Hacking the Afterlife with Kobe, Marilyn, Jesus and Jennifer

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For those not familiar with this podcast; Jennifer Shaffer is an intuitive medium who works with law enforcement nationwide on missing person cases. She does pro bono work daily for them, and once a week we get together and see what we can learn from the flipside.  We've been doing this weekly for 8 years, the last two on our podcast. 

     I'm a filmmaker, have written and/or directed 8 theatrical feature films, a couple of documentaries.  Some years ago, my best friend died in my arms and started coming to visit me. Instead of being freaked out by it (and her showing up to friends and family members) I started to dig into how that might be. That's resulted in 10 books (Flipside, etc) and four with Jennifer Shaffer.

     We met a couple of years ago, I brought my camera to her office to document what might happen.  Those clips are in - also in "Talking to Bill Paxton" (  My latest book is - where I did a guided meditation with twenty professionals who had never heard of me or the work - all were able to meet guides, visit their councils and talk about what that experience was like.

     In this edition, a number of people show up that we've spoken with before. We interviewed Kobe just after his passing, it's the last chapter in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" - where he talks about his journey, and I ask him questions in Italian.

     Eventually members of his family have met with Jennifer - so it's not unusual for us that he might stop by.  The construct is this; my friend who passed away is on the flipside, and has organized a "group meeting" or a class as we call it, not to teach folks on the planet, but to teach people on the flipside how to communicate using frequency, images, visualizations on the flipside.

     Jennifer may get an image, let's say of a character from a TV show, and it may be their way of giving her a thought so that I could say, "Do you mean someone who shares the same name of that character in the TV show wants to speak to us?" That happens often.

     As noted, Jennifer is doing her best to translate what is coming to her. Like a translator at the UN, the people on the flipside are downloading a lot of information, and she does her best to catch the meaning, syntax and general idea of what someone wants to impart.

     A number of people stop by who've been interviewed before; Prince ("I was addicted to jumping off pianos, which caused me to use pain killers"), Robin Williams ("Love Love"). Marilyn stops by - refers to something I was writing at the other day - and when I asked if she wanted to talk about the manner of her passing, she said she wanted to talk about how she had two children waiting for her on the flipside. Both whom had not come to term.  

     That concept has been repeated in the research - consistently. A number of people in our podcast have mentioned it, the idea of "those we don't have are waiting for us on the flipside."  Harry Dean Stanton said the same thing - and I was able to verify it (but don't mention it in the podcast.) It's in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."  Harry came through after he passed and before his memorial. I asked him what he wanted me to impart to his friends (as noted.) He also said that when he passed, "He was in a room with five women" and when he got to the flipside, he was met by a "baby that he didn't have in life."  In other words, a child was there to greet him with this profound unconditional love.

     At his memorial that I went to a week later, I asked someone who was with him at his deathbed to describe the scene. She said "There were five of us with him, all women."  I asked if he had said anything unusual while she was in the room. She said "Yes, he asked me to hand him the baby. But there was no baby in the room."

     I had heard THE SAME THING from Harry on the Flipside via Jennifer a week earlier.

     At some point, the Alpha and Omega stops by - and mentions the one thing he wishes people would not do, that is "get freaked out by his name." (Jesus). I've had a number of interviews with him via various mediums, different hypnotherapy sessions, and multiple guided meditation sessions. As noted in the podcast, I've finished that book and am doing the audible as we speak. Apparently, they wanted to know "when I was going to finish it." Soon.

     As noted, he's known as Issa in the Middle East, was referred to by the moniker in the Qu'ran, other documents in Persia, and describes his ability to be "everyone at once" in terms of the various planes of existence we're on.

     That's not to say that he's the only one who can do that - there are others who can, who share that "unconditional love" frequency (and in his case, in our first interview 8 years ago, said "I brought more of source energy to my lifetime, when people are near me they experience more of that "unconditional love.") 

     I quote him from other interviews and ask again if that's accurate; he's said "all religions point to the same garden." "The Bible is metaphor, all religious texts are metaphor." "We are all walking each other home, allow me to walk beside you, you don't have to follow me." "My retelling my story is not alternate if it's true."

     So thanks to all the folks who showed up, Jennifer's dad Jim, all those people that demonstrate they aren't gone, they just aren't here.  If one has an issue with this podcast, I recommend doing some research into the concept that consciousness is not confined by the brain, I recommend the research from UVA Medical School DOPS, with Dr. Greyson's AFTER, Dr. Tucker's BEFORE, Dr. Kelly's CONSCIOUSNESS UNBOUND. 

     In terms of the hypnotherapy research, I recommend the thousands of case studies from Dr. Helen Wambach (RELIVING PAST LIVES) Dr. Weiss (MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS) Michael Newton (JOURNEY OF SOULS.)  My latest book is - where I invited 50 people, half whom had never heard of councils, who visited them, met their guides, teachers, etc.

     As noted, it's up to the guest list on the flipside who will be invited, and as demonstrated, I brought up two individuals I had been reading about (Thomas the Doubter via the Gospel of Thomas, the Acts of Thomas, and that other fellow who the Book of Job claims was on "God's council.")  Just want to point out, I asked Luana if she was interested in us interviewing either one, and she said "No, just finish the book."

     Nothing quite like getting career advice from the flipside. Hope this information helps someone out there who may need to hear it. Links: - - -

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