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So I've got a new "crowd funded" book campaign.  "The Afterlife Expert" How unusual is that?

Praying for Divine Help at Per Lachaise cemetery, Paris

I'm raising funds for it based on crowd funding, which is an unusual concept to begin with.  But being a fan of the Renaissance, and art history (My major in college: "The Impact of the 20th century upon the Arts" at Boston University.  I was the only Humanities major out of 26K students), I decided that it's a useful analogy to the old fashioned "Patron and Artists" relationship.

Instead of going to the "powers that be" to fund my next project (meaning a film studio, a publisher, a record label) instead of going to the Medici family (the bankers of Florence) or the Vatican (the funders of Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Leonardo etc) I go directly to the audience and ask them to donate money into my proverbial hat.

The first time I did I was "crowd funded" I was about 13 years old.  I had just learned how to play "All Along the Watchtower" on guitar.  I was sitting on a street corner in my home town, waiting for a friend's mom to pick us up... and I started playing my guitar. I had an old cowboy hat that I'd set down, cars were passing, I wasn't aware of them, and then one car stopped, guy rolled down his window, and threw some money into my hat, then drove away.

I thought - "that's weird, that guy was going to fast to hear a song, but he's just offering some money for "the idea of the song."

I've crowd funded three books now.  ("It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volumes one and two, and "Hacking the Afterlife") In return for support, I put people's names in my books, and reach out to them via email and in some cases have opened some unusual conversations.  (I have unusual conversations all the time, not just with people who've donated to my books, but I'm just saying - I write to the people who donate to ask them about their journey -- and if I haven't in the past, I will do so in the future!)

Praying for Divine Assistance at Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

I must admit, someone posted a complaint last year - "oh, here comes another raising funds campaign from the Flipside guy" and it gave me pause. Obviously not a fan of the work, or not a fan of the idea of patronage in general. 

Totally understand that. All I can do is allow the universe to guide whatever the heck it is I'm doing. For whatever cosmic or comic reason, I've been put on this the path to examine and explore the Flipside. It's not for everyone. But for whatever reason, it is the path I'm on.

But back to the Renaissance.  

Cellini was a sculptor, created artworks in pencil, oil, gold and this statue in Florence

Benvenuto Cellini, the great sculptor, wrote a hilarious biography that was made into a film (badly) but his book is still in print. 

 It details his life as an artist, his battles with his patrons, and some pretty crazy moments in his life - when he wasn't paid, he'd confront his patrons in the streets of Florence, pull out his dagger or sword and threaten them - in some cases stab them.  He was jailed by the Pope for not finishing an artwork he'd been commissioned - he was jailed in Hadrian's tomb - a secret escape route for the Popes - and when he tried to escape he fell and broke his leg.  

Then when the French attacked Rome, according to Cellini, he helped line up a rifle atop Hadrian's tomb; with one shot, nailed a French General a quarter mile away (and Cellini saved Rome.)
Hadrian's tomb (also used as a jail by the Vatican)

My books won't last the length of Cellini's art or even have the color and craziness of his autobiography (free copy here: (The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini) but they are made in the same vein.  

People who have become my patrons, (thank you patrons!  Grazie Patroni!) are investing in the research, no matter how crazy it appears!!!!

Cellini jumped and broke his leg to get out of debtor's prison where'd he'd been sentenced
by Pope Julian for not finishing a work he'd already paid for.  

Hint: Guess I'd better finish my books.

So what's the new book about?

Well, like the others, it's pretty unusual.

I've found that without using hypnosis (I'm not a hypnotherapist, but have taken courses in that discipline, and have a degree from I have been able to elicit some of the same results that hypnotherapists get during their 4-6 hour sessions (past lives, visits to a soul group, councils, libraries, etc)

The accounts are relatively the same - during a hypnotherapy session, a hypnotherapist asks general questions "Where would you like to go?" but in my version, I direct the questions: "I'd like to speak directly to your guide, is that possible?  If so, could your guide appear before you now so we have a reference to address them as male, female, or some other entity?  And if so, could your guide put that visual in your mind's eye as we speak?"

"The Afterlife Expert" with Jennifer Shaffer (
and George Noory of Coast to Coast AM

It's an unusual method for a variety of reasons - it's certainly not scientific because I'd have to ask neutral questions and wait for the person to guide me where they'd like to go.  My attitude is this - after examining the 7000 cases Michael Newton had over 30 years, after examining the 2000 cases Dr. Helen Wambach had over ten years earlier, examining the 40 cases I've filmed and done 5 of my own - I have a pretty solid idea of what a person is going to find during one of these adventures.

And knowing what it is they're going to find - knowing the architecture of the afterlife - I direct them there to that place.

The point is this - if during one of these interviews, the person claims "something else entirely is being seen" (visuals that are contrary to these thousands of cases) or "they aren't getting anywhere" - that would be interesting, but so far, that's not been the case.

I chose my subjects based on their ability to already connect with the flipside - perhaps they've had a near death experience, maybe they've had a hypnotherapy session, a past life regression, an out of body experience, a recurring dream - something that I can use as a gateway to help them gain access to the flipside.

Luana sees you.

What's interesting about the results is that they're from all walks of life - some have no idea there might be a flipside, some don't believe in an afterlife, some are religious, many are not - it doesn't matter.  They may have read my books, or have no clue as to what I'm talking about - that doesn't appear to matter either.  

What matters is that they're able to talk about "what they're seeing."  And while doing that I direct them into the flipside.  As I'm fond of saying "You may not know what it is that I'm doing, but your spirit guides do."

The other part of the book is direct communication with people no longer on the planet.

In this case, I'm working with Jennifer Shaffer ( an excellent intuitive/medium who works with law enforcement nationwide using her skills with communicating with the flipside.  Jennifer and I have been meeting for months now where I film our "conversations."  I try to be open to whomever "shows up" during our conversation.  There is usually some direct connection between me and the person who shows up, between Jennifer and the person who shows up - or if it's a stranger who appears (or someone I barely know) I'll ask them "why they've chosen to appear to us."

Instead of filming these events in an environment normally set aside for scientific study (a closed room, white walls, detection equipment) I film them wherever we happen to be.  Because I've found, it doesn't matter how much noise or chaos is around us - if spirit wants to reach out to her, they do.  She interprets to the best of her ability (after all, it's not a cell phone, but more of a sense phone) and I do the best I can to ask them questions like "From  your perspective, what do we look like?"  "What was the first thing you noticed about no longer being on the planet?" "What do you miss about being here?"

I'm in the process of transcribing these sessions.  There are about 20 or 30 interviews, discussions, which translates to about 10-20 hours of footage to sift through.  The point is that it's going to take me a lot of time and effort to get all of this down on paper.  So that's another reason to crowd fund - since a patron has already paid me for the work, it's an incentive to get the work done.  (Or I'll find myself locked into Hadrian's tomb with jumping my only escape.)

Anyways, hope you understand, and thanks for your support!!!!!

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