Divine Councils in the Afterlife: The Flipside Court Kindle Edition

by Richard Martini (Author) Format: Kindle Edition
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from a Kindle Customer. 5.0 out of 5 stars Divine Council in the afterlife Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2022

(Verified Purchase) “Bravo ,this is such an enlightening book of information, that I don’t have the words to explain how this has been a wonder and fascinating look at what I feel about my life ,this time around , the validation that I am more than what I see and feel in this world . Kind of like don’t sweat the small stuff ,it’s all in the plan . Comforting to realize that going “Home “ is not the end but just another chapter in my existence . Thank you Rich Martini.”

You’re welcome!

What’s this latest book about?

Rich: It’s about how everyone has a council. How everyone can access their council, and they don’t need to have a near death experience, out of body event, or use hypnotherapy to access it. People can use those methods, and I recommend hypnotherapists licensed and trained by the Newton Institute, (they have a searchable database on their website) but this book was to prove the premise that anyone can access their guides, teachers, council members without using hypnosis — simple guided meditation.

What’s the simple guided meditation?

I use a Beatles lyric; “Picture yourself in a boat on a river.” Something anyone can do. Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Look around. What kind of boat is it? What body of water is it? Ask your guide, loved one to sit across from you in the boat. Pretend you can see them. Pretend you can ask them questions. Ask them to nod, shrug or shake their head. Ask questions you cannot know the answers to. When they answer a question before you can ask it, you’ll know you have a connection?

Who are the test subjects?

From all walks of life. The first half of the book are people who had never heard of me, or that there might be councils “in the afterlife.” The only thing they had in common was doing guided meditation in a group setting. That allowed me to know upfront that I could ask them questions and they wouldn’t be afraid to say “this is what I’m seeing when you asked that.” From there it’s off to the races.

How many council members are there?

Depends on the person. Depends on the council and if they’re all available at the time we visit. Some have three to six, some have more — some have a dozen. It depends.

Are all councils amenable to discussion?

No. Some council members see this as a kind of “letting the cat out of the bag” experience. That the person I’m speaking with should not be visiting their council yet — they will eventually, and there’s no reason to reveal things that might upset this person’s path. However, as I’ve learned, those who “aren’t supposed to know about councils” will not — they won’t be able to visit theirs, and won’t believe that others are visiting councils. Those who don’t want to know how the play ends, won’t — but those who are interested in the process, can learn.

What’s the most unusual aspect of this research?

That people often see mythological creatures on their councils. However, they’re an avatar presenting themselves to communicate with us — so in essence, we are all light. However, someone who “normally incarnates” in some other form (could be a creature, or someone who normally incarnates on another planet) presents themselves as they like to be seen. Basically people who are “more advanced” or “older, wiser” get to sit on councils. So not matter how odd they may look to the person doing the meditation, they always learn something new from the visit.

Physiologically, what’s happening in these interviews?

In Dr. Greyson’s book AFTER he talks about filters that block information people experience during a near death event — info that is “conducive to the survival of the being.” Dr. Helen Wambach noted the same filters in her work “Reliving Past Lives” where she had 2750 case studies with people accessing previous lifetimes. Everyone reported that we choose our lifetimes, that we bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the “rest stays home.” What people are doing is “bypassing the filters.”

Does everyone have filters?

Apparently so — some children don’t have them until the 8th year, when the skull hardens, see people who “aren’t there” or recall previous lifetimes — and Dr. Greyson notes in “Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” on Youtube, that elderly people appear to lose them prior to passing. Over 70% of the hospice care workers in the UK note their dementia patients spontaneously “regain memory” just prior to passing. As Greyson notes, the atrophying brain appears to lessen the filters that block this information. Mediums have different filters than we do — some are able to see, hear, sense information others cannot. Just the same way some animals can sense information — bees see UV light, dogs can smell cancer — it’s because they are not filtering out information that others do.

When’s the audible coming out?

Should be out in a few days, linked on the website at Amazon.

Why the cover art?

Michelangelo was asked to paint the Sistine chapel in his 30’s, and then returned three decades later to paint the Last Judgment. His story has a flipside element to it; he was adopted by Lorenzo De Medici when he was 11 to be a member of the Platonic Academy. Then the Vatican tried to destroy Florence and all of it’s “liberal attitudes” — the Pope approved a contract killer to take out the Medici brothers Lorenzo and Giuliano. In 1497 they murdered the beloved Florentine Giuliano De Medici, who appears in the painting Primavera by his uncle Sandro Botticelli. Lorenzo was stabbed, but not killed. He was shocked to learn who was behind his brother’s death.

Later, in response to the Vatican treachery, Lorenzo’s son became Pope Leo X, the “humanist pope.” He hired his old friend Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel. But then, thirty years later, the illegitimate child of the murdered Giuliano became Pope Clement VII and hired Michelangelo to finish the task.

This final panel, which details the “last day of a person’s life” includes a life review and a number of other details that are found in the research. It’s almost as if Michelangelo was painting his own last day on the planet.

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