Talking to a Guardian of the Galaxy

Last night I had a "visitation" from someone who self identified as "the Principal."  

I asked this person if I was supposed to interview them in today's podcast and they said "Yes, the questions will appear for you." So I had no one to look up, research... but knew that this person had told me that they were "the principal."  I thought about teachers I knew, principals I knew - but just left it aside.

So this interview goes without any planning. At some point I realize that this person meant "the principle" (it's a mathematical phrase) and further blew my mind with the idea that they were trying to help our planet to "plant seeds" - not only to save the planet with trees which will reduce carbon, cool the planet - but also to plant seeds in our minds that we can communicate with them.

The term "Guardian Angel" comes at the very end of the session - as this person answered the question "would people on the planet refer to you as an angel?"  They said "Yes." And later, Jennifer supplied the term "Guardian" as it applies to what we were talking about.

In essence this Guardian is telling us - in no uncertain terms - that we are in imminent danger of losing our planet to climate change. That this is an "all hands on deck" event - that people who watch this conversation and are open to the possibility that people exist in other realms who want to save the planet - are trying to tell us how to do so.

Asking us to "plant seeds." Asking us to "plant a trillion trees" to combat global climate change - that the additional oxygen of the trees (and in this case, plants and fauna) will bring the carbon levels down and lower the temperature of the planet.  It's the same thing I've heard "directly" from trees, and the same thing I've heard recently from scientists around the world.  To plant the idea in our hearts and minds that the planet is worth saving, if not for our children, for our possible future return.  We have to act now to stop using carbon based fuels, and in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" we ask scientists no longer on the planet how to do that.

But this isn't up to us - it's up to anyone who has watched this clip and wants to know more.  They're saying that "anyone can communicate with loved ones" (or in this case strangers) on the flipside, by opening ourselves up to the possibility. As noted - they cannot interfere with our development - but we can interfere with what's happening with our planet.  Vote for those who want to change the climate, who want to protect the earth. Support those scientists who are trying to do so - and demand from anyone who will listen to plant a trillion trees. (I'm paraphrasing, but hey - I get it.)

For those who find this a lot of "hooey" or "hogwash" - that's fine.  Move along. This isn't for you. These aren't the droids you're looking for. But for those who might have had an experience like this - this message is for you. Do what you can. 

There's an interesting moment in this when I realize that the person who came to me in my sleep and said they were "the principal" was referring to another word - "the principle." And by that, it's clarified that it is a mathematical principle.  I just happen to be watching "Connected" tonight on Netflix, and there's an entire episode on "Benford's Law" - how there is the MATHEMATICAL FORMULA that can predict, or explain pretty much any human activity in terms of numbers.  It occurs to me that they may be related - that Benford's law is a way to examine not only weather patterns, but how we can change the climate of the planet, but returning balance to the planet.   I don't know why these folks showed up today - but I can't ignore the fact that they did.  That I thought the term was principal and not principle.

The definition given - that "I am like an infinite number, but with the idea that all numbers are connected" is related to what we've heard countless times in this research. Everyone is connected - everything is a construct - everything is a mathematical puzzle on the flipside, and on this side.  Perhaps there was a direct message that was trying to be given related to Benford's Law (again, an episode on Netflix "Connected" - please watch it to see what I'm referencing.)  That the schematic - the blueprints - the entire idea of the cosmos can be known if we look into how A. we are all connected and B. how everything is math.

At the end of "Architecture of the Afterlife" I quote my wife's dream - of the physicist Mino. She asked him what his experience in the afterlife was like. He said "everything is both particle and wave. On earth we are more particle than wave, over here, I experience more wave than particle." If one follows that sentence and includes math - perhaps that's what the Guardian was referring to. Guardians of the Galaxy or Guardian Angels - same thing apparently. If you can support this research, please donate to GoFundMe/RichMartini. Thanks. and have more information.

Here's the video with the Guardian Angel who self identified as a "Guardian of the Galaxy."


Talking to Helen Wambach

Here's a three hour film about past life regression that includes a past life regression with one of its pioneers.

This film is a compilation of research I've been doing about Dr. Helen Wambach.  A clinical psychologist with a PhD from JFK University, she pioneered past life regression in the 1970s. 


Dr. Helen Wambach. Born in my hometown Chicago, died in San Rafael, CA

She wrote two books on her research, "Reliving Past Lives" and "Life Before Life." I was startled that her data was identical to Michael Newton and the Newton Institute's reports a decade later. Identical to the 100 cases I've filmed - both with people under hypnosis ("Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" "Hacking the Afterlife") and without "Architecture of the Afterlife." 

I was startled when one of her friends sent me original tapes of one of her past life regression sessions.  

She's a pioneer in the field - this was recorded in 1979 in Chicago by one of her pals.  She had already published "Reliving Past Lives" with 2000 cases of hypnosis - which I highly recommend reading as she uses historical records to verify their memories.  

This was part of the 750 more cases she included in "Life Before Life." When this friend sent me the original tapes, I wondered what to do with them - they're a historical artifact - perhaps they belong in a museum.  

So I asked Helen what to do with them.  

Fans of flipside research know that the past 5 years I've been talking to people on the flipside directly via Jennifer Shaffer ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside" part one, two and book 3).  

That footage - of us speaking directly to Helen is at the end of this piece - and why the film is 3 hours long.  It's not for the casual observer - this footage is for the serious student of past life regression, for the serious student of consciousness research, or for the person who has 3 hours in captivity due to a pandemic to open their horizons in ways they didn't think possible.

Normally I recommend a person only do a past life regression with a trained hypnotherapist present - (I recommend hypnotherapists trained by the Newton Institute as I've filmed many, they have a searchable database on their website) but as she points out, we have nothing to fear from examining a dream. Hypno - dream - osis - study. 

I used some of my music throughout and the footage of outer space courtesy of NASA.  One can listen to this a bit at a time - the first half hour is her talking about her research and what she's learned.  The second portion is a guided regression - where people are encouraged to "write down" their impressions.

She talks about mailing in those responses - she's no longer on the planet, but I can offer my quora com forum - "Hacking the Afterlife" as a place to put those responses, or via email to me (MartiniProds at Gmail) or just think of them as a mental exercise.  

No need to take it too seriously - after all we're just pretending that we can access something that's not in our conscious minds.

Hypnosis has a bad rap - because of stage hypnosis, because of Hollywood pretending it's something it is not - it's just "talking to someone who is asleep."  When they wake up they don't retain negative imagery or thoughts - they aren't toying with anything other than their higher selves.  

Having done this for so long I know guides will send folks this page if they think it's important to do so - and for those who should not be examining previous lifetimes for whatever reason (it may disrupt the path they chosen in this lifetime) they will suggest clicking away.  

I will as well - if the idea of hypnosis is bothersome or in any way contrary to one's belief system - ignore this film. Nothing can harm anyone from watching this film - I've listened to her session in detail, she is a licensed psychologist, a scientist using a technique she's used hundreds of times before.  

Couple of days ago, I asked a friend of mine what I should do with this film - and he said "Why don't you ask Helen through Jennifer?" I remembered we had spoken to Helen, watched that two year old clip, and then heard Jennifer say "She's telling you to put it at the end of the project."   

Well - this is the project made two years later, and since Helen was outside of time, she knew I was referring to this film even before I knew what I was referring to, because no film existed. Now it does.

I must say that instead of charging people to watch this - I suggest a modest donation to my GoFundMe page ( to support the research.  Or get a copy of one of the books - the most recent being "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" (interviews with Jennifer) or "Architecture of the Afterlife" - interviews with people not under hypnosis accessing the flipside, their past lives, and everything that is discussed in this film.  

Some people need to hear or access this information and don't have anything to donate that's fine. Think of it as a gift from Helen.  But for the price of a Grande Latte at the Starbucks down the block - one can access something pretty rare - a live past life regression with one of its pioneers. 

Enjoy. But buckle up.

Talking to Helen Wambach

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