which are identical in scope.) 

Because he is "outside of time" - even though he's always "incredibly busy" (imagine having to turn up every time someone calls out his name) - he's happy to take questions and answer them.

While it's accurate that Ms. King appears to have been "taken in" by someone who lied about the provenance of where the Coptic document came from - the fact that the document fits with the same story line is mind bendingWhy would a forger be aware of what the Alpha and Omega has said to others about his relationship with Mary?  Did someone really hatch this elaborate scheme just to snare Ms. King? 
Defies logic.

What I've heard (filmed, recorded, published in "Hacking the Afterlife") was that indeed, he married Mary Magdalene.  (Secretly, without others than his closest pals present. I've interviewed more than one who claimed to be there.)

(Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici made the exact same claim in his documentary:  that Magdalene and Jesus were married).
Transcription of ancient manuscript suggests Jesus married Mary Magdalene  and had two children | Ancient Origins
From and the

Reportedly Jesus was aware (through a close friend who was a medium in that era) of the events that were about to occur in Jerusalem, and stuck around because he felt it was "preordained" he do so.  

However, via close associates, he claims he carried out a "how to survive a crucifixion" plan - the same way David Blaine might carry out a "survive the fall from 28K" - with knowledge of meditation and yoga (which he learned from his many trips along the silk road to and from Hemis) with the ability to shift consciousness away from his mind (something he learned in Hemis) with the help of Joseph of Arimathea, who paid a handsome bribe to the very bribable Pilate, who took him down after an ordeal that normally lasted a week, but in this instance, lasted a few hours. 

That Nicodemus did bring 75 pounds of aloe and myrrh to the cave - restoratives then and now (no body is anointed in any Jewish death ritual, never has been) - that the part of the Gospel that claims followers came and took his body to "another cave" is accurate - it's where he was nursed back to health (note; none of the 75 pounds of aloe and myrrh were reportedly in the cave two days later) before he made the 80 mile (115 km) trek to see the Apostles in Galilee. 

Where they were reportedly in shock to see he survived - and ultimately helped him leave (not knowing where he vanished to which was to pick up his wife and child and head back to Kashmir where he'd been before a few times).  

That Mary Magdalane and her daughter Sara were hidden on a ship that took them to France after the crucifixion, where Jesus (Issa, or as his pals called him Esiah or "Essie") met up with her a year later, and took her and his family off to Kashmir (Srinigar) a place he was returning to. 
The crucifixion of Jesus with the Virgin Mary, Saint John and Mary Magdalene.\
I've interviewed a number of people who claim to have witnessed this event. All
claim his arms were bound with straps, feet nailed. No nails in his hands, no sign over his head. ("Architecture of the Afterlife")

That she had her own following on the coast of France, because she was considered an equal to him in terms of the teaching. Not an "apostle" - but as she described in the Gospel of Mary "the favorite." The one who "kissed him on the lips." Again - I'm reporting. I don't care about the outcome - I was baptized then dropped the church the day my science teachers (Sister Daniel) reported the bible was metaphor. I got that it was subject to interpretation in 8th grade, and never went back.)

It's not my opinion, theory or belief that people say these things about him - or claim that "he" says these contrary things. I'm just reporting them. 

If someone could figure out how complete strangers, some from as far away as India, some as close as down the block, would suddenly, spontaneously without hypnosis claim to be able to "see him" hear him speak, answer my questions - who've never met, never read any of my books, or "Hacking the Afterlife" I'm happy to entertain a hypothesis of how that could be. 

Who Was the Real Mary Magdalene? | HowStuffWorks
"I'll meet you in France, is that okay?"

(Shy of claiming "Satan" is involved - the fellow who was reportedly on "God's council" in the book of Job, who tricked God into playing his game with God not being very omniscient in the outcome of the game - he doesn't appear in any of the thousands of sessions I've examined or 100 I've filmed) aside from claiming that it must be evil demons, devils or Diogenes, I'm open to any logical explanation.)

Until then - here's the news flash (which no one, aside from those who have reported the same, will ever take seriously as news) :

The sentence in the forged document in Coptic - no matter who wrote it - is accurate. 

I'm speaking up because I think Ms. King knows why she's on the planet, and she got blasted for reporting something she "already knows.

The Earliest Images of Jesus Christ | JesusIconWhy Was Mary Magdalene the First Witness of the Resurrection?
Early portrait of our pal.  "Tell them you saw that I wasn't here."

Based on the filmed, recorded reports; Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, had a child, then later after his miraculous recovery, they had at least two more, perhaps more, moved to Kashmir and lived happily ever after.  (Well - as happily as one could, with holes in his feet.

The miracle of this story is that he's the only human to ever survive a Roman crucifixion and he gets zero credit for that alone - despite crosses bearing his image across the planet.  

"Son, that fellow on the cross? He survived that. It was a miracle. He lived to teach us that we are all connected, all like the beings we've always been in the afterlife - which he called "the kingdom." All equal. Love your neighbor as yourself because your neighbor was likely a mom or pop in a previous lifetime. But for now, just make the sign of the cross to remember his message of "unconditional love" for everyone as we are all just walking/driving each other home."

Who was Mary Magdalene? Was she married to Jesus and what happened to her?  - Mirror Online
"I know it sounds odd. But it's going to be fine.  I promise."

Aside from the Qur'an saying he survived the crucifixion (or is mentioned more often than Mohammed in that book), I've filmed a dozen people who claim he survived (except one - who claimed he was an "astral body" who ate, drank and slept with the Apostles - when challenge about this "memory" he said "You believe what you believe.") He believed that then, and continues to do so.  It's just not what the others have said.   

All claim he survived - they saw him as a human being, walking, talking, eating, etc after the event - claimed he was "other wordly" as a person who generated a feeling of "unconditional love" when he was nearby. (More than one bursts into tears recalling him and repeating this "pressure" around their heart.) 

Mary Magdalene: Wife, Prostitute or None of the Above? - HISTORY
"You were supposed to only point Judas. Now go write your own Gospel, friend, you've done what I asked of you.  Good news, you'll go down in history as the one who did what I asked; but some may rewrite that story... sad to say."

Again - I'm not trying to stir the pot here. (Maybe a little.)

Just pointing out the article presupposes Jesus was not married to Magdalene, that he didn't consider her an equal partner in his ministry of teaching "unconditional love" is for everyone. Reportedly he was, she was his equal, and he did come back as promised. 

I'm as far from a scholar as anyone could get.. I did go to Harvard, to only to buy a tee shirt in the book store and take it back to BU where I graduated Magna cum Laude in Humanities - got my Masters in writing from USC film school. But enough about me - it's not about me. It's about him. I'm only reporting. 

The good news is: he never left.  He's always been available (as are all of our loved ones, relative, pals, etc.) The bad news; very few have bothered to ask him.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Last Supper - Photograph of Stained Glass  Window | Mary magdalene and jesus, Mary magdalene, Stained glass church

So ask him. Worst that he can do is confirm it.

                        My two cents.

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