Prince Speaks from the Flipside

Headline for this is "Prince Says "Live Your Truth" from the Flipside." I know Dr. Medhus (Elisa) and recommend this clip to everyone who is a fan of the Flipside research or Prince. I don't know the medium Kim, but I have worked with Dr. Medhus, was able to verify "new information" from a previous interview. (Elisa appears in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume two.) Hard to announce that "everything Prince says here bears out in the research" but that is the case in terms of his descriptions of the flipside. 

Suspend your disbelief for 30 minutes to hear Prince talk about what it's like to go "home" (or as he call is "the homeland.") I've filmed 30 people under deep hypnosis, nearly every one talks about "returning home" with regard to their memories of life prior to coming here, or upon our return.

Some highlights: 1. "Be true 2 who U R." The central message, according to this interview, of his journey in this lifetime. 2. He had a pre-arranged "exit point" which he felt he could take, as he felt he'd "accomplished" mostly what he'd set out to do. That it was not a deliberate event, but one that he wasn't surprised by, and was "calm and accepting" about. 3. He says "If you say in your comfort zone you will never know who you are." That the paramount reason to be on the planet is to "be true to yourself." 4. "Don't pray it... be it." (In answer to why he told people "not to pray for him" - his point is to merge prayer and the idea of projecting what should be) 5. "If you believe (in a cure) and let go, miracles (of healing) can happen." (in answer to how he cured his own epilepsy, with the help of a guardian "motherly" spirit.) 6. "Purple Rain" referred to demonstrating, showing something bigger, more powerful than us, and he wanted to "shine light on things that are bigger than us" with the phrase. 7. The use of his "Prince" symbol was his way of defining "who I am, staying true to myself."

I applaud Elisa for posting this - and the work she does with her son Erik at ChannelingErik - this clip won't convince everyone that life continues on, or that Prince was the subject of this interview - but for those who are working in this area of research, everything he says here about his journey into the flipside is referred to at some point in "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." Thanks Elisa and Kim Babcock!

"If I could do one thing to help the planet - give them vision to see what it looks like when they cause hurt - we'd all be kind."

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