Hacking the Afterlife with Mick and the Psychic in Oz

Mick and Xzavia

Did this fun podcast a few weeks ago with Mick and the Psychic.  I'm rebroadcasting it with their permission on our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife."  What makes it dovetail with the work Jennifer and I are doing is that at some point, two of the people that Jennifer and I interview showed up on this podcast.

Here's the link:

One is Luana Anders, who fans of our podcast know to be my pal on the flipside who moderates our forum. Imagine my chagrin, when the host of their podcast said "Your friend Luana is here."

She brought with her none other than Marlon Brando.  What I didn't mention on the podcast, but am now, is that I have some of "Marlon Brando's ashes" - because close friends who went to the service were given packets of him, and one of his close friends gave me a packet. (How could I turn it down?)

Anyways, a packet of ashes is a packet of ashes - not claiming it's a cellphone or a calling card in any fashion, but I might have mentioned that on this podcast and did not.

Plus because they gave me "all the time in the world" I decided to do an example of "guided meditation" with each of them. With Mick, who is a licensed practicing hypnotherapist, I took him on a short visit with his guide to visit his council.  It's the same method I employed in the podcast with Simon Bown (and others, like Heather Wade) where I demonstrate how simple it is to ask questions and get answers the person doesn't realize they have access to.

In Xzavia's case, because she's a medium, I assumed she's had a few trips to visit her guide and council, but not so many trips to view her "life planning process."  By doing so, we have a lively discussion about a topic she wasn't aware of before the podcast.  Her description of a 360 view of her life and the possibilities isn't something I've heard before - but the idea that we can access this kind of an event is something that appears in the film "Hacking the Afterlife" - - where a therapist from Ventura CA recounts the incredible memory of his own life planning session on camera. 

This is about the continuing research.  It's similar to what Jennifer and I do, and since she's going to be celebrating her daughter's graduation next week, I'll use this podcast to replace that one she'll miss.  I'm posting it now so I don't forget, and on Thursday will switch it over to the main podcast.


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