Hacking the Afterlife

Just back from the IANDS Conference in Orlando.

As mentioned, I decided to "approve" the printed edition of "Hacking the Afterlife" because of my recent appearance on "Coast to Coast" and because I was speaking at the conference.

My new cover. Andrea Mantegna's view from the Flipside
I see from the kindle edition of "Hacking the Afterlife" that they didn't do a very good job of formatting the book. My apologies.  I've reformatted the KINDLE EDITION and am reformatting the print as well. It should be fixed by the time you read this.

Also the book itself is going to have typos.  I know there are typos because when I do the audible version I always find them.  So my apologies for that as well.

Again, if anyone downloads the book, purchases the book and would like an updated version, I will provide one to them if they so desire.  Best way to reach me as via curatedcontent at gmail - and I will happily send along a revised edition.  It's going to take me a few weeks to get them together, and I will do my best to do so... so this is just a note to say "I'm aware of the production quality of this book, and my apologies for rushing it into print."  But - for those of you who've seen it, you can certainly understand why I put it out there.

But enough about me....  i will be posting one of my two book talks from the conference in a day or two. Thanks for tuning in.


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