(Chapter Ten, Part two)



Another day, another trip to the fieldhouse on the flipside. In this session, I decided to see if I could call upon a historical person, someone I knew that I had no possible connection to. The questions I asked him were related to questions posed to me by an Oscar award winning screenwriter. My questions are in italics, Jennifer Shaffer’s replies are in bold.

Rich: I talked to somebody yesterday who we interviewed in your office. My old boss, the screenwriter Robert Towne; friend of Luana’s.

Jennifer: He came to mind.

I told him what we were doing and I said if you could talk to anyone on the flipside who would you like to talk to?

His dad just came through but I know that’s not who he wanted to talk to.

I told him “You can talk to anybody.” I’ll tell you this, it’s a historical figure.

The first person that showed up was Abraham Lincoln, but I don’t think it was him.

Well perhaps Abraham can help us. Luana knows who this is, because it was who I was talking to.

Was he a soldier during the Civil War?

He was a soldier but not during our Civil War. I’ll tell you that he wasn’t from this country.

Winston Churchill?

No, longer ago. If I give you a hint, you’ll get it. 200 years ago my dear. I have to think about this — we normally have someone in our class who knows someone who knows someone. Luana has to ask her friend.

(Jennifer aside) When was Napoleon?

That’s it. (Ding!) He was around 1820.

Napoleon! How many tries did that take?

It doesn’t matter. (For those keeping score, it was five.)

It’s frustrating. Finally they showed me Napoleon.

Who showed you Napoleon?


Can we talk to him directly?

Um… He’s a little bit of a shit. Give me a second. Yeah, I guess we can. Mmm-hmm.

What do you see in your minds’ eye?

He’s actually kind of handsome.

Can you see his face?

I see his lashes — he’s actually quite handsome.

Can you touch his hand?

There’s something on his hand, felt like there’s a wound on his hand.

Let’s ask him — how did you get this wound my friend?

It feels like psoriasis — everything was cracking.

Look around the class; is this unusual for you to be here?

He says, “Yes it is.” He says he was here like 3 times before.

So you recognize a few people in this group?

He said, “Yes.”

So you guys in our class that know him, can you help?

(Jennifer aside) They are.

Mr. Napoleon — I apologize for having to take time out of your day, but I have some questions for you.

I keep getting … based upon the paintings I’ve seen of him — he had lighter eyes.

Let’s ask him — what color are your eyes?

They’re blue.

(Note: He had fine white teeth, which he was proud. His nose was slightly curved, with a “sharp and delicate modelling, [but] was less prominent than one is inclined to suppose from the evidence of his portraits.” His eyes, deep-set, were reportedly gray or gray-blue.” Wikipedia.)

They’re dark on the outer iris and blue inside.

Who was there to greet you when crossed over?

He says, “His mother.” He showed me there were 2 days he was going in and out of consciousness.

What were you ill from?

I want to say it was something around here (gestures) in the stomach.

Was that natural issue, or was that something given to you that you died from?

I felt like it was… transmitted. I also got an image of the plague. I don’t know what that means.

Who transmitted that into your body?

Felt like it was in the water.

So let’s talk about that — did someone administer that stuff in the water, or was it natural from the place you were?

“It was not natural,” he says.

So somebody put it in your water or food?

He says, “Yes; felt like a drink.”

Tell Jennifer what it was.

He says, “It was poison.”

Someone in class, can you put it in her mind what kind of poison that was and who administered it?

“Someone very close to him — first I got a female, then I got someone who was trying to overrule him. Felt like somebody he trusted, like a captain or something.”

A man?

Yes, but maybe it was the nurse that administered it.

I’m going to ask you about a woman who was there when you died.

He’s telling me Serafina. Sounds like Serafina.

I’d like to ask you about Betsy Balcombe.

She was a child. It felt like there were three kids. It felt like there were three kids associated with Betsy. She was like 9 when she met him.

That’s about right.

(Note: This was a question that Robert Towne the screenwriter asked me. He said “If you talk to Napoleon, ask him about Betsy Balcombe. I’m asking this question on my old boss’ behalf. From the historical record, Betsy was 12. She lived on St. Helena with her two siblings and befriended Napoleon at age 12.)

(Jennifer aside) She could actually “see” — she was clairvoyant.

What makes you say that?

I saw information coming from the heavens (waves her hand)

Napoleon, was Betsy giving you messages from the flipside? Or were you friends?

“Yes,” he’s saying he protected her. He was like a mom to a child, brother and sister, he protected her.

It’s reported your last words were you reporting for duty.

Yes. He saw his horse.

(Note: Reportedly, Napoleon’s last words were, “France. L’armée. Tête d’armée. Joséphine (“France, the army, head of the army, Joséphine”). I noted in “Flipside” that it sounds like he’s reporting for duty, and then sees the love of his life.)

There was a woman you had a long relationship with.

16… like 16 years…

(Note: Napoleon married Josephine, the widow of a man killed during the reign of terror, they were together as lovers and then married for 16 years. She died in 1814, he died 7 years later in 1821.)

They said you called out her name. Her name was Josephine.

Sara Josephine — which is my sister’s name — Serafina. That’s why I was hearing Serafina.

Let’s talk about your journey — have you incarnated since?

No. I saw a picture of (current President) and started freaking out, then a picture of Hitler.

I suspect you are talking about these individuals in terms of the negative energy they represent. Were you part of that energy?

He said, “Yes.”

What was up with you and Russia? Is that the Trump connection?

He says, “Yes.”

Millions died while you tried to conquer Russia, what were you doing?

He said, “I was trying to take over the world.”

What could you possibly gain?

He says “In his demented mind he thought it would bring more peace under one rule.” He made a poof sound.

(Note: A very French sound to make. The Italians say “Boh” and the French say “Beouf.” Means “what can I say?”)

That’s very French. He did have a lot of ego, is he still carrying that around?

He says “No more than Prince.”

(Note: Hilarious comment. Prince shows up often in our sessions. Always very helpful.)

Touche’ — okay, what actor might represent you on the planet?

Joe Pesci.

(Note: Would have been great if he said Joaquin Phoenix, but I think he’s closer to accuracy here in terms of height and demeanor.)

Were you Etruscan? Like Danny DeVito, they were notoriously short.

He says, “They were well bred. No; it was like his father’s father that was short. Somebody ruined the gene pool,” he said. Why is Joe Pesci showing up? He’s showing me he had Joe Pesci’s attitude as depicted in movies; killing people. Now he’s showing me a screenwriter, how they try to take over the world with movies. He says “I had a lot of blood (that was) shed, more people died. It’s easier to make movies where people die and they don’t bleed.”

I’m aware a couple of filmmakers have tried to make a film about you.

He knows that. Who was the guy that was in the “Ten Commandments?”

Cecil B Demille?

He said, “He’s over here.”

Have we talked to Stanley Kubrick yet?

I don’t know who that is. We’re not done with Napoleon!

It’s okay, is Stanley around?

Yeah, he is. He says “He’s a step ahead of you.”

Stanley; this is Napoleon. You wrote a long movie about this fellow.

(Jennifer aside) I asked him “Did you get the story right?” and he said “No… the ending was wrong. That’s why there were blocks about getting it made.”

The ending was wrong? You mean the truth about Napoleon being poisoned?

“Yes. They always wanted it to be an enemy but it was his best friend.”

Okay, I think I know who that is — the guy who invited him to St. Helena.

He said, “Yes.”

Here you are talking to Stanley who wanted to make a movie about you — and Luana’s friend Jack wanted to make a film about you…

Jack Nicholson.

(Ding!) That is correct. And yet Jack appeared in another one of Stanley’s films.

(Jennifer aside” Was that the “redrum” movie?

Very good.

He just showed me Jack’s head. “The Shining.”

Who was there to greet you when you crossed over Stanley?

When did he pass?

Like ten years ago. After the Tom Cruise movie came out.

“Eyes Wide Shut” Stanley?

Yes, Clockwork Orange, The Shining… Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

He’s showing me his dog. Kind of grayish… first I saw something blond…

A hound?

It’s bigger… really big. I’m not sure of the name — I don’t know breeds.

(Note: This is accurate in terms of Stanley’s affection for his dogs. According to a recent documentary, he moved to a larger home specifically to make room for his dogs and left detailed instructions about each one and how they should be fed. “At home, children and animals would frequently come in and out of the room as he worked on a script or met with an actor. Kubrick’s many dogs and cats, toward which he showed an extraordinary affection, were often brought onto film sets or editing rooms.” Wikipedia)

What do you miss about being on the planet?

“The smells, the tastes, the frequency — I have to tell you more about that too.”

You were famous for not flying… was that OCD?

He showed me having panic attacks, but now he knows it was a past life thing. Now he does.

You were famous for calling people up and talking on the phone for hours and hours.

He’s showing me how his mind works.

Who do you wish you could talk to?

Everyone’s laughing because he said “Luana.”


He says, “Because it’s like you have to take a number to talk to her. You have to take a number.”

Who do you want me to reach out to?

He said, “Jack.”

And say what?

He said, “Stanley wants Jack to know that he’s okay.”

Well, Jennifer’s got to run. Napoleon thanks for coming in to see us…

He says “He’ll haunt you in your dreams.”

In honor of the film released recently, I’m reprinting this excerpt from the book “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” book three.

For more info:, or


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer on Thanksgiving with Luana Anders

Happy Thanksgiving!

JFK and the Flipside

 In honor of JFK:

I was in 3rd grade when the nuns in my grade school were weeping. They told us that JFK had been killed in Dallas.

I replied “but if he’s in heaven, isn’t that a good thing?” I was just following their logic — if he was a good person, then clearly he was back home in heaven. So… despite it being a sad day for those who missed him, for him, not so sad.

And here we are decades later with a podcast called HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.

JFK has shown up many times. I asked him all the questions I could think of — including if there was any documents that pointed to what happened. He replied that the book BROTHERS by David Talbot told the story accurately.

Since then RFK has shown up, as well as Nixon and LBJ. All of them said relatively the same things.

I’m reporting.

In honor of his passing, here are three podcasts we did where he showed up to add his two cents.

Each has a link, and each has a commentary about what he and other said during the podcast.

Enjoy. - 8.31.2023

Another mind bending podcast. As noted, Jennifer Shaffer and I have been doing these weekly meetings for 8 years.  It was not long after John McCain's passing that I was upstairs in my apt. and heard his voice say "I understand you're the guy to get a message to my family." I was startled - I didn't know him, met his chief of staff while researching "Three for the Road" in DC, but had no connection to him.

Yet I could tell it was his voice. I said to him what I say to everyone "I'm not in charge of that - but if you can get on Luana Ander's guest list we're happy to chat with you." He had a private message for his daughter, which I passed along through a radio producer we both know - and I have no idea what she thought of someone claiming to "hear her father."  I know I would be dubious about it. 

But I said I would and I did. And as noted, when RFK's voice showed up one day in my apt - clear as a bell, I was startled to hear it.  Again - I said "Well, if you want to pass a message to your family, you need to speak to Luana." And we did pass a message along to his family, and as noted, that family member thanked me for doing so.  It's not up to us whether people take these messages seriously - however if I can figure out a way to pass along a message I will do so.

In today's podcast, John appeared in a dream I had last night, talking about opening up a "McCain's Pub" or "McCain's joint" - a place where people from both sides of the political spectrum could meet - talk about politics without the fervor. Perhaps do karaoke - maybe a folk singer - and people could listen and perhaps not argue.

Doesn't mean they're going to change their opinions about anything - but it would be more civil. It's not something I've ever thought of - and like Jennifer notes, politics is the last thing we want to stir people up about.  But he pointed this out in the dream - and talked about it on the podcast.

Was surprised to hear JFK and RFK stopped by - as they did not previously.  When we first interviewed Maverick - LBJ stopped by, and later Nixon, then Lincoln, then Mary Todd Lincoln. 

It's all in BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE. I try to ask the same questions to all of them. If they can add some kind of insight into our world, I'm happy to share it.  I do have conservatives in my family tree - and hopefully we survive the upcoming election. But either way - I love the concept of "before you respond, calm yourself, think a peaceful thought before you respond." -6.8.2023

This past week I attended the "Contact in the Desert" conference run by Ron Janix ("Captain Ron") in Indian Wells. It was a lot of fun and had a great time hearing Paul Hynek, Matthew James Bailey and others.  I wanted to meet Paul Hynek because when I was in grade school in Northbrook Illinois, my Catholic nun science teacher Sister Delfine (later Sister Anne) got me to do a State Science fair project.

Her friend at Northwestern was roped into being my mentor, and that happened to be the famous J. Allen Hynek, who in 1969 was working on Project Blue Book. (The Air Force book about UFO's.) Later his book about "Close Encounters" was the genesis of the title of the feature film, and he appears on the film as well.  So when Jennifer sees an image of Richard Dreyfus, I knew why.

It's a mind bending podcast - again - as I've been scheduled to appear on Coast to Coast with George Noory next Wednesday 6-14-23 at 10 pm to midnight west coast time.  So Luana Anders (our moderator on the flipside) suggested we talk about that - and Jennifer had no idea I was going to be on the show, and no idea that I had met J. Allen Hynek's son Paul. There is a podcast on the page with J. Allen Hynek - mentioned before - so it's possible we're revisiting information I've already mentioned.

But I didn't know how many kids he had (Jennifer did) and asked him questions that he might have considered on the flipside since departing in the 1980's.  Anyways, then Charles Darwin stopped by - and as noted in the podcast, one of his great grandchildren is one of Jennifer's clients.  I ask him the same questions I ask everyone, and we asked him before about what it was like to find oneself on the flipside. He passed in the 1880's.

Finally, JFK Jr. stopped by - as noted because a friend of Jennifer's is making a documentary, but I took the opportunity to ask him a few simple questions about his journey. For the record, he left the planet with his wife in a plane crash back in 1999. But if someone is going to show up while we're on the air, I ask them the same questions.  Hope this helps someone. - 11.5.2020

"The Election Edition." Jennifer and I left our "request list" open to anyone who wanted to pop in. From Sargent Shriver, to John McCain ("sweet revenge" was his reply to "what's your opinion of the result?") JFK's response to "Why was the Texas delegation celebrating on the 2nd plane home from Dallas?" is one for the ages. Sargent Shriver had a message for his daughter Maria.

I must report that I was wrong about the number of children he had... there are only 5 children. When he "stood up" at St. Monica's it may have been in reference to children and grandchildren. Jennifer refers "he's telling me there are 9" he mentions - it may be that he has 19 grandchildren. My error. Had only 5 children, but 19 grandchildren. We had no idea who might appear, and I did my best to ask questions I thought others might want to hear (based on the flipside research.)

Their advice (in a nutshell) "Stop looking at each other as red and blue cars - we're all on the same highway." Abe Lincoln weighed in the with the most powerful advice: "Our democracy is worth LOVING FOR." (His words. Not "fighting for" but "loving for." Not something Jennifer made up (and asks him to clarify in the podcast.)

It's mind bending. But the clouds have parted, time to gather up our neighbors and focus on how much we are alike than different. It's wild! Enjoy. Someone transcribed some of the comments during this video (thank you, so I don't have to) and sent them to me with a note today on Quora:

"Don’t fight over things you cannot control. Find the things that you are grateful for. Love the fact that you live in a free country. Over here there is no time. We still feel the pain of lies, betrayal, etc. Our country should have learned and they feel grief and frustration. Answer: pray, meditate, get silent. Put out what you are willing to come back to you. Do you want fear? Do you want hate? Ask for what you should feel; what you can do to raise your own vibration. Practice making contact to become more comfortable. Honest Abe: “(your country) is worth loving for.” Love your neighbor. Loving is the new fighting. Everything will be okay."

The transcriber wrote: "I find this so deeply moving. It moves me to tears. Peace."

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