Coast to Coast this Wednesday June 14th, from 10 to midnight ALIENS AND THE FLIPSIDE

Hi all,

I'm back on Coast to Coast this Wednesday evening talking about "Contact in the Desert" the "alien convention" that Ron Janix ran so well in Indian Wells last week. 

I will be referencing the number of alien encounters that have shown up in the research over the past ten years.

That is - people I've never met who I do a guided meditation with, who spontaneously begin talking about some event that occurred to them that included a UFO.

In the book ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE there are a number of these reports, people seeing "alien looking" beings on their council.

That is - their "Divine Council" (DivineCouncils.com

In the 50 reports that are in this book, there are about a dozen accounts where people talk about seeing an alien on their council.  In the book Architecture of the Afterlife, during those 50 reports, people also recount seeing an alien looking being on their council, and I ask them to communicate directly with them.

The point is - If we are being visited by alien intelligence, how is it possible for us to visit them?

I suggest that using a simple technique of guided meditation can be a place to start.

That is - with people who've been abducted or who've seen a UFO, they can use guided meditation to revisit the event. Further, by asking simple questions - freezing the experience like a hologram, they report that can "communicate with the pilot" of the ship they're seeing.

I've demonstrated it enough times to point out that it's not my opinion, theory or belief people claim to be able to communicate with them. I'm not seeing them, hearing the answers; they are.

And what these beings say is consistent and reproducible.

So when we're speaking of "divine councils" we're talking about beings that have overlooked all of our lifetimes.  They know why we chose this current lifetime, and can answer questions about it.

Including the question if we have ever incarnated on another planet.

According to the Newton Institute, over 35% of reports include memories of lifetimes off planet.

If that's true - then how can we examine those lifetimes? Have discussion with the folks involved with those lifetimes? If we don't ask the questions, we can't compare the answers.

And by comparing the answers we can come to a new conclusion.

That's what I hope to discuss on Tomorrow night's show.

UAP Revelations / Afterlife Explorations

Hosted by

George Noory


Nick Pope, Richard Martini

Wednesday - June 14, 2023

UAP Revelations / Afterlife Explorations

About the show

First Half: Former UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope will discuss the recent NASA UAP meeting, the latest details of Congressional engagement, and the extraordinary testimony of former US intelligence community officer insider David Grusch.

Second Half: Award-winning journalist and filmmaker, Rich Martini will speak about his incredible journey searching for evidence of the afterlife via various means, including hypnotherapy and past life regressions.


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