Thanks to Camille Alcasid​ for making me aware of his podcast where Bill says, in essence, what he's said in our interviews ("Talking to Bill Paxton" documentary on Gaia) or our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife" with Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer​  The original podcast is from Rebecca Rosen and Rob Lowe on LITERALLY! podcast. (see link in article)  I left a message for Rob about the unusual coinkydinks in his dream and the interviews we've done with Bill. Hope to hear from him!

TALKING TO BILL PAXTON via Rob Lowe and Rebecca Rosen

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I got this message on the Book of Faces from a friend who is a fan of the Flipside books, a fan of our podcast HACKING THE AFTERLIFE WITH JENNIFER SHAFFER. This friend knows that when my old pal Bill Paxton passed, I was in the midst of filming mediums talking to the flipside. So as an experiment, I had three different mediums ask him the SAME QUESTIONS.

“Where did we meet?” “What were you doing in your career?” “What happened in the operation?” “Who greeted you on the other side?” “What’s it like over there?” “Is there any private messages for friends and family?” “What do you want to tell your friends and fans about your journey now?”

They’re mind bending questions. I put them together in a documentary film for Gaia, the film can be viewed on Gaia “TALKING TO BILL PAXTON.” (

As fans of our podcast know, one of the three mediums I interviewed to speak with Bill (the other two were and Raylene Nuanez (

In that instance, I supplied the questions to my friend Dr. Elise Medhus, and she asked them on camera. So I wasn’t in the room, and couldn’t “influence the subject.” (The definition of a blind study.)

All three answered the questions exactly the same.

In the case of Jennifer Shaffer, Bill actually took her on a trip in the bathysphere to the Titanic BEFORE SHE KNEW WHO SHE WAS SPEAKING WITH. That moment happens in the film HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Gaia. Literally she doesn’t know who “Bill is” until she asks me “Was he in the film Titanic?” (She didn’t know him or his role.)

When I asked him questions via Kimberly Ray, he wouldn’t give her his name (and I wouldn’t say it) but he answered all the questions the same. However, when I asked him to “tell her your name” he “zipped his lip.” A few seconds later (on camera) her dad called from Ohio to ask how her trip was going — and she asked what he was doing. He said “I’m watching this film Twister with the actor Bill Paxton in it.” (What are the odds?)

So when my friend Camille sent me this link to Rob Lowe’s podcast, I thought — wow, another chance to hear from Bill again.

So yes, I knew him when both of our careers started. He helped me rewrite my first feature “You Can’t Hurry Love” — would have starred in it if his agent didn’t nix the plan. But we hung out in Cannes, other places, came to see one of my screenings in LA — I loved hearing from him, like everyone have a million great stories about his generous spirit.

When Rob Lowe suddenly started doing his voice during the podcast, it was hilarious and great.

Here’s the podcast. It’s an hour, take a listen, then come back and hear my comments: Rebecca Rosen: Spiritual Medium Literally! With Rob Lowe.

I met Rob some years ago, though I doubt he’d remember me. We sat at adjoining tables at the old Louisa’s on 26th street in Brentwood — I didn’t start the conversation, he did, was as charming, funny as anyone I’ve met. Our daughter’s late boyfriend Tyler worked with him on his 911 series and only had glowing things to say about the fellow.

All I can speak about in this post is the fact that everything Rebecca Rosen says Bill Paxton is saying to Rob I’ve heard him say to other mediums. Not the exact same words, but similar context, and I will explain in the “Notes below” — this is a transcript of a text owned by TeamCoco, all rights reserved to Rob Lowe and Team Coco and this excerpt is offered for educational purposes only.

(I’m not an AI plagiarism machine.)

I recreate the text below so anyone can hear what I’m talking about. (Transcripts of our conversations with Bill are in the book ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFE, or can be found on our podcast if one “searches for Bill Paxton” in the search part of

Rebecca Rosen (terrific medium, her links are below) comments are in italics, and Rob Lowe’s comments are in Bold.

In the midst of this podcast, where Rebecca Rosen talks about her journey to becoming a medium, at some point, Rob mentions a dream he had:


“I want to walk you through something that happened to me; I want to know what it is… I know one of your things is talking about meditation, opening yourself up to all of this. So I’ve been doing a lot of that in the past few years, the meditation thing finally clicked after 30 years.. I found TM (Transcendental meditation) and it stuck. I was struggling to do it then met some very cool people who would call me about TM. I start the TM, and I start to have these dreams that are super visual.”

“One of my best friends in life was the actor Bill Paxton, he was in Titanic, Apollo 13, Twister. God he was such a great guy — he died tragically having a routine heart procedure…. And I never got to say goodbye.”

“So I have this dream, Bill walks into the room, I’m like “Oh my God, Bill doesn’t need he’s dead. How do I tell him?”

“He says (Bill’s voice)

“HEY MAN, HOW YOU DOIN’? I’VE BEEN SO BUSY… I’VE BEEN GOING BACK AND FORTH!” Like that — “I’ve been so busy I’ve been going back and forth.” I’m like — “He doesn’t know he’s dead!” And then… then I realize that he’s talking about going back and forth between (both) worlds.

And then he said “I’LL SHOW YA!” and he took me.

And the next thing I know, I’m still me — but I’m not in my own body, I don’t have a body, but everything is the same, the same interests, everything. Except I’m flying. And I’m not in my body. I’m with Bill… but he’s not there any more either. He’s… but he’s there.

And we’re flying and (below) it looks like a cross between “Fern Gully” and the land of Avatar is what it looks like. And the feeling I have… I start crying in my dream. You know how you’ll wake yourself up laughing in a dream? And I started weeping. Weeping in my dream… of love.

Like… I’ve never experienced it… I may have experienced it when I saw my babies being born… maybe? That’s as close, but it was so overwhelming, so overwhelming, you just weep for joy… love… whatever.

And then I have this thought, “Oh no, what about my wife Sheryl, Matthew and Johnny and I’ve left them?”

And here’s the trippy part: Bill goes “NO MAN! THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!”

I go, “What?” and it hit me; that there is no… not only that there is no end, there’s also no time. So all of that is already happening.

And in that.. wherever I was, anybody I could have known, if I thought about them they were there. And what there is — is very specific. It’s not like we’re bumping fists or high fiving, that’s not happening, that’s why we come here. We don’t get that there.

What we get there is, the best way I can do (describe) it is, with someone you know deeply and love deeply, and you’re sitting and watching TV, or driving cross country in a car or they’re asleep beside you, you know that they’re there and that’s what it is.

And then the dream is over, and I woke up feeling “Well, I know what happens next, I have no illusions at all about what the next chapter is.”

(Richard’s NOTE: The thing that Bill has repeated in every interview, when asked “What do you want me to tell people about you?” he says “Tell them I can fly!” (It’s in the footage of “Talking to Bill Paxton” on Gaia) And literally here was Bill showing his pal Rob “how to fly!”

How to travel at the speed of thought. In terms of Rob’s dream — it’s what people often report. That we exist prior to incarnation, we bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest stays home. That home portion is always there — even when we are incarnated. So when he says “they’re here!” it is because a portion of who we are, the conscious energy that we bring to each performance onstage still exists back home. People report we bring between 20 and 40% of our conscious energy (soul) to a lifetime, and when the curtain falls we return home.)

Then later in the podcast, Rebecca does a “mini reading” for Rob. She demonstrates her excellent skills, her ability to validate so many different, complex things, but at some point senses Bill Paxton has entered the discussion; says “He’s in the room.”

REBECCA: “Your buddy Bill is standing here right now, he’s showing “surfing. “Like “Let’s go surfing?”

Rob laughs.

Rebecca: I don’t know if he’s ever surfed or you know how to surf?

Rob: I surf. I surf all the time.

Rebecca: “Okay. Another form of moving meditation. And he’s showing his heaven like being on the water with you.” And he has a good sense of humor. He’s actually showing me that he’s a better surfer than you in that realm.”

Rob: That’s what he went up there to learn, because he did not surf in this world. That’s amazing.

Rebecca: Okay, so “Now he has all the time in the world to do it.” He’s showing me you — something about your ankle. It’s like “be careful.” I don’t know if you recently hurt your ankle, your foot, your toe? But it’s like one of those minor, the universe “waking you up, slowing you down” — you have something going on.

Rob: It’s so funny you’d say that, the last two days I’ve had an ankle thing, and I’m like “I wonder if this is something?”

Rebecca: There is something there. It’s a ‘weak link.’ They’re telling me to tell you “to pay attention,” and I see you going in to get an adjustment, a chiropractic adjustment or some body work. Because if you said “Hey, I’m going to go for a run” you might twist your ankle. They always say things, because knowledge is power, to help you, to prevent things.”

(Note: It’s also in the film TALKING TO BILL PAXTON on Gaia. When I asked him about “what he’s experiencing now?” he described this sandy beach, beautiful water and waves. He described how it’s possible to “create” any environment on the flipside, using our awareness of beaches we’ve been to before. It’s like we do the mathematical construct and the blue lagoon appears. So when Bill says that he’s “surfing now” he’s not kidding. It’s a mental construct — the balance, the feeling of being on the board, the riding of the waves, the turning the board — it’s all part of the same construct that he’s mastering.)

Then a little bit later after Rebecca giving him great career and health advice:

Rebecca:“Your friend Bill is here. And he’s showing me… this is interesting. Was he around 56 or 65 when he passed?” (49:17)

Rob: Yeah, he was 62 or something like that.

Rebecca: There was a window in there in terms of a soul contract where he had an exit point. And he’s looking at this. “Did he want to go? No.” So on a human level, did he want to die? No.” On a soul level was it a probability? A high probability, the answer is “Yes.”

He’s showing me it has something to do with love, heart chakra stuff. It evolved over time, setting down some.. he may have had some big lessons around — in giving and receiving love, that he didn’t necessarily master and over time evolved into a heart problem. Okay. He’s showing me “I learned from my mistake here, it’s all about living from your heart.” (To Rob) You do this. You know how to show up for your wife, your family, for your audience and this will heal your heart stuff.”

Rob: Yeah.

NOTE: He said something similar but slightly different in our interviews (also specifically in the interview with Kimberly Ray.) He talked about the “exit point” or “exit ramps” that come up in a lifetime (as others have spoken of) where we have the opportunity to “return home and start planning for our next journey.” Sometimes people “take that exit ramp.” But he also said the same thing recently in an interview with Jennifer Shaffer — that idea of “It didn’t make sense for him to leave on a human scale, he wanted to stay” but on a spiritual scale “It was the thing that he realized he was supposed to do.”

In terms of his heart surgery, from what he’s said (before, in print and after) is that it was routine, and came from scarring in his youth. But the love that Rob experienced has been mentioned often in the podcast. In one interview, Elvis came forward to talk about being greeted on the flipside by a baby girl he didn’t have — who died before she was born. And he said this child greeted him with a profound sensation of unconditional love — and he said it in the same terms that Rob did — “I know that a lot of people loved me in my lifetime, but I had never felt anything like this, like this profound feeling of love.”

And it’s overwhelming in many accounts — the idea of weeping from the sheer joy of it, from the overwhelming nature of it, it makes one wonder why that isn’t the focus of everything we talk about on the planet. But we do come here to learn or teach lessons; the point is; we all return home. Everyone we’ve known or loved is available to us.)

Rebecca: Bill wants me to tell you something about “getting your window fixed?” You have a window that’s cracked, I don’t know if it’s a car, house…(50:24)

Rob: Yes! I have a cracked moon roof in my car that has been my bete noir, it has been the bane of my… it has taken forever, I’m driving this rental car that I hate, I’ve been calling them, when am I going to get my car — it’s a minor thing obviously but it’s a big thing.

Rebecca: And nobody knows that. It’s what I mean by evidence, nobody would know that. He’s in the car with you, he sees it, he’s saying


Or that he’s behind the scenes helping speed up the process, I bet in the next week or two, there is resolution around your moon roof.

(Rob laughs) I love that I have a spirit guide helping me get my car fixed.

Rebecca: “Anything to make your life easier.” I always say you can ask them for a parking spot if it’s going to make you feel inner peace.”


I share this information mainly because I don’t know what else to say. We have a forum on Quora “Hacking the Afterlife” where people share their experiences with the flipside, or share data, research. We have 50k subscribers and 35 million views. Jennifer Shaffer and I have a podcast where Bill shows up often. Seven different appearances are linked below.

I know beyond any shadow of doubt that when a medium I’m talking to says “Bill is here” I know that he has the floor. He was such a warm hearted guy, such a fun person to be around, I only wish I had spent more time professionally with him. For me that was always a sadness.

But I feel like a kid with a popsicle on a playground on a hot day.

Been filming people bypassing filters and returning home for fifteen years. Its mind bending, but liberating as well.

I’m like a kid with this awesome popsicle. Looking around, “Does everyone not know how good this is?” I try to share it with others on the playground.

I’m often met by the unique human behavior, “if Ihaven’t tasted it, it doesn’t exist.” “My religion/science tells me there’s no such thing.” “It’s bad for you., its evil it’s voodoo etc..” (“How can you be talking to Bill Paxton when he was a closer friend?”)

It’s about the filters. If we can bypass the filters via meditation, hypnotherapy, mediumship, we can speak directly to our loved ones on the flipside. We can fly with them. Still laugh with them. Surf with them.

Fifteen years of filming people saying the exact same hallmarks about the process. Digging through thousands of case studies from scientists who found the same information in their research, via near death events, out of body experiences, in a lab setting, using MRI, using hallucinogens, using hypnotherapy, using no hypnosis, guided meditation, examining dreams…

The same hallmarks. Guides, teachers, classmates, classrooms, libraries, crystal cities, mental constructs, golf games, concert halls, musicians continuing to play, to learn, create , still existing, having fun, delirious fun, laughter, joy, nirvana. Councils. Divine Councils in the Afterlife.

How could I not share it? What kind of human could i call myself if I didn’t share the popsicle?

Its why i designed this HACKING THE AFTERLIFE forum.. Jennifer Shaffer and I have been meeting up weekly for 8 years, past 2 on a podcast. Every week learning new information from people off stage. She works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases so I know how effective she can be.

On our podcast Hacking The Afterlife we demonstrate anyone can contact their loved ones. People dont have to, they can. But let’s not pretend we didn’t know about the popsicles. That some eureka moment will make people realize they are responsible for the play they’re in.

We can alter it. Revise, edit it. Through meditation. It’s never too late.

As the late actor HARRY DEAN STANTON said to me and Jennifer (in the film HACKING THE AFTERLIFETell people to believe in the afterlife.” I laughed, reminded him that all his friends were skeptics. He gave me three private messages (evidentiary) to tell his friends as his memorial. They were all flabbergasted. I told them what Harry the devout skeptic said to tell them:

“Tell people to believe in the possibility of an afterlife and then they won’t waste another minute of their life arguing about it like I did.”

Wise words.

Thanks Bill.

Bill with Harry Dean Stanton

Rebecca Rosen, Rob Lowe July 20th.

Rebecca Rosen: I’m a spiritual medium, an evidential medium… “Small Medium at Large” Her books

Rob Lowe: @teamcoco @roblowe


Here are articles I’ve posted about our chats with Bill. Enjoy.

Hacking the Afterlife podcast with Jennifer Shaffer

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