Coast to Coast on Sunday Dec 2nd

My dulcet tones will be back on the radio this Sunday night Dec 2nd, promoting our book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer."

The two books cover our conversations with people on the flipside over the past two years. At some point, we had a group of people that were "coming in" to see us, and Luana Anders, my pal on the flipside who inspired the books after her passing 20 years ago, is the moderator for our "group."

Luana Anders in a photo I took of her in NYC.
Aptly prescient of how we see her now!

It's easier to call it a "class" because on one level, Luana is helping people on the flipside to converse with us.  Apparently many people have a hard time doing it for a variety of reasons - could be that their loved ones don't believe they still exist, could be that they can appear in their dreams, but when they wake up they dismiss them.   From what Jennifer and I have learned is that people on the flipside "know that they still exist."  They want to connect and be part of the lives of their loved ones.  

And Luana helps them to do so, in her "classroom."  As Jennifer once put it; "She me over there.  She has the ability to help them alter their frequency (slowing it down) so that they can communicate with us.  
Jennifer appears in "Hacking the Afterlife" too
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In my case, I'm someone who's been filming people under deep hypnosis for ten years and have heard a consistent story about the architecture of the afterlife.  Not that it isn't vast, complex and beyond comprehension - that's accurate - but I've heard enough stories from people who've visited there (through an out of body experience, a near death event, while under deep hypnosis or some other consciousness altering event) that I'm familiar with the process enough to ask them questions.

Happy Birthday Garry Shandling.

I start with the most simple of question that no one back on the planet could answer.  "Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?"  And then later I can either look up or in the case of friends, ask their family who they think would be there to greet them.  In some cases we hear unusual answers - like in Paul G Allen's case, he said one of the football players who had taken his life due to CTE was there to greet him... not one of his own players, but Junior Seau (or as best as I could decipher who it was - a polynesian player who had killed himself the same way Dave Duerson had.)

Then I ask questions like "What do you miss if anything?" "What do you regret if anything?" If I know intimate details of their life, I'll ask questions about them - I've found that they can't prevaricate from the flipside. They can refuse to answer a question, but they can't make up something inaccurate, or something that they prefer I not know. 

always a little giddy after talking to George Noory.
Often they tell me things that I choose not to repeat because they kept these things to themselves during their lifetime, and it's not up to me to alter that perception.  But it is important that what they do say I repeat verbatim and then look it up to see how accurate (or inaccurate) it is.  The truth sets everyone free.

Gaia has just picked up my film "Talking to Paxton on the Flipside" where I filmed a number of conversations with mediums, mostly Jennifer Shaffer, where we talked to my old friend, the actor Bill Paxton.  Bill had a number of things to say, messages for his family, as well as some comic ribbing that he used to do when he was on the planet. So that will be available on in a few weeks.
Bill Paxton

I don't know what we're going to talk about on Sunday night, I try to keep myself open to whatever needs to be said, and am always rewarded with an interesting couple of hours with George Noory.  If you're a night owl, the show interview will begin on Sunday night at midnight Pacific Coast time.

See you on the radio!

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