Mother's Day Luana's Birthday Raffle!

Happy Mother’s Day! And Happy birthday Luana contest!

A mother’s day challenge, contest and raffle.  

photo by Monte Hellman of Luana Anders

Jennifer Shaffer and I were chatting on our podcast (“Mother’s Day” at and we came up with an odd promotion and something fun for Mother’s Day. 

Available in Paperback at Amazon and other outlets.

If you purchase a copy of our latest endeavor; “Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer Book Three” and send a screen shot of your confirmation purchase, you will be entered into a “Mother’s Day” raffle, where entries will be put into a hat, and the winner will receive a free one hour session with Jennifer.  They can take the time to speak directly with their mom on the flipside (or perhaps others that they need to speak with).

Jennifer and me in action

Just a fun way to appreciate moms and to share the book with folks worldwide.  

Available on Kindle at Amazon

The book is on sale at Amazon  (Kindle) for $10, it’s $30 at Amazon for the paperback version (at nearly 600 pages it makes an ideal doorstop)   

The raffle begins today, May 8th, and ends two weeks from now, Friday May 22nd at midnight to give people time to take a screen shot or cell pic of their purchase confirmation, and email it to MartiniProds at Gmail. The winning entry will receive a free session with Jennifer Shaffer, renowned medium and intuitive, who works with law enforcements agencies nationwide on missing person cases. 


Details about her can be found at

The other part of the contest is in honor of our friend Luana Anders' birthday is May 12th.  

For those familiar with Luana, they know she is the inspiration for this research into the flipside, and has been helping me and Jennifer to write these “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” books.  

As a proof of concept – this part of the contest goes like this:

1. As an experiment, imagine or pretend that you could ask Luana some questions. You don’t need a medium to do this, or a hypnotherapist – a simple ability to do a meditation helps but is not required.  Imagine her sitting across from you.  Picture whatever outfit you have in mind, or let her show up in whatever outfit she prefers. Pay attention to colors, fabric, jewelry, etc.

2. Ask her some questions. She can put an image (or sound) in your mind’s eye, and those will constitute the answers to the questions you’re going to ask.

3. If you “hear” or sense an answer prior to asking the question, well, you’re ahead of the game. But it is a game, it is pretend. No one is harmed by this game. 

You’re not “inviting spirits” into your life or home – you’re asking specific questions to one person who left the planet in 1996.

I had a dream recently where we discussed this. And in the podcast this week (the video of the podcast is at as “Mother’s Day”) and she thought this would be a novel idea. As noted, she’s appeared in dreams to strangers and friends of mine – I try not to judge their experience (it’s their experience, not mine) and because I’ve been doing this unusual exploration for so long, I stopped judging whatever people wanted to share with me.

So – one can ask their own questions to her – and post those comments in an email to me.  Something like this:

1. “I got nothing for a long time” and then I got an image of a cat.

2. “It’s funny, but an image of her in a movie popped into my mind. I don’t know what it means  but here’s what I saw…”

3. I asked your specific questions, and here’s what I got; “blah blah blah.”

I will take any and all comments into consideration. If you have a dramatic tale to tell about something else, by all means, share it.  The “winners” of this competition will receive a free PDF of the book “Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3.”  Free.  A gift from Luana in honor of her birthday.  

Okay, here are the questions in no particular order.

1. What was Jack Nicholson’s nickname for you?

(People might get an image or a sound, or something else. Whatever it is, don’t judge it, just write it down.)

2. What city did your mother own property in, that we went to visit?

(Again, hard for them to use “words” – an image might come to mind, or an image of a person might appear; just note whatever that is.)

3. What was the name of your dog that you found wandering the streets of West Hollywood?   

(Hint: This name is also the name of a city.  Again – try not to judge it, but listen carefully for the name of a city, or a place on a map – if you get a state ask “north, south, east or west?” until you take out a map, look at the cities on the map and “ask her to direct you to the correct one.”)

4. Name the cat in this photo. 

Painted by Luana

(Hint: Not Mr. Bailey who is someone she often refers to.  Cat shares the name with a friend of hers, and a person with the same name may appear.)

5. What is your uncle’s first name, who was the brother to your mother?  

(Hint: an image of someone with the same name might come to mind. She would have called him "Uncle ____")

So the way they communicate is with images for the most part. Some can use sound – I heard her say my name the other day, it woke me up, because she repeated it aloud.  “Richard” First time I thought “oh, that’s a dream.” Second time I thought “What? Is the house on fire?” Jumped out of bed and looked around. I think she was just testing me.

Think of it as a game. Y’all are going to use your powers of mediumship (we all have them) and you are going to ask someone you’ve never met (it’s fine if you knew her, you don’t know the answers to these questions readily either) but you may have met her – and she may trick you into giving a weird answer that I can unpack.  (Like seeing an image of a "Rose."  She might have been trying to say the word "pink" or "red" or "Rosie." What you see is supposed to lead you (or me) to the answer).

Please include WHAT THE IMAGE WAS THAT YOU SAW so I can unpack it.  
With her Broadway costar in the 60's Michael Gough in the 80's.

Like you ask for a name and you see an image of “Dennis Hopper” may lead us to a name like “Dennis” – or it could lead us to the film “Easy Rider” which she starred in opposite her old pal Dennis.  And leading us to “Easy Rider” might lead us to Peter Fonda…  but you get the idea.  Don’t judge the answer; I’ll know how to unpack it.

Contest starts when you read this post, ends on midnight the 22nd.

No one needs to purchase a book to participate in the “guess what Luana’s answers would be" portion of the contest.  

Those folks who answer one question correctly will get a PDF of the book.  But those who purchase a copy of the book (kindle or paperback) and send a confirmation photo of their purchase to "MartiniProds @ gmail" are entered into the grand prize contest – which is an hour long session with Jennifer at a future date. Send complete entries to my attention at MartiniProds (at)

Stay tuned!

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