New Links to the Audible books for BACKSTAGE TO THE FLIPSIDE BOOK ONE and BOOK TWO

There was a snafu with the listing for our BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE BOOKS one and two.


So I took them both down and redid the audio for the books. 

If you haven't heard them, it's my dulcet tones doing the narration, apologies from when I occasionally burst into tears, or gasp at the memory of what was said.

It's a mind bending series.


Everyone from Aretha Franklin, Prince, Robin Williams to scientists like Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, interviews with friends like Bill Paxton, Howard Schultz, politicians like John McCain, Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Nixon - and avatars that appear to be accessible, as if they were outside of time. 

From Guru Rinpoche, to Buddha, Jesus to Krishna, to asking questions to the 13th Dalai Lama - from general questions to specific questions about their path and journey. 

None of these interviews proves that life goes on - but when one compares the multiple interviews to other interviews where the same questions are asked, it does prove that there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the nature of consciousness. 

The same quotes from "Hacking the Afterlife" apply - as all of these people make appearances in this book. 

*"This book will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. It's a translation of the ethers." Edgar Cayce via medium JenniferShaffer*

"Good luck to you for making the unbelievable claim that there even is an afterlife. " Howard Schultz, Lighthearted entertainment; a friend who passed away recently.*

"They should read your book if they want to fly. It makes the reader open up. It's beautiful written music, Rich." The Artist formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson.*

"Two words; "Love, Love." The key ingredient for happiness is to love the love; love love, and then send it to everything." Robin Williams via Jennifer Shaffer.* 

"Lift this book to your soul. And see what your soul has to say. Hearing the words from the book; don't judge it, just listen to your spirit. It will guide you and tell you that the "unthinkable" is real. Laughing is the best medicine. Don't waste time trying to dig up things." Amelia Earhart (who discusses her death in Saipan during the war)*

"More people will be changed by your words than the ones who can't hear what you're saying. It is a challenge frequency that always hurts initally." From the person known as the Alpha and the Omega.

Both book one and two contain a foreword written by Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders (from the flipside.)

Both books contain a "Workbook" of how to step by step access a loved one on the flipside.

Here's the website and link for book ONE

  • Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer

    Backstage Pass to the Flipside, Book One

  • By: Richard Martini
  • Narrated by: Richard Martini
  • Length: 7 hrs and 23 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release date: 05-18-23
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Homina Publishing




Parkinson’s and the Flipside

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Michael J. Fox’s documentary “Still” there’s no spoilers in saying that it’s touching, funny and startling to see the movie star going through the paces of working on his Parkinson’s.

“Still” with Michael J Fox

As fans of the “Flipside” research may have heard, people on the flipside (via hypnotherapy, meditation or meditation) claim (consistently) that we choose our lifetimes with help and guidance from teachers, classmates and council members. That even the most problematic choices we make, may have the end result of helping millions of others. So in that construct, his journey will help millions of others suffering from the same issues.

I’ve been filming people claiming to access the process of incarnation for over ten years now. They aren’t “believers” or “non believers” — they are not religious, and often non religious, or disbelievers. Often skeptics, often outraged by the contrary things that people report about our journey on stage of life.

It’s not my opinion, theory or belief that people say the same dang things about the afterlife, about the journey, about how consciousness works or incarnation functions — I’m just the cameraman.

I turn on the camera. People say mind bending things over the course of their four to six hour session, and then I either edit that footage, or transcribe it into one of my ten “best selling kindles” on Amazon. Best sellers, because I keep getting invited back to Coast to Coast with George Noory and when I do so, the books all “run up the list.”

But that gives me zero credibility for what I’m about to say. (When has that ever stopped me before?)

I think Michael J. Fox could be immensely helped with hypnotherapy. I think people could be helped with hypnotherapy. That is spending hours every day in a state of “hypnosis” (hypnosis, as Dr. Helen Wambach noted, means “Sleep study.”

Here’s a link to one of her talks from the 1970’s, given to me by someone who was at this event.

Dr. Wambach was a research scientist at JFK University who was helping people with PTSD. She was concerned about bias in the hypnosis research, so designed a study to eliminate it. She had groups of ten do 8 hour sessions, eliminated the ones who had come to “find a previous lifetime” and focused on those who had spontaneous experiences. She had them choose a time period to explore.

She would ask them to focus on specific time periods, then compare the memories of food, clothing, cutlery, weather to known historical records. Things not part of the zeitgeist or in movies; for example, every country has a specific date when forks went from two to three prongs, but not many are aware of it. In her 2750 case studies, she was able to access the process of “how incarnation works” as Michael Newton did later (“Journey of Souls”) in his reports with 7000 clients, or in the 4000 cases that Dr. Brian Weiss has done (“Many Lives, Many Masters.”) 

I’ve also studied meditation, how meditation can “cure or alleviate symptoms of depression.” Based on data from Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, he’s demonstrated that a single session of meditation can change the “shape of the amygdala” (the regulator or serotonin or emotions in the brain.) So if people can rewire the brain using meditation, what else can it help?

I attended a lecture Davidson gave at UCLA filled with psychiatrists trying to find an alternate therapy to prescribing SSRI drugs for teenaged clients, there had been a spike “in ideation of self harm” since no tests have ever been done on teens taking SSRI drugs. In the lecture, Davidson pointed out that there are no side effects to meditation, and afterwards I asked him what specific meditation he used.

“A modified version of “Tonglen.” Since I’m familiar with Tonglen, having traveled to Tibet and India with Robert Thurman from Columbia U (“Journey Into Tibet with Robert Thurman” on YouTube) I know what Tonglen meditation is. The modified version he used didn’t focus on “healing an individual” but the earth in general. 

Pema Chordon teaches it free online, so I won’t go into details about how it works, suffice to say “praying to heal someone” has little research that proves a prayer or meditation of healing someone else is effective, but there is plenty of research that the person doing the meditation or prayer is healing themselves. People who do this “modified version of Tonglen” are changing the wiring of their own brain.


So what’s another way to “rewire the brain?” 

I’ve been filming people talking to the flipside for over ten years, using hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation. I’ve filmed 200 individuals, half without hypnosis saying the SAME THINGS about the journey, giving the SAME HALLMARKS about what happens. It’s not my opinion, theory or belief they say the same things. It’s footage.

Based on research from Dr. Greyson (AFTER Pg 127) the brain has filters that “block information not conducive to survival. (The same was mentioned by Dr. Wambach in her book “Reliving Past Lives” — she surmised that the brain was getting “unfiltered’ information like a stereo receiver, but limiters and filters from the “hypervigilant left brain” were blocking or filtering them out.

Some children don’t have these filters until the age of 8. See or hear from people not on the planet. Recall previous lifetimes. Some elderly lose the filters on the brain just prior to passing. See or hear from people not on the planet, or recall why they chose their lifetime. Ask any hospice care worker, but as Dr. Greyson notes, “70% of the hospice care workers for dementia patients in the UK report that just prior to passing, they regain their memory.” Sometimes hours, days, months prior to passing, yet the post mortem autopies show the brains had “atrophied” so they shouldn’t have been able to remember anything. Yet they do. (From his talk “Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” 2011 on Youtube)

We could start with the argument that “consciousness is not confined to the brain” which the science from UVA Medical school DOPS demonstrates that. Anyone who’s read Dr. Greyson’s opus AFTER based on thousands of clinical case studies of NDE’s (they named the scale for him) would know that he’s at the forefront of ‘post materialist’ science (as they call themselves.) 

People could read neurobiologist Dr. Presti’s MIND BEYOND BRAIN to get an overview, or look into Dr. Mario Beauregard’s EXPANDING REALITY to gain insight into what I’m referring to. Or Dr. Ed Kelly’s CONSCIOUSNESS UNBOUND or IRREDUCIBLE MIND written with his wife Emily Kelly PhD, where they cite 100s of peer reviewed studies.

So don’t take my word for what I’m about to report. Take theirs.

I’m a filmmaker after all, have written and or directed 8 theatrical features, worked on “Salt” “Amelia” am an august member of the DGA, WGA. But one day I met a woman while getting my Masters at USC, whom I felt a strong sensation of “this is why you’re taking her class.” I’d be lying if I didn’t also report that I’m getting a “massive chill” as I write this sentence.

Coleman on Twitter

Her name is Coleman Hough. 

Coleman is a talented screenwriter (“Full Frontal” “Bubble” both directed by Steven Soderberg) who I met while getting my Masters in Professional Wriging at USC. I’d left film school in 1979 to work for Robert Towne, but after teaching film on a university level, they recommend I get my Masters degree. So I returned for a semester, and it was in her class, that I saw she was in the initial stages of Parkinson’s. 

While getting my masters, I began to write the book that would become FLIPSIDE, I’d already shot 30 hours of footage, and while working on “Salt” for Phillip Noyce, one of the actors on set said to me “It’s a book, Rich. Not a documentary.” So I decided to make both. (Documentary is on Gaia, book is on Amazon.)

A couple of years later, I had the inspiration to reach out to Coleman and ask her if she was willing to try an experiment. I wanted to film her “under hypnosis” and see if she could learn anything about her predicament. (Often people would spontaneously report the source of some issue in their life, and I guessed it might be of help to her.) I even told her, “I have this weird feeling that is why we met.” (That footage is in the film HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Gaia)

But where’s the science that says hypnotherapy can help Parkinson’s?


Gary Elkins, Jim Sliwinski, Juliette Bowers, and Elmyra Encarnacion

Abstract: Parkinson’s disease is a severe neurodegenerative disorder with a prevalence rate of approximately 1.6% in elderly Americans. This case study reports on a 51-year-old male Parkinson’s patient who received 3 weekly sessions of a hypnosis intervention, as well as instruction in self-hypnosis. Actigraphy was used to assess rest-tremor severity. 

Results revealed a 94% reduction in rest tremors following treatment. Self-reported levels of anxiety, depression, sleep quality, pain, stiffness, libido, and quality of life also showed improvements. The patient reported a high level of satisfaction with treatment. These findings suggest clinical hypnosis is potentially feasible and beneficial treatment for some Parkinson’s symptoms. Further investigation with diverse samples and an ambulatory monitoring device is warranted.

A 94% reduction in tremors????

How could that be? If one studies Parkinson’s they know that people do not “shake” when they’re asleep. So what’s the best way to feign sleep while awake?

Which is to say; hypnosis had a dramatic affect on Coleman when she did her session. In the film “HACKING THE AFTERLIFE” there is an excerpt of her doing her session, she stops shaking entirely, she speaks normally for the six hour session. She began the session shaking, with difficulty speaking.

I didn’t notice it, because I was literally across the room running the camera, when the hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble ( waved to me and mouthed the words “Look. She’s not shaking”

Her symptoms disappeared. 

Evaporated. She later was making a film about her condition called “Bouncing off Walls” after our session. Which I don’t think she finished, but when I saw “Still” realized it was the kind of film she was trying to make.

But here she was in this six hour session, suddenly, inexplicably speaking normally. Not shaking uncontrollably.


Because she bypassed the filters. 

The same filters Dr. Wambach spoke of, the same filters that Dr. Greyson mentions in his opus AFTER, where he talks about how one can get objective data from subjective experiences, and also notes (On pg 127) how “filters block information not conducive to survival.” 

In other words — when a person bypasses the “filters” (or the working parts of the brain that are causing stress, movement, etc) one stops shaking. 

Not because they are “rewiring the brain” but because they are “not using the brain.”

I was startled to see it. On camera. And then later, sad and disappointed when Scott “countered her back to reality” — “five, four, three, two one be here now” and the shaking, the uncontrollable movement all came back.

Like the film “Awakenings” with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro based on a true story. Once the drug stopped being effective, their shaking came back. But… there’s no drug involved here. It’s a four to six hour hypnosis session.

So what are we talking about? Spending every day using or being under hypnosis?

I don’t know. Maybe. If I had that condition I would spend EVERY MORNING FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR doing that same form of “guided meditation” or even as simple as recording the session and then listening to it every morning… every day. I’d have hypnotherapists on speed dial, and learn all the self hypnosis techniques that resulted in “94% reduction in shaking” cited above.

Because what’s the downside? There is none.

I’m sorry to report that Coleman told me her surgery they recommended, that she speaks about in the following clip did not help her. 

I do know it stopped her shaking — but robbed her of speech. I saw her a year or two later, riding her bike, and she did her best to communicate in what can only be described as an unintelligible language (without shaking.)

So without going further down the path of something I AM NO EXPERT IN (Please. I’m not a hypnotherapist, not a scientist, just a filmmaker, who turns the camera on, sometimes asks questions and transcribes what is said.)

The latest book DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE is an experiment with 20 professionals (included a neuroscientist from Harvard, an Episcopal Minister, a Hedge Fund manager, a filmmaker, a head of a film concern, professionals in their fields) — and all of them “saw or heard from people no longer on the planet” or “visit their council in the afterlife.” So there is data of what I’m talking about. There are 50 examples in the book DIVINECOUNCILS.COM

But I’m not selling anything here. 

I’m sharing something. This is a version of the session with Coleman; it’s four hours long. It’s edited to keep out personal names, etc, but I’m sharing it in case there is some doctor out there in the metaverse, some person who knows someone with Parkinson’s is looking for therapy that might help their loved one.

I recommend finding a hypnotherapist trained by the Newton Institute, as they have a searchable databased. There’s Paul Aurand in New York, Pete Smith in Melbourne, Bryn Blankenship in the Carolinas, Jimmy Quast in Maryland, Scott De Tamble in Claremont, CA. One can devise their own experiment, but learning that one can bypass the shaking, then finding a methodology for doing that every day would be the goal.

While they look for what’s causing the issue — genetics, social factors, died, stress, etc, one can use a practial methodology of hypnosis to help rewire the brain.

I wish that I could send this film to Michael J, I wish that I could send this footage to his wife Tracy, I wish that I could share it with Davis Guggenheim, the very talented folks behind such a powerful film. But I don’t know them, and I don’t think my sending over the “latest cure” for Parkinson’s will be of help. They’re working with scientists who are pretty focused on specific drugs that will assist their work — and I’m suggesting something that is in addition to their work.

But they may not see it that way. People flipped out when Richard Davidson introduced his research to the world, so much far that it was related to “religion” that they renamed it “mindfulness.” Which is taught in every grade school in the country, because the data shows that it improves grades and well being.

But it can also improve motor skills.

I share it because I care about these folks, and I think Coleman — if I could speak to her- would agree, as she really wanted to make a film about her condition (and came over to my place and we filmed footage of her talking about it back when she could speak, up on my roof.) 

If someone wants to find Coleman and ask how she’s doing, Steven Soderbergh would likely know where she is as I know they kept in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy what is a mind bending session, and notice how somewhere along the line, she stops shaking and speaks normally. The transcript of the session is in the book IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE, and as noted, there’s excerpts of the footage in the film HACKING THE AFTERLIFE

Here’s in the mostly unedited footage of my friend, my old professor, the great screenwriter Coleman Hough speaking eloquently about her condition. 

Coleman discusses some of the options she has, which included brain surgery. While the surgery was able to alleviate her shaking, she lost her ability to speak or communicate. She was working on a short film ‘BOUNCING OFF WALLS’ after we shot this session. 

I post this footage, edited, in its entirety as a tribute to my friend, whom I haven’t been able to communicate with since her operation. However, in light of the excellent documentary about Michael J Fox (“Still”) I offer this footage as an example of one methodology that isn’t explored in the documentary. Bypassing the “filters on the brain” using hypnosis or meditation. 

Both yield the same relative results. I’ve filmed 200 sessions of people (this is the only one with Parkinson’s) but in all of them, people are able to access “new information” or reasons why they are on the path they’re on, as well as advice from people on the flipside on how to effectively deal with issues of health. In no way is this suggested as an “alternate” treatment for people with Parkinson’s. 

However, there is no side effects to meditation (Med means measure in Latin, “mindfulness” is meditation in the classroom). Hypnotherapy in this clip was done at — with Scott De Tamble, who was trained by Michael Newton and others. This was session was done because I had a “feeling” that the reason I was in Coleman’s class at USC (getting my Masters) was to “help her in some way.” 

I hope this clip helps someone suffering with this, or who has someone suffering from it. My father had it, had I known this would be effective (94% reduction in symptoms anyone?) 

I would have done a meditation session with him every day. Worth exploring as additional healing therapy.

#still #michaeljfox #tracypollan #davisguggenheim #colemanhough #stevensoderbergh @TRACYPOLLAN 

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