Talking to the Afterlife This Afternoon with Jennifer Shaffer

Talking to the flipside... with Jennifer Shaffer

Today was an unusual event. I had two old friends come by and meet up in Jennifer Shaffer's office in Manhattan Beach.  I've known them both for decades, one is slightly familiar with the kind of research I've been doing, the other was much less so.

Both had lost loved ones over the years, and there was at least one of those folks that we shared in common.  

Jennifer had met one of them through me on Skype in the past - and she brought a friend along for this unusual experiment.

I turned my camera on and let Luana Anders on the flipside lead the way. (Luana knew both of them well.)

This is my cousin Mary Vey Martini. I've spoken
to her on the flipside; here she is with her pup.

One friend wanted to speak to her dog who had passed away some years ago. I knew the dog, and in the past the dog had shown up in a session - mainly because I suggested it out of the blue.  "Hey can we talk to "so and so?"  My friend was confused - "How do we do that?" and Jennifer said "Why am I seeing a giant shag rug?"

That shag rug was our friend's dog.  The dog came through and had a number of things to say, about having the best of all possible lives, about how wonderful it was to share this person's lifetime.  But we did this session on Skype over a year ago, so it wasn't that fresh in our friend's mind - plus there's the inevitable "what did I just hear?" aspect to it.  

It's something that happens often in this research.
Luana Anders, our guide on the flipside
I have been working with Jennifer for five years now, basically once a week I bring my camera and film our interactions with people on the flipside. Luana Anders helps facilitate the sessions, organizes who we're going to speak with on the other side.

But if there's another person in the room observing these interactions, the details tend to "fly past them" - and later wonder if what they heard was what they heard.

That's why I film everything.

Today was no different.  I turned on the camera and let Jennifer speak directly to these two pals from their loved ones on the other side.

My friend with the dog had her father come forward - I knew her dad, and he expressed his joy with his daughter's life and work. The father accurately pointed out to Jennifer where he had lived in Los Angeles, naming the various cities where he owned property.  
Jennifer and George Noory
The person that I knew that they both knew came through as well. This colleague was funny, reminded them both of when they all knew each other in college - and at some point, I asked if he wanted to mention anything specifically to his old friend.  He said "I'm glad my friend got the gift I gave him."  

The friend asked what the gift was. "My compass" our friend on the flipside said.

I looked at his friend and he shook his head - "A compass? No. I don't have his compass."  And then after a beat - he froze. "Wait a second. His widow gave me a compass. It was his compass, but she gave it to me after he passed."
Boat Compass For Sale
Jennifer described the compass precisely - what box it was in, how it came into his possession, etc.  The look on his face shifted, and he realized he was speaking directly to one of his oldest friends who happened to be off the planet whose ashes he had scattered.

Then the friend's son came through - he had died suddenly a few years earlier, I knew no details about the son, didn't know the son - but the son came through and cleared up a number of puzzling things about his passing.  

Luana helps us to communicate with pals on the flipside

Some had thought he had taken his own life, others were unconvinced - he came through and described accurately what medicines he was taking, how it was a mistake that mixing them had taken his life - how he had wanted to wake up the next morning. He had definitely not planned to check himself off the planet.

But beyond that, he said to his father "C'mon dad! You know I would have gone out with a bang if I wanted to do it. I would have left a note! I would have written an epic swan song! You know what kind of writer I was! My goodbye note would have been epic! That's proof enough that I did not plan it." 

The father was in shock. He had just heard one of his oldest friends verify that he indeed could communicate with him, and now his son was telling him new information - something that was irrefutable. "Everything he is telling you is true. Yes, if he had planned it, he would have planned it in a bigger way."

It was thrilling to see. 

Both of these friends were able to sit with Jennifer and hear verifiable details about the afterlife, verifiable things only they knew, things they could only have known.

In 90 minutes, she proved on camera - that life goes on.

Now - I'm not mentioning who these pals are because they asked me not to.  I will transcribe their session and make it as anonymous as I can and put it into our next book: "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3; Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer."  If they read the chapter, they'll know it happened - but for the rest of the planet, they won't know that these two pals had this epiphany today.

Because even those details don't prove a truth to everyone - they prove a truth to the individual who experiences these kinds of experiences.  

It's a bit like talking about skydiving or space travel - if we haven't done it, we can talk about it, believe in it - but unless we've experienced it, we don't really have a knowing of that event.  Knowing can be through experience. Burning a hand over a flame, skydiving, scuba diving - all are experiences.

I have experienced Jennifer's talents first hand.  I knew many of the people who came forward today who knew these friends and proved beyond a shadow of doubt to them that their loved ones still exist. 

It's a shame they can't shout these results from the rooftops - to tell their friends that life goes on, that they've experienced it first hand.

Because not everyone signs up for a lifetime to know how the play ends. Not everyone is supposed to "believe" that it's possible.  All I can do is film and transcribe and put these sessions into books.  But as I often say - don't take Jennifer's word for it, don't take my word for it - do your own research, find out for yourself what loved ones want to reach out to you.  

They've been trying to do so ever since they departed and the only reason they can't is that their loved ones back here on the planet "doesn't believe" that they can.

So try to open yourself up to the possibility that life goes on. That tip came from Harry Dean Stanton during a session with the flipside, when he showed up after his passing and before his memorial service to tell me to tell his friends to "believe in the afterlife."

I laughed. "Harry all your friends are atheists. They aren't going to believe that you came to me to tell me to tell them to believe in the afterlife."  He said "Then tell them to believe in the possibility of an afterlife. Then they won't waste another minute of their life, like I did, arguing about it."

Harry showed up today - I mentioned that he's the Linda Ronstadt documentary, and he had some advice for both of his pals, one who knew him well, and the other who knew him in passing.  The message still holds, and is still important to repeat; believe in the possibility - and that helps them to reach out to us directly.

Pretty amazing. 

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