An interview with Nelson Mandela about Green Peace

An interview with Nelson Mandela on the Flipside on behalf of 
"Nelson Mandela Day" 

Happy birthday Mr. President!
Nelson Mandela - Google

Backstage Pass 3

Jennifer Shaffer and I in our usual table at a restaurant. We’ve been speaking to the flipside for about half an hour by this point with the help of our class moderator, Luana Anders. Examples of the kinds of interviews we conduct can be found at - in this excerpt from the book, my questions are in italics, the answers are in bold.

Luana is there anyone else we need to talk to today?

Jennifer listens, then makes a face.

Richard: Don’t judge it. What?

Jennifer: Nelson Mandela.  

Nelson, welcome - I think we asked Nelson a question or two before – can you sit down and talk to us?  What does he want to say?

I think there’s an anniversary coming up. (Note: It was on June 20th that he addressed US; June 22nd the UN; his birthday is July 18th)

Nelson what do you want to say to us?

What do you mean by that sir?

He says, “They’re helping the planet from up there like we’re trying to help it from here.”

(Note: I think he means how people on the planet here are trying to help with climate change, people who are no longer on the planet are also trying to help us with awareness from over there.)

So the layers are you guys helping and us trying to help...

(But) He’s showing me like a room full of people on cell phones not paying attention.

What’s a way for us to break through that?

He says, “Your books.”

(Note: This is not a plug for my books or asking for help from flipside. Jennifer answers questions often before I can ask them.  He's referring to the research in the books - that is the thousands of clinical cases from Dr. Helen Wambach ("Reliving Past Lives") or the research from Michael Newton and the Newton institute, or the documentary "Flipside.")

What can I say to them that will help?

“Science” he says.

(Note: I think he means citing the science.  I've filmed over 100 people saying the same things about the afterlife, half under hypnosis, and half are not. They say the same things (consistent data) that folks in Wambach and Newton's work say about journey; those reports are contrary to religious beliefs, opinion or scientific theory.  Reportedly we bring "about a third" of our conscious energy to a lifetime - two thirds is always "back home."  Hence why we are able to converse with him, as he notes later that "part of him is already back here.")

What can we say on your behalf in your words, (coming from) your heart that will convince people this is you speaking?

I hope I’m getting this right; “Peace is when the amazon forest is full of life.”


He’s saying, “Full of life.” He’s showing me all the trees, all the animals. “When we take away the amazon we take away the peace of the two different kingdoms – between man and nature - and it makes it so unbalanced that things start happening (natural disasters) like a shark attack, things getting disrupted.”

What can we do to get people to pay attention to the planet in a different fashion?

He’s showing me you on a picket line with a sign.

What’s the sign say?

“Green peace.”

Two words or one word? Greenpeace is an entity.

He says, “No. Two words.”

So two words; “Green Peace.” Do we need your help reaching out to people who should we reach out to? I mean, myself on a picket line is not going to do much for this message - but you had many famous friends. Which of your friends would be receptive to your message?

(Jennifer aside) This is so weird. I’m not going to judge it. He’s showing me Puerto Rico. Something in Puerto Rico – I’m thinking “Why Puerto Rico?” I don’t know.

Hold on – let’s break it down – I asked “Which of your friends.. and you showed her Puerto Rico; does that mean Lyn Manuel Miranda?

(Nodding, tapping her nose for "correct") He said, “Yes.”

I get it.

(Jennifer aside) I don’t know how!

Well... He put it your head to go to my head; Lyn-Manuel is from Puerto Rico; he was recently there with "Hamilton" - (a new thought) Are you saying he should do a play about you?

He said, “It’s already in the works.”

(Note: “Already in the works” could mean “it’s being planned up here on this side of the curtain.” Doesn't mean Lyn-Manuel is doing it - but it could mean that. It could mean there's other projects as well.)

Okay, that’s someone to reach out to... so you want us to tell him; “We were speaking to Nelson Mandela and he told me to reach out to you and tell you there’s a play you’re going to do about him.” Which will convince him that this is actually you speaking... (if he's already writing it - perhaps he isn't yet) and the message he wanted us to pass along is that he wants you to help save the planet through "Green Peace.”

He said, “Yes.”

Okay, who else (can we share this with)?

“To Sting.”

Do you know Sting, Mr. Mandela? Did you meet him?

He showed me Sting and Bono – I think he’s saying “They’ve thought about what’s going on in terms of the Amazon.”

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What message to Sting could I pass along knowing it’s coming to you?

He says, “That’s he spoken to him recently.”

Since crossing over?


In a dream? Or a song?

Just like this – us talking. He was getting a message.

So Sting had a dream or a message recently?

He showed me everyone getting the same message at the same time...

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Okay, so everyone is getting this same message we are, Sting is getting a message, and Bono is getting a message? I’ll do my best to reach out to them.

He’s showing me cleaning up the oceans, how dense the salt is in the ocean, we should be cleaning that up. Making clean energy.

So your top three are Bono, Sting and Lyn-Manuel Miranda?

“Yes.” He says “They’re all getting messages, they’re planning it everywhere, they’re all getting the same message.”

So what’s the best way for others to participate and help?

He’s saying “Think tanks. Like minded groups.”

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What about President Obama? Should we reach out to him?

(Shakes her head). He’s showing me there’s almost not way to get through.

Well Nelson’s a big name – if he can get the message through, he’ll get it. Not from me, but from someone else.

He says, “He’ll come in later.”

What about your pal Oprah?

I was shown an image of Oprah and her dogs; super happy... that kind of pure happiness. Yes, absolutely; reach out to her.

How Nelson Mandela Emerged From Prison a Better Man - Video

Look, the people who are aware of my work, aware of Jennifer’s work – the ones who have experienced speaking to their loved ones on the flipside know that we’re not making this up. I’m happy to pass it along. May I ask you some of our mundane questions about your journey, Nelson? Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

He says, “His mother.”

Okay, who are you hanging out with now?

He showed me some of the members of our class. He’s showing me Luana, for example.

We’ve had quite a gathering of people in this so called class, from Abe Lincoln to Martin Luther king... What do you think of what we’re doing, this connection to our class?

He said, “Amazing. Amazing.” He showed me Morton again, (Michael Newton) how they’re leaning how to talk to people here, and we’re in turn getting people to open up their minds so they can do it.

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I was thinking of friends of mine who are from South Africa who might help you...

“You should talk to them, definitely,” he says.

I’ll do my best. That’s cool. So you’re hanging out with people in our class? What do you miss about being on the planet?

He’s showing me tangible, touching. He says, “Holding people. The sand in my toes. The feeling of people – Hugging. Physical touch, water between my feet, sand at the beach, clean water."

I can almost hear you saying “clean water” in your accent.  Are you planning on coming back soon?

He says, “Part of him is already (back) here.”

(Note: This is a bit unusual in that people often report "staying out of the fray" for awhile, to rest and relax.  But there are those who "come back right away" perhaps because they were denied a lifetime outdoors as Nelson Mandela was for so many years.)

Okay, where?

“The Amazon."

As a male or female?

He’s saying “A male.” He showed me a guy with a spear –  I asked “Like are you spearing fish?” He said “No.”

Do you mean like an indigenous native?

“Yes. That’s it.”

What country?

He says, “Peru.”

Working with Indigenous Peoples to Conserve and Protect the Peruvian Amazon
Peruvian Amazon (

Why did you choose that lifetime?

He says, “I wanted to feel the dirt.” What he’s saying is that he can feel all what this person is feeling, so he’s understanding firsthand that there’s no fish, the animals are dying in the forest.

Seizing Wells and Going on Strike, Peruvian Protesters Stand Up to Big Oil  | Common Dreams News
Peruvian protesters fighting oil companies. (Common Dreams org)

What percentage of your energy is in this guy?

“Thirty” He says.

(Note: Michael Newton would ask people “how much or your conscious energy was in your lifetime?”  I noticed that the number was usually between 20 and 40% or “about a third” or our conscious energy.  Two thirds of that energy is “always” back home.)

He’s showing me “It feels like 100% of his energy to the person that he is incarnated in, but that person is not aware of it.. maybe like 10% is aware.

Is he aware in his dreams? Does he sometimes recall your life?

He says, “Yes.”

Which does he remember more of; the pain or the later adulation?

He showed me a flag – he says, “that’s a symbol of being free.”

So in a dream he might remember being you?

He says, “No, he doesn’t see him but he comes through in a different way...” (Jennifer aside) I just saw something... I was just shown that in the dream state we get to go within our soul group to experience other versions of ourselves; we get to see through their eyes what they’re doing.

Actually, I was writing about this morning.

(Jennifer aside) Really?

I was writing about how we spend a third of our lives asleep – cats sleep 14 to 18 hours a day – nature doesn’t make mistakes, so why would nature create a creature that sleeps 2/3rds of its life? Unless somehow we have it reversed; while we are asleep, our etheric bodies are doing all kinds of things.

This Is Why Cats Sleep So Much
"Why cats sleep so much"

“Correct” he said.

We sleep a third of our lives, we have other activities while we are asleep. Is that what you’re saying?

He says, “Yes. Nature doesn’t make mistakes; we do.”

Nelson any last words?

(Jennifer holds up two fingers.)

Bright green Green Peace words. Classic and universal text for cards,  badges, postcards, posters, prints white isolated - Buy this stock vector  and explore similar vectors at Adobe Stock | Adobe Stock
He says, “Green peace.”

Thank you sir!

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Green Peace


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and exiting the stage early

This is a bit unusual - we had no plans for this particular discussion, even though last week in the midst of a conversation with Jennifer's father, a text came in to Jennifer's phone about someone losing their grandson. 

I didn't know if he wanted to continue that discussion, but I left it up to Luana to see what she wanted to discuss and who was here.  In this case, the grandfather came forth again to follow up on the death of his grandson.  Luana steered the conversation into a general discussion of people who "choose to leave the stage early."  

We asked some class members who had left the stage early to weigh in, Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams.  At some point, I asked Luana a direct question about a phone conversation I had yesterday and she correctly identified who it was related to in her world.
She then had us speak with a recently departed actress - at some point, Jonathan Krane (who is interviewed in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") came through for her and and we asked the questions we normally do - "who was there to greet you on the other side?" "Do you have any messages for your loved ones still on the planet?" "Is there anything you want to express about your experience now?"  

Everything she says is in line with the research in "Hacking the Afterlife" and "Architecture of the Afterlife."  It wasn't planned - as can be seen on camera.  As noted, it's a difficult topic, but a necessary one - what people claim is that not everyone chooses a lifetime that they can handle, but eventually we all go home - ("We are all walking each other home") but that no one's life "ends" - people claim that we find ourselves on the flipside.  

However, that being said, this actress who recently departed offers a unique pov - to "fight like hell" - fight as if one was fighting cancer to remain here on the planet.  

When the desire pops in to "exit the stage early" Jennifer hears a specific methodology of how to deal with it; "find someone immediately. Ask for help.  Call for help. If help is not available, to force oneself to give it 24 hours as something will happen in that interim. Ask for direct help from one's guides and teachers - they are always available. If one can't think of how to do that, ask for direct intervention from one's mother - if not on the planet, then off the planet. If one doesn't have a mother to turn to, their guides are always, always, always available."  

Finally, we quote Anthony Bourdain's comments about "learning meditation" and finding a way to focus on changing the mindset in that fashion.  Also a general discussion of the research done by Richard Davidson that shows that meditation can "cure or alleviate symptoms of depression."  

A lively discussion about a difficult topic.  

I've left out the names of the folks interviewed in this description as we're not trying to draw people to this conversation. The people who have found these videos, who are aware of the kind of work we are doing will not be offended by this discussion.  It's a requirement in Jennifer's methodology that I offer the first name.  

I don't assume everyone who watches these clips knows who I'm referring to, if they do or do not - that's okay too. It's a general discussion about the flipside. 

There are more in depth discussions in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" part one, part two and book three.  Not for everyone.  If one is aware of the previous research, perhaps take a look. The point is to demonstrate that our loved ones are not far away if we take the time to learn how to directly communicate with them.  

If someone is thinking of leaving the stage early seek professional help. Call a hotline. Or as described here - grab a friend or a stranger. Learn how to meditate, but find and seek help.  

There's a reason we all signed up to be here - volunteered to be here - we are never ever alone, our guides and loved ones are always nearby. We need to remember that at all times. 

But if someone is talking about it, find them professional help - call a hotline - or force them out of their loop, get them into nature, the best tonic for whatever ails one.  Important to discuss. We are all just walking each other home. Take someone's hand who might need it.

My two cents.


James Van Praagh speaking to Luana Anders

Luana in a mirror of a mirror. Hello Lu.

In case folks missed it, some years ago I was producing segments on the Charles Grodin show. Chuck was best friends with Luana Anders, and she introduced us. He and I became pals and he's the godfather to our children... and when Luana passed away, Charles called me up and invited me to come and work for him on this show. 

Charles Grodin
from his CNBC days
I had seen James on CNN, and suggested that Chuck invite him onto the show (for two appearances.)  I've never met James in person, although I have seen him in person - but at this point, I wondered if it was possible for James to communicate to Luana (who had appeared in my dreams at this point as a younger woman.)

Charles is an equal opportunity skeptic - he has always suggested that we let evidence speak for itself. That being said, he was the person who initially turned me on the work of Robert Monroe and out of body experiences.  But in this case, he did not believe or disbelieve that James could speak to the afterlife, but invited him on at my suggestion.

We devised an experiment.  I would call in from my home and pretend to be an average caller - Charles arranged with a producer on the show to take my call, but she had no idea why I would be calling.  So live on the air, Charles took my call, pretended not to know me (and there was no interaction with James prior or after the call about this conversation with Luana) and the following is what occurred.

In the call, she refers to a few things in my apartment including my cocktail glass collection (my last name engenders gifts that are Martini glasses of all shapes and sizes.)  But there's a moment in this clip when I realized beyond any shadow of doubt that James could speak  to our departed friend - further that our departed friend was "still alive" - as she had to have been "over my shoulder" when I put the only photograph of her on the refrigerator and said aloud "Oh, look, the essence of our relationship. Cappuccino's and cookies in Italy."  Laughter as well. Lots of laughs.

Here's the photo that was on the fridge. The only time in my life I've spoken to a photograph as I put it up.

"The essence of our relationship."

Here's the moment when James Van Praagh connected to her.

People still exist who are not on the planet.  It's up to us to figure out a way to communicate with them.

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