Hacking the Afterlife with Chuck Yeager

 Hacking the Afterlife with Chuck Yeager

It's been a couple of weeks since Jennifer and I did a session. As noted during this one, I had the impression that Chuck Yeager wanted to speak to us, and heard his name in my kitchen. As I always do, I suggest that person "Make a reservation with Luana, who is the holder of our clipboard."

This morning, I had asked Luana in my mind on the flipside, "So who should we speak with?" and Chuck's name appeared as an answer.  I did a little cursory research about him - and the show is verbatim.

At the end of the show, there's a moment when Jennifer's friend texts her, and she asks "I had the feeling you were speaking to Chuck Yeager" but had no clue as to why that would be.  But she texted it literally as I was reaching for the off button - I had Jennifer read it live on the podcast.

I refrained from editing the pauses in this episode.  I normally trim them - but I want people to realize that I'm not forcing these answers. She didn't know who Chuck Yeager was, and he told her he was the guy who "broke the sound barrier."  Later, I ask him how he learned about our class, and claimed it was John Lennon who told him.

That's not my theory or opinion - it's just what was reported. Since we've interviewed John before in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and I'm friends with one of his sons, I took the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions. 

Also a surprise visit by Aretha Franklin who is also in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" (where she asks us to reach out to her niece to find her handwritten will, which we did.)  Then there's a conversation I had with a woman named Miriam - I asked about her in the fashion I did because I'm writing a book that includes interviews with the alpha and omega - and for those familiar with "Hacking the Afterlife" book, they won't be surprised by these question and answers. I was.

Sorry for the glitch towards the end - normally I cut out those "frozen moments" - but in this case, I tried not to edit much as I wanted people to get the experience of how I hear these things in real time.  Not scripted. Just experienced. Pretty wild that her friend texted her with the message "I got the feeling you were talking to the pilot Chuck Yeager."  We were.

Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Elvis and John Lennon

It's our 40th episode!  How about that? Podcast

Well, this is no different than the others - mind bending and just about as out there as we can get.

Last night I happened to catch Tom Hanks talking about his movie he's doing with Baz Luhrmann in Australia, where he plays Colonel Tom Parker. Went to sleep without a thought about it, and had the impression that Luana told me we'd have a "surprise guest" in today's episode.

To be clear, we've seen Elvis before in our class - and we did invite him into the chair and interviewed him extensively.  Who was there to greet him when he crossed over (his mom) and other important things in his life.  It's in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" - and we also interview Colonel Parker (not a Colonel, and according to Tom's interview a rather shady character) - but aside from the public perception of who his manager was, both the interview in the book and this interview paint a different portrait.

It's not opinion being expressed here. This is live, off the cuff, improvised, whatever happens happens kind of reporting. I had no idea, zero idea what we'd find in today's episode and even forgot what last week's was until she mentions it.

Elvis said he was "introduced to our class by John Lennon" - which is repeated in the book.  It's not like "all the celebrities hang out together" - it's a frequency issue, and those artists or musicians hang out with other folks who are using the same frequency.  If one looks at the Backstage Pass books they'll find quite a few musicians there.

I directed Ray Charles in the film "Limit Up" which Luana and I cowrote, so Ray has introduced us to quite a few of his friends because he knew ... well... everyone.  And through one we can know the other.

I know this interview might ruffle some feathers - but again, it's live, none of it planned, and Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. She even helped NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton with a case (solved, ask him about it sometime.)

We are demonstrating that anyone can do this - don't need a medium, but it helps.  However, as noted, anyone can speak to their loved ones on the flipside, and apparently anyone they'd like to chat with.  Stick around to the end, where Elvis sums up his relationship with Tom Parker. Insightful.

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