What's in your spiritual DNA?

What’s in your DNA?

I was having a conversation with a good pal today about his recent foray into finding out his genetic code.  He discovered that he was 37% Ashkenazi, a whale of Scandinavian, 1% Asian, and 2% Irish.  He was telling me because he and I have always celebrated St. Patty’s together; I can boast off-the-boat relatives from Erin, and have always considered myself to be around 50% Irish and 50% Italian. (My handsome dark haired 1st gen Italian architect of a dad married a vivacious, 2nd gen Irish concert pianist with red hair. Go figure.)

Me an my brothers from another mother.

But my pal also mentioned that his wife was a bit disappointed because she hadn’t found the American Indian blood in her DNA that she’d always heard was there – and to which she has a particular affinity for.

To which I said “Well, they haven’t tested her spiritual DNA yet.”

There isn’t a test for that, but there is a method for understanding that sentence, as well as discovering your own.  

Many of us have heard from complete strangers “I think you were a such and such in a past life” or in some cases “You were a so and so in a past life, and that’s why you’re dealing with this issue in this life” as if this other person knows beyond a shadow of doubt who you once were.  

Never mind that they often repeat celebrities (I know of three actresses who were “told” they were the reincarnation of someone famous, and yet I know of someone who discovered by accident under hypnosis that they recalled the intimate details of this person’s life – and is recounted in “Flipside.")

My "throw back thurs" pic - looks very much like me,
but is Auguste Rodin about 100 years ago.

Or the old saw that "everyone remembers being Cleopatra in a past life." I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong. That's not at all in the data, and those folks who "remember a lifetime" of fame or infamy almost never have a story of how they learned this information while under deep hypnosis or from a near death experience.

What's happening is that memories that aren't contained in your body (how could they be?) will come forward into the mind, and are greeted the same way fantasies and dreams are greeted. "You're not real."  But once they find a pathway into the memory banks, you'll find they actually feel different than dreams or imagination... as they'll have context and substance.

It doesn't mean that was your lifetime. That's why so many people think they were Cleo.  Because no one is guiding them through the session and asking them to "look around."  You see yourself in an Egyptian temple and look around, you're going to assume "I'm Cleopatra!" without someone saying "What do your clothes look like? Are you young or old? Who is around you? What are their names? Why are we here? What's this memory mean to you, and why has it popped up today?"  Just asking these questions allows you to see things in greater detail, to clarify details - and sometimes to realize it's not what you initially thought it was in the first place. "Everyone was Cleo in a past life" applies to people who have an untrained hypnotist doing a session and they haven't a clue as to how they arrived there, or the person is self examining, and because of the ego, doesn't realize they were the bug sweeper to the Egyptian Pharaoh, but from a completely different era.
Me with some neighborhood girls around age 9. Talking Flipside no doubt.

So when someone says "I died on the Titanic" the question is "why did you choose a lifetime where you would die at sea?"  There were a lot of ships that sank over the eons and when they're remembering that awful moment - it gets stored in the brain around the same place that the visuals from the film "Titanic" are stored - hence why we think one must be related to the other.  

 I spoke to an august professor of mine about it, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard and he said succinctly “I don’t care who I was before. I’m working on who I am now.”

True enough.

But the idea that we were someone in a previous lifetime – and further that we are someone who maintains an identity through all lifetimes – is something to examine, especially when we might be trying to figure out what the hell we’re doing here on the planet as it is.  It’s not enough to say “Well, I don’t care who I was” because just coming to the conclusion that you were a person in a previous lifetime, leads to the inevitable examination that you might actually come back to this planet again, and therefore, you bet it’s important to know that.  

How are you going to have fresh water, land or air upon your return if some jerks are destroying the planet while they’re here, when we can see they don’t believe for a second there’s any more to their lives than “get more, earn more, take more, use more, then no more.”

So who we were in a previous lifetime counts at least as much as who we genetically were in a previous lifetime.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris


For example, DNA proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Palestinians and Israelis are closely linked as relatives.  Actually as close as any family members.  So when people say “Stop the fighting, you’re acting like a bunch of crazy family members!” they’re actually accurate.  Their genetic codes nearly match.  So what’s the problem?

Then when you factor in that there’s a spiritual evolution going on here – that people choose their lifetimes, one side of the fence, the other side of the fence – not based on karma, or any kind of punishment (“Oh, you smite me? Well, next lifetime I’m gonna smite you!”).  It doesn’t work that way.  At least that’s what the data shows.  That’s what the research shows.  

We choose who we’re going to be from life to life.  You want to be an indigenous native? You ready to sign up for prejudice, difficulties dealing with other races and the rest of it?  I honor your choice to be closer to the planet. You want to sign up for a lifetime of poverty growing up Africa in the shadow of famine and disease?  Brother, I bow to that choice, you have a much more courageous streak than I have, I could not choose such a difficult lifetime that serves to teach others about compassion and love.  You want to sign up for a lifetime with a physical disability because you feel you can teach others about compassion? I applaud you for your difficult choice. Again, it just shows the depth of your courage and age as a soul. 

But the choice to come here in and of itself requires courage.  So I applaud everyone who makes the choice to be on this planet, to go through the emotional wringer, with all the hopes and dreams and failures, the heights and depths of love, misery and solace. Difficult choices all. I salute all fellow travelers. It’s an amazing and miraculous thing to get here, and we know how hard it is to stay.
Some want to sign up for a lifetime where you help others learn about negativity, or chaos, or the energy of excess, addiction or some other unimaginable difficulty;  I applaud you as well my friend, because I know that I personally am not geared to conquer those lifetimes. 

My college ID.
 Some of us can be Vikings, but others of us prefer to be Monks – and yes, occasionally the Monks lose their heads to a Viking’s ax, but sometimes the Monks teach the Vikings that their path might not be worth the negative repercussions in this lifetime or even in the afterlife. There’s Valhalla to be sure, but not everyone gets to be a Valkyrie.  That takes time and compassion.

So let’s work on one day being able to offer people a spiritual examination of their “spirit DNA.” Let’s add to the mix of science (medicine, psychology, sociology) not only the genetic background of an individual, but their spiritual background and how that influences their present life.  That the lifetimes that we’ve led in the past certainly have an effect on the lifetime we’re currently leading, just as my Irish knees don’t like kneeling in pews because I probably knelt too many times picking potatoes in a previous existence. (Or so I used to tell my parents. “No more kneeling!”)

And having filmed 25 between life sessions that almost all included some form of past life memory, and having examined the thousands more that have been reported by people like Dr. Michael Newton, Drs. Brian Weiss and Helen Wambach, I can allay something that might be a bit of fear.  The mind rarely lets the brain learn about terrible lifetimes.  Even in one case where a man remembered having to go through a “rebooting” process because of something he’d done over a number of lifetimes – so drastic that his elders actually told him that they’d “reconstructed” his energy in a dramatic fashion, which may have resulted in his no longer having an existence – but did not… Even then, he was not able to access what he’d done, or why this process was done to him.  

So you have nothing to fear from examining a previous lifetime, as your own subconscious will filter out whatever you’re not supposed to know.

Which makes me wonder, why did your subconscious send you to this page?


Near Death and Afterlife in the Emerald Isle

Got a lovely note from a writer from Ireland today.   

Ms. Fitzpatrick

She's Roisin Fitzpatrick, who had a near death experience, wrote about it, was interviewed and examined about it, and has shared her experience with the planet. 

I was going to say "I got a note from a woman in Ireland today" - but realized that whatever words I try to attach to her experience become qualifiers - so when people read this they might say "well, that's what happens in Ireland," or "she's a woman, so it's different than my reality" or even "She's from a particular part of Ireland, so that gives me some context to parse her experience into an acceptable understanding."  When talking about things that are not of this planet, it seems we have to add or subtract all of these possibilities that "it's not me" before we can accept the fact that "it could have been me."

(I could write "I got an email from a human being who had a profound other wordly experience today, and she's sharing it with the world." That should be enough of a headline, but most people need qualifiers to allow them to navigate the day.)

So let's just say she's a real person, who had a real experience, who has been examined by the foremost authority on near death experiences, and here's what he has to say about her book and her experience:

"Róisín Fitzpatrick has written a remarkable book that is unique in the annals of near-death experiences. Fitzpatrick describes her own harrowing brush with death and transcendent near-death experience, and guides us through her discovery of the forerunners of NDEs in the ancient roots of pre-Celtic culture. Experiences like Róisín’s have now been validated by hundreds of scientific studies around the world, and provide evidence that consciousness is more than the brain and indeed that we are more than our bodies. As a guide to enhancing your own spirituality, Taking Heaven Lightly is a love story in the most sublime sense." (Dr. Bruce Greyson)

So, what happened to Ms. Fitzpatrick?

Nothing short of an extraordinary event that occurred to an ordinary person, and she's chosen to "come back here" to share it with the planet.  And to you dear reader, I now pass it along to you, for your own perusal over a cup of coffee.  Here's her Blog:

(As an aside, I made a trip to the Emerald Isle when I was 19.  I was traveling with a gaggle of students, we were going to school in Rome, and somehow we managed to wend our way through Europe during spring break - well now, come to think of it, exactly 40 years ago this week.  We were staying at B and B's, and I was the fellow who would try to bargain our way into a group rate.  "I know you only charge $10 a night, but might we get a discount for 6 of us?"  It always seemed to work, if only because it seemed like these folks had never heard someone make that particular pitch before.

It as 1975 you see - before the Irish boom, before the internet, but just around the time that the government doubled the tax on beer, so everyone went to paying double what they'd paid the week before for the same pint.

I wound up playing Chuck Berry tunes in a band at a local pub, and the owner let us stay in the rooms above.  We wound up staying in Cork, invited into a home to play guitars and drink tea - it was around midnight that the "owner" of the place these guys were squatting in came home and booted us into the street.  Still, the hospitality was epic - complete strangers took us in bits and pieces. Two here, two there...  and finally we made it to Killarney, where the skies parted in Simpson's fashion, a blast of sunlight broke through, a bright shaft of light landed on top of the head of a buck - a deer who had wandered out of the brush to face our small contingent sleeping in tents.  It was as magical a moment as I've ever seen - the entire country was now aglow in a different color, as the sun reveals why it's the Emerald Isle.  I can still see that deer staring at us, a timeless beauty, faced with stragglers from the Rome Center.)

I went to school in Rome in 1975.

But I digress.

On March 22nd, 2014, Ms Fitzpatrick had a near death experience that shook her to her core.  She traveled to see Dr. Greyson at the University of Virginia (fans of "Flipside" will note that Dr. Greyson's interview "Is Consciousness Created by the Brain" appears in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume one), where he interviewed her, and gave her context and insight into the profound experience which had happened to her.  (That account is HERE).  From her website:

"In this ground-breaking book, ("Taking Heaven Lightly") Róisín Fitzpatrick shares with the reader her remarkable journey when in 2004, without any warning, she suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage. While in the ICU of Beaumont Hospital, she felt herself being drawn out of her body and enveloped in a radiant light. There, in a blissful vision of the afterlife, she experienced the most powerful transformation of her life. Róisín's discovery – that ‘Heaven’ lies within each of us, that we are pure love and always at one with the eternal light – changed the course of her world. She went on to make a full recovery by integrating this newfound love and light into her daily existence.

Róisín calls this her ‘near-life experience’ because it has given her the freedom to truly live life. And she encourages readers to embrace this precious gift of life by asking the question: are you living your best life now? She provides an inspirational guide with simple, yet, powerfully effective practical exercises to show ways to be able to feel and experience this light in our own lives. To quote Dr. Ranck, this is 'A book of wise words that will introduce some people to the light, will draw others back to the light and will itself long shine light in all sorts of unforeseeable and beautiful ways.'

Róisín also seamlessly weaves her near-death experience (NDE) with the eternal light – solas síoraí – of our ancient Irish myths and monuments, shining a light on our past, present and future. She shows how we can all connect with this light to enhance our daily lives, and develop a deeper connection to a sense of peace and unity beyond the physical realm. Her near death experience has been validated by Dr. Bruce Greyson, one of the pioneers and medical experts in this field in the United States for over 40 years."

Dr. Greyson also included this message to Ms. Fitzpatrick: (We have a gaggle of Fitzpatricks, Muleadys and Hayes on the Irish side of my family, and my mom always referred to them as "Ms Fitz" - get it?)

"You have something valuable to share with people who are searching for a meaning in life, a reason why we are here and a purpose to our existence. Many people are looking for something deeper, wishing to find more joy and inner peace, maybe even yearn for a divine connection which at some level we know exists but seems to be elusive and beyond our grasp. Through the journey of your near-death experience you can share how this unconditional love and powerful light is the truth of who we really are." (Dr. Greyson)

As fans of "It's A Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" know, I expand the research around "between life" hypnotherapy sessions to include near death experiences and other phenomenon that have been investigated, to show how there are similar accounts in all of these stories.  The key element is that of hearing or sensing or experiencing "new information" - that being information that could not have come from a memory currently in the person who experienced the near death experience, the visitation from the afterlife, or while under deep hypnosis.  When these people report "new information" from the Flipside, it verifies that indeed there is life after death.

Science has a term for "past life memory" - cryptomnesia.  It means that whatever memory you think you had actually came from something you read, heard, or saw - even in utero - because of the firm belief that everything (consciousness) is created by the brain.  And that would make sense if the data supported that assumption.  But it does not.

I cite numerous examples in the books, ("Flipside" and "It's A Wonderful Afterlife") but for starters Dr. Eben Alexander ("Proof of Life") was led around his NDE by a woman he did not consciously know, but felt he'd "known forever."  It wasn't until much later that he learned from his birth family (he was adopted) that he had a sister, and when they sent him a photograph of her, he recognized her as his "afterlife guide."  In Colton Burpo's account of his NDE, ("Heaven in for Real") he met his sister that he didn't know had died in childbirth, as his parents didn't tell him that information.  So when he returned, that was one of his observations. "I met my sister."  Just the other day Jaime Prymak Sullivan (Cawfeetawk) posted a video of her daughter seeing her grandmother on camera (also on this blog), where the daughter said that her grandmother was calling her by the pet name that only Jaime knew.  

In my own case, my father visited me after his passing and asked me to write down some information, which I did.  It included a list of names of people he was currently with, and when I showed that list to my mother she identified numerous friends who had died in WWII that I'd never heard of.

This is all "new information."

Information that could not have been looked up, could not have been known before hand.  Or if you find yourself trying to make the case that there's a remote possibility that perhaps in some strange twisting of reality those details might have been accessed, I submit that's just your brain trying to do its best to contain, or block information that's foreign to it.  There may be some physical reason for this "denial of service" message that our brains seem to adhere to, but there's equally the possibility that there's a reason why these "blocks" appear to be "thinning" or disappearing altogether (in cases where people have an NDE or go through deep hypnosis.)

I could go on, but I'll leave that as it may be.

I haven't met Ms. Fitzpatrick, but hope to do so one day, if only to discuss this further.  I did meet David Bennett, ("Voyage of Purpose") who also had a near death experience, who also was interviewed by Dr. Greyson, and who also had "new information" revealed to him during the NDE. (That he would get cancer and overcome it, and when the Doctor on call came into the office to report the news, he recognized this Dr. from his NDE and knew exactly what he was about to say.)  Here he is in his own words:


Reviews are in of "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume one

REVIEWS OF “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” volume one: (all verified purchases at Amazon)

5 STARS “Take the time to read the book. It deserves ten stars. DO read it. You won't be sorry.” 

5 STARS “This book and its predecessor "Flipside" brought everything together for me. The story in these books finally makes sense of the life experience that my wife and I have had.”

5 STARS “Love, love, love. Read this book.” A spiritual magnet of a book that smacks you in the head with the kind of truth that you can only understand with your heart. Take a stroll, or if you prefer a rocket-powered zoooooom to buy this book! I believe that it will touch you, no matter what your dogma. Shift-inspiring truths abound here, woven charmingly and masterfully into fascinating tales of a blessed life. Join Mr. Martini as he lovingly gives us open access to his recollection of a life well-spent as a fellow seeker. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely family, loyal friends (both regular joes and Hollywood royalty), and sacred journeys with wisdom teacher greats. Thank you also to the LBL folks for allowing their stories to be shared.

5 STARS More essential information in negotiating the "Flipside"...
I first found Richard Martini and his initial book, "Flipside" as I was training to become a Transpersonal and LBL Hypnotherapist. I found his observations accurate and illuminating. He has the ability to elevate a ground-breaking concept and practice onto platform that anyone can observe, understand and assimilate. In this new book, he presents new research and observations from many points of view, allowing the reader to understand and see different perspectives and to form their own conclusions, while documenting logical summations and supporting evidence. He does all of this with humor and a considerate approach to opposing views, religions, and healthy skepticism. I will certainly refer my clients to the powerful books he has written and the amazing documentary he has created.Thank you Richard, for furthering this amazing research and providing validation for the healing and spiritual growth possible with the enlightened tools of Transpersonal and Life-Between-Life Hypnotherapy.

5 STARS “Excellent book on life after death of the body” Verified Purchase
Excellent book on life after death of the body, plus, interactions with those still alive even with the one who has passed.

5 STARS Verified Purchase “Excellent!”


Opt Out and Save Democracy

I came across this Huffington Post blog today, and want to repost it in its entirety.  

There's a reason US prisons have grown exponentially; because we allowed corporations to take them over. (More prisoners= more money.) The same thing has happened to education (and war - private corps being paid exponentially to fight wars means war is profit). Plenty of evidence links "common core" with the corporate idea of turning education into a "for profit" venture. Somehow, teacher's unions have been stripped - if a teacher is evaluated poorly twice, they're out. (see NY State, Cuomo's budget included this detail) 

The people doing the evaluations of teachers are NOT teachers themselves (as cited previously.) The same goes for children. The people evaluating their tests are NOT teachers (1% reportedly are, as not many will accept $13 an hour for all the work involved.) So if your class "does poorly" you either buy new software (as cited previously) or the teacher is shot dead at the front of the class. (Hyperbole, but you get the idea - two bad scores and the teacher is FIRED). The idea of "testing repeatedly" comes from Asia - and because the US has "fallen behind test scores in science and math." 

But if we're only breeding robots to fulfill corporate slots in the machine, why don't we just call it that? "Breeding Corporate Slots" or "Corporate Shills" is a more apt description of what's really going on; Bill Gates (Pearson), Michael Milken (K-12) are not "fixing" education, unless you're using the term the way a corporation fixes rates or the way the mafia fixes races. I haven't a clue how to change this, other than making people aware of it - 

I saw that Robert Reich has finally weighed in against them, but he's dancing on the permafrost of the iceberg. A megaphone would help. "They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're altogether ooky, Common Core standards-key."

No need to repost my blog - please go to the original post HERE and share and repost and send to your Governor, representative, President.  Your kids will thank you.

Opt Out and Save Democracy

Posted: Updated: 
12:59 pm EDT

"Opt-out" may be the most important political movement of this generation. It may seem, at first glance, a small ripple in the education reform debate -- an understandable reaction to the frustration over increased testing and test-prep in America's schools. I suggest that it is much more important than meets the eye.

That "first glance" is important in its own right. There is no reasonable argument in support of the tedious, stressful mess that education reform has made of the nation's schools. Even within its own circular, self-fulfilling paradigm, the testing and accountability era has been a dismal failure. Test scores are essentially meaningless as a measure of real learning, but even by this empty standard, no progress is evident. For this analysis, let us just stipulate that it has not even achieved the limited objectives on which policy is predicated.
The broader issue is hidden within plain sight: This growing struggle over the future of American education may be proxy for the future of our democratic republic.
Most folks who follow education policy debates are familiar with the players and high stakes. Dozens of AstroTurf organizations are funded by the same Daddies Warbucks: Bill and Melinda Gates, Eli Broad, the Walton Family Foundation. The incestuous network they've created, aided and abetted by the Brothers Koch and the publishing cartel, Pearson, ETS, McGraw Hill, are engaged in a hostile takeover of the entire education enterprise in America.
The Common Core and its primary architect, David Coleman, are parts of a well-oiled, cradle-to-grave machine. It has been going on for years, beginning when George W. Bush was Governor of Texas and helped the industry-led Phonics First movement begin the insidious commercialization of education. Many others, especially Mercedes Schneider in her wonderful book, A Chronicle of Echoes: Who's Who in the Implosion of American Public Education, have exposed this process in alarming detail.
Fed up by the dreadful experiences their children are having in school, parents and teachers are beginning to resist. In New Jersey, Illinois and New York, for example, the opt-out movement is gaining strength. A national organization called United Opt Out is working tirelessly to unite the many strands of this genuine grassroots effort.
Many of these parents may not be aware of the broader importance of this nascent national movement. They are just standing up for the well-being of their children. It is this simple, yet powerful, impulse that is at the root of every critical political movement in our history. Institutionalized social injustice is, at its core, the aggregate impact of highly personal injury. And millions of American children are indeed being injured in the stark, punitive, increasingly barren wake of so-called education reform.
The stakes are high already, but this battle is going to dramatically escalate. Mark my word. Every incremental growth in the opt-out movement is going to draw increasingly severe response. This is not even about education any more. It is about money. There is no reliable estimate of the overall investment in testing, the Common Core, and the various sub-industries education reform has spawned. As frequently noted, pre-secondary education is at least a $500 billion market and the capital invested to date will not be squandered without a fight. Hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars are in the pot, and these folks don't like losing.
In a way that sadly parallels other dimensions of public life, the profiteers have much of government in their pockets. Believe me, Bill Gates can get Arne Duncan on the phone more quickly than I can. All over America, "opt out" movements are encountering the bludgeon of federal policy. In Vermont, for example, one courageous principal spoke out and the Vermont Secretary of Education -- a quite reasonable woman -- immediately squashed the effort, pointing out that significant federal support was at risk.Compliance is sometimes a matter of survival for poor communities.
This is a passage from my forthcoming book:
In some ways the current direction in education policy is equivalent to outsourcing in the criminal justice system. The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is the criminal justice equivalent of the education privatization movement that is currently underway. CCA is a $1.8 billion company that builds and operates prisons and detention facilities on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Marshals Service and state and local agencies. All of their incentives are perverse. Maximizing revenue depends on "customers" and "repeat" customers. In the decade ending in 2012 CCA spent nearly $18 million lobbying various government agencies to keep the market robust. In their own SEC filing they wrote:
The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws. For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.
There is no profit motive in rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can suppress the repeat offender market.
That analogy might seem gratuitous, but it takes only modest revision of the language of the SEC filing from CCA to imagine it coming from a charter organization:
The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by proper funding of district public schools and decriminalization of certain activities that currently land young black fathers in jail, particularly with respect to drugs and controlled substances. Any changes that resulted in substantial job creation, fair wages and rebuilding of neglected urban communities might potentially reduce demand for alternative, impersonal "no excuses" facilities to house poor children.
The difference is that this time the education-industrial complex has picked on the wrong constituency. Prisoners, unfortunately, have no real political support.
Children do.
It is this power that offers the possibility of transformational change. If enough parents are willing to join the movement, keep their children home on test days, ignore the threats, the battle lines will be clear. School officials, local school boards, state legislators and members of Congress will be faced with a real school choice: Whose side are you on? America's children and families or a shadow government of plutocrats, investment bankers and publishing companies?
Opt-out! Even if your child likes tests, keep her home. Like every other powerful movement in American history, this one requires a snowstorm of small acts of defiance. Which side of history will you be on?

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